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Red Sox Review: Lou Merloni checks in late night with Mikey and Ryder

Oct 17, 2013|

Lou joins Mikey and Ryder to talk about what went wrong in Detroit in Game 4. Lou explains the struggles of Red Sox starter Jake Peavy and previews Game 5.

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Albuquerque deals in the pitches one not like where they gap in left center -- -- not very. It's gonna roll all the way to the fans Salisbury rounding clarity being waved -- -- and scores easily and an RBI double. For Shane Victorino ended his seven to the -- right. Jokester. The errant red area they're dreadful outcome of the -- that there is such down you know oh lead it would never. Be able to come come back from it now second inning was brutal. And it in the rarest of all occurrences is what led to it which is the editorial error on -- potential double play ball. We're waiting for its extra Sheen updated looks like it's so it's like more sluggish and Ed Asner and follow us after a cheese fest creep in aligned. The slot working on it. Shall with a tranquilizer so people are tweeting me and there wanna get involved and mentioned stylish or John writer and a mind that might yet WEEI. On Twitter this guys is not surprised peavy spit the bit today. As a Padre you know five in the National League division series -- gave up eight runs in game one. Batters figure him out quick well yet it was -- not sharp and not putting the ball. Where he wants to he's got to have location or he's just going to be an especially at this point of the residential real blow guys away. -- McCarver makes Joseph Morgan look like Stephen Hawking did you did you hear balk call Victor Reno Pedroia. Now and I guess I corrected I was fascinated to the radio broadcast David -- -- but I but I saw some mentions of that. I didn't hear that we got to -- a car next -- -- such review situation hello Matt. They get I don't know how you do on that to bed -- Jewish you know but I gotta say it is all bent it is. -- -- concerned are I don't know where the right mentality that plate discipline went to. You know Chinese mentioned in the last segment would it be so much strikeout. Per game series right to me that's unacceptable. We. The talent that's in the line up our original you know 678910. Pitch at bat. -- that approach well. Let me just interject here map because. What I think is the case here is that. Leland when that these guys and said look this is a team that will want you to throw Sixers have been. Which is -- I had no secrets that any steam coming here and she -- to his team down there this is what the Red Sox could try to duty so let's start him off as a policy here until further notice. Of comedy with a first pitch fastball strike is they're not gonna swing at it anyway they're not a team the first ball. Hitters and that we can sneak around with big breaking balls on the second and third pitch and get him in a 12 hole here at -- two or you know. At that some don't you know the other thing is to is what. There are a lot of fighting for -- that's a problem you know so early Anders since September and I know they beat him but barely. That was the first run he allowed since September 18 all right. You know he's got a going on. I don't care for the Red Sox or some of those yankees teams in their prime going all the way back it you gonna if it's gonna have a tough time had a guy like that. In Detroit our own -- -- and always on Detroit but we're gonna turn now. Oh that's right he's the only one as the Detroit. You don't -- to bet -- that was gonna make some really good Detroit jokes like I hurt so bad in Detroit did -- Gladys had to lay off one of the tips. -- know or stop smoking had a fire one of the miracles you know Peter Singer in Massachusetts. At age drive him back. They can't just don't do it late night with you guys late night so. Don't bet that awful game to -- at the other one's right to vote he'll. They'll -- Loaiza isn't an overall strategy. -- were on the part of the Red Sox. To not swing at the first pitch once a while knowing that that's what's been going on this whole series there -- the guys behind in the count and to analyzing who would jump. Yeah you know I think that even though it ended saying things like -- you -- replied I think you can an effective. -- -- lack you know he hit the curb or innate but it was a lot of course it's great pitcher. But it got one -- first pitch change up a pretty -- -- -- breaking ball up and they keep them off balance your opponent secondary book strike. And the Red Sox eat yet he got twisted up in all their approach and they wanted to be here and actually break it also sort of like. Didn't catch 22 there that don't -- out that you don't get that normal approach their their they're finding out -- Matt eat out and -- off. They just bring him on a -- desperately. Not -- racetrack don't look great he looked just as good. But he's first -- story apartment when he when he hit the Grand Slam was on the first pitch he saw -- you are taken you know that. Knowing full well that -- the recession that kind of team they're gonna try to run up. The count run up the pitch count on yeah every -- starting at the very first inning at these guys are throwing strikes they're swinging and missing at the second -- third pitch is. -- -- opening making it easy for this tiger staff to look you've. Better than they are. Well that is depth is good we're seeing right now it is really good pick it up good god I look at the right spot -- -- just. Don't their approach right now -- -- -- sixth inning and as Mike Napoli -- the right under yeah and sculpting with a base of the middle novel based in the middle. I got a few more depth from the sky you know -- -- but melt -- big going to achieve your a lot of -- -- -- strike. And it just seemed you look like all happy or not but not there on