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Red Sox take Game 5, one win away from World Series

Oct 18, 2013|

Mut and Merloni open up their show pumped up about last night's Red Sox win. The pair discuss the Sox bullpen and Mike Napoli's home run.

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Use the 31 -- -- and Heidi drive -- away senator racing back Jackson turning -- I'm. I'm not spend the Berman a Red Sox lead at one and outplayed Mike Napoli just destroyed one. -- one little wrong. Swing and Heidi drive look deep to left field -- the back on attract turning around -- off the wall. Here comes -- he's an historic -- guys will be held at third scampering into second with a double losses he -- his hands together. You'll one pitch swing a line off the -- of the pitcher he had roles of the -- right side here comes another run everybody's safe and Red Sox lead at -- and I think. It is true. It comes to the bucket like -- don't. We'll -- this but it went up the first base line. -- -- -- -- Looking down the tunnel near the free to fit chewing up my club short right field could -- -- -- -- these under these. -- don't want it. And they take -- 32 lead they had captured game five and a Red Sox are one win away from going to the World Series. Getting back to Fenway in game six. Game five belongs to the Sox 43 -- final scores in an absolutely nail biter again yet another one run game in this series. That's the way you feel about it today what exactly what Dave O'Brien said. Right there are back call. Is oral saying -- the fact but. It's still it's still feels weird. Red Sox are one win away from. Sort of the World Series he sends -- a matter of factly replicate the sky is blue it's a very nice day out. John and -- and -- stole our Red Sox tickets to give -- -- -- things oldest factual thing. Then when you really sit and think about it nice quiet moment here falls you'll let it resonate over enough balls you're regulated. Resonate over you. The fact that this team right now 69 wins a year ago is a win away. From going to their first World Series since 2007. As good as they have banned as they cut off -- 103 win of the year last night. All of that I'm still sort of shocked they were sitting here talking about it today. A team one win away from get back the fall classic in -- doubted them. -- -- all along everybody did rightly questioned it before the season's start is that went on your weight and for. To happen no smoke and mirrors yours kind of look at its I don't know I don't see it. You know the good right now American name beat a good team can they be left the signature sort of kept going to competence and his team. Just continued to grow. But it didn't even end there right because it the holy -- you -- league game formula costs and lose their scheme to get a gold price and lose game five. And it it after game one they can shut out you know like this doesn't look good this pitchers are gonna shut down. They tied topping game for forget about it Sanchez shares ever Lander and it doesn't end were joking about what they win this series. They'll be another point a World Series if they get to the next round. At some point after game one game to game for game six whatever it is you'll still sit there and say that now they're just not the better team. You know the other team Dodgers cardinals a better team. And it's never ends you -- last night a bad game you'll play -- you look at start pitching. You don't score -- hit with guys in scoring position to come out last January game like that jump all over Sanchez early opens outstanding late. -- 32. -- and what what I said before game five that whoever loses tonight is still capable. Of coming back to win a series that was not anticipating a Red Sox loss you know it's just rhetoric have hoped the case the Red Sox lose. But I really meant that both teams and I still made it no tigers down -- -- so. Wishers are -- they throw the ball the way they didn't games two games during this isn't over yet. But the Red Sox take nothing for granted they never have they haven't given away at bats haven't given away games. Now expect them to start to Florida. Now a native last night the other up against it on the road game five to forget settlement to back -- Anibal Sanchez out there on the -- a pixel good. Pot in game one and they fought there -- -- put some runs up on the board. And then closed it out late and we had these different. Parts of the year with satin evaluate where this team is either ask the question okay what is gonna work for this team what what's working now it's gonna continue to work. -- asked the question what are you worried about at different stages right second half of the year what concerns about the Red Sox. Going it's via the asked what concerns about the Red Sox going to the ALCS a Q let's get -- beat out weekly the legal back and say that's why they lost. That's why they couldn't get the thing done who said the bridge. The bridge not the Tobin Bridge OK but the bridge the Koji. And said now they just did something about -- Breslow has been great. But I don't expect to hold up. Has always been really bad. Here in the second half -- last month and a half of the year Brandon Workman didn't work out today east he just is what years but to get Koji. I'm not sure it's gonna hold up that when they do you get to the Koji. -- can he continue to do. What he has done all year and last night -- rage as strong as ever John -- talking about. We're fortunate we got a couple grumble double plays Europe has a fly ball pitcher and and we somehow get to key double plays it to minimize the number pitches that he through. None bigger than a first and third nobody out there to make it. But so once again -- those three guys have pitched outstanding force in the post season and you know from has turned it over the president and then a five out save by my cozy. He continues suited to be so efficient. And you know in games here that against the tigers it's been with his back against the wall he's been