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Red Sox Review: Tigers even the series by winning Game 4 of the ALCS

Oct 17, 2013|

Mikey Adams and John Ryder discuss the ugly loss in Game 4 of the ALCS. Jake Peavy was shaky from the start and the Sox couldn’t fight out of the early hole. Mikey and Ryder look forward to a pivotal Game 5 with Jon Lester on the mound.

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Homeland. Maine mister Fister. And his ugly sister has wondered how you gonna store this one. I -- a piece of the -- I hardly know our. A game tonight what an off you don't if there's one thing I hate John Ryder more than losing a playoff game to Doug Fister it's. Going down of the whatever duty at some point down the vending machine here now and the second night in a row and getting a two dollar kit Kat bar. -- -- knowing that seems outrageous it's just that it's large one and a but knowing damn well that a couple weeks my kids are gonna have 400 kit Kat bars from from two -- there for Katrina. And I'm more prepared all four. Patient says -- one of those things you've been known for that we can talk about that -- night because there's a few more nights to Halloween what we saw tonight was kind of spooky performance by a guy who to really -- the curve balls all night against the Red Sox sinker. It was as -- They said. Pictures ever seen -- before. We usually wanna step that does throw a slider. -- and the Red Sox have had problems with and he's out in a long tall drink water -- -- -- -- was junk for a -- -- -- adjacent sinker curveball changeup just junk. -- use those big tall guys bring the heat. But the hitters are glad his name isn't you know Doug. Laker because he's got the longest legs I've seen a long time. I don't mr. -- it sort of these jokes are equipped with a lot of this material -- I got a thriller Red Sox try to cheer myself up Ryder you know we saw what we -- and I was really want -- kind of blow the whole -- out of whole -- dismissed right. It was the second. And it just wanted to hounding him basket after that. You know basically seizing the area on worldly. View of customer drives you never seen before making some errors out there in the field and he's not really get his bat on the ball -- for a it's been very frustrating day in particular day -- Amber's been frustrating series total to recycle white not -- -- but yet those of missing because again assume the double play a mile from the double play a couple of -- right so here's a guy who is a gold glove second baseman who -- world conqueror is the best. Second baseman they've ever seen terrorists -- reform. It would says -- -- tonight opening up the floodgates. For five runs. Bottom and that warning by the tigers and that really was the difference in the game yeah what I wanna know what was up with peavy I wanna hear what the coming shall -- Mean it meaning that -- had started -- camera well well you know he's. He doesn't have very good guys side effect he has poor eyesight and I wonder how much out of it had to do it and it didn't seem like get a feel for his off speed pitch is obviously -- you know he -- -- Joseph west behind the plate like mr. west has for rice and maybe the two of them could've gotten along in that respect. You it would peavy though. He he was not sharp he was not good but the inning that led to his demise could have been a two run inning instead of five right so. -- -- inaudible that we should get to preview because he wasn't it but the walks on characteristic. What we're seeing here is a problem not just that tonight to Pedroia is -- he daisies a couple of times but what we saw also is a continuation. Of a hole total lack of participation. By Stephen Drew. Will middle Brooks. Shane Victorino. And even poppy who grounded out. To the right side three times tonight in his five veterans the jury as well area base in the watch but still he's. Looked at the hitters you look up and down -- -- -- couple of exceptions and both these lineups and there's been a lot of struggles with -- one of -- war they got -- -- -- -- like these are the ones -- they got. Well just couldn't put crap -- it together and that that big fall pot. And the five in five run second inning really was -- and that was the telltale story of holding two for sixteen with -- runners in scoring position. And they never really had a tough time would that hit the runners on third and fewer than two outs. One for nine will -- in this post season but just in general with the bats period against any tiger pitchers they've looked befuddled. And modeled. And Scott -- he's not dead yet you expect that would Verlander insurers her. An out of dosage is when he's on to Richard Jim maybe not to the degree of game one investors solid it'd be a number three Europe and in some teams weaker teams a number ten and this isn't this isn't how you treat now I don't care who these four guys are. Accurate it's Colfax and Gibson it. That's that's a Red Sox team that led. Baseball in our in offense and were not destroyed number two we see enough and from the Red Sox offense. With the -- couple room you know me major exceptional which is one sort -- about by Napoli once -- depth and probably you've seen. Well the big hit that he would I -- -- pat. Maybe it is an -- and the only positive they can glean from that I conservative -- to have a tough time of roses were position is that they ended up with twelve minutes. Yeah I guess so but but it again again if that against. In the days scattered bunch it's against Fister and in it is to report and a little bit. In