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Gabe Kapler: Bogaerts as good as Middlebrooks or Drew

Oct 17, 2013|

Gabe Kapler joins Mut and Merloni and says it's time to put Xander Bogaerts in the lineup. He also discusses the talent of the Tigers lineup.

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Baseball knowledge here gave cap or. Joined the show gave -- -- Dario. Would come on blue logo adorned. We -- good cap you know you have four games here it's -- two. So far after the two losses barrels an idiot so far after the two bucks for Detroit Leland an idiot. Then geniuses again this is the way it goes in the post season -- and it. It's hysterical. That's hysterical and and nobody -- disappointed obviously to that. He's the Red Sox aren't hitting and the Tigers are pitching and that's really what the story of this series has been. Now if I did the Red Sox -- this this is sort of fortunate for them in my opinion at this point is starting pitchers in four games of the jail yet for the Tigers. I UW knows that you're one -- whip under under one in the red carpet and -- 47. Fourteen k.s on nine it just speak to the depth of that starting pitching for the Detroit Tigers all the way down to sister. Those guys are art deep and and their dominant and so the -- don't really have their work cut out for my I gotta be ought to do at this point the series. From what I've seen I'm concerned for the Red Sox going forward. Yeah I'd done about the offense going up against the pitching -- Because I listen to give all the credit will receive from Detroit is special but yeah I think -- there's the secondary stuff whether -- doubt changeup slider curveball whatever it is. They seem to be throwing it out whenever they want -- Red Sox off balance. But as yourself that a Red Sox are doing with their approach your -- No and I think that's the big misconception when the playoffs and keeping it over and over and over every single year. The big board the starting pitching to come -- they dominate. If you look at the pieces around that there's policies and Wainwright crucial Greinke. Are you you know Lester and you'll booked -- had a rough but the lack he's been great and then that there's tiger starters in its great starting pitching just beat. Good hitting in the post in the the Red Sox run scoring machine they were all through the season they've just run into abroad -- is really difficult to point -- -- the Red Sox are doing now. The one -- -- -- out and exploited which it probably go to a little bit better is affected on the corner for the Detroit Tigers are probably two of the worst defenders in the American League. I'm surprised. No I'm not seeing more of effort to bunt from from out of not among a little -- -- -- the Toledo -- dropped down just if you need Cabrera to short DePaul. And -- somebody out so you know when you're struggling to score runs you sort do little things that might give you an opportunity to get on base. You'd Albert speed. So I'm supply that they haven't tried to -- Miguel Cabrera little bit more. Michael back a little bit -- talk about good pitching it's what I see is a frustrated Red Sox on appeared gave they are they are down in the count. Over and over and over again all want all want one too. And I feel like the Detroit pitching staff -- -- They're scouting has been really good and I see a lot of off speed stuff and I feel like that they have. May have out outs scouted the Red Sox or the Red Sox think it in their own skulls and again the batter's box okay what. What pitcher Mike getting here -- -- really gonna get this Maggette get that they they seem off kilter at the plate. -- I think you're you're doubting golf frankly might mean I think. If -- really really what this is about is it good the Tigers pitchers doing exactly what they've done all season long. I don't particularly like magical formula about like advance scouting like -- let's. But it got no work like -- to what's a -- poppy like -- no. These guys are now out stopping the Red Sox are particularly a guy like Justin berliners who stopped it picked up in the post season up faster by the way. I think it once I've won a bout against him and within that spring training game. It is a bowling ball and you get that 126 could've bought them could mile an -- I think over analyzing I really do like that they are just bringing their -- game. It's not that David got the red -- in a different way it's the Red Sox you know an art in a little bit of -- postseason slump which is. You know you offense is an absolute ebb and flow and right now you're. You're not seeing not flow and it's about just timing and it's about the starting pitching of the Detroit Tigers. Not about getting. Mean how much of -- -- and it's just a follow up on that it is Red Sox team as we've talked about what you love to grind guys out there wanna try to pitch cannot get runners on base and it. I feel like when it when he had the Tigers throwing first pitch strike at the first pitch strike it just. It that guilty takes the Red Sox out of their approach when they're costly behind in the count and then when it really approach has been. But he grind out pitchers and you're trailing