outstanding. In the bridge has been the concern all year -- you know we we talked about it before Cotton Bowl back months ago. And when you get to post season you're it's such small sample size for your bullpen -- -- gonna vote you know any air inning there hater here. Two -- there. That you know you don't have to do. Have the bullpen that is lights out during a regular season but you have to have the -- -- it's laid out in the post season. And we compared -- was compared remember all three we talked a while -- -- guys like Alan Embree Mike Timlin Scott Williamson. An old three look at some of those second half numbers with the IRA's over five you know Williamson over six -- four. -- September was even worse. The best. In September -- all three Williams an 859 ERA in September of 03. -- get to a post season. A leading developer run. According to a run in ways to give up one in eight innings if the 24 third Gil Warner runs a believable you know. That might have a great or even push these snippets like. That's what you need an answer to sit on right now with this ball in the AL CSU seventeen innings giving up one earned run it was last night attached. We could talk about a Bristol is outstanding right Tampa game four with what he did. Coach he's been coaching. Resolve what has gotten the biggest outs in the series. This -- -- Miguel Cabrera match up has been the deciding. Deciding at bat in game three in game five. You'll get out there are up a run you punch out Miguel Cabrera you come back out that next next last night first and third nobody out. And how many people -- -- the fastballs by him last night but can he do it again. It is one thing having a plane has nothing to be bought their -- acute. To those first pitch out ball and it goes another one outer half rate we want it on the black. And you get the ground ball double play that's how we give up its first round the post season -- it was a huge pitch give up Iran. But a huge pitch you may you always every time right nobody up Mike got Miguel Cabrera. It's come down of that matchup for the last two wins for the Sox you'll win that match up. This might be over or -- -- down three at -- And it's Junichi freaking does ala who's been Mac -- now you just ran through all the stats about the old three bullpen. -- -- -- Does not what in the month of September heading into the post season a six point four radio ranked. Yeah thirteen base runners in eight and a third I'll -- -- -- bigger sample size for his last eighteen appearances of the year. Yet a 565. ERA. He'd given up two home runs in those appearances. Teams were written 30300. Off dissolve in his last eighteen appearances to the point where we came in and -- -- we question the bridge. The biggest question was sweaty who's that guy besides -- -- Koji -- dissolve it looked like in the final six weeks wasn't that god a -- Luckily wasn't that guy and god bless -- -- Merrill's stock what does ala. And said he's a power pitcher where -- -- these games -- near big -- sports. He's gotten as you said these two huge outs against the best hitter in the world. Back against the wall have to get it done and it's it's in coach he's been good -- been good it's been does Oliver got a call. Has -- gotten -- -- two outs. That's unbelievable -- and it has has -- -- -- world and you know we need to look at that game last night eagle -- three best relievers you have. And he really strict set pan out agreed it was a less than three and two thirds he stretched that bullpen out between -- lot and Koji. They've been outstanding it's not over with yet you know it isn't be like the matchups you went -- is out came in their game civil he's got -- staying here for Cabrera. Barrels already made obviously going to certain match turned series and sometimes they let you win on some of their scouting report. And when he struck a code making the other day. He said as is a guy coming into the series we'd like that match and circled -- new -- circle -- -- gonna come in with a last night that the situation -- he's got making. There didn't -- you give up a single another singles first and third -- you leave -- and that's the match up and get the double play that's been the biggest difference. So. Bull -- can make the manager of pretty smarter pretty down and you mentioned that as always the reason you're up. 32 year bigger picture is -- it bull pens right and the overall feeling of you're just gave me a great number that the Red Sox and what. Seventeen innings pitched out of their hands -- these five games in the LCS have given up Iran a singular Ron. Dallas is out last night when he -- a double play turned to run comes home -- Cabrera to get the RBIs for that what you. On the other side the Detroit Tigers. Eleven innings pitched six earned runs for. 91 compared to your bullpen CRA Boston Red Sox fans. In the ALCS. Point 53 -- point. Five -- we we look at Detroit's bullpen said he failed him that his job it's been game game two that you know of the -- Benoit gave -- comic meaningless run the other night but those guys are sharp last night that there are sharp game one. They just -- game to. You know we have six runs -- wants him back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In this series. And I think if you ask tiger fans that it will hopefully hear from summons to what's going on Detroit Sports Radio later on the show. Like when they send somebody out there especially their closer. You'll feel as confident as you do with the Red Sox bullpen and you get lately these games and don't feel like it lets insurers are buckled deal against each other. For 67 innings and ends -- in a bullpen game. I would have no faith in the tigers' bullpen he'll look -- that thing -- like and wall on the road that that law into hey let's get some confidence India. Out in the other night and blow up bogus took them down malign Ellsbury tripled on the same line -- oh. The -- going to be wide open and thankfully caught adroit in victory in a one on a couple -- game stretch they've looked at the plate. But