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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Arod and hookers

Oct 17, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today Alex Rodriguez obsession with strippers was discussed.

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Forget the headlines how crappy must life be. How much of a loser living -- her mother's basement -- your life be. If there is this abject anger about things that should not make you angry at all. The texture from the nine celebrate them home. But with the that it. The text from 1978. Who SATs going into the break and by the way the -- flash -- kind of -- my under. Expression and gave the weather forecast for Detroit which is not good tonight you said. You that the -- Absolutely so when you said it was gonna rain. You stupid bastard you know and hit it well I I -- get super bastard. 97 but I don't study the computer models I don't create the forecast. A couple of buttons you go to weather dot com. You do with the forecast is for Detroit I just read that work I studied duke blue -- entered a dead yeah now yeah yeah it's not good yet but I can't decide whether. Who were in Jerusalem favor or not. Com we'll -- of people have a temper you know I know struggle. Your number on your benefits are had a J. D. Drew okay -- this -- -- -- a lot of doctor deals out there and my -- and doctor deal. Thank you for your interest and -- Fisher clinical study. Exactly. A very briefly in -- she didn't hear the sports -- 8 o'clock tonight fifty degrees will feel like 45. 50% chance of rain 9 o'clock 40% chance at a -- 20% chance early in the game. According to the weather forecast from weather dot com. They may be dancing to the rain drops early in the ball game right to operate the way we want brother Lester. Grew up in Seattle. Just a key group of Texas and here to. What he's used to it to -- -- -- that's true yeah in the cold in the business. And not Anibal Sanchez Sanchez. Lisa from like heat to -- from ultrasound -- Particularly obviously our neighbor Bobby the only guys there and sound are he's a warm weather -- -- I advantage last. In upcoming book reports that not only out for readers enjoyed the service prostitutes. Trickle and turned the double play by hiring them in pairs. The tattered reputation of the Yankee slugger from Richard Johnson's page six detritus of more and host of outrageous fortune. If -- Central Park west the world's most powerful address doesn't sound awesome. And -- -- -- -- -- it was another Yankee book read over the -- -- -- Yankee years this is a story about this wealthy building. And all that high the craziness the madness that went on there and all the that how much a month he knows he apartment. Well. I'll bet he paid like a thousand dollars rent. Almost -- well. Thirty I want a month is are caught -- with. It's it's 350 bucks dress policy. Someone asked me what water you know those uranium -- at the wind that's the one of them are irreverent 30000. Dollar A month apartment in 2010. With neighbors -- staying Denzel Washington other guys if they choose to prostitutes who want Bob Costas. Speculation I have heard a lot Acosta split second that you just at Little Rock nordic stock. Consists of midwestern guy he's gonna work NBC's 30 Rock a lot to close commute a building worker told -- the options. -- -- all the time. Usually two time two times a week what -- to go he came down and left him minutes later in Virginia issue. Hello don't need it how to do it apart you have to go the other way around start with commitment I mean if you -- Cameron who like yeah -- of trouble you know yeah performance Herridge. You know this would bring the popcorn here right which is feeding it to Dario suitable right that was -- Malia if you finish with two gorgeous. And misled him he has read on it we just want to moves it'll -- -- now. Scott had a headache and think in a moment. Here. Would you wanna jump her -- Now publish -- I'm in the lights. You do worse. If you hit Roseanne -- not a bail on disabling these heroics kinky -- like you didn't like -- countries -- -- -- -- Mosley he probably. The front and that really bugs are ultimately bugs. This -- -- and because no one broker called rotary is the best attendance in the book when the staff members to agree. Use -- dilution bag not a friendly narcissus that this is in the book I hate the guy he thinks he's god. I don't get this book. Visibly Jordan in the highlighted the highlighted for us house of outrageous fortune you've teen Central Park west the world's most powerful address. Is it when it comes up into the other dude dormant or being yeah well competition. Handsomely paid I've always I've always wanted this really yet I've never been lucky enough to do this. Is it really that much greater that two women who once the one Dino I don't know. How would you I've never either out of Tokyo I would just feel I don't know according. -- I don't bring up is that I've seen a movie that I mean what -- amid the you have to make them. We'll have the hard yes no -- I guess if you're probably but I mean I suspect girls are gonna spend time with each other it's not like you have to service all that same time. -- have seen it movies I have backlash on this wobbled Joseph Denise Richards in the wild wild things and -- -- Cambodia in the Campbell. And I've never experiencing them and -- to women. To him in the world for threesome who can do it. And between them. -- Anybody on. -- -- How you gonna give it time out of girls I should bring on -- -- some girls and chemistry together you know it's the right mix casually noted you know -- -- -- up Barbara Walters enjoy great. Ellen DeGeneres and with the proportion import forty or Porsche Porsche it in the jail and used -- over the airport perimeter. -- right or euros. Like Orioles but the story -- -- what does that was the of the -- -- in the Orioles which right it's true that I started -- rhetorical question is known human beings don't you probably. I do not know yet I realize you have milk with. Now now at least you don't diplomat hardly agree I don't know everybody. You and I know everybody that's really normal we did not mainstream here in Connecticut College study finds or Rios or is it if it's cocaine. At least for a lab rats just like -- the lab rats. And the decrease in -- they do they did a study in the even -- retreat activate more drama and why would use the rats eating -- yes who took advantage had a federal grant let you know got to spend the money or lose it they put the hungry -- -- -- amazed on one side -- rice cakes just like humans. -- went nowhere near them. You always to the Orioles. They compare the results are different test rats on one side and he's got -- -- Lee -- -- near the site got injection of cocaine. More those who call the