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Red Sox knock off the Tigers in Game 3

Oct 16, 2013|

Mut and Merloni open their show discussing a thrilling night in Detroit in which the Red Sox beat Justin Verlander and the Tigers.

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-- -- of the windup and the pitch. And he swings it. Thought I don't know where it shouldn't be I think that's not a good thing Atlanta bullpen is. That's. Hit the other Red Sox bullpen might not. Pulling its high fastball 96. Miles an hour -- -- -- been applied to zone and the future home. As he struck him out they've struck out Cabrera. -- a moment pretend as. One more strike together here coach few rocks in the streets who saw the Senate's over the Red Sox let it -- and I think. And the Boston Red Sox take no one nothing victory out of game three. And they had taken it to -- one lead in the best of seven series. Just like we all thought the start here. Game three ALCS John Lackey which is matched zeros that Justin Verlander got that sound right -- be predicted that spring training. We have that but the only you don't whole effort that I'm sure I'm sure rice said that I'm sure out of those words that yeah. Black he would do all the way he dealt last night we aren't loading history identifiable left the -- -- -- the entire year without a doubt malevolent that you know what. Everybody's just put this down John Lackey the local Verlander threw a scoreless innings and -- yes you'll you'll love John Lackey before the year -- up. In fact those are bold prediction segment right if you predict it now does is -- You predicted. And I'm forgetting is they now who's the -- the Tripoli Al that he said by September -- be up to open up this team. -- -- -- -- -- I'll what a terrible memory by me. And then he never came up with -- you got your bold prediction that was gonna happen with -- nobody was talking about it would come out help this team. And I said I'll do you one better. John Lackey -- -- -- Verlander on the road if that's Hillary -- and get that Detroit at a un believable yesterday. -- priced brands of course is price difference -- predictions. If it was to sit there and watch that game and sit there and watch this guy and it's unbelievable for a couple of reasons one. The game itself but number two is the it's the it's the image right it's the image of a guy. That fans wanted out of here the fans wanted no part of why can't you move this guy get -- him to what do you make debt deal with the Dodgers. And he's got to put you up to one. In a best of lies that -- points -- the biggest start here in Boston and I say at this point. Because you might have a few more so. Meet these games seven Annie does the same will say that was the biggest but he was just outstanding -- that that outing there. You know I figured it would be. You know struggled a kind of in April and it was on it could John Lackey matchup. And that's not only did he match in my audio Pittston. You know quite frankly give a -- run. Lackey didn't he go to some jams -- pitches way out of it. Metres almost smashed into the strike up -- not even that kind of strike a picture what the Verlander. You look at it he said yeah I could see your -- Justin Verlander doing that. But you think -- could probably do that to me because many people and he went out there and was lights out. I mean lights out it was outstanding. What we saw from him last night. And it was much of the formula that we saw the tigers do with the first couple of games and Verlander now those guys -- have more power net midday I ninety fastball. But it was the secondary stuff that he pretty much -- strikes whenever they really want it -- its latter whether it was his curve ball those. It to curve ball was outstanding. For him last night. Want to swing in advance 31 on top of a breaking ball Lackey. -- three straight workshops. He had a stretch there where only at three straight punch outs but is go through so many easy innings he had against we think it a really really good offense. And you look thirty see that we're. As early is that forthright struck out Cabrera. Up the ground out by prince got the ground out to Victor. And this is not an easy game for John Lackey talk about the curve ball I got back to the first inning where immediately. He came under fire. Where he had -- honor Prince Fielder single hunter with the goods beer markets beat a good base runner at this point gets a third. And he's facing one of the most dangerous hitters in the series I think maybe the big guys given the best that that's most consistently and Victor Martinez. Over and over again. And 31 count 31 count against Victor Martinez. Wasn't that gut check time in the first inning -- when he threw me 31 curve ball. When Victor had a decent fastball there to kind of shook his head and eventually he gets out of Vienna gets in a fly out Jacoby Ellsbury. I thought right from jump street