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John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Oct 16, 2013|

We talk with the victorious manager live from the ballpark in Detroit and recap the win in game 3 and we look ahead to the game 4 match-ups tonight.

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And the pitch home so he struck him out struck out Cabrera. -- a moment pretend as. And here comes John Farrell Miguel Cabrera with a runner at third whips. I don't -- to me scariest moment of the day yesterday. And then maybe the most exhilarating at the end to foul with think Cabrera. Who is out spear pointed out had reached base in 32 straights. Post season games dating all the way back to anything nineteen year old kid with the Marlins. In 2003 pretty damn impressive and a great day yesterday. John Farrell is with us here in the broadcast Booth in into -- brought she -- always -- -- insurance town fair tire and Anderson windows is well we talked a lot. About John Lackey yesterday just the warrior mentality we got to see them and just I went to which he was on the mound. Tell us what it was like before the game preparing for star. Utilities. It's like the calm before storm. You know he takes his time he. You know go off on his own clubhouse who doesn't in Iraq the whole lot with so many guys. He goes -- was normal pregame pitcher catcher meeting which is like every other starter. But it's it it's that gradual burned a gradual build up to pitch one and then. You know as we've seen as the game unfolds that that fire burns hot. And even knew -- when it comes out of the -- and how much have you worked with him to harness that stuff. Or not not much at all you know we we we signed a veteran pitcher a guy that was well into his routine well into his style of pitching. I've got to have a tremendous amount of success so. You know he's still a lot of the ups and downs that that's all been well documented injury otherwise performance. But who he is on the mound it's like you hear what. Mike Napoli talks but the -- back -- with the Angels that John Lackey is a different person. Here in Boston as he was in LA so we're we're fortunate that he's recovered he's originally is in. Probably turned in the best game in the Red Sox uniform given that the environment and the stage yesterday. With the flip flop flop between DA LCS and ALCS. Have John -- starting game three here John Lackey start game two in this division series. Is it. This is the size of this part is that what it would make the decision and did you predict or did you even think that the start would be this effective. What we do is capable there there's no doubt about he's Pittsburgh very well this year he's had other big games and direct the ALCS from his with the Eagles in Yankee Stadium -- -- prime time. Performance in that game as well. But going back to setting the rotation for the of the divisional series. We had that four days off there was this in game in and it even take a step back before that in this series against Baltimore to finish up the year Buchholz pitched. Prior to that to that series starting. It and actually pitch Friday night so we gave us one more opportunity to get played amounts continue to build his arm strength and that's why -- went. Game three down campus John fell in line to go game two. Once clay got through that that additional stock up back over how to pitch again we we adjusted it. Knowing that John Lackey pitched well here -- we didn't we didn't match up to say who was. Who we were gonna face on the flip side could you don't know that until that you know the other series is over so. This wasn't a matter of hitting Lackey against Verlander that that wasn't even part of the equation back that's our. He -- he was great yesterday didn't walk anybody had eight strikeouts. I was surprised I -- you come out with two outs in the seventh he's facing the below what would you think in in that situation. Well. Obviously we get the lead he's he's approaching a hundred pitch mark and you know while he was strong history and he pitched his rear off yesterday does a great job. We also I also look at what's been transpiring over the past 46 weeks and kind of looking at the bigger picture. He's well north of a 190 innings after no innings last year so that others some physical factors involved catcher -- certainly their work. The fact is he he's got a man on base. Alex Avila who you know don't take away that the batting average on the year he's been swinging about well against right handed pitching particularly in the series. It felt like if if in this ballpark with a short right field porch. If John Lackey throws a fastball he misses it and somehow feel runs about your -- the go ahead run. I don't know that I didn't sleep last night knowing that we have a very good reliever Craig -- -- ready to go. I know John and wanna come out of the game which. I know there's a lot -- that you know they've they focus in on the things are there trying to read his lips on the mound and it's easy we do know that -- -- pick up. Don't go didn't you know you don't believe lip reader to figure that -- but you don't want that's why John Lackey is such a good pitcher. And I I promote that with the you know. Say all you want. We we want that competitive spirit in there we don't want you command of the game so what he has to say that's fine I've I understand the mind to the pitcher in particular starter. So I I take no issue at all with what. John says that it's coming out of -- people. You don't want to our game and I respect him for you laughable but to yourself when you see in person and stuff on the mound with his coming out there where you can anticipate that so I think you you know what's coming out there that's why I waited -- about their wanna talk to before making the most mobile register. Acknowledge -- job you've done give the reason why I'm an average is pretty clear and we we know what's going on there he went up buy into it in the moment. But. You know it's the same aggression it's the same intensity in which you pitchers left he was just let go out at me rather than -- the target sixty feet away. From about so couple minutes later you're in the situation a couple of runners on still close scheme you've got to now in the game against Miguel Cabrera I know yes and be in the Miguel Cabrera capital M capitals the that he was the right the last two seasons but. To pretty big spot. What's your emotion like on the bench watching Matt watching that match to play well the cameras were on the field most patient in the dugout you know because. I think everybody in the ballpark knew that was the game and that's not taking anything away from fielder anybody else -- lineup but that was a pivotal moment given the success of Cabrera. But felt like we had a very good pitch from someone who was gonna throw ball. Or execute pitches to an area that we were trying to go to task is very good to his glove side down with a righthander. And we felt we be able minimized the damage but the fact is -- a fly ball. You know ground ball hole that that teams tied. I probably waited I've I've made a mistake in that inning not getting to volley in the game to face Jackson. And rather than you know let Breslow faced some I kind of put. As in the -- backed into corner a little bit because Torii Hunter and even always been scuffling in the series by just the batting average. You know he's got a proven big leaguer and -- primetime performers all right. And he does a good job the ball away at -- gets the base hit or the first and third situation