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Kevin Millar: On Red Sox Tigers ALCS

Oct 18, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Sox bullpen, the Game 5 victory, and the play of Mike Napoli.

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It kept Marta had no I can't I know what you get from Campbell -- get -- -- hair dye and yet shaved chest. And you get. We're pictures of his kids and golf courses. That's a -- -- your Kevlar on the eighteenth -- -- like Kevin -- little Dario. Point got my little -- on board -- Lowered to all right man boys club absolutely lesson last night Sox. They go after I don't know just the delegate better swings man had just maybe first time -- sign a bill Sanchez. Did you think that maybe they had a better plan it just looked freer going up against him to Purdue game one. It was exactly like -- that you -- now we get that -- want to hit the ball above water every heartbeat gets better. Some -- no joke here and LT governor better but they can be beat out. Detroit. Or -- glory -- -- quite about the war could be anyone -- the top of the -- girl. And it. It didn't matter how you got some big yet they got it and leave it it almost like travel -- that he would like JPG beckoning and I need more but -- -- being. Yeah I am I thought from this such a lack of the check swings Kevin all the checks -- on game one all but the the indecisive approach it felt like they looked for certain they need to bat. As a team and when they got they went for there is -- half fast what am I see and -- they -- they recognize them put a lot of pressure on Sanchez early in that game. They did have a look at them like the Red Sox lack of good. OK I mean they're good good -- opened -- -- -- appraisal there's much curb on that starting pitcher -- You'd get it you don't more children -- my goodness were big -- and yet. Anibal Sanchez that's a program here he's got a different beat out here but believe me -- break the Red Sox are now. It didn't get -- pressure on him -- -- out because you've got don't want there's not a whole there. You know in the series diagnosed on both Detroit and couple of things that stood out you -- not athletic they don't run the bases defensively. Camilo shoddy at some spots but you know a seven game series may -- never even exploit their -- never get an opportunity. You can't see -- joint problems like play the ball the ball never hit a ball the wall. Less Nicky started to see it now some of these guys they just they can't movie based -- -- takes 23 just to get it done. I'm not that good -- knock on the tiger. The baseball around right when Prince Fielder not passionate baseball Miguel Cabrera not interpret -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark in the -- and you know ought to be John -- went back break. It bill would you and I ended. Argued he got -- got great support but overall there's not a whole and a little bit of luck god -- his -- -- -- -- quite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he'll never applied at play or not remarkable -- speed and yet to be a good -- I'll -- Apple's lead and then -- met ball perfectly. But it would average actor ideally you guys get. Don't ever acrobatic out there are so they are big the big club -- an update passionate baseball aren't gonna. Legal debate ball. You know I'm higher level I believe -- happy and end and did a third party -- Kevin a play that changed the game pretty early was Cabrera getting thrown out the plate by your guy Jonny Gomes take me back to that play. -- taken a lot of heat for actually sending him early late stop sign. -- like Texas and at some Miguel Cabrera he's got to recognize. What do you put on the third base coach or the base runner in that spot. Miguel Cabrera got him because you know bodies that may have been injured right you can't really and you got to jog about W Butler had it been -- -- three -- pat let me get grow old league -- aid worker. And let you know what -- -- -- people -- due to injury in that situation cannot ignore. We got to go out there are more popular now like -- don't you know happy about that later you know. You know your body without a lot of mobile blogging that he's like a little more LB that he was. The eastern -- I think he's got to adapt. I know we've got to get involved and maybe you've played shorter club called golf blog I'll talk about -- -- Gardner looks like great play but it was a perfect called -- -- like intrigue and it appears that neighborhood. Kevin as you look for the rest of the series you you call me very reactionary. You call me or reactionary guy what do you call me that over and over again okay. I don't watch where you're at the -- got -- McDonnell on the ball. Appeared to -- Lot of people that spotlight right now he would want to know what what what would be talking about not that you monthly. -- happily out of the lineup guy continued now I -- you've gone after her for that I've said some of those things and and some of them worked out and others have not I I would like Zander Bogart's from here on out. To play third base for the Boston Red Sox in the playoffs will little Brooks has struggled Zander Bogart's Gaby a double. And really get a bad he's now walked three times. In eight playoff plate appearances every single time at the plate he looks confident I know he's 21 years old and seventeen days. I know middle Brooks as the experience but I would like Zander Bogart in the lineup. Everyday the rest of the way is that being a reactionary for you. Knowledge not injured and did you what you brought did not. Major League player and here that you want to -- Bob Robert Allen and god. Brought period OK and they're better ballpark. He. Patrick you might give them getting -- -- of help execute like you mortgaged -- right and don't bet that's good human. And I and I liked the look they had an idol that you know will be buried Warburg and had like a whole bunch of -- but. And he's not locked in but you have the option to put big player and predicted upgrade you off the -- the idea. What are bright -- -- as he's going to be dark many years I love demeanor. So that I have a reactionary. -- little more important to drop the post. I mean if you would -- to reactionary knee jerk reaction and you almost brought golf baloney because. Well -- that would probably about thirty out of 3500 and probably want him on the bag. Now on a pinch your four mile idea. -- -- and interest rates that note several quick retreat back to try to separate the the phone lines real quick easy on the phone doesn't walking ability to -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The open here too so we get a we try to get America on well let's have -- before it gets back -- we we've just. We just figured out that I was being reactionary but -- question about the bullpen yet -- -- Kevin back off the -- to we got Tibet now what they meant we. I'm Barack Obama Bluetooth -- the -- -- my here now. Now we're talking. And it's just talking about bowl -- just talk about that'll three -- guys that Williamson Embree timlin and he really struggled in September and kind of struggled the second half and post season on the to -- -- -- And look at this and now there was questions -- dissolve