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We got a snorer

Oct 16, 2013|

Andrew in Methuen picked the wrong time to sneak a nap in.

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And you start before the final hour of radio program with a non sequitur -- to -- the segment and then going -- -- what it's like. And we start with a digression we haven't digress you can non sect with. I can't yes sequitur way non B I wonder. How many of the Red Sox wives as an example. Mrs. buckles very attractive woman should handsomely the hard Narnia. For this thing to get over with a Red Sox win on Halloween night game seven and they can clean their asses up. Yeah missile Saltalamacchia. Who runs her fingers through that I think image is cause -- likes the -- you look -- -- -- he's always been mean -- Oh. When ever point cut now. She's a prostitute she likes that yeah. Yeah like millions went like the beard scruffy Natalia challenges and you know way justice is out of oil yeah she's given -- Maybe the vast majority liked the sake. Can't we get that it's all great to star race. The big beard that's that's just like -- broke off and he's -- tighten up and Napoli is that could cause abrasions absolutely. Could ever gonna of the -- you might trim it down before it trips over it. He likes it if you're saying Durham on the -- -- -- surprising -- Vanilla Napoli as he starts talking now expect of these wacky glad he's yet crazies like I was in high school the guys who dressed the craziest and at the crazy haircut almost vapid. You know Lleyton that creativity strictly superficial there was no. Imagination like eating cereal milk carton right beneath the surfer is no imagination or not the rod and the fact go in Seattle got enough great Grubman to operate exam or bird man -- -- -- -- on. You sit there and go this is the there their idea of being rebellious or. -- cutting edge is to attempt to you know close -- jewelry and then you say. In a what do you think the meaning of life -- Street reform guess what. -- -- -- What Napoli right he's pretty bland it's tattoos and porn stars but I do think it's. That same thing with in the polls is the -- it doesn't go up I think in the clutch in the big moments there. His heart isn't racing he's just so you know. So let's get to a couple phone calls then we're gonna get to something that app shall we drove some of us Krejci during that. Excellent baseball game last night and then. All star parade of Erin Andrews. Of great performance on the field at Comerica Park that -- did not hear. On the broadcast last night we go to Bob and -- Albany yet. Guys. I heard the caller earlier that there in the cardinal in everything from 2000 that came right back at. How much I can't yet. These midwestern. Folks who missed that are indeed the PP keepers of these sanctimonious. You all good they -- all -- -- oh god I wish to shut out. The guy at a -- you want to share what do whatever let whoever put all of a sudden we have all these wonderful. Short. The baseball. -- no actually I spoke to ever. -- -- kind of shut up I wrote for the party to one of the best -- Didn't mean to hurt me -- it happened it could help don't be surprised if Bob I would say this out of have you spent any time in Saint Louis because we did. They're really nice people I mean they may be sanctimonious than they may think that you know they are the best baseball town in it in America I have -- Cincinnati. Don't think it they they know they've been caught bits and they -- If -- there so wonderful reach out. I don't care about the fans the team that just bores me to tears or is nobody who -- any emotion good or bad on that'll settle the management eighty. Of -- -- -- needle mover. Would you agree that nice up there yeah we -- we we got an auxiliary press box reset out in right field correct yeah. And are people. Sitting in front of us. And the Red -- whacked him in the first game they turned and apologized. Hopefully we can give you a better game tomorrow night spot right so we do it if I do under today mirror ball -- here and you know back. I think it's going to be like 04407. In the Red Sox. The tiger roll and roll and -- more likely the Red Sox I think they you know. They're gonna see more tough pitchers they're gonna struggle to score in the Red Sox -- win. They get there you'll wind -- and -- -- the standard you know movement for going to do. And through and through. I think he fell asleep tonight we get a sleeper. Sleeper. Do. Andrews asleep at the plate for the game and -- their -- -- pitcher -- -- Andrew Andrew. And part of -- on we'll just talk amongst ourselves yeah we get to it was nothing nothing is -- Began last night -- that in response time when he's on when he's ready. -- grabs the I you know I easily reverse -- -- -- an issue of health and fitness room about a half. There's no IIDB. Out much of the game was fast forwarding from many commercials even in fast forward. -- -- -- commercial. Was annoying T-Mobile. It is T-Mobile it's a couple yelling at her son Jeremy whose overseas. Spending too much and his own plan it