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John Farrell sticks with Stephen Drew... why?

Oct 18, 2013|

We discuss why John Farrell is sticking with Stephen Drew, and how it has a lot more to do with his defense than his slumping bat.

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No as as of right now assaulting will be behind the plate. -- will be a third. I mean in without making an official lineup that's two thoughts on on what might draw some attention to who might be what position. That was John Farrell this afternoon explaining that's Zander Bogart's will be back in the air but not for Stephen Drew. Nope Steve -- going to play shortstop. Once again in game six tomorrow night so -- hit a line that drew -- gonna have to deal that for at least one more nights. You know John -- could have sent I don't know what announcement made the announcement he made was. Zander -- -- gonna play -- and Brooks and Stephen -- is going to be in there. Another way can have said this is. Stephen Drew is never coming out of the lineup Stephen Drew will start. All of these games. Ladies and gentlemen in the American League Championship Series YouTube Bob Ryan. Where the American League Championship Series you try to get Steven's brother out of town in the -- five years to do that. Stephen is here you're not gonna get about that out of this lineup. Other rumors true. -- yes enjoy it. John Ferrell basically could have said let's not talk about replacing drew let's talk about sacrifice bonds. Let's not talk about wire pinch ran vendor Bogart's let's definitely not talk about any intentional walks and they went man is and -- yet. Your team is up three games to injury but what is he is also is a mean look he's he's. The one thing he has given in on is allowing drew to bat late against the left the united the you're right and our Bogart's I'm sorry and while saying noted drew batting right against the lefty he will pinch hit form now in that situation. He showed it whether it be with middle Brooks or or -- whoever's not playing -- about the keys. -- the only thing that I think would keep them from saying what you GSM Mickael is if there's a lefty starter you Macy's -- Bogart that short at this point middle Brooks at their best I don't know that for shore. And it's not happen in the tigers' series on -- but if you were to get to world do you think there's no doubt it's not that we are with a lefty on the mound got. -- -- -- I don't know I think -- I think I think he would leave that possibility to say these games are. These games are important. -- -- heavyweights two excellent teams like tigers and Red Sox defense is at a premium let us after -- -- this is -- this tells you everything you need to know here it is. You know I know there's there's been a lot calling for Stevens had seemingly but. It's a very good player. And in these games defense is a premium. And when. A defense to play hasn't been made and give a team an extra out. As good as these two teams are -- -- likely gonna pay for that and an -- I'm not saying that we don't have good defenders otherwise the the -- taking good swings they -- we all recognize is you know the struggles that are there but he shores up the middle of our infield so well. I don't wanna are certainly gonna preserve that in and yes stimulant tomorrow. I probably shouldn't have been that big surprise he laws would Stephen Drew brings defensively. I just would leave it open for if you if you do end up in the World Series well you're facing a lefty especially Kurt showed a and your you have to take either Napoli Ortiz -- your lineup anyway and then maybe that you've got to find a way to have a little bit more pop. Have a little bit more right handed power because you're removing Napoli -- asleep in the Dora market. Call Jeff -- talk about the door open Michael Jeffries salt before. Did you hear what the -- edited and that I think that's absolutely right there right now if you don't in the IG down on these architecture to. And I went forward into the left the different we have pretty in the left waiting -- he was the longest way to predict that it. Different against the lefty Michael until Wednesday out of it really don't tell me that don't I don't -- I don't want another donors and quite as twenty years old -- nevermind nevermind don't want it out but. If you if you're gonna sit around and wait for John Ferrell. Who takes Stephen Drew out of the lineup. As Bob -- once said waiting at -- I'm not afraid I'm not here around waiting for it as -- you're taking what I'm saying I'm turning it into something else I'm not spending our way or I believe that's even cautioned you line up -- -- -- we're talking to an -- -- we're -- a -- -- -- -- -- I'll talk to these fourteen people right now and I'm telling them. That if you're waiting for Steve injured on the line up. -- and I'm telling you that if they please allow lefty pitcher instead of writing you may very well see that even though he's not gonna do it against a right. Six point 77797937. Josh is in Greenfield -- Josh. -- -- rate Austin. After a -- and a Detroit. Up early today. It started the day off in. And here we are mated back in time after a couple of flights transferring through Philadelphia a couple of -- -- -- -- back