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It Is What It Is Cast: Preview of the Patriots and Jets

Oct 17, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price look ahead to the Patriots and Jets this Sunday at MetLife Stadium. The 5-1 Patriots look to continue winning ways despite more serious injuries.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is quite proudly joined as always -- patriots expert columnist for that we BI -- conference right. -- injuries continue to mount Jerod Mayo has been placed on season ending injured reserve with a -- -- for a muscle. -- on Sunday in the fourth quarter. Making quite a bit on the one Darren Sproles he had surgery this week he's done for the year how in the world that the patriots go about replacing. It's -- be a lot like what he did with Vince -- going to be collective you're gonna be a lot of the -- of -- like Dorothy -- Jamie Collins quite possibly -- but it was gonna have to mix and match. You have to make some personnel. It would be right you Rodney didn't run the ball from that you can defense but you -- -- -- headline one of the things that we could -- In their -- they have a lot of hybrids have a lot of guys can do a little bit everything back there I think they're gonna lean on that -- global. I know you're writing about it this week are the patriots. Tipping point for -- is that there is such -- thing possible. The patriots. Injuries mounting up to the point where they hit it. Like if you look at around the league -- you look at traditional powers like the giants in the Steelers and Packers and like you detected. All of these teams. Have struggled a little bit when faced with with -- optical -- the first 56 games of the season. I think depicted that distinguish themselves from the fact that they're a little bit deeper than it was -- coach. But more prepared wait a few of them made it but obviously think all those injuries -- -- that afternoon trading him but it avoided them. Now there is an -- And he went out. But the toll may or may not be available he was not at practice on Wednesday early in that we. Practice you think that -- -- left on Sunday in the second apple felt. What in the world that they do it. But equally I know we talked about it this shifting and personnel with the linebackers I think we're in a few more than in the secondary -- that would -- which we need to put them forty. Move him from speaking over corner and you lean on some of the younger guys whether on armored people been arrested -- you're gonna need. Guys and start stepping up guys were those second third finger. We're going to play more going to have much more global. Danny Amendola he took a vicious hit from one -- -- the second half. In Sunday's win over the saints. Danny on the dole -- got to be somebody billboard and I guess we look forward to is Boston College like he said a week ago is he perhaps the insurance for any Amendola. I'd be really at this point I think all you need to know about Austin College. You'll -- him out -- on that fourth quarter drive that you winning drive. Where you got to -- after concluding that fourth down pass -- to think that would be deprived regardless of what happened with the Amendola. I wouldn't be surprised you more often colleague in this offense in the passing people -- look. -- -- with somebody we talked about a week two when the patriots beat the jets thirteen to ten beta but a bit of a prediction made some headlines in New York wells -- This week collective focus on another defensive -- that would be. Damon snacks Harrison bill -- Bryant hearing a little bit defense what or why is that. I think they're comparisons being made there he does now but obviously that that -- -- -- yet been relatively convinced that. But he one of those beat you in the -- will be tough to run it in the therapies that run defense. But it could only about 75 rushing yards a game one of the best numbers in the lead the patriots have to figure out we've -- -- -- a couple of whether they wanna try to mound with a one run more play action whatever it is they're there to find a way to run the ball against mr. What happened Sunday and why I think the patriots win this game I know that the debate on both sides of the ball when it comes to injuries but I'd be looked at the jets dolphins. In the jets' offense has struggled mightily to this point of the season I don't think it happened -- -- all the scoreboard.

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