the ball. -- up pick up the middle and went long at bat together. It should go to public a lot it. You wrote this form is that part of what we need to get -- to -- ticket -- in the big -- the big hit here and there. -- or it was a book TV guide and near the post game comments the what did you see Lou was in his off speed that was not I was given a vision problems there. We go to vision and a -- with -- yeah I mean -- pretty -- and -- has done so -- rubbed off on the hitters -- pitchers but. Yeah I hit me and all you know. -- bat on the black -- and any. You know he's going to let slider and -- -- black you don't -- all sorts of Dayton post -- strike and he got a loaded. The ought to jacked right -- thirty group Beijing punch -- people don't eat he ate all it will all or bottoms now. It -- or pitch walk all -- is -- slider because I don't think it is because I don't want with Jack right here. Then there he's gotten in trouble or -- -- orbit. Enjoy it all really hurt and it we all the way to game -- -- into the wind pulled up. I 90% aren't. That one player -- bought some orange. And ask you this about some of these Detroit tiger players because there's some my affairs. Johnny -- Jhonny Peralta the human typographical error moon pie -- like to call. Do you think it is do you think his cheeks look more like two whopper is on a plate or or set or prince fielder's ass cheeks. I don't -- -- his fielders you'll look -- In. -- -- -- you know they pick up some -- -- -- interviewed Ted Ernie and debate got out of that I'll Mike. Got I've never seen anything like -- Cabrera right. Cabrera also in Jerusalem they -- he jumps up and catch that ball he lands any hits the ground and it -- his feet on the ground crew has to come out fix alls. It's up with -- -- guys that I never see it as much lard on one team in my life. Wouldn't think it was stolen base but that you had Sam walls and thought unbearably yet go to. They don't pay cut and what that bill that we picked you can barely run but they don't stroke the ball to play. I couldn't believe Cabrera guess -- I was like they had a sandwich sitting there on second base when I guess the yet. Had the big question low -- died about Bogart's is probably going to be -- line up where you think you'll be in place German over. I think he could be in the lineup Communists did think -- shortstop but. I wrecked it into that game and insurance president Pedro walk and struck out lack of at bats. Well defensively. Play a lot of people lost yeah -- -- -- to flip a coin and -- -- and what -- page. Sure -- I don't let Urbina but it is true short you know he might take it easy if it was a one idiotic you make -- replacement later he has to but the fact is that both guys have sucked so bad he can't do worse. He can't do worse at the plate. Don't know and you know I really impressive depth adapt and adjust to the president that he had the composure he doesn't. -- village say one single -- even took a walk in camp Panetta got a game one against -- light it up some pretty it's just been -- -- He just impressive that he you know -- an element of course. Don't eight inning or seventh inning bringing highly paid through. You -- bring that puts up substantially probably to bring somebody else in Indian it would have been negated -- looked up at the. In the -- but it but lo Duca and a bogus hopefully gives him some some opposite gives in the sport but don't I mean it doesn't come back to his well. -- the middle Gavin get Pedroia go and Ortiz Napoli some of the designated here. Yeah I agree that big -- game one loss record -- game -- Yeah -- and I -- Adam Gillick to leave straight Olympic join Billick or there what Joseph Torre. Option victory in the first round again and it -- to be hit or. Rookie to Braves play and play your your two leaders where. Direct impact in that wind in the two guys really struggled game rookies out one get into your right. Yeah all the Grand Slam and -- it looked sure -- So you yeah I think it could start today and not let those two guys up here as people get on base it around but. To me -- -- leaders step up when you need most at Florida. -- it's been pretty anemic and you know course tomorrow is game five this thing all tied up -- the one thing we know is they will come back to Fenway Park but. Tomorrow's a very pivotal game in this situation because the Tigers know they don't win tomorrow's game then they have very little chance and if any of but taken -- -- -- -- the Red Sox went home well look who their next two pitchers are though. Idea yes. Yeah the other day you gotta respect that they called achieve common back on the ball sharply but to what actually was so real guys -- well. Not being a must win. They're bleeding on Wednesday when you lose all. But if you look at history but competing I think they are today. 27 game jail yet only short time in the series and I'd do. In what was one game well. While all. I go to this deeply historically -- numbers. Come but it would be active. -- -- on the mound etiquette PG thirteen could really -- -- -- -- -- medal in order. All right the fabulous little Loney was not at Detroit and of course is oh there's families grateful for that disease safe and sound in the commonwealth of -- chooses. It at that point. Doctor Harlan I -- they are your guys are good guys that -- Vietnam. So we're gonna take a break here and we have you on hold her and know your own holding a job Joseph Hank and we key. Wink yeah I like it was good and even a wink I hope we as a woman. It's -- five early but we got a line open for you right now on the late night Red Sox review movie John Delano Ryder. And Mikey Adams till 2 o'clock in the morning we're gonna have some sound from the post game press conference will be later. And what have your Ricky phone calls all night long on the program until 20 so will grip.

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