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Mike Hazen on the ALCS

Oct 17, 2013|

Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen joined the show from Detroit. Mike discussed the role of scouting reports in a short playoff series.

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It is our number three -- Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline assistant general manager. Boston Red Sox Mike -- in the front office report is brought to you by vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises. Anderson windows that morning to strays and how are you. Or Derrek Lee -- we're doing OK I just shows up a jumping off point where and with whom. Do you watch these post season games by yourself with with teammates office teammates baseball ops people or out of the stamps. Yet you I can move around a little bit start start the game and play all the or did you know -- and some point in the first ordering. And that this year before the game. And three I ended up and that you bode well you'll yes that kind of moved around defenders off ballpark you don't. You have a -- and are you even know what to post season it. As well a lot to do in terms -- -- all watching your game you can priority and then you know it a world it will white. Do you get up and move around it would seem to me that -- standing up by the statues you're not seeing an all the breaking balls and bouncing balls and strike your your your less involved in watching the game and it at a approximately. Now he's not very good very good site brought in are all bark at me the ball which he plays you spoke fairly quote about where you are. Oral ballpark to a there's no inches or pitch or or or call plate yeah -- that that you made -- -- but. Actually -- the perspective on the game in terms of seeing of seeing it from you know behind pitcher. The -- of the position convert it appears that other different things those just watching all the strikes out way I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is your analysis of Jake Peavy performance last night was it as simple as not being able to command his breaking pitches. I think Torre era. I think you know there -- no walks taken and we're off. Actually in the into all that -- sought to dismiss out of continue to move down and you know didn't have. You know that I'll back -- that it just. Would get back up a little bit higher in the strike so. I think the other tried on did a little bit -- pitch count that in -- yet work. Pretty hard to get out of that. So no this guy's been good for. He's a -- game for you or there. Sometimes you have those are here and there. Are a lot of guys -- -- for a. I'm Mike we all think that it's Andrew Bogut is going to be in the lineup tonight we just don't know whether it's going to be third or shore. If you had to guess and -- you don't know perfect just yet but if you had to guess where is -- more likely they'll play. Out I don't I don't I can't get on the you know I I think I can joke league that season -- out today and I know is that after the game that. You know -- -- sitting back I don't expect there are only because I don't even know. Or even know what you're out yet I haven't heard or whether or not Wear out but. You know look at -- this guy doesn't get a lot of going to be a fusion energy. We've seen a couple of really really good -- post season he's on to the kid. You know I think -- for anyways that continues our office. You see a shortstop means and the next decade -- we gonna see him play almost exclusively at short if you had to guess. I think so you know in the short run it's still a little bit to be determined I think -- Jeter's career where. It on the team more than you you always shortstop position I think where copping their -- the world -- -- making. You know decisions necessarily -- our position right now. You know by the off we don't know exactly that means all of them together others there's pieces out or the other make your team. We have made and decisions on the guys there you -- or guys that maybe your next year. So we'll see you dog didn't options and younger guy. This point. I think long term yet that he's going to be the shortstop. At this moment in time Mike is there any fear within the organization that a 21 year old -- Might be overwhelmed by the situation. Number all not at all we infer from everything -- has been sort of the god what I'm Margaret you've -- -- play the audio ALCS. And far between seven or so I think nobody has experience where this guy -- biological which -- Relatively speaking of the film you know proper situation given that they commit to your level. Obviously huge year and a big help in a lot of ways I think yeah I'm not saying they were going out playing. If you can again. -- period. Players. Slightly bigger stage and you'll get or are horrible on national television. As well as in front of bigger crowd. We played this spring and got tell him and he's never shown up. Any ounce of fear in these types listeners -- open not. You know in anything or developmental -- also I think more limited during -- that hadn't bought. Remember those -- -- -- We were hot spot there are good about that game was very much in doubt that -- game. You know didn't really change the way he went about it a lot of different because it was 72. You know we had just get something started and a -- out. Wanted to get there I think it was unbelievable situation -- -- Jim Leyland felt compelled to shake up his lineup Torii -- go to lead -- got Cabrera second Austin Jackson gets drop eight worked very well. Each of those three had two RBIs in the win last night and I'm wondering. Lineup shakeup is do they worked when they