lucky -- yet more went to be Orioles in the chemical paint me the numbers. I can tell you. -- a better. At a critical care and don't you -- -- -- and it could get. It's a nightmare. When I was a kid you know let parents -- would buy a lot of generic stuff of the -- -- -- usually don't point where you're going to -- -- court and I drivers as high dry -- worse than -- to -- -- the you know that the more lists of the the bills like genre and it was taller ones to ever -- not saying yeah he's not the same experience the whole experience with double stuff. Now I would much not too much in this post isn't ready to Muster much you don't have -- -- well they do I have three Orioles last night with my glass of water -- -- the game was awesome -- a vegetarian the first -- and he tripled. An extra packets through that. I get in my bad person I I -- with the Oreo. You are bad or I I -- a full no I don't. I don't believe really got to back sort of got to do not I like the department milk ducts open -- -- Baghdad -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- whom he just says he doesn't split -- those -- -- of them -- woman wants that's true. On the record players not about where's that polygraph -- -- around. Doris type three last night regardless of what time you -- -- -- -- like 45 seconds. If you split the mid size of them guys that men make love it -- -- too small I think each mindful eating what you -- -- biting it and half. Right again swallowing. You need to bite it in half and chew that half until -- is consistency of and then swallow that disgust and a lot of work. And see what. It's rats -- if not don't. Right if you if you just buy it happens swallow and take a -- of milk for -- and else it washes the taste out of your mouth and your brain as the -- rate set to again. Again if you take time. Bring will be safe she. -- mindful leading all right -- Madison Wisconsin business plans to offer its clients private rooms -- -- where they can snuggle with female staff members in exchange for cash. Having trouble getting it from the city because officials aren't so short is the whore house. Reasonably Canada. It's not the house disposed to watch this week the grand openings been postponed until the city can ensure that no funny business will take place we're just called students they say. And our smuggling will set back customers sixty dollars. Sixty bucks to snuggle snuggle house -- house I do it provocative clothing optional girls. I know it is this is this is they they say professionals not. Go in there is to connect with some. Your body you're alone you don't smuggle the BB I dot com has a it's not on Red Sox are asleep room -- has just on the road. A Smart guy are you yet yet here a couple of -- You've been just a hug for a couple seconds can release stocks in Towson in your body and your brain to. Which has powerful class to reduce wraps us humans and humans like such a good idea in general we would go right to Catalina life. Still -- on a bad eight. It sounds like kind of crazy that. Because it's -- anything because it's two strangers it's two people that don't know each other and in our culture that it sold like. That doesn't happen to like and it that's why don't light. There's a lot of their -- value NA. Holes. Pure sense right physical contact actual you know he's a good door healing that -- gets. And this is a therapeutic. Gonna get therapeutic place sexual healing. Helpful I want to be in love with the whole world I want to be at love it every single person can eat the -- could it become vaccine if it comes to Massey. We were just and that. Back client relationship client. It's not going relationship adjustments. Madison Wisconsin. Oh it was just Massey -- is a bigger Mitt Romney supporter. I want them oh world listen here's the problem she's a woman that -- it. There's a difference in the two. Texas but the problem is right some guys' legal and he's in the coliseum owner isn't wanted to show she's -- -- problem with the letter L right now yet. Excuse why you like to jab and right into certificate this is Federer Hewitt these -- little apartment. Can I trust. What they're there yet I think is the public having girls that not to get the right guy in the -- right probably -- menu like you get to pick. If you got to come no such thing as a guy who thinks that there you -- -- I say give media had to repair and I would say from a 43 seconds of winning again those guys. That's not satisfying. For some guys maybe it is just gonna finish. Finishes haven't you know some girl hug you or Osaka. It doesn't get it right she's. A -- -- I don't want to indicate it repeated on the -- right now -- club. War room we are major Peterson according to -- -- baby count. Up to seven. No why aren't my prediction was sick so I was wrong on this is gonna be a -- -- you know one definitely won't. -- decide on a former dancer who it is war. Mean just it just hit it by the way today Skype interview with every Lebanon did Williams and guys that so that's who would deal with. I look better quality and if I look at this woman and say the baby must have command of the speakers she has to be -- I called DMZ to correct the math she said she is -- 77. She secured moment for him to be -- Houston. She said he usually needs a child support could definitely step spent Santa spent more time -- -- throw doll. Now no one has the guts to -- -- fingered him repeat incidents say you know what to do when it's wrong yet what -- Europe. Add father you know you're supposed to say our thoughts and prayers are with you can you be a bad father and a good guy. Possible. I feel good guide to other. But would you would you what that old girl couldn't -- -- know so. Adrian Peterson is not good -- correct and and you'll never ever hear that on any network or any. You know anyone who deals with the NFL I don't -- lesbians gonna say that night with a man of the year to win. No awards in the -- go to the X he's a quiet while he's breathing down pro -- -- the public -- -- yet. Museum right we know set. Can keep this -- gonna be like double double this yeah give up tiger every day is as good as you said he likes thinks it's cool yet another kid cool in the name just. We've given name I'm Adrian yeah of the wealth and you know I'll send checks -- the bachelor never seen it no justice asked. That he's -- he's he really is. So far -- everyone is that the as you think he knows all seven names the pro Marty with exception of one who all the names right that's true. Yeah pretty good average -- they go. I headlines 61777. -- 79374. -- will talk -- Mike -- an assistant general manager Boston Red Sox. Couple of quick NBA notes when we come back default under the guidelines of some things just don't -- Wright issue when we get.

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