I wanted to punch both economic times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He Mobil's good. -- -- -- -- And the bad things in the car which Andy concerning. -- but that was I think this is sleep -- the the guy is about 75 is old and he's -- his young son -- call again it's weird that -- he's what he's one of that guys -- he's been a million things just -- ago which we have the Texas somebody would tell us. -- -- -- Dodge Ram will -- -- -- -- We'll fell once again is much better in short bursts ride this commercials and that his movies. He gets -- Will Ferrell and now let's say change and -- those -- are quickly you know little concerned about the Ron Burgundy sequel if that's the teaser commercials -- -- before the Romberg sequel will be great -- it's twenty minutes long. The T-Mobile things like you just get mad one more time -- smashed their heads together. Hello. My son Jeremy is in Europe. And -- -- this company charges extra for data outside the US so we're getting huge bills turn your phone off Jeremy are off. If she -- them talon T-Mobile has coverage around the world with no extra charges for crying out loud -- -- -- -- You know what Jeremy in Europe is against my parents and they go to a commercial coming home from a couple days takes issue didn't -- actor and -- school of watching you know economic this crap and this is this has all the cherry on top. Does the check the second choice of -- obviously. Writers Brian creators. Creative writers -- -- -- a couple of scenarios where a commercial for that right for her it shouldn't be irritating though I should not serious at all this like a -- can be irritating but he -- tension in. Now as there is -- defense is a good there were talking about announced he noble satisfied -- Should look people to sponsor it I probably can probably -- -- segment they -- only seats giving a little yet getting a little -- applause that's good. I told the story and gentlemen ties that. It was a you've -- -- said we were with and and executive. Yes and I sort of adds that hateful. Thing that progressive. That was mine equipment and he it was his idea. Well you know what it's grown on me a stunt like flow yeah checked out. He died yeah I think he did -- program now. -- -- -- -- -- reported a lot for you. I don't know if I don't want it all right the clock once one a year doesn't want money. I write them back don't wanna go to court is not one. But not during the today Obama will certainly did. Probably the worst dream about it all the Big Apple won't -- Pocket. They want 97 games. Opera and -- -- they're immortal -- but -- aimed at 102 dinners for a I grew -- -- content is technically a little wooden. Quote the three. I'm -- what we know Jeremy. I haven't gotten all BAL. Act I we don't -- all the time. It -- by the content you never want one you'll be you know are brought them back that's all up. -- pretty you don't want the government wants. No no no no don't talk about that this show. You'll I don't know what you -- -- you don't really know. -- -- While it waited 48 seconds -- I don't know what you're supposed to do now Ortiz at some point to say passed the million tests. -- the test before it was in 2003. Yeah and ten year. At least still supposed to -- an answer to your always supposed to be naturally suspicious is I think all three of us are about Ortiz right it doesn't add up. Doesn't aborted it it doesn't but it's like I always used for example in the -- -- Paul Newman who's winning all the right -- poker games in the guys system rubber as he do it is easy chiefs right. Which can't catch him now. You put these pass and all the tests that we all got holidays arsenal pressed that we as a misshapen skull. And agree all the same thing we needed to qualify every time maturities I mean I think we don't know that we've talked about it look at the numbers -- at 54 home runs one year -- How many guys hit fifty plus who -- -- It's that George Foster. Let's say. Cecil field right Thomas Everett of unity repeated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's good question and Griffey's that the close as he goes a -- he dabbled what do you think. No we didn't have to -- it was like bonds it was like clemency he would have been great either way I agree Thomas and Greenberg. I'm not talking about the ninety -- those things we did -- he's guilty only guys who at fifty in the ninety's and two thousands were clean. I've tried to guess I would guess -- I would -- she Greg desperately for some reason I've always believed an idiot proof you can do it Luis Gonzales -- definitely -- And that's it I'm quote but is numbers jump off the pages numbers are just as Brady Anderson. I've often and he fees not if you work on something when he 54 in it would beats. An upset yeah it would push through DC guys you five million guys back -- -- forget about -- close at 47. 