here. Embossed and it's a beautiful day game six tomorrow we're doing great. You. On what a lot of the talks on one arm I mean I think apparel kind of -- on a little bit. With the series being -- -- -- -- understands that circuit and would obviously help that but. In this Q so far it seemed like he went and in fact the premium which is why you would have turned out there and but one subject but on the touch on the kinda ties into that is. Everything I had read about in a Bogart or rejoined the team. Was that at such young age he started going out recently and they're protecting and complete third. On the -- Major League level at the possibility. May I may yet -- it sets not -- it has been determined. Yeah -- -- and especially with the excuse. Being part of that deal you know who knows. It all the way up Josh you know along the line and so many people have asked questions about Bogart's and he has been a person of interest. For Red Sox fans just because of the that talent and in the legendary stories about a did you see standard do this yeah I heard did that. But there in so many times may have passed. Along the way you know some people and over there -- is that cute -- yes. -- you know he's taller and get the short yes. He just completely played shortstop know he has the ability to play shortstop still just because. He's eight -- shortstop doesn't mean that he can't play the position. Speaking for me him way to put -- nearly as happy today you're like you're here energetic you're excited to be my. I think I'm in Detroit -- girl like I already miss being in Detroit and not the whole city not walking around. I think I'm really going to miss home at the end of every night walking back into my hotel in my house or whatever it is. And then just walking downstairs and play blackjack for the next few hours now -- I have a vote would be the equivalent of my house that was my hotel my home. For four -- -- for that -- to support disappearing to look -- good how good I just I am a little bombed out there and go home tonight like it'll be good to see my wife gives you -- Now like that there fund and I mean they're good but they're not jacket night. That's fun it's great to see your daughter haven't seen her in the week about her little -- -- that was incredibly overpriced she can do and often with -- but. It was check every now there's a place in Connecticut combo he -- -- is not downstairs like I -- being able walked downstairs. And there's blackjack. He should have that your that. Acid in my town. On my health my absolute perfect you know I don't elemental being you know I don't don't tell them whenever I -- -- -- -- -- accurate it's -- alerting. And you lurching around a neighborhood that we do and don't tell you modify. In -- from over that spare bedroom apartment when I hang their tonight Heather's who's gonna atonement -- like mover into laughter. Excellence -- 7797937. Ball in Portsmouth -- Paul I am doing well I was gonna speak for myself I'm -- withdrawal I'm very happy to be here blackjack withdraw. You know -- out to him not to do well to Red Sox or the equipment -- it all over true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well until that will ultimately. Although the cover of the all time. What sort of the Whipple he struggled. A little element at the time I got pipes or are. All at the ball a little bit. We're supposed to do it -- hope everybody posted it -- -- our. Well I don't aren't playing our part I think my -- point to something point to two things one the middle Brooks hasn't hit a whole hell -- lot better than drew as you point out and then to the defense to play that he made last night was a very very good on. Maybe not as good as the one that Iglesias made running out into left field but it was a -- it was not but it was a very very good defensive play it saved Jon Lester when he made a bad the -- was able to turn a double play Napoli with a good scoop on the other side. -- my game Cabrera drop. And and they got on there I mean that that's something that is her boss Cabrera that may have actually been Iglesias but that's an important part of the game and they were able to. They were able to get it done because of Steven Andrews defense. You can go to part of it contributed to and it can understand why -- points that go okay that's important are both shortstop this is interest in -- I just to be fair just to be fair now we got to get a call it like it is delicate dance around. -- Ahmad orbit the trade with the Iglesias straight glitches -- it helped the Red Sox helped helped the tigers. But we cannot. Same here in and make excuses were Stephen Drew and say he's in the lineup because of his defense. And then say -- aren't you glad they made the great history because. If you want a guy who's not gonna hit the post season but will be phenomenal defensively you're already had a guy you know I I I understand what you're so -- understand. I deal but I also think the thing that the thing about jurors we're nobody's discounting. And saying that it doesn't matter what he does offensively just that the defense. Is important and that's why Ferrell is making the moves -- making manager saying that but well. -- manager -- managers saying that without saying well but the if it had any