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Peter King, SI: On Gronkowski being cleared to play

Oct 18, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Gronk being cleared to play and to discuss the slew of Patriots injuries.

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Well -- not decreased seven WEEI have been heavy heavy baseball as -- expect -- Boston Red Sox 69 wins a year ago. -- went away from the World Series scherzer in Berlin here. Buchholz and -- is starting pitchers we'll talk more about the weekend. Next hour Kevin -- -- -- 15 we'll join us we take a break and talk some football looks like rob. -- -- Has been cleared to play a look back this weekend for the patriots Peter King in the Monday Morning Quarterback the end QB dot com -- dot com. Joins us here and and -- get in your thoughts about the weekend Peter is a Red Sox fan but I must start with your Monday Morning Quarterback column where. You got he got Tom Brady email quote right their do you get -- get emails every Monday morning from the don't -- a best quarterback adhered to win when Tom Brady. Now it was kind of a special. Time I really trying not to bother him very much. Because I know. How much. And pressure and -- what the demand on time. But I would say once a year -- After some event that I think -- excuse. Contribution -- try to reach out on. What I find here terrified absolutely. It so interest thing about. Money. My my exchange. Basically after the game apprehended in the soul. Such compelling game and so much on. And you know. Say how much fun I mean just. Pretty sheer joy at the -- And you know unless your saints fan I think. Just to watch the end of that game. I'm sure everybody in New England obviously. Felt like it was tremendously. On and all that but I think just Super Bowl. I think it was it was just. A tremendously. Fun. It moment. In time and IE will look back on its side that I reached out and what. What I what I really. You don't -- about greedy is that if he wants. To could be involved in something like that. He gives you at all I mean he answered there's a lot of stuff I didn't use a lot of the yeah a lot of his answers and AP news. He was so into you know answering things excitedly you can tell. You know. Great patriots win exclamation point not let stuff you know but. I think the want to take away I have heard that exchange. Is that while a lot of us on the outside probably think. That. He's upset about is. You've already -- it. You know they picked the caliber. Of player who he's playing without offense skill players are they haven't really built up. It -- their skill positions. Creating a guy like greedy. I think -- a lot of ways I get a sense that. He used that as tremendous week foreign. Could be able to beat a great team like new war. We have three of the four guys on the field in the last minute of that game who he need to know six months ago I mean -- -- lost and Al. Well I can -- Tompkins. -- Dobson. Austin -- That's three of the four receivers yet on the field on the biggest drive of the heat and so are the -- -- -- matches you know very artistic -- -- that really compelling. Yeah imagine ago the frustrations like a roller coaster when you win like that I mean it must feel great winning that type of game with those guys and and you lose a game you look at and seem intent. There's just some experience it's gonna take some time but he's gonna get -- guy Beckham looks like. This week that Rob Gronkowski was cleared now and I didn't notice in -- and your website Monday Morning Quarterback on the scorecard he did say and I don't know if you just asked in the question but at some points almost gonna tell the truth. But what's going off -- Gradkowski maybe you're just asking the question but. It does seem like this is a medical thing when you go to a Gallic Andrews to tell me of my broken bone is healthy enough to play. Did did you did you know what's going on there what is the truth of what's going on. I don't know -- would bring you the truth I think they've got a really good job. Keeping that in house. But you know there's just something about this story that. It just leads me to believe -- that Robert Palestinians those around him. Do not want him to take the field with all of the money yet you you know in upcoming years. They don't want him to turn into the damaged goods. So that he blows. All the money -- enemy starting next year. And so I think that has a lot to do with this. But you're asking -- you interpret from the outside because Robert -- you are telling you what -- -- But I you'd think that. That if a guy is out practicing. And practicing that are very very high level. Which he has been doing for a month and then not playing in the games. Most often when that happens when a guy -- practicing very high level. He goes and plays in the game everybody has some form of injuries some sort of they're hurting at some point. And again I don't know that the whole story with them. I don't. But the fact is that if you practice as well as he's been practicing per month then don't play it. You're obviously you have a lot of eyebrows raised about why you're not playing. They appear email a comment last week and talking about this team we knew at that point some of these injuries now we know more doesn't seem like Aqib Talib is gonna play Jerod Mayo. We talked about -- is not. He's not gonna play again this year he's on high are we still questions about Danny Amendola Dan Connolly and others back to practice today. They -- you mentioned this team might not be a playoff team with all those injuries given that mails out for the year but given also the did beat the saints this weekend you feel differently that it it even if the guys don't come back they can be. A playoff team if they can't these at the dolphins in that division I feel like eight. It is -- this past week with all of you know winning down the stretch without so many valuable player. You know and and coming back and beating a good team like the war on. You have to say that that debt that they built up I probably. Underrated. And we'll see especially on Sunday erode game weird things happen in jets patriots game they didn't do but. I'd feel a little bit more confident right now in the offensive ability to win a game and I'm not saying there's going to be a shoot out. But I feel more confident after what I saw last weekend. In the offensive ability to score some points -- good defense. After he saw what happened in the last minute against listening. But it looks like -- to leave bum probably won't be going this week we'll we've talked before about how valuable he is but. If there was ever a week in -- to make it defense better against jets yes it would but I still look at some of those weapons concealed his no. Julio Jones AJ green Jimmy Graham so yeah maybe you can get by but still huge impact right result for much longer. Yeah