Breslow was great and we tower was grape were worried about the bridge. Banking even put to words that what these guys that is our particular those two apaches at the last few nights against Cabrera I think a little difference. You're exactly right Lou and the first Gallup poll that special because -- one guy. They can make a legacy yourself and -- can step up also and you establish yourself but then my current Major -- because you're gonna topics page. And tiger get a chance -- BP young -- Ronald and that followed it into a remarkable job you've got you've got a better perhaps all the right and I thought. And now you watch pro elite -- -- remarkable job my site bounced around I think six or seven different organization. What are what are what are Red Sox couldn't and that we don't know what. Who are kind -- that that aren't spoken but you're exactly right that it regularly get beat UCL. What the question mark goaltender maybe not want -- strength that we turn into a great strength the reps. Campbell -- joining us on the other side look we talk about the station to station tigers they're led by station to station Prince Fielder and a lot. I get that he's one swing away -- told me. All morning look he's one swing away don't count not yet again at three run overtime against the plate. Some of these at bats Kevin I feel like he's he's quitting -- its first pitch every time ground ball -- second ground ball the first -- the second. He's not giving any -- not working counts what are you see in Prince Fielder so far and the stories. I would say you can't say who recording mark what -- -- -- it looked on competitive. So when you're struggling you go to great block and it's almost like he's in between everything if you're gonna corporate ambush Ole -- An ambush -- the ball yanks somebody had a hop over there on the first base dugout about what -- not be in between everything. And and what happened -- some competent you know we're all a result yet at all on a while. So you elude some competent Prince Fielder human now you can magic Alex and Albert BC that would be any jerk reaction like Lucent. You want slowing at about one good BP away from. Lot and in this series -- through a whole lot can really you know put you on top. That fingerprint so that -- -- to get out that in the remote -- you you almost you become a feared fail. Europe and you your hair and pale as a blocker and there has to do to hear -- to bail out aren't -- Aren't -- I don't know what Demi not content are I won't say quit not compatible use your hat to those of bats have looked degree it's a great word. -- What happened but you're back you're right because you don't call mr. -- or op tech and they well -- it was a -- up the middle so. It should I think tried it out there and went left and he hit it you all are basically a year. You know a year or so you gotta get up there and just being aggressive and swing that bat. -- you're curious you're -- Leland did a couple nights ago in guy. I did have an effect it might have they want to address that particular struggling got leadoff spot ball but everybody yup -- -- at the same guy in -- same guy in behind it. I don't know I managed don't want him too much credit for that when I just think it was it was almost obvious right and do something. Yeah I think that you know -- -- -- -- -- -- what kind of a big deal what you need to get out acts that lead up all because what can you -- thirty water pre or what you. Strike at that point -- that that game for our game you have to get there because you don't want hot spot -- and they were not. -- you'll go through how period but -- -- our immediate retreat to alcohol strike out at -- 00 OK go out -- that bat but when you're -- -- Slam wrestling match like that. Got to get all that pop a lot and they have gotten away with it. And so you wanna get to the -- is the only you brought that bat. By yet finally got to -- and outlook Jim -- he added -- everybody out. And it you know is that why they want all JP get a rush record by BP helped a picture anarchy and Cabrera get up another time and you'll. And we don't like being mad at at -- -- sake. Kevin I am developing them I've had a all year but it's -- control now my man crush for David Ross the other spear with the gray hair in the air veteran catcher comes a couple hits last night after not playing since game one. He ran over reveal there at the plate -- in some places people work on that a dirty play Jim -- after the games that I might wanna rethink these collisions and I've done -- the fact like cabinet was that a dirty play what David Roth did do out to deal last night. Also not very torn away that you could become say it's only it's only basic take out they capture. It is part of the game and it whether people like are not a concussion and the other injury but. Several chilled air and it you're allowed to take -- -- it was a clean play. Lecture out your way to become -- it jar the ball from the catcher so it it it comes across the tiger -- an eye of the tiger guy. As a dirty play but it really want you saw rot it was a good. Man and a collision. Unfortunately you don't want -- by Iraq and not find her or anybody try to become great. For the Red Sox and got to -- -- -- but should -- you don't and so what they're up and thirty about it it's it's a one. Act or one what are page you wanna call that you can take somebody out and the tribunal and he was ultimately Al but it's not everybody. Sucks up three to combat the Fenway chairs -- Berlin -- What happens here what to gut telling you -- -- I just think that it's in the car so a lot of -- game seven community Easter came perjury Q heavyweight. Boxer and I think that baseball got a certain -- somehow tiger probably push it to game seven will be a girl and a Lackey matched up in my opinion gained seven. And it's just going to be who steps up on -- stage that's like that style. Who knows what their minds and it doesn't get tired but I know looked -- -- -- when you get 41 game winner and you know a -- has -- when -- eight you don't ever -- eight this year. You feel pretty good electric checked out regardless of that you're now. Two games -- three you'd still go and what you're checked out and 213 and we have a chance. I sense from you know analyst when will we -- Pedro and then she'll. Anything could happen again it's a -- at. Okay comment today. Yeah out of court but this can be a great there's been a great series cute shot can do. All right we'll see you Wednesday for game one I also wanna wait a -- wanna thank you again for. Not at all tweeting out your appearance with -- us you know I appreciate you do and that really promote in the going to be on the show thank you for me and. And I hit three -- baking -- -- 1211 to get on -- -- there's this call so I appreciate you make me rush my park rubio want to -- An adult adult weight because you can't pot Clark a lot. On her art -- it. Kevin thanks happy anniversary this week we'll talk decent. -- short time ago that is a Campbell. Our fourteenth wedding anniversary which I give my wife for. Holland Allard joins us he brought you bike about a tractor corporation meek insurance com low mortgage and boggles the.

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