idea what drew was that he is not as bad a hitter as he has BN. Randy there's a reason that that irks him steal. To do something because he is a pretty good hitter he's a very good hitter in the second half of the year and especially don't against right handed pitching so I still have an expectation. That he's going to pick it up and eventually start to -- that that's fine if you say. And that this is what they have to do in some cases. Although we give what will give -- credit for sticking with their guy I'm man you know we shall treat them. Sometimes. That's exactly what it is showing faith in them sometimes it's got no other options are saying nice things about the scared because. As bad as he's been. I don't have anybody to replace him in the case of Stephen Drew. You can acknowledged that he's a good player. And still. Replace him if you needed to because you have an option. Right now who is just as good to just get offensively if not better probably better offensively. And a ought to go with the Red Sox were they pick a tick below defensively. If you put if you if you order replaced Stephen Drew not gonna happen -- bringing up not gonna happen if you work in this fantasy land and replace Stephen Drew. And put Alexander -- -- you lose overall. 5% 2%. The game a percent. I don't know whenever John Farrell and I just wait at the level of -- it's probably a wash I don't think it's a percentage I think is just a level of trust for him on defense -- -- 617. 7797937. Seth is in Manchester hi -- And I aren't upset. I. Thought -- -- on the Arctic are pretty great job for the most part overall. -- you -- -- -- Clay Buchholz took part irons are weak on that play our game. And my restaurant and an army -- why would -- manager leave our operating profile of Bryant and play out. I mean I'll put it into a position to really. I -- -- -- you're itself I think I got the gist of what you're asking you if you turn your radio and out we're here in the feedback. When have a good conversation with the well. Yeah look at it last night. Sanchez in the game we give up for -- He's in that game. They were warming the entire game I think. It was like parallels starts the starter that every that the nation's who was with Anibal Sanchez the starter in the stadium was yourself. I have not exaggerate it and if -- lion. -- -- -- -- Did he pitch. It didn't eat warm up the entire game I think he's starting I think he threw more pitches and they just -- -- probably started in the first or the second it was the second. And he just kept. You'd -- about that in the back down get -- you know back down a little Maloney called that drops. The -- gone with reports on last night so I think if you gonna do that. You might as well bring the guy into the game but you can't isn't this also the senior manager who took out -- -- he when he was going pretty well in game four against Tampa resorting to pitches who took out John Lackey -- under a hundred pitches the other day -- -- of those worked out for -- can't do this -- I think I would start -- -- sorry but to answer the question. Why why do you why do you leave those guys out bloody likely those guys out there wanted to go to your bullpen and faster. Hey guys aren't ready in even if guys are ready you're hoping from from a manager's perspective you're hoping to turn it around otherwise reportable. 6177797937. Stephen Drew will remain in the lineup for tomorrow night Zander Bogart's does as well but he stays at third base. How do you feel about it. Are you and -- are you part of his anti drew hatred club they can't handle the fact that he still in the air or do you accept John Farrell's explanation which is very simple. I need him for defense I trust him and I think he's got a break out eventually it's alcohol and WB. Mike Napoli -- got a hold without one out a couple of the other -- I saw Michael -- article in the in The Herald. Ms. Ross said that that they needed a stewardess. Like album that more but I -- let's look at it plays baseball is Goldstone everybody that look at that beard he's got forgot they did that -- boarding on the plane now. Hey hey stewards and stewardess commercially not. And -- -- I did anything in the plane I went in I fell asleep before take off both times -- -- -- the ground. A lot of bloody -- -- -- as that was the one day and lucky crushed that that's about as hard as you can get a baseball straightaway center field. In the freezing cold yesterday act Comerica Park to be very very deep senator for -- he just gets it out and he was way. Way. Over the 420 mark estimated 460. Beats that his power on power and he smoked up OK if you wanted to come up with a common denominator. What most people's either watching -- TV watching on TV war. Watching it live what most people says it was -- I bet it starts a whole -- or your whole your whole paycheck that they're better than that I think 75% of people polled said that -- that ball. Go off the bat -- that that well -- well funny is is look I know that a 460 foot home run it does not count anymore at all and a that a 385. Footer that just sort. On its way over a wall I know that it doesn't count for more but the reaction is always great right and we were in the Booth who reasonable -- -- that the time -- -- and gave me and