I mean especially when you look at here when you look at their schedule. And again I think the chips are absolute total wild card. But. When you look at the patriots schedule coming up. I mean you'd certainly think. If you have to -- -- To lead. You're probably missing him. You know what the right time today you know because you eight years that you can put some pressure on young quarterbacks. Like. -- announcement. You know and like Ryan can't until next week. And quarterbacks that. Really have been inconsistent you know I mean -- started very well -- he's been a little inconsistent recently. And and I guess what kind of look at. The patriot right now especially on defense. I think what is really help them tremendously. Is that they're getting pressure up front and you have coaches all the time and I'll say. You know -- -- cents. Is password press coverage. And it pretty much in -- deal well and I think you're playing so well in getting pressure compared to. Maybe past years that I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about it as much. Especially. And I I worry about it against Roethlisberger. But I wouldn't really worry about it in the next couple weeks as much as I would worry about it you know against Brees Roethlisberger knows. Couple weeks away Peter from the trading deadline the end of October people talking about wide receivers -- double wide receivers up here you know the organization the giants better than all mostly anybody around the league. Is a key mix going to be traded in a -- a possibility to end up here for draft pick. For the patriots before October 29. I think the patriots would have to be aggressive in that because I think Tom Coughlin is lows. Two. A little to make a trade like that it makes all the sense in the world and he should do it but. He's me. He's. A really good job right now in. Basically at least he would you know the way the way I look at it they get a really good job. Ian you know making up for not having. Hakeem Nicks and you know really mean is clearly the the patriots were -- choir. You know they obviously have. You don't record whatever they gonna do that by week. In early November. He use that would be -- in getting him work in the system. But again. I think the giants. You know unless they get an offer. That is really going to kind of blow them away. I'm not sure that they're gonna do anything that he makes and the only way you could make walker it's gonna blow them away in my opinion. It's sign him beyond this year and I'm not true patriot or anybody is really want it or signs -- the next. Long term without first bringing him onto your -- you know -- which ago. It would make this whole thing with Denver going in Indian Irsay and demanding and pulling back and forth. Will how do you look color thing. A couple of things Lou I think that if you're ever say. I don't think he meant any ill will Peyton Manning at all with what he said. But. I think. You have to understand that it youth day in effect. That. I did not like our model for years. Mark Martin are here and -- he could be more well around the scene and that's what we're going to be now. And the evidence is we were we are wanted done. Seven out of eleven years in the playoffs. And what he's saying basically is that we didn't ever built a good enough defense. Shut people down so that we wouldn't have to rely on -- and scored thirty you know I understand what he meant that the weight came out. Is that these same. Meaning what they're good now and this is I think it's meaning interpret the -- wasn't good enough. And polian didn't build a good enough team and and all that. So mean but but what's so. It's almost. AEE so simplistic. Mean. -- if you look at eight innings last three years. On the Indianapolis Colts. An average cap figure in those three years. It's twelve million dollars more on average per year. It Andrew Luck is in the next three years well of course. Incurred what team into the new financial system of the NFL its third 2011. Where were a repeat weight -- -- didn't have that sort of scale obviously not only rookies but clearly -- gonna make more money -- that so. What -- -- is make it 56 and seven million in the next three years -- cap and playing at the top ten quarterback level. -- having tremendous. Bargain at the quarterback position. But in 2016. You tell me where -- going to be -- say that they're not in assign key light bill. You know they're not going to whoever picked it and you know not gonna have there are -- Or Trent Richardson or whoever they're big offensive -- murder and let them go. I don't buy it but it simplistic glee. He just doesn't make any sense to me to start crowing about what a well balanced team we have now on the salary cap. Of course she didn't quarterback cheap package to be cheap it's three years. It's a great point now here's the question we saw you in town. The Red Sox playoffs earlier they can close this thing out Peter get to World Series either Saturday or sun never gonna see if Fenway Park this weekend. You know I hope so but it's I think it might depend on the game. Time on Saturday -- apple is not going to be your real easy. I'm more in out of here at midnight or whatever on Saturday. And being in the NBC studios corporate leaders -- -- pulling for that seventh game in the -- -- -- Our -- and the TV -- said fox are beg in with you they were low and they want the Dodgers in this thing Dodgers Red Sox for them. Would BAA monster series East Coast West Coast and a lot of people are prudent that to Peter. Yeah well you know I don't care who wins game seven in the National League but. It you know what's what's really funny about about this about the National League series. Think if you're they think you're -- cardinal curried and you win the series being fire. You and me and I'll see it being -- Would be in downtown Saint Louis. Exactly the opposite Monday Night Football Seattle at Saint Louis a week for Monday. And believe me. The St. Louis Rams would be quaking in their boots because it would show America on national TV. What you know who wears the pants in Saint Louis. Saying you know the TVs that -- -- game I think I believe there'd be thirty or 40% of seats so maybe they'd be sold. But people would be don't relate to the cardinal game I would -- I think that would be eighty bad night in the future football and saying well. On some of the key -- they get their Peter either way enjoy the weekend appreciate your time we'll talk next Friday. -- -- thank you. I have good stuff Peter King our conversation with Peter sponsored by complaints key insurance by town fair tire and -- tell you -- a national -- follow up on the gronkowski news today if you missed it. He is being clear what's his impact and if he plays in the change I feel about this game and all pats and jets on Sunday. Here on Sports Radio WER.

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