all 112. Well -- like I figured I'd do it but we won't know that the Red Sox of course but that's why it's not just the Red Sox approached. The Oakland a's approach it open in the in the perfect spot for the -- approached until he noted that it did and didn't magically -- -- with this. Detroit Tigers could keep that they have been doing that. All year long that's what you have -- sure is hurt. You know -- -- likely Cy Young award winner you have an at all that this would likely who who you can make a very strong case in the best pitcher on that stopped. From a -- perspective you want strikeout he. -- striking out more per nine then Justin Verlander you wanna go to war statistic he -- up there were crucial insurers are so. Get -- this -- something new now during the season did did the red the Red Sox are able to to put more runs on the board against the Tigers. I'm not sure I'd go back and look at those stepped. But I can tell you that there's no magical formula that the Tigers are all the an employee but different now they are throwing first pitch strikes. Like they've -- first strike all the way through the road. The Red Sox don't have anything proprietary -- -- relate to grinding out a pitching. This is a good story of good pitching beating good -- Gap last night Jim Leland you know takes a guy three for 3318 strikeouts and it's in my leadoff spot which. You know I I don't think you need to be a genius you know make that move but I'm curious your idea. Changing this lineup move and everybody up up a spot. How much of a difference does it make when you've still got it in front of you you stood at the same guy behind you. Jimmy Rollins talked about it a little last night you know I'm in this discussion he got hurt you thought it would -- thought I was a little bit let people but I can tell you that. I actually like the idea of putting Miguel Cabrera in the two right now. Because he's not the same sort of -- -- -- don't look like he's going to be an on base machine at some point and if he's healthy I love the best on base. Our guy in a lineup in the two hole. Out Torii Hunter obviously came up big -- last night you ought to Duncan look a little bit better but again not a doctor walked on four pitches in the second inning so. You know did you know that you wish you all the sudden better knows. That helps your psyche that helps the psyche to let you know when you're struggling something positive that was a positive at that. Even though peavy individual. -- all of the -- to -- anything talk and they come right under way off base. It can give -- a little blow to competent but in that inning. -- -- -- uncharacteristically. Wild you have two guys walking on four pitch in the same inning yet the to a lot of credit to Avila in that back to keep you battled he felt a ball -- still. He kept the line moving up my big big big game was was lost either the Red Sox in that in. -- cap for joining us has been a lot of morning gave talking about a potential lineup change John -- alluded to after the game thinking about. Zander Bogart's Lou and I bowl want a man we sort of circle around third base and not shortstop been opposition appeared John Ferrell is that a move you would make put the kid in they want those positions here tonight for game five. Yes yes yes it is and if for no other reason just to sort shaken up a little bit in. -- -- not a whole lot of science behind Justin turning a guy into a run at a particular war indicated Jim -- I don't think you said. I don't think you're crunched any numbers and said that ought to Jack in the cold and help that. -- be a better team but I do think there's something Q. Kicking it out and I will say that I would have won when it looked up to the big -- I would have documents shortstop and never taken out of lineup. Given what I've seen from him given what our government it is dangerous from scouting perspective. And then ultimately the way he approaches an at bat the way you dominate the plate appearance with his eyes at this sort of advanced stage that you got for his age. I -- think you know I wanna keep this guy get rolling. I believe in him and I think that. But he makes perfect sense in the lineup every -- never moving him I don't think he's going to be intimidated by the spotlight and -- think from a talent perspective. -- out good at middle -- order. The idea seemed tonight and maybe don't seem come out of this lineup quite frankly because -- said I mean what. Now -- but the starting pitch from Detroit how special it is -- appreciate what you watch him and I looked at his kind of five at bats -- post season. Need to appreciate its 21 years old taco ball poised to talk about discipline when the pitcher makes a mistake you know last night passed ball -- goes the other way is not trying to do too much. Completely just not fazed at all it's impressive. It's at occidental Sanchez real quick because you're six innings shut out ball strike out six walks. You know I'm -- Right here if the pitcher right -- if he was successful. Why change let him show that maybe the Red Sox -- make an adjustment at the plate is there an adjustment to make is that I expected to work. I think I don't think so