that 31 curve ball to Victor Martinez. Set the stage for the outing from Lackey gave you a hint. That he felt pretty comfortable. With his secondary pitch specifically that curve ball and the use of the way he did behind in the count 31. Think that's a lot right in the first inning -- runners on first and third. A lot about what does it feel Ford earlier on that's for sure -- -- 31 it was as the ball to -- -- it was number of them yet they came out com. The city came out aggressive is probably understating it right Jackson lines up first at bat on a first pitch everything first -- five of the first six pitches he threw the swung it. You know any get Miguel Cabrera gets him Maliki said that they came out of the gate swinging at everything he had. You're like oh man me and you don't realize it but first there with Victor the -- this isn't. This huge debt that commandos the first inning and is that maybe drama in the 67 whatever eighth but that was a huge -- that. That he comes out of the game Verlander deals and all of a sudden in Detroit we got a power -- seriously. With the power outage. A seventeen minute power outage. Well -- that I mean that's not that old -- -- stadium hold does that place in the ten years could we have not every ten years hippie. Detroit that Tiger Stadium not -- 910 years old. Yeah I read about there may be a bit more maybe just a few years more tops like. And I get a power outage in less than it was a got a big game while overcast it's whatever was right for 30. Yeah I am media got a you gotta sit near mute the of the Red Sox hit the top got to go out there and those guys at the bottom it's got to be the same got to count awaits that we seventeen -- minutes. But the thing I think it actually helped the actually get actually helped in the calm down and realize situation that OK they are gonna come out aggressive. Is it looked like he was so fired up. -- I know he's pulpit fastballs and try to get ahead -- when I bet he's so fired up as -- that's seventeen minutes could see help ST once. The first couple of minutes it's like it's a hitter if you're struggling struggling finally boils -- -- just take a bad snap to break in a hallway whatever might be. That you don't elect. I had. I needed that. Any kind of relaxed again he looked like he was now happen when nick -- when he was -- And it was seventeen minutes a lot of help of a media that's delay seventeen just sit there actually help well it got a few minutes I'll sort of controlled them a little bit controlled his emotions a little bit but he was still fired up. But there's a difference between being in to have been fired upbeat excited to be liberal thought maybe elaborate to Winamp. But I think my -- down -- you mentioned the adjustment right talked about the tigers being aggressive Lackey first thing he talked about the post game. Was about making the adjustments of this catcher -- itself. I felt pretty good war. Mickey Mouse -- your. Army -- -- -- first there's new hope first innings of how to make some adjustments early on -- -- a great game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It Terrell -- want to talk to Roger Goodell about the power routed by the way -- -- Detroit exit these -- of the Red Sox. So he's able make those adjustments go to the off speed stuff and and while he's doing it by the way. The Red Sox are flailing against Justin Verlander you know it's a phrase of her use quite a bit. In terms of matching zeros with a guy. We are when a guy is on his game when Justin Verlander is pitching the way Justin Verlander pitched last night you've got to be able to go toe to toe with him. It's not like Lackey shut down a team and his offense was was put on these runs up on the board. There is offense was struggling as they have for much of the series against tiger starters and yet. The stress the pressure never got to want and I love the Pedroia quote after the game. Yep it's about time Lackey finally realizes he got a pitch with -- one Ron. We did -- all year right we double the electoral support for John Lackey Victoria many joke about it after the game. And it seemed like he was prepared for that. Israel is a great game -- mean lack kind of finally figured out then throwing him one run. -- learn from the whole year our our pitching was unbelievable. Naps swing -- mean. You know we were there's a great win for us. And the pitching had to be unbelievable on the Red Sox -- because. Say what you want it to Verlander one mistake here and a bit. He was really really good Miami Heat that 120 pitches. I've -- -- everything going. Was striking out guys any silly rate early enact -- made -- made guys up and down that lineup looks silly. It's not like you got -- on a down night you got Verlander pitching like the Justin Verlander the Oakland -- saw -- the last couple games you know what's amazing about a vote him -- we've seen no. Acute lack of run support right. Justin