you -- our new -- young Ben was there and buck might have been in there at the time. And we ultimately -- that we all looked at each other how to forget -- talks nonstop -- we all looked at each other dislike. Get hot it is legal channels open. It was a it was an absolute cannon shot from Mike Napoli point 777979. If rates at her on the flight actress. I get -- that Chris what's up. I'm a huge impact and a -- got to show. The it's a question at 6 o'clock commitment you have all world battery -- at 540 are Christians and I will bet that tournament this aren't. A little bit. I'm I'm just curious -- I had come here protection and I love this in mind but I also enjoy this this challenge of you know the seven game series. And he got into it literate you rather see them you know when -- here on dominate the series. It's a good question sort of I think what I would say is in the moment. I would much rather than just win four -- in a row. And forget about any of the drama -- years later when you look back on it. There is nothing quite like overcoming odds to win a championship there are -- -- I think. It's it's what you. It's what you look forward to as a as a baseball -- but the two best teams. To meet you always want that it doesn't always happen. But if if you have a dream matchup I think this is the best match up in the American League -- and the dream matchup that most people here at least one NC I don't know about nationally but here. You wanna see the Red Sox and the Dodgers although. Red Sox cardinals was probably a more. A more compelling series for baseball purist right. Com so if you want the best teams playing do you wanna see them at their best I don't mind belongs here I don't it's not that I minded certainly when you look back later I mean those -- the things that really stand out I mean heck we all remember the 03 you know four ALCS probably in greater detail. Do we remember the World Series in 2004 the ALCS. In 2007 against Cleveland as much fresher in my mind that in the World Series is even get our Colorado because of the intent you know the intensity the drama etc. -- the answer is DR RRR are you rooting for your team to organize a so so do you root for your team to lose game now. You don't but if you can if someone tells you before it started it -- it started you have the result is that your team's -- -- -- -- here's the good news. Your team's gonna win a series. OKQ would you like to have a seven game series yeah yes. -- -- seven game series -- just the -- of David Ortiz hitting that home run the other day on Sunday afternoon Sunday evening is is better than the thrill of winning 621. Right where he's OK they cruised to victory that was great you're really excited you're pumped up at that moment of the exhilaration. Of the come from behind dramatic victory gained six or seven I mean those that's why we that's why we watch sports and it's partially because we wanna see your team win its partially just because. You know we just enjoy the back and forth in the great plays and -- home runs etc. But the drama of you never know what's gonna happen next you can't write a script. For what David Ortiz did on Sunday -- Huge part of and have a perfect example is. 2000. Both of them -- four and 07 the 2007. I think about memorable series. I correct that Cleveland. The quick answers about three games to one there's Josh Beckett get this done in front of his ex girlfriend. And now who knows what happened later that ID you're in Cleveland unlikely but let's go. Anyway so but they're down three games to two then if it came back JD drove with a Grand Slam. And they run away and it it was competitive it was a competitive game for awhile in game seven in the blew it open. You remember that ALCS seven game series work. Memorable. Home. Memorable things from the Colorado series you know whatever but I just I don't remember from the Colorado series winning. It will winning in this. Asked Jeff Francis who why exactly Dustin Pedroia talking to the security guard wouldn't let him and all don't know why am asked Jeff Francis to have remember. Almost nothing I remember rod you know talking about Brad Mills and how he was able to. To do little extra scouting on holiday and that's why they -- to pick them off first base he from -- what color number 617779. Like a desire -- 37. I keeping you guys on the phones we're hoping to grab a Red Sox player at some point in the next hour before -- answer the question which will be just after 545. You know we -- 37937. -- John Farrell. Has I think Mike -- put it was almost draw a line in the sand and that this is where I am. I'm sticking with my guy Stephen Drew. Is my guy I need it in the air for defense I believe in him he says he's a good player and he's going to be playing once again tomorrow night with -- Ballmer to -- a lot on drew. Focus for a moment -- -- as well when you watch and commit to that game when you watch the energy that he provides for the team. I just can't help but think that we are in store for something great maybe not necessarily in game six or game seven if there is wondering two World Series if -- played as well but long term. I think we're in for some special biscuits alcohol and WE yeah.

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