but. Has strike that was problem the out of the game from the defensive side. And looking at you just knew. Based on Cabrera is history vs Koji that was just not an option of of coaching. Yeah I don't know you know I was for the strong in my thoughts and conviction as far as the decision goes. You know even even when we are over and in Fenway you know match him up from where we were common. Through lineups and wanting to attach was the guy that -- it is targeted for for that spot in the order. And then today you know David moved -- not a lead off spot they got utterly awful to burn to also there's a little bit different look that they're presenting here today so. But still those guys are atop the order but that's -- -- test matches up best John what what are my favorite stats. About your team this year you've seen 1000 more pitches than anybody else in baseball that's amazing to me and I don't look at the players deserve all the credit they go out there in the -- down but. Was that part of the reason you chose who you chose understaffed. To emphasize that approach at the plate and -- brag about those guys a little bit you're you're coaching staff. Well -- and and to a man they all do a great job you know we could spend an hour talking about the the group in its entirety but. You know to the specific talents that they have that the roles that they feel Torre is. A constant settlement -- for me in the dugout from decisions to personal also. You know workouts all things across the board and in broader I mean my gosh it I don't know that in -- spent more time preparing. -- through video worker on field work you know -- it's interesting to get some. Perspective of other like national media people that -- and they -- -- early work that goes on from 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the work eventually level obviously but it it's very much like an instructional league. The constant coaching that goes on that the sacrifices that our staff makes this the time in the effort that they put in. You know it it it it runs the gamut and I think. But more before that. Bench Eric and his -- selected these guys that bit there's a very clear cut. Track record that every hitter that we have. Has in the past and that has to work counts that it's two great out of bats. So the staff. Past I have some of that same philosophy coming into this that's that in the in the interview process that was very clear it was explicit this is what our vision is this what we want to. Take hold. If you believe in this same type of approach that you're fit here if not able to -- there was there was five of six candidates for every position that we walked through there and have their thoughts didn't align what. Maybe our campus was coming to life with. That's what they're not here and the guys that were selected were. That we all share that same chip approach and how we want. The Red Sox to perform Red Sox manager John Ferrell -- in the press box at Comerica Park today Michael was pointing out we asked -- -- this question right off the bat today. Are you guys have led for four innings in the series and -- yet you lead the series 221. What's the primary reason. We've pitched very very well. And you know the target it's extremely well. You talk about 21 nothing games and had a 65 game that we we capture the lead in the final and so. This has been a pitching dominated series and when you consider that. These are the two highest scoring teams in baseball. It it's amazing the turnaround and really it says. A lot about the pressure packed pitches that every guy that -- -- for both sides have been able to execute you know we like to talk strata. GN and talk about the decision making that that you know the process that you have on the field Michael I -- on after the game last night and we were both but very surprised. To say the least an argument about this how many people. Wanted to talk about what happened when the Stephen Drew gets on second base nobody out -- middle brook and -- Eighth inning and and a lot of fans out there are calling for a bunt in that situation. What went through your head. Yeah and believe me that was a topic in the dugout at the time you know -- able to advance to second base after the error by -- in this field the ball. We will mark Brooks but twice in his pro career. The last time being in the I think the twelfth or thirteenth inning in Minnesota. In this series that we've we've played over there earlier in the year he executed the bunt. But in that situation I'm thinking you know we've got three shots to drive -- around. It and felt like. By asking will bunt is the lesser of his capabilities are what we've asked him to do rather than go ahead and look to drive the ball and or. At least work the ball the other side of the field to move them over the should look like he tried to do right he did and you know what to tremendous credit he kept sinking the ball in on him. And he tried to stay inside of all Mets were the fly ball -- center field came rather than. Okay if he's gonna run some sinkers and on the then looked determined drive the ball to left field line. Unfortunate didn't work out but so you know we would I trust our hitters I trust them to hit situationally. You know it in hindsight that's the beauty of the game hindsight is always what it's warming and yeah if I had to do it over and I'm sure you'll give the way it played out -- a sac bunt. Might have been nothing to do but still I don't -- think about it guys here if you are tied or down a run in that situation you handle it differently. -- -- -- want to look at get more yes. But -- -- the one thing that you look at there's two things are really stand out in this goes right to the strategy probably describes the way we do things. We've we have issued the least number of intentional walks and we've sacrifice bunt. The least number of times probably in baseball both categories so. You know you you don't wanna take the better -- you guys can't -- and I personally don't wanna put pitchers in back to -- quarter. In a bases loaded situation and forcing got to throw the ball play. Any any lineup changes for you today novice and laughed and Jonny Gomes called off the bench tonight than novice had very good performance against Fister. Left handers have had more success than right handers. We know organ of going up against you guys are good sinker ball pitcher. Controls the running game very well also of note the left handers that are good low ball hitters have -- decently against against -- you know -- We just fallen or is this so stressful that you can't have formally known well if you if you don't like to stress than that it would be fun so yeah yes on both accounts and you know what we're we're fortunate to be in this position we've got a great group. We've got incredible support by our owners. It and all of you know that that the approach that been put together -- the the plan that he laid out. You know John Tom Larry either extremely involved. What they have been incredibly supportive with everything that Bennett set up to do and and how we've been able to execute. Well John it's been a pleasure to watch so far are up 21 with a chance to make it 31 tonight here in Detroit John Ferrell always brought to you -- -- -- town fair tire and Anderson windows thanks so much we appreciate it we'll do next week right -- artistic and John John -- coming up next year. How his how his Red Sox may have learned something it. From an old Patriots team that's coming up next welcome -- WE.

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