Verlander is now thrown is last five starts. K five starts. -- don't 35 innings nights that's an average -- seven. Owning nineteen hits. 53 strikeouts he's given up one. One earned run in five starts getting one. Zero point 257 ERA. In his last five to Detroit Tigers. Are wanting for. In those five games. He's lost 31 nothing games. I mean the guys -- -- one earned run in five starts and his team is one in four that is unbelievable. That is lack Iran's support or might not 31 nothing game. We got to -- can't -- -- that's why that is incredible. That he pat -- that. That stretch gives up one run it -- a winning record to show for and that tiger offense is pretty good rhino Cabrera struggled but it's not. It's not a bad offense in Detroit. To run into that sort a lack Iran's support many yesterday. You know to go toe to toe with John Lackey. And the -- Lackey part of this interesting is. Even before the game started GOP these press conference. I did. And Jake Peavy went out of his way to say -- we guy tonight -- John Lackey yard is pretty good to ever thought of earlier several letters go arguments credit. But even before the game JP -- and out as waited to point out may basic make the point. That he held this respected that his guy was -- respected. And and the post game they came fast and furious Lester Gomes or tease. Everybody pointing out that there or is this edge it was feeling like K. You know John -- going tonight this matchup -- really what we spent all day yesterday quite frankly 90% of Marty what we talk about Berliner against the Red Sox offense. And you could tell by his teammates. His teammates felt the same way they felt all of this respected for their guy. But this was Verlander to get the red Red Sox and not black -- against Verlander happened before -- went out of their way to make its common. We've been doing this very many times have FC in the post season Pedro and amount for us and -- an amount for the Yankees in -- Yeltsin. You lose the game and it's -- it's all ball Pedro Martinez yet it's you know -- -- Talbot Justin Verlander. And John Lackey used it his teammates used is fired up he was locked in. Again just in -- just told. Its last five starts to water run that's unreal so you know there's a reason why you talk about you know as a reason why you talk about Pedro Martinez -- great pitchers locked in. You talk about them an awful lot but Lackey I -- you know you what can you say about the guy. You know he gets in trouble in the first inning and he comes up he gives up that lead -- double the overall though -- -- Malvern itself and it's Infante. You know and it's okay what might it do here QQ curveball 32 slider I believe for the two to 32 sliders. It's in the swing through it gets the strikeout. It's Derek next to me like. You know we there it is leadoff double one nothing good in this game which it did but on the other side. Mr. out of some great jams of those two in particular but in between net over what is a district at six straight -- Meanwhile -- trick it up for five straight right it just. He looked just as dominant ethic was more surprising to see that because the national you look at Berlin missing I expect I've seen it for awhile but Lackey looked like that. And -- he's been great inconsistent that the best he's looked let's hear from Jon Lester Joey after the game talking about a starting pitcher. Any stations covering McCain -- Justin Verlander person -- it. And that's pretty good. He's he's done that time too as well that's taking anything like Verlander. I don't know -- all that are not good. It's almost like a slap in the face to him you know -- -- around a long time Cilic is reputed to -- We would understand them. There's been room -- a few times conditions in big games for the next big games reluctant to. You know I think. I think people you know I don't know. Jake Peavy. Echo the statements of Jon Lester. -- -- -- -- It's overlooked -- game this. I don't think I guess that it has nothing to do with the way -- pitched or else other than I don't know if the states. You know obviously we'll look. It was unbelievable in that spot last night he was great and he kept them in it. Long enough for. My guy Mike Napoli on our guys Mike Napoli. To come up with a big home run -- -- -- a couple weeks I'm not there's out of the rotation Wednesday would be a master right now that nobody -- I'm gonna give you will a couple of tweets as a sampling of the tweets that I -- yesterday during the game. Reminder these are Red Sox fans who should be excited about the game to be excited about their team winning. But we're excited about something else. Came out we said about Mike Napoli -- lineup today can't remember. Thank god -- this not not the Sox manager right now Mike Napoli is killing us -- bleeping joke. Man not a should've been in the lineup much did you know we see six -- -- that. He can't do what Mike Napoli just didn't. But you -- bleeping