I I think what you're the reds argued do exactly what you've done all season -- there's a reason that they -- -- -- -- scored -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you if it turned up -- -- -- the first -- winning an event that it Dillon up the strike or any any pitcher for that matter and you could tell your pitchers. -- that the struggle -- -- that it's time to start -- and hey you know look for the first pit stop all the you can. You're gonna swing and you're gonna put the ball player it's going to be an out but you don't you do not wanna be down 102 to -- strike out machine that that it earlier in the conversation. They entered the strike up perspective is -- don't expect a more per nine than Denver Atlanta during the season. So do you know do you guys I think there's a misconception that policy into the sort of the crowd he'd I didn't know I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- pure stuff -- he won't blow you away. So you don't wanna go down two strikes -- And I'm going drastically change your approach and walk to the plate acting and that's actually why. I think you're right -- that -- Bogut is is a good insertion into the lineup because you're so patient because you. That advanced approach -- you don't seem generally with young players that's why I would trust them. They last -- for me you said that the Red Sox we're fortunate here -- base the way Detroit starting pitching is gone through these first four. -- -- it out it's a best of three minutes you at Fenway if you get to a game seven what do you favor in these final three games had a size it up Red Sox and Tigers. I hate to say that too because in my heart you know I feel about the -- thought I feel about Boston but. I think the Tigers are gonna take this series I I just think they just run out guy after guy after guy did it not taking anything away from Leicester. -- black and and that great lineup by just I didn't do what I said in the middle of the season other third that really pay attention to the Detroit Tigers pitching staff. They -- just head and shoulders above the rest of the doubt that'll lead you know you use it on paper and they -- you match up nicely with those Red Sox starters. But I I'm limited the Tigers go forward I hate to say I feel like I'd go about it the Red Sox are in trouble -- forward in the series. Yeah I think is an obvious advantage and in the rotation as well as Lackey pitched as well as Lester is looked at as well as -- can't throw the only thing cap to me. If you bring in a Gallic Benoit last night may -- for confidence inning and they still get to want the other smiley threw great but that bowl then. You know there's a chance -- blow another great star but one of these guys. Day to -- could but you alluded to it's it's been a little bit deceiving and in the post season I think you're right I think he's been a little bit shaky. And blog absolutely should -- a -- you could roll out. -- wanted to throw out his secondary pitches and rely more on the Utley didn't realize how good that thing is. And he like support around a little bit to get deep in the count when he shouldn't is that it docking of the don't with a couple by. He doesn't it can suck -- that -- the tigers' bullpen is is is bad or that -- That it's a weak spot in the middle either and they've actually been pretty good smiling been really good to get to our right he's as well. And and once you get to -- wash -- then walk -- willing to attack it go and I played with him in camp by remembered as the same issue. When he hit doctors don't you nearly unhittable so you know that the brought the ball to beat -- David Ortiz the other night. The united 87 speaking up about it not a good idea when you've got 97 in the tank and the ball moving all over the joint so I'm like yes. Could -- Bowl can be exploited. Of course I don't think it's going to be I don't. You see about fox sports one and fox sports live breaking it down Jimmy Rollins has been on their Eric careless and of course Gabe -- Gave great stuff as always appreciate -- popular -- kept. -- ago Gabe Kaplan joining us here on the AT&T outline eighteenth -- nation's fastest. Now the most reliable forgy LTE network -- on the eighteenth tee -- line. That helped -- as a mind throughout the first pitch to wall. Number number never Chipper Jones. Went on an Atlanta radio and said his team was gonna lose he played four. Couple picks the Red Sox -- that mean that. When -- -- of -- first -- on the Red Sox players will look at today's been a bit and a mascot and -- Atlanta Braves mascot. Had a catcher first pitch from chip freak in Jones. That's what the text alluding to the -- it would it would nice job. 6177797937. AT&T text line. Is 37937. All your calls a last night's game four will get a little bit to game five and somebody. Somebody work late last night and still did your homework -- and you came in today. With some good in a bell Sanchez the up and maybe get give you hope exactly -- may -- -- I hope. The Red Sox will fare better against Sanchez based on some numbers from him during the year we'll talk about that with your calls next.

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