the ninth but -- a huge let down offensively with the exception as a set of two swings. Of two vets at two different times in salt Omar is also about I don't his walk off it was a crappy yet. The deal was drawn and have a -- just didn't get -- he would tag that ball he just were just grounded it to the left side and went through he got lucky. Our neighbors are probably all trying to go in that direction at a Napoli home run responsible for the two respect when I was the biggest hits he has. Tells. Is that and preposterous it's all the Bristol it is like the residents have been. Where the bats. And fortunately with the exception of PV they've been good for the Pentagon officers it's 22 now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- on the money writer because this program began exactly twelve midnight which is what it's set on the WE I I crafted that with the with the shorter post game show. Right over with your schedule exactly it's like where it's almost like we're TV network numbers are -- yeah well amid hectic Mikey. Heading into tonight they won 33 team batting average the red sex in this series. That is (%expletive) poor I don't mind saying it this time and you can say his cornea while operates is -- 225 heading into ninth. 6177797937. The complaint department is open. It will be open all day tomorrow until 8 o'clock PM when the game starts again and that's the way we do things around here we know. There will be complaints. From you the radio listeners from you the Red Sox fans who were so locked into this game tonight but. It's gonna go seven. Think this this series is gonna go -- -- -- to go with the sixers they have we know it's gone six gonna -- got to go says. Well the six -- and started to six run seventh some -- -- -- -- not used to doing these shows -- -- some anti Ecstasy when you know I'm you know I should be used to -- after last night when you went -- Pearl -- -- -- -- show -- is great but. I mean I missed a good port while they played -- three hours have missed the first hour and half about today -- twenty minutes well this year at the -- yes no no I mean I'm used to in this solo. I know it is to have some arm hip -- I don't hear or listen to the every single night and they voted to. Nine of these. Then the daunting task of six and seven woods scherzer and Verlander. So tomorrow sure gonna knock out Sanchez -- get any easier and you know you -- here's GO hopefully -- hope for a you know for Lester buckles. I RC that you pray for that. After all we've seen it's that's for about an -- to two games apiece. And I guess that's okay -- -- -- tiger statement we expect tigers win one or two games in their own state don't week. As a story should be yet and expect him to drop all three tour wanted to be with us where it's going to be -- -- the text number it is as always 37. 937. And I'm sure that people will be -- director refresh this. It looks like the last text message on the sport -- was like yeah. -- it is the refresh button right there are yours. Now know once testament. Known as an assistant thirty we get currently when the games are on all the whole night people accident because like that exists today -- right at you differently though has to be a more recent text. So David in Florida will be covered first caller on this program which to extend till 2 o'clock in the morning and I hope you all can stick around -- And gentlemen is a perfect target to baseball park at 2 in the morning. Nothing but comfortable that tonight and you ballyhooed. Would be happy with a negative. -- -- -- Ours is negative Nancy from that from -- Now he uses I know Davy calls quite about a -- -- it would it would he doesn't. I cut the ball left my what did you say he's even considering the dramatic Coleman one for fifteen Napoli is -- strike out strike in this. Better -- They're not -- -- one dimensional. -- who what we don't want to -- what's the one dimension -- -- in it who do you wanna replace Ortiz and Napoli will -- And they know what. Important element tell me what one dimensional about it but what's it called -- slowdown that car down I'm down I will have a frigate cream soda and a tuna salad sandwich and are down David and Ed don't talk what I'm talking. But David what's one dimensional mean. And -- they don't know David what it when you said one dimensional what does that mean. And mean all the good up there and swing for the fences and -- get a small ball in the bunting. This is a guy let me just Elliott David loves the bunt he loves the -- he wants to see the red sex bunt all the time once -- Love I'm multi dimensional approach. And the winning -- -- the patriot okay now let me ask you questioned -- the Red Sox game here this year they get -- They beat up I'm on to they pitch David did they pitch yet but I think OK did did they did they run the bases. How about this they played defense. But this. This should -- did they provide more offense than any other team in baseball David keep going up or -- all how many dumb -- to you one well I think you're demented well the thing is alright David public tonight though they're down. If you wanna blunted when they're down five nothing. Get on base. Now you want bonds once thought when you're down five knots and have been so. Get when you're down I've let him that the infield but because that plane back which means an -- -- he got to get on base Kennedy and then. You know what if ever there was -- seventh inning when they come when you went. Celebrate with up with some. LL. But what do you say they were down what -- seven -- -- David go by you and Mike -- of bunting against those sinker going take a role in believed that a government. No bunting who who -- the bunch and I can understand it it in certain circumstances yes but. You're down five. In this is nonsense -- way to start the program I know bill and Boston's gonna make a whole lot more sense -- that student Florida bill go ahead. Hey and just -- -- view that you guys. That basically it is. Cox. -- I -- right here. Andrea Hoch would help is on a night to angle the double well. -- it you have to look at that aid at this difficult and. Yeah well there's always hope army don't know is gonna rule out hope is -- -- here bill because Rio Red Sox fans but listen. I when it comes to the offensive. Punch of this. Like this ALCS series so far from the Red Sox it's being two swings of the bat in my wrong. Well I act earlier on had been at the Wright issue I would a lot of pop up apparently been translated it. Two two. Mark I think that the you know they had more than I thought out statement and add -- -- They had singles. You know sort of like -- when I'm not trying to do is look let everybody know that. Despite two wins. It's it's been bigger and more frustrated than that offensively from his team because two of those wins came on roughly two. Swings from two guys and that's. And and by the way those same guys. The rest of the times they've been up in this series target poppy. And Napoli will Napoli -- you -- Napoli had a couple hits tonight which is a good sign after what he did yesterday and in Ellsbury was a positive for tonight but. -- two mineralized over production John production. Production. From your producer years but and that's what you -- and I don't you don't that they can't win two more games if they don't start. Not great but I actually you know notwithstanding the -- I think and it matters a lot more and I know it was reducing out act. Do I he's looking at these -- you mr. negative and I can he's I'm not there's a myriad mr. reality and yes that's recently I have -- its -- freak in Reno area like us. Dead is the only bright spot but you know you don't win and it's got you win the game and it's gone in winner in the runs. Bill thanks for the call are my good friend okay. Appreciate -- it is 61777979370. Now you could say. -- that you know the Red Sox might have won a close game if the starter had pitched like the other Red Sox starters roughly. In -- -- -- was awful. He was you know you walk Austin Jackson who's got eighteen strikeouts in the post season. You -- Kim why not just once twice zinni has a couple of hits in this once enjoyed it she reached base four times. It's not Reggie Jackson it's Austin Jackson no it's not while he's more comfortable he was so. For so terrible throughout the entire policies with the exception of a broken bad. Signal in the if for big man he's done nothing so a Leland authority said after the game Mike he's gonna go the same line of Farrell says he's CE as -- Germany yet. But I'm I'm guessing that boulder it's probably will be in there at third base to more instead of middle Burks that's my guess. That's a good -- to yet because some middle Brooks has been the real bad drew has been really really bad. Period in this series now I've missed this -- sports writer I can't get him to -- I don't know what's going on it won't recycle itself. You know this is like the dumbest asked -- out I was technical. I would fix this in a flash. But I sold not tech technical and any way shape or form. So we're gonna get one of our fine. Cracker Jack engineers and here at techies aren't cracking his name is Jack but he's down the hall creativity here. But to fix our tech exports of those detection we will get to those I promised meanwhile in South Hadley Massachusetts. It's. -- -- -- They are all my cash in on and win some you lose some. That's very richer richer and we don't mention this here at the turn it up but yeah they hear what tournament. As an -- eagle on the stage I had a that you know one heavily early that day out -- -- got arrested for doing something really bad and now. Is Hernandez. I was gonna I always love and stay at the John the golf tournament every Somalia annually every single year that party should be at the who you are. But this time I had to leave and I couldn't get up there and do my usual you know drunken wise cracking John -- a couple of -- -- -- -- stand -- territory -- quiet -- -- he's he's the best in the so Jay what do you think at this crap we sought -- -- You know watching tonight I just. Just -- -- C they -- -- -- curve ball out there they're wrestling event every single -- basic. They're not given a chance like on October's and I wait you know a lot of little ball in the dirt at all. And I'll count but there's going to make it ought to really pass. And other they're really hurt himself can share. Yeah well you know we make extra driven out of -- -- -- -- the -- and -- seeded teams so inept at at hitting him making contact with breaking balls I. It's almost like. These guys -- a bald guys you know that have come out the big leagues for one day. It ended their their lifetime baseball players but they do have never seen breaking balls like this. Well this fighters -- -- wasn't -- -- because Vista doesn't throw a slider via the curve ball in the in the sinker and I won't address how to -- Sanchez got away with Rick and her Sanchez but his. Question here would go one go one. Maybe not no hit stuff good which the Red Sox look like -- The so far I mean the -- expect that we expect dominance out of them. -- -- I think that our outside game though I -- -- to have these it's gonna give up seven and committed their TV coming out of the bullpen. Yeah I'd say -- out there. Well it'll be Lackey in game seven wooden. Alias -- Lackey in the media. At least at the bullpen as as it's as currently assembled in tonight's game came out and get a relatively as at all they have balls the World Series are pretty good job. ABC -- -- morale as cities to do run using those game Dempster but they you know they could -- going to have to make -- -- yet they could you know what. It not that they want to step that's for sure but but of book colts are lackeys struggles in game six or seven peavy would likely probably come out of open I would think yeah. -- thank you for the call from lovely South Hadley -- 6177797937. President Obama were still -- working on the text machine. I think when when well we're now working on but we will bottom looking at them given their dirty looks and then that's -- -- where you know what I'm gonna go over there and try to help us figure this thing out. As -- immediately out of you can do it right out let's switch -- I'll try you -- he -- -- places and watching on the webcam. We'll see writers -- move over here. From the attacks machine and see if he knows what he's talking about you is gonna resigning you know reboot that -- You know that's exactly -- what they do with the lights in Detroit yesterday dirty game they re booted the whole system and that's why it took fifteen minutes. It was a computer problem. They re booted. I thought my idea was the best for last night -- that lights out there though it was just torch one of the nearby buildings and use that -- as natural lighting for the ball game. What the hell. The building just sit there wait to get torched in Detroit bailout empty buildings on -- -- that's as you do out there I just pressed restart to restore at the computer. -- my -- hold their computer what about that. But that you porn site I was looking -- To switch to a differ 186. Or 777 -- 79 37. Host today Needham how are -- -- day. I'm just trying to and the end to a mine. Now it's our time you've gone home where he says nothing wrongly that. This sound. I'm in Charlotte. In all the way to monitoring and Arctic tonight. I mean you know like peaceful as an important game. You get a guy like struggling and on TV yeah radiation then led -- on to -- on just four. And he had a huge huge -- sleep on that. Five runs in batting. You mean -- they didn't have somebody ready okay you got that did you get that. Yeah all right Jose try to keep those out of the conversation. I wrote a little Dario I can only because of that. The money is not doing the right decision. OK here's what here's here's a little Lebanon and bad. Because some indecision to avoid it on. OK but Jose you saw the second inning you so -- -- destroyer of bumbling of the double play ball and that would've been instead of five run inning a tool running inning and then. You know the Mets a three run -- difference in the game the Red Sox lost seven to three so. I don't know I mean manager OK was he ready with some of the ball and surely you've had such a short leash on TV. Because he wasn't sharp it may be maybe somebody lumbering up my -- is which is still looking to get one of those long. One of those long relievers takes a long while to warm up. They're not they're not that relievers who come and every other day they they got to have a longer period of time to get warm especially -- -- and a Dempster Dempster right the you know I. Applaud benched. Yeah well it's odd how. -- breezes through the first on twelve pitches and just unglued in the sector -- agent -- been hit bad innings clearly shaken by the bad defense behind him and hopefully sort of you know saying he came back and had to shut -- inning the inning after you know I guess so. I assure you this guy that you know we had -- only two home. -- -- all big topic you know the law by eight -- -- -- -- the end we haven't done anything at all bad. I guess I believe that well and I get to the bullpen that's the only you know. Generally I -- the way we we being hitting and a lot of it is just. Well you're right you can't you know huge headstart is so good you don't get a mother's responsible and in some ways I think they're urged to read such writer here's why. They don't want their look and a stretch account -- every single have bet they would -- and -- forced Detroit understands that. So they -- with -- first pitch strike every single batter. And then they start -- breaking balls and nibbling -- erupt the old one and they can -- around with the count throw breaking balls and have them. Has added because they know they can hit the breaking ball and this is what's been going over these you know no matter what you eat even when scherzer. This is the but the strategy go up. All of Juan and sometimes we swing and -- and it's going to world changes everything they usually have problems guys that pound that strike zone and on our two wild but I Sanchez that was the first time they faced him all season I think. Little different story here potentially Abbie does the I can't see him -- flirting with a no hitter tomorrow and figure out what was Lester has a Red Sox. I didn't score. Iran when they had six walks reds starter. Generally get up look at this season right. I would take a quick break we get to a wide open we have four lines fully get every call we get to would order writer and read till 2 o'clock in the morning Red Sox review. After the lost two games apiece from these teams.

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