work or psychological reasons or physical reasons -- -- and over the course of a long season on what does a lot not so much the Al lineup construction -- the more I. It's not what -- order to wire destruction who's in. You know what are you wearing your and advantages. Whether you know your guys are hitting. I thought -- during the -- court the regular speed and I think there's. Not that much to a I think any time you're in the playoff and government out experiences situation. Know sometimes those little -- every little thing matters in that situation every. Every psychological advantage for with regard you out gut feeling other viewing themselves. Know our our are you taking pressure off -- and putting. You what -- -- -- -- some of these games we haven't all human well of the game it will come out on -- Not go to the differences. In these playoff game. As a matter if we can we get more a lot with the entire first year in the league and we ended up losing game though it. You know at least that situation but if you think they can have a little bit I think if you -- some people. You know we. -- spoke community. That weren't as strong -- -- moving most of those guys are dropping Jackson back. But I as far as you know -- -- I don't know that it plays into it or any little thing like they haven't been in these types of situations. Hypothetically. If he were to go in for drew -- -- not little Brooks would you be then. Who right handed against the right handed starter. Probably be a chance that are being a little -- right handed I think you know we start to. Margaret. Like is that those little things matter punitive that you're taking advantage of on the side. But I don't I don't know I ain't no -- gonna make the decision to put him in the game. We'll put in a lot of dollars. -- maybe -- not that sort of jumped up the offer. -- a little bit energies have to go out and find again that was our game that we. Are older or -- Tigers. Know those little -- that. I think news -- that -- package become by opening if you look at it. John and sort of go home for Knoblauch and against it's Verlander out by -- had unbelievable out there. You know. You don't yet making it will -- more right -- Always good when the Tigers signed. Size of Pittsfield to a nine year deal over 200 million. Did you think it was insane at the time. I mean right now to us that look like it could be and I've been worse. The wolves deal or even the A-Rod deal. Like -- has lost his mind. No I mean we we've we've. What we were -- -- -- situation there. Where are starting orders for long term contract I think. I think. No I didn't think it was insane to unnecessarily. I -- you know when you look at those things you know I'm dodger you wonder a little bit. Well you elect to deal departure of the things are in order of star players you're going to be aren't there on the market. No we're all that out Bears wanted time out to. Anyway when you do that. When you revealed that outweigh lot of times you know. Getting on the backside those deals you know you know not necessarily that. Not mean nothing you know age and the role of value of -- player what he's going to be the end. A lot of times in order to sign the players you have you know you have to overspend in certain areas if you really need that position and that's something that's an a hole. I mean look individually you can -- are certain things you know that it -- done. As more and I would pick aren't that -- the retired -- the last few years it's been one of the best teams in baseball. And one of the Dutch run organization in baseball know where dog -- right now these guys. In this series -- the hell out on the field he's been a big part of that so you -- part of it goes in the way well what -- they didn't have a first baseman you know the last year. -- no future in the future column I think you've gotten pretty good -- -- this guy. So far you know. We're -- we're talking with Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hayes and Mike you mention the term little things and I'm wondering how critical. Our scouting reports this time of year in the second part of that question is how detailed do they get to my guess is there's a lot of strangeness to you know you know in the Tigers in the tiger knowing you to what level does the minutia rise at a time like this was scouting reports. Are there -- a good question. I think it's I think it was critical critical roles and in the years. On each side you know during the regular season. As we're going -- as yours yours yours. Are there people before five games leading -- you got here. You over you know I think you are. There may be moving pieces of guys adding to rosters or what time during the course a year. -- or or series and so -- know that you know that the level hill is. It's not -- great but. That -- about -- the pitchers out over the water their own work on the series. You have keep moving on it and all your arm or what team if he pretended it -- it ended. No we are -- sort of for the playoff we send our guys go you know go for number. On every team that also this year the way a lot parking -- second half why -- we were on seven or eight American League club and really our national -- that is basically said the self thought. Was going to be it is not the order. I'm so we start. He Bears -- The levels that. You know I think you're seeing well and certain period or during or -- your you know. The Tigers are probably that are -- Seymour or Tigers know. That we have and we know everyone of that now they can get a little bit too much with regard to. You know how much you're seeing. -- game. But I think it's part of the we're in our hitters and pitchers. Basically