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ESPN's Cris Carter: The Return of Gronk helps Pats immensely on 3rd down and in the Red Zone

Oct 18, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots and the return of Gronk with NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter of ESPN.

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Cris Carter is gonna join us here just committed ESPN part of our patriots Friday lineup. Member our rotation of guest we got him this week to meet next week next Friday we'll have Ron Jaworski jostled join with them packaged Larry -- And and Herm Edwards right after that -- that's our group of four who join us on Fridays but Rob Gronkowski thing and -- and patriots here just get away from the Sox. For a few minutes never -- far John Ferrell his press conferences in fifteen minutes we'll carry that for you at 345 Rob Gronkowski according to his agent. Has been cleared to return Michael so everything is right with the world right. Sort of may be a little. Well it's good that he's back. But -- does -- -- -- -- that there at the patriots have no control. Over Rob Gronkowski. He's grown man -- I -- not me I don't mean control his thoughts. And control its freedoms as an American and that document that. You know there's a certain way they like to do business owners certainly like their players to do business is seen not heard all that. Oh well we'll get into that we -- Chris it has a lot of talk about George W lots of questions two Cris Carter about. Well there should be immediate return for the -- arguably the best player in their team not named Tom Brady and certainly without names like Wilfork and Jerod Mayo for the rest of this season -- Get him back should help we talked to Chris Carter right now he joins us brought you by DCU digital federal credit union what can DC UC view. Chris what do you think is he enough to offset some of the major injury losses that the patriots have had. What they can go control the ball more convert more third down to give more time possession defense is -- more. And of course more touchdown would mark on the field. I mean. There's there's there's a lot of people kick the ball in the NFL a lot of receptions and the guys that even can be productive at fault in -- ignored but they're. Are only being. Who can do all three and that kept a lot of ball. But the -- I yardage total and also convert that double digit -- there in grunt is really special. When he in the red -- in that political football team out there doing your mood in the defense of firepower that the -- -- regretted that the comets were not a -- to Ed werder when he said some teammates resented gras for not being on the field even though he was dominating practiced. I just wonder though that seems to be a slippery slope in the locker room to question an injured guy with a questioning him to a space or. They had to reporter how do you feel about that situation guys saying. Now lies in the out there. Well in the NFL locker room and listen. I -- a lot of jealousy and has a -- in. And you know they're just because you're on the same thing doesn't mean every guy has your best interests -- You know so it it's not surprising. That someone would say it. You know I'm surprised you know that they came up from New England locker room but as a professional -- I'm not surprised that someone. Which would save it you know make the type of comment yet they were made. It what it report. You know I always think what if guys say. Or covers -- drunk my question -- you present him on the initial surgery or you present the three additional surgeries do you resents. The fact that the that he couldn't play. You know for for the first six games and he had some issues about the team doctor that are present a god don't be jealous of them be jealous of everything know the whole story don't be selective that's. Well that is the thing it's really irrelevant and I know the players not sound very you know and dropped out look out for themselves. You know at the end of the day you know how long you gonna build a place along the -- gonna hold -- is going to you know determine how much money on -- Right in grunt at -- take care of themselves opponent in the can shorten you know big drop doesn't reach that is bit. The level ability he has is that he get into. He continues his statement in the meet the -- is significant amount of time with other injuries or the back are there before on reoccur. He's a great football player. -- Cris Carter with us here on WEEI joins us via the AT&T hotline. The defense -- side of the ball I mention a few with the injuries they're not they're not little injuries right and we're talking about the core of their defense their two defensive captain the man in the middle Vince Wilfork and the -- behind him and Jerod Mayo. Do you think they can beat the same type of team that they've been so far more of a ball control team. Less of the high octane offense or without those guys is -- need to be some semblance of an identity shift for the patriots. I know they have to go back to the way they won the Super Bowl. In doing with him with every fifty to have all of the beat three guys. Whatever fuel they can do best Troy Brown playing nickel back but that someone else return and -- You know someone playing you know someone playing Russian defense of the and the only a linebacker. Know this -- Belichick but in this when he gets the best out of football team. Is when he's a little bit under -- and and everyone really buy into the overall team concept but it they're going to be effective -- the football team. They have to build a grind it out offensively they have to do run the ball you know they can't drop -- back. I'm probably golf and the wind is good enough either dropping back 45 time the game. You got to build a mix it up and they don't have the threat from the outside that have been dependable. That you can really strike a decent whip up when when teams try to bleach you have a lot of people in the -- The last hour we talked you Chris there was some questions about what the patriots were gonna do. Now we know it 51 still some questions but that the picture is starting to emerge a bit. You look at them vs the Broncos undefeated and the chiefs undefeated how they stack up against those teams in your opinion. Will any team to coach about Belichick's stacks up well. The the problem is Kansas City they matchup better -- Because the type of game that Kansas City is going to play. Gambler would give them a hard time is stripped out their defense make them play nickel you know right now they're playing nickel. 