he's posted a -- close it out -- -- and he's that the final he's the final piece for them. And he's been nowhere near the guy that. That the coach he's been excuse me. Like you look at the back in these two teams of -- wanna take up that outing you give me the numbers all right I would tell you watching at home I think a lot people would agree. It feels that for the Red Sox bullpen is in the -- It feels like they have a much more command of what they are dealing. And if feels like you have a lot more faith in the guy closing out games the Red Sox he gave the tigers we start with a solid the other got to talk about this Koji. Koji on the road five out save. Five out save on the road. And the splitters that he threw to parole and Infante in the. Eight or -- -- Alice Vizio what it would -- big wheels that eighth inning. You know I like the ball -- understand against brawl or a fun day on everything was up and do some bad splits. There were up in the zone of some fastballs are up in the zone and then when he got 32. This -- -- brawl that was unhittable and same thing with Infante says that one. When it came time to he brought up the money split any -- got a -- and CBS sports talking about. Where we're Koji was 2011 -- -- at Texas. Would you ever think that what you're seeing in the -- EC right now coach you we are for the post season the Texas Rangers. We'll go inning and a third five earned runs three home runs 33 point 84 ERA of and left off the World Series roster does he was that -- while. After it was -- here's cull you know he jokes and says get a five votes AB could give five outs in 20113. Appearances. The -- money the guys locked in and it's almost like. The opponents now know. Right here reveal lows after one of the games since the best nasty split I've seen all year when he struck -- in the game. They know committed they know how difficult this guy is an oil company news comes in pulpit fastballs for strikes puppet splits for strikes and show off with. The perfect split -- at bats. Five bucks a day off the mall why not extend these guys do last. I was beautiful so you mentioned gold backed a couple years the playoffs for Koji public just this year I thought there was something. It was it was full circle last night for -- Remember he was named the closer the Red Sox I'll remind you June 21. In a Comerica Park clubhouse in Detroit Andrew Bailey just got rocked tonight -- before. And it decided at that point the -- we are going -- gonna be the closer and look he wasn't. He was -- -- that we get closer job. I overcome on the air it's it was going to be Andrew Miller. Was it going to be -- Jeter is all knew was gonna get was gonna get the opportunity of Bailey after he failed again -- given up the tunnel runs was gonna get the shot. -- picked out his best clothes at the time best reliever at the time it was coach -- we are. -- -- -- on that -- back in June 21. I'm assuming it's he beat two or three day thing. To get -- confidence back put billion to a set a role let Koji closeout games. 119 days later. These are the Koji numbers and I know we've talked about over and over again by they -- significant given what he has done so far in the series. Since he was -- the closer back on June 21. 52 and a third. Three earned runs eight point 52 ERA. Seventy strikeouts. That they twelve strikeouts per nine innings and no walks. He walks a guy every 27. Innings. Every 27 exit -- two walks in 52 and a third stupid. 24 saves in 26 opportunities. From -- 38 year old guy will couple years ago couldn't make a World Series roster and all 190 days ago. Amongst Red Sox fans wasn't the favorite to be the closer. That is storybook stuff. And last night typical Koji had to look made you look great but then McCain three to try to roll the splitter for help swing an immense. Infante is to -- -- as you mentioned comes back again splitter. And go to the ninth. And Pena wanted to. Get to fly out. You get up early in the -- what are you what one note all three batters in the ninth inning threw first pitch balls all three guys. Didn't want one album in give up a hit -- it was why -- fly out Canaccord Pedroia. -- walks. So walks and a hundred night. -- days for coach you we are. Any closed it out last night. And it was something about that he was named the closer back in June and out spears got a great story. On WEEI dot com about this he's been the MVP we debated Pedroia with a -- Ortiz it is being Koji. And in this playoffs that bridge that I was so concerned about. A lot of Red Sox were concerned about -- They have been the reason that they're up three to the brits got through the tough part of the order off unbelievable thing. Yeah test comes in here any any -- -- the -- economy go Cabrera. You know ground double play and then -- though comes in -- takes care of Prince Fielder Victor Martinez. I think coach is good Jhonny Peralta which he strikes -- and after that you know you're into the -- five days to -- use and Jackson's Iglesias and in you know with coach -- on those guys I mean those guys have no shot. But again it was it was the bridge to get through the tough part of the order we've speculated that. When he gets the tough part of the order late may -- -- with Koji didn't he stuck with -- -- we stuck Breslow and they get the job done and they gave. The bottom five minister Koji which he just mopped up. Super fraction payoff -- arrest this the same thing here it's edited -- America this have the bullpen the same way. Five up five down your team your Red Sox are now one win away. And the World Series and we're taking your phone calls and all of it between now -- 2 o'clock we'll talk them lark at 1250 we'll talk to Peter King were really it's about your reaction. And how you feel now your Red Sox team they went away. From the World Series 61777979837. The phone number. 617779793718. Tee -- line. Or read them all day 379 -- 371 win away your chance to react your place to react is right here -- 93 point seven WE yeah.

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