maybe -- better than that and hitters hole we that is where Canadian boat to what matters what. -- for our community vote. Everybody -- although. They all. The teacher taught -- will which post although during bolting to -- on both side equipment without putting. It is whoever makes you just go out there who we know what they're doing they know what we're doing and now about the last -- game. Figuring out okay how we pulled -- and backed off. And are you in situations. Know that you are gonna change Q are player. While at the Saints are used to make that adjustment after a -- difference between what we -- in the regular Q what we don't know. -- just a bit of follow your venturing into real inside baseball stuff can you in general terms you can -- names out of this can you give us a specific example. Of of of something that that made. Be helpful if just on one hit. As you drilled down into the into the core of the scouting reports. It's being that that that you can look at our. Sort of aggressiveness level -- So are you know you don't you're sitting on it tomorrow what the guy likes to do early in the count like no discussion you lay down. Oh pitcher who is we go through governor or go to advance profits. It's very well aware you know usually go watch a lot of off himself. After the fact. But you know we'll we'll let him know -- careful on a per trap you go to the drop upper trap well. It may be her up out -- it was part of the strike zone and maybe. That's sort pitchers aware when they're out on a lot from the big league -- going out there talked. More critical juncture. Reminding themselves though they won't talk for an -- or. If it looks like if I do -- don't go over different. But I'm regarded move closer to play sometimes you -- off -- a little bit to adjust to -- injured -- And I noticed an -- team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's up and bought what -- for. I think he struggled a ball Europe put away outdoor soccer. On the subject of aggressiveness when Austin Jackson walked on four pitches did it surprise you or not based on your aggression level that you knew about Iglesias he swung at the first pitch on that. A double play that was not turned. Are well I mean I think by and large you know the Tigers have been -- aggression or needs article -- -- I don't think Upton who. Oh. You know it -- back that inning I think it was just that you know we had a bad and you know we had a better thing overall. On that happened during the course that means you're not been as far as your current level high we go again run -- -- course. It is a manager -- Tommy your need to have a quicker -- need to be a little more trigger finger. In terms of removing pitchers. -- I don't know that you can blanket statement that -- that. You know -- have a quicker. I think you have a fact I mean you're you know -- -- -- rule out what to do running on adrenalin up that's great that's great video lot of adrenaline in their. In a -- in the first inning we -- have eight innings ago. And it's psychologically they may not realize that you know nobody's gotten well over the 200 inning level. So he got it won't pass areas of the -- the previous year in your career they're young they're. Initial adrenaline part where Darrell -- off. You -- -- -- after he got bigger more people talk about that. Is that you know pitchers are out there and -- fatigue level what that they realize it or not maybe it's a psychological. That spot starts to deteriorate if you will be quicker than it. In April and may when they were -- strong programs in training. It's we have yet to -- -- in a -- I think they watch that at the end you really watch that and a lot of those -- -- so lucky -- made or is there during the course of the regulars you. Because one -- not as concerned about the -- Actually didn't bomb. Went or go home though he is you know you're reading your ball different to the point where. In August and and September reasonable proposals -- pure do -- -- her -- But it there's a few factors that and -- -- to go back to the particular couldn't be watching. Pitcher got a break down possibly mechanically you're off or whatever. And finally Mike as the regular season winds down there is some talk about the home field advantage and I'm sure it's much more important within the walls then we market it in your group of people look at and so -- be nice -- That doesn't seem like that big of a deal now that this. Out to a three series and you -- have home field advantage we now see that advantage. Yeah we we think we sort of -- -- -- tartar. I think that's why you saw up. Played the way we did the line if you saw you know we had clinched the American League east. We knew this is gonna become -- back early on and that's the situation and you know it didn't great you know we were walking drew post season. But when you run -- teams in the final four yet because some of the best teams and they all. I think -- certainly one of those can. You know more often than not -- they'll get up in a ball -- Oh on seven games. You know when you played seven games bastard who wouldn't vertical. You know forget that. Sit back and went on. Of the total in the end of twelve years old I I think that that feel that there's something that we already. -- in the back of our mind knowing going to be important. Now going to be. Mike Hazen Red Sox assistant general manager great talking baseball with you good luck tonight thank -- The front office report is brought to -- vita Coco like Newton Wellesley hospital by celebrity cruises I'm going on on one in January. And by Anderson windows all lines open we'll talk with you next.

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