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Daniel Nava live from Comerica Park with Salk and Holley

Oct 16, 2013|

We talk to Daniel, the starting left-fielder for the Sox for game 4, on the field prior to game four of the ALCS in Detroit.

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-- were taking -- -- 720 today we'll -- he'll be with us coming up in fifteen minutes just -- 6 o'clock sultan Ali. On WEEI world of the broadcast Booth. Comerica Park in Detroit -- in the dugout but. Wearing a headset got a microphone forces Daniel Nava. Inserted back into the lineup today he'll bat sixth and flight left fielder. -- on the -- down -- good game how you're doing well I would do -- right that you just chat with you before that before the segment here and I'm a little. I'm disturbed by something why would you start the -- just two weeks ago. This this thing all year. Yes you know it actually has put my thinking was. I haven't had a VW in the teens and winning so I'm not in a message that anything is going down the stretch and then -- class starts you know how the planters little more I guess acceptable. But that points that haven't had one I'll keep things the same. And then obviously some guys you're there you're down made up for -- lack of -- so. I think it only doubt so you outward what you're -- grows out or we talk about Mike Napoli type beard Dustin Pedroia what's gonna be when it grows. And I and I had no clue I was talking my life plus last I've never. I've never done before its Internet grown appear like -- so they can do anything it looked hideous it can. The awesome I don't know as hopefully as it's not hideous but right now at least were not you know going that direction. While speaking at things you haven't done before played in the post season like this -- you guys beat Tampa Bay. You unfortunately have the tough but tough first game this year he's and -- in the last two what's the energy like. In that clubhouse maybe before the game yesterday John Lackey maybe getting enough attention and how does that change for after. I you know I don't the. He was was. Gay guys are really affected by that because we have veteran staff veteran. You know crew guys are playing and coaching staff they've been around that they know. They can't get -- -- ticket to and and obviously don't. We don't try and looking too much of what you guys have to see. This shouldn't. But down I think that there's there's a healthy balance it goes on as us who were frustrated that we were getting hits and and that we want to go to improve obviously that we are good team that. It -- a resident -- the same time we tip our hats of the guys who are on their team and and now we're pitching well and it's instantly that stated it's part of the game and a force in part of the game for us was we weren't that many hits. That is part of game we had 31 run games so far and I don't we always talk about it it's the playoffs and championship series. Do you expect it to be close but did you expect. The series to play out like this so far that you guys -- -- for four innings yet your year leading in this series two games to one. -- I don't if you guys saw that and you should go to Vegas I don't think anyone. Telling anyone so I was getting no hit the first -- five innings of the first three games is that -- we had so been like that correct I don't think anyone silent minutes coming out with. You know that's that classic casual if this were to happen which you see yourself being up 21 don't think anybody would see that but. That that's the view about the guys have it's it's nine innings and it's not five and and obviously that's kind of cliche saying but it's true and it's really has come -- in our -- proven true faceoff was haven't. How will put a broadcast Booth -- we'll talk with -- -- earlier. And we were talking about Jimmy said I've never seen anybody improved so much defensively. In the short about a time. What did you do what did you do to improve that you have a mentor if you look at tapes of -- which a process. Casting -- little everything I got sent down 2010 hang out with time soon as our outfield -- we kind of past or some things which I need to work on in. Tried to focus from there is on the things I could control being in the right place stating swings. No -- this is ridiculous -- frequently stuff like that and then. It's probably more focus on and offensively. You always think -- to come with demise that's put me gets a big these but you realize after awhile that. And it's can in my -- there but north and stay there at least the Red Sox -- -- -- -- -- offense defense -- -- -- -- focus just most offensively as I have been doing offensively. Red Sox left fielder Daniel -- with a -- down in the dugout were up in the broadcast Booth here in Detroit. When we think a view of when -- you've been talked about during the game broadcasts. Your ability to see a lot of pitches to go deep into counts. Always comes up the sheer number of pitches you're able to see. What allows you to be able to do that. And