idiot yeah Napoli Napoli Napoli and one finally won it just said Napoli use. And tired -- -- is that's the only start go to second time Mosul for six with six strikeouts. Going into the ALCS going to last at bat -- those same people that we do that tweeted to me this they get this guy out of the game wise enough planes. To say why wanna not yesterday. But here's the problem okay this is my defense in this is where this is Mike's my excuse because my defense. If I know. That Mike Napoli one point during that game last night was gonna pull his pants down over his socks. I would have taken Mike Napoli over Daniel nominal Potomac that. Tony is causing a Red Sox upbeat I don't know how close and -- you know that's a big brat forgets all these exclusives Bradford exclusives. Why not tell me that after striking out looking embarrassed or two at bats the Mike Napoli might go to the pants down. Anyway -- leggings down over the Sox hit a home run off Justin Verlander replied no that Lou I would not have advocated for -- an obvious. That's my excuse all he's a license in the game one and yet what earlier this discussion before listening. In April and September of Mike Napoli those -- two best months moderates out of 3417. All right April and September. All right John -- knows why. You know what he means to this team what he means -- this lineup at what he can do in the middle of it. Are you gonna live with a -- tell you lift them for six months what the hell wouldn't live on the part of a couple of weeks. All right so we strikes on his first two at bats that -- but after it's always fine it's the timing thing it's always been atomic thing with them. When he watches swings he swings and misses and -- all back and everything is balances off his timing is off. But I thought that'd bad there in the first debate is just that he talked about that afterwards to force sliders. Was a wanna -- involved with army or solders were struck out he said it was the first time he'd ever seen is next at bat mobile power. But the whole money be off to be down one too awesome to lay off the -- award to. Deliberately adopted 22 slider which was nasty. Got it struck out six times in a row. Yale CS. Gently off of that pitch right it is should be should be subordinated everything to be quite frank that's usually what you see. Guys trick up their elected just had no clue -- his own his new swing and everything you -- government and then it to borrow. That is why Mike Napoli is in this line that's why he'll stay in this line -- you're seven game to. I don't see it happening again because he's another reminder of stick him with the guy. What makes -- the best team. In -- napping right now here that -- order does and I know that Mike Napoli one point during that game last night was gonna pull his pants down. It was -- leggings are not as. As pants down -- -- certain it can't leggings -- it appears that news what he takes issue or things insured up all the time -- can't leggings down. And it was I'm glad Harold and listen to me I wanna knob at first base. I want another first base he's third in the league you know PSC's. Al fielders he's like fifth. You look at his numbers this year is really good he's been a really good here for it and this year I'm glad to be back in their tonight. In left field the last night that many of -- credit for laying up entries -- pitch the other night. Now police take last night on Tutu is just as big. And he gets mistake and you have said this more than anybody in this town when it comes this team. And I beat the tigers when they make mistakes in the zone you got to take advantage -- hammered that sends jump street on the series. That was a mistake fastball up in the zone what do Mike Napoli do he took advantage. And it's the only run of the game. And I would have advocated the start last -- by -- on the sock thing that's my excuse 6177797937. As your phone number 617. 77979837. I would traded Tex but our text is down today. I'm curious I know you are so much help people get somebody on this thing we pain he's been in court we cannot over the -- easier people these are your text and read the text routine every day have to go to a Twitter so we're going to -- it -- calls the calls and tweets is the way to get in touch with the show today at over -- -- -- and UT WEP I'm looking at the trending. Twitter trends like delete one thing out applicants system I'd take down over -- cut that right now. -- you -- question yesterday. About John Lackey can eagle up or can erase all the ill will towards Lockett told you were knots. May be has -- for Red Sox fans and I know a Lackey felt would get taken out of the game last night. I wanna ask you how you felt when John Lackey get taken out of that game when he did last night in addition. To all your calls but Lou ninety threesome love seeing all different types of butterflies.

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