70% -- 69% of the time. So now you have you know high power inspired. But that's not their Forte and playing nickel that you can make the old guy late seventies now -- sixty snapped up nickel defense. I don't I believe it's going to be hard for them to win a game like that so. Let's see how they develop these sub packages -- the it team can take advantage of you know lack of overall speed -- that been doing don't have that linebacker now. Will with the -- out. Its interest in the won loss they have though comes to the team. That you think would would force them into those nickel situations the least right the team that wants to run the ball more of a power game and that's Cincinnati. Well game that game come out -- like on paper it says that you don't like it used -- -- You got played on paper the flames have scored fifty point again. New England beat him with a role in the matter of state head but you have to play the game. In doing -- played outstanding defense on the old guys and would not let them dominate the football game so. On paper. You know I didn't believe that they'll be the better matchup against Casey. And it is again timber and because the statement. You know Donna can sue got another five -- 31000 dollars four hit. Do you think that he and all of the questions been asked before I haven't heard your take on that you think is a dirty player. I think it's part defined this week. I have nothing to do with him being a dirty player I think you've developed a reputation at the -- off. I didn't think -- hit was it was it was fine noble. I think some of the -- and stuff have gotten out of control part -- hit and everything. Mean we we -- up articles and everything about the continued I'm 31000 dollars that we lost sight of how much it take to make 31000. Like in the real world. Like I mean we just end and I -- think we've gotten out of control with a fine the now that. If there's really no value placed on third down 50000 he got the largest fine ever under -- Like I mean when when does that stop its gonna hit people hard. Well what is in the idea that because used to you mentioned the difference in the real world and what athletes make because there is such a huge discrepancy there. You've got to make the find high enough so that it actually starts to sink in the someone like Ndamukong Suh who had the issue after issue and I I. I was a huge fan as I defended him the first few times but eventually the evidence just become so strongly say you know what. The guy just doesn't seem to get -- if the only way to make and get it is the final real money money that would be a year or more salary for a lot of people in this country but isn't for him. They don't they have to do something worker. -- On some of the latest hit that you see that they. I haven't this I'm not talk about this one specifically I'm just talking about him in general. Right every it it took it took the it took the legal a long time to study -- hit before they can even come up with a fine. And it it seemed like they wanted they went above and beyond to explain it because. There's a little gray area there and it is not a doctor Stewart got a thirty. I'm not I'm not trying to build him you know I'm just saying that part of -- it's hard to play the game. OK you can say -- the dirty player. I know he is in having counter where he had bad intentions in my. But it's like with some of these kids are it is it's shifted -- to control our -- Well Chris we certainly appreciate it we appreciate your time it's good to catch W we get to do it every four weeks and do it again and if you. Aren't our -- -- -- -- Chris up for which usually watch in baseball this weekend. I will be watching over the baseball yet. OK can ever over the last a while ago we talked and I decide to had a losing that in their -- he told me you -- yankees fans. Are behind him. So yeah that's that's my team now what that thing -- The well well if you're losing you're out of Iraq doesn't wedeman is kind of a bigger right now that the Red Sox are playing in the Yankees are watching. I think -- Yeah. Well. Lot more often than not are the last few last ten -- black armored go Obama go Mark McGwire and ignited talk about. Thank currency appreciate -- guys like you have a great week. There are others Chris Carter joins us every four weeks. Part of our patriots Friday yen. Good stuff from him -- I would say well we're gonna John Farrell here in just a minute he will give it. His press conference today at 345 -- hoping some questions about his lineup for game six does he stay with the Zander -- at third -- I would assume Bogart's would be back in their dizzy and a moving him to shortstop. What is what is he expecting for these two games you got to find a way to beat either scherzer or Verlander at home. Can you do -- -- -- Ali stick around for John -- next WE.

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