a you know I'm gonna ask a question before and I don't know maybe his -- to -- -- person I can't decide what I wanna do. I don't know I think I know -- them looking for and if the guy as though not with those pitches arm's gonna. -- play your -- battle about the two strikes if not take a walk and doesn't own marriage and get on base trying to turn now liable for an. I think the plastic it's amplified more because every at bat every pitches. Looked into -- being the -- biggest play potentially of the game with a series so I think it's like it's little more attention but. Now I'm not try to change anything and I've done all year and just happens to be that I've had some bats of which have gone longer than. -- in time -- -- had bats which are two pitches three pitches as this is a little. I guess the street if you want to call out of seeing a lot of pitches. It did have some guys are obsessive about watching video some guys watch it after every at bat or after every game. Or just watch it when they get the trouble -- what you what what's your processes when it comes to studying pitchers and or study yourself on video. You not elect lost myself too much because I think I'm too critical myself and I see all these things out Lichen and I try to just go off of feel and what I remember about the bad in and looked at myself in the position that I feel comfortable with two. Get a good pitch and put it it's going on and that's kind of where I like to start from where -- finished now. If I'm dropped my hands and there there in the dirt and there's something going on there that'll that'll -- video out but the most -- I usually. And when I was coming up not even with the Red Sox and affiliated or not to evolve and evolve stuff that's all I had to go off was just feeling when I was. Feel box so it's kind of -- that really don't go to listen video but I do like to see you that you have to throw in -- and watched how his balls moving on video but after that just. We've got -- reactions and hopefully mine competitive that I think we'll speak and -- wanna ask you about the two guys starting tonight we'll start with their pitcher Doug -- you watched film on him. You know what -- out for you what would you be looking for procedure selective what are you look at it from Doug Fister. What I look and yeah. Some pretty -- and we'll tell him. We actually never locked in a certain pitch I tried to do that because I feel like it for myself and disadvantage for another pitchers to be good one and and I know that. It's a blessing and hasn't it good sinker. -- to cut the ball with curveball changeup that he -- just try to. Folks and on the zone and hopefully get some of that zone which is what I'm looking for him and I'm not fool than that and put the ball play hard that that's really it. For me what it boils down to no other guys that are. They talk -- trying to -- into the noon it's everyone's approach is different that's just how someone works probably your guy JP people's -- today for those of us were watching when we know that he has as good stuff -- -- what do we know what we need to look. Well I mean I think the first and foremost thing you like to see from Jake -- he's competitors who serves on the mound and and I know I'm either playing among the bench and Watson and in the those issues I have with the needs to get fired up he's yelling at himself and I think that's the first thing I like justice -- and whether that means a good thing or bad thing probably. A little bit of both ski from on edge for the same time we don't want Seaman doing next -- -- spots like it has been ninety but and he's a control guys keep the ball down in the spot to -- pitches and mix and location in in in velocity is obviously one of his. Strong suits and hope we can do that tonight and you we got a big ballparks and keep the ball down and we can. You know -- -- Nolan put got a body guard -- dropper after what kind of -- -- phenomenal. And on the sly is keeping people -- and out goes your data about your browser looks at them now and everyone turns away insiders I think it's a new haircut and got. No comments you. Obviously rubbed asphalt car and good luck yeah market we've initiated -- faith in our -- Daniel -- a joint effort got. -- at the kitchen table. -- that I -- -- got eight mommy put the ball in your -- gave -- the classic -- -- upset you're moving too much and she kind of messed up here that's about to got a it all of these. But it got it I don't novel is rubbing rob Bradford right now I've got to look at this particular movie on crack. That is very -- sister -- Deval -- that -- wrote that guys had every right below is gonna join us back from Boston here adjustable we here in Detroit we get a lot of baseball to keep talking about it you guys ready for game. For tonight is the biggest one the chance for the Red Sox moving in the series to really take a commanding 31 lead Jake Peavy for the Red Sox Jim Leland has switched around lineup last about that. -- all W.

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