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Ben Cherington with Salk and Holley

Oct 17, 2013|

We check in with the potential Executive of Year Ben Cherington live from the field in Detroit and get his thoughts on the series so far and how the Sox will fare in game 5 tonight, Lester vs Sanchez

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Against hey how -- native and yet thanks to VO with a sand then you sound kind of down what's gone on -- and overdid. This is is is is his drizzly weather we're going to be edited clock. Or would you what we've been debating of course the game last night where it turned in what could have gone done differently. What what did you think the turning point in the game was last night. Well I mean the obvious answer you fibers in the second and those enough so we we couldn't climb climb out of hole I thought we. You know size we have been our at bats and you know got better and better as the night went on and then we got an -- some situations -- where. If we can put it push across a couple but they just built too big -- lead and we couldn't make up for it. But it's the series is gun you know I think it's been. At least in terms of league this -- that is where we are 22. It's it's not that -- rule we expect talking to Dave Dombrowski before the series started I think we both thought this series would go along way and be tighten. We probably see you go back to Boston and sure -- -- career. How do you plan for the fact that you you play an entire six month regular season everything that goes through -- baseball season. With with it mostly sunny warm weather in the summer. That you end up lead in the league in in runs scored -- and then you get into the playoffs and it it just seems like every year office just completely goes away not just for the Red Sox for for for baseball teams in general do you plan for that as a general manager. Well I don't there's much you can do we build the team to get to the post season. In the team's ticket to the post season are you know generally the better teams Julian. And you know his offense is down I'd still rather have a good offense is a good -- -- chances -- more than a week off and so. You know who the we're just -- -- really good pitching everyone knows that tiger's -- you have before the season started series started. And the Tigers starters have really excuse well obviously -- great stuff but they really executed well and and you know but were were very confident in our offense and at some point we're gonna break out and score some runs. I don't want talking about gender Bogart's but he starts this year at double play periods tonight. Starting game five of ALCS at third base. With this with this part of the plan to do -- this was possible that his development. Would would be on such a rapid path that he could be in this position. Well two or three weeks ago we definitely thought he could be in this position. 45 months ago probably not you know it. But he forces away into the picture think because of the adjustments he made a double play -- go to AAA in. Continuing to succeed there you can forces win the big league picture. The second half the season. He was never an everyday role but. We wanted to see how he responded to playing meaningful games down the stretch and he did a good job in seemed fazed by -- a very poised young man. Smart kids are baseball player obviously very talented player and he said -- at bats and that's what comes down to the end. You know really get at bat against federal laws and in the last the last batter of game one. Worked himself and he -- into account got a pitch to hit dismissed it. -- comes off the bench last thing has a good at that gets in the style well at ball down the right field line so. We're confident with him out there and -- Jones just he's trying to he's trying to put two guys out there and use -- chance to win and it. As I said earlier he's starting tonight at third base can you compare his abilities defensively at third. To his natural position short. Well he's made that transition. Obviously you know I think if you ask him he'd probably say he's still -- more comfortable shortstop that's original life. But he's got he's he's got athletic ability defensive ability he still play on instincts over there and we're constantly make all the plays he has to make. Jonny Gomes in his career has never been a great hitter against right handed pitching and yet. Back in the lineup again tonight against a -- and he's played in a few of these games John Ferrell said that he just brings intangibles. Why what are the intangibles that Jonny Gomes brings to a game like that. But it is Collins -- trying to do Alessio we've had two there's two guys in Ireland Gomes have been huge parts of the team all year. Against the Tigers with -- -- right hand starters. You know he didn't wanna go to you want to ignore it truly is the strict platoon because then. -- Jones sits for too long so he's been he's been trying to pick spots for both guys. We -- Gomes play. You know the other night against Verlander and had really tough at bats sooner rather than Ortiz and thought his at bats against Verlander were as good as anyone. He made him work getting hit. So we're constantly he's in the lineup he's we know that he's gonna he's gonna make the pitcher work -- an intense competitive at bats. He's -- very underrated defensive player. And just he just loves all of our whole team loves to win -- -- the -- nobody more so than Jonny Gomes so. There's something. To be said for having him on the field in the games matter. When you first were signing Johnny Gomes I would imagine you were taking a lot of those things into account the off field stuff the intangibles the base running. Did you imagine at that time it that he would come in handy for game like today. Yeah you know. After -- -- David Ortiz. You know at the beginning of last offseason -- first two moves were David Ross and Jonny Gomes. We'll fill -- both the lineup tonight. And there's a lot there -- into that but they were clear targets of ours and we just felt like both. Both that darn both that really performed well in the rule that they've been asked to perform and for several years so. You know neither had an everyday players. All the time. Whatever all that -- reform and they did it very well and they did it. With a lot of intelligence they developed -- petition who's Smart baseball players. Jazz to understood winning and -- -- and took to win. -- great teammates. So we just felt like bring into the organization from a talent standpoint. And from baseball intellect sample that was important and we're glad they're here and for profit to make a difference tonight are at that then we certainly appreciate it good luck and without a lot of fun watching this team this year so thanks so much. For -- if for us okay guess appreciate.

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