300 its creators secure and even had a mobile home run derby and remember that's right mr. Clinton that today and on this just a bunch of guys and you just assume. That most of them which that's when no one -- fifty anymore yeah that's 'cause it's really hard to do. -- executive producers at fox. Would be okay with just go with Ken Rosenthal as a sideline reporter both dug outs job. With that book has a lot of good -- I don't I don't think personal -- dangers there was nothing wrong place -- sport whatever good or bad it's football so I don't know why they. Maker -- baseball. Eyes they think she's pretty effects. General. Managers circuit -- delegate get one of these girls from -- Heidi. Hawaii where she. He is. Better. Who's gonna Heidi -- and all Heidi blight on either honey I get their -- the -- neck down I knew he had to face. Heidi it's covering -- -- -- you've taken a good look at how he's body yes and you think it's lacking. I didn't say that's as a compared -- and trust me you'll -- to talk. It was at least. Tell people. You know what you're wrong she's wrong -- Colombia's carnage body is not spectacular. At the naked pictures someone just sent me from the people and you. Past great tips about knock it iso is -- futures price got a brain. But you know more than baseball exactly how immediately -- again I mean -- would either of that look like correct. That's -- -- -- a hockey person could jump into bed at an open question no question she's not that great look at it should not. That should not explain why she's there because she is in Bobble head. Who knows nothing who who thinks the man is -- when in the starting pitchers Justin Bieber. She actually said. -- -- So what is a big -- it's not like that's what I -- start on the roster that either it's called well this ordinance of data manager ask. Outlander I think there -- high profile and I question did she get real and lasting -- -- did she -- Justin's first and yet a 100%. If you add them together well what Justin Bieber the pitcher and the manager Joseph leaflet. It's not perfect and maybe what she does it in the view us open -- -- cost carrier what he's no longer hit a homer and Mike Napoli and I certainly wouldn't look veterans day. Questions platform -- momentum. Stuff which probably makes two million here let's say -- billion deal. She's commercials that run abolish euthanize the commercials for that. He's -- huddled by eleven mile do you like the directory under yeah like if you have trouble dropping a deuce I mean she she must collection check out -- there with -- hair pulled back. And not a how to make up on. -- Follow I'd -- faces yes 655666. Outings but I have half. Heidi he took a good look at aboard -- and -- took him to have watched that people video evidence burglary gone to a burglary at your version I get the real enough -- it. But you -- you know what Jolie and needle but Justin Bieber the pitcher. Prior to the game I think the judge today. A reporter from CBS TV in Detroit and Jessica rider -- for and got. 8:0 -- on field interview. With Erin Andrews and wanted to kind of shoot the breeze about her in the fox coverage in the all that sort of stuff in the Red Sox series -- all that sort of stuff. We acquire that this -- the suspension pieces not made up this is excellent gust and it is a bit this is legitimate. Interview Erin Andrews yesterday for the game. We're does that David Ortiz Grand Slam rank among stuff that you got the -- -- to -- amazed. There is well it was right up there it was awesome name means to be very honest to the I was close to the bullpen so my focus was looking at and I -- pitchers calling over. I'm for help Pretoria I was so worried about Torre -- he wasn't getting up at any got the crowd going nuts around here so. It was embryonic it was I was back I had to go back to march idiotic is it happened so fast and you don't really remember every single moment haven't been as a means. That's pretty -- -- -- Torii Hunter called up the cop that which cheering well he's like it just ain't finding it 300 mean Danny lining is just having fun -- the guy out. Overall through two games what do you think of the series so far -- had a thing. Now I mean I don't know why I hope. That we continue to have a meeting baseball like this every single you know game it's -- I agree all. I the first game you know some may give her like that -- his serve up it was as Jim Leyland told me it was unbelievable I was -- -- incredible almost dead combined no hitter -- many have. We come back either -- taxing -- you now gained through the ever undertaken amounted. This is web post season baseball's all. Our animal moments ago the British Jim Leland college you over well what is Jim -- sitting here and -- There has to -- it's usually very very short to. Let me I I enjoy him credit daily talk about college spoke body gives me a hard time is not my boyfriend's. Yeah parents aren't yet has asked all -- Yes so he's great I enjoy -- they didn't really he's on the back skies here at the around in baseball. Now I gotta ask you we get a lot of great pleasure in Vista and it was the World Series that you're kind enough to join us and do an interview and I asked you simply. What does a guy had to do to get Erin -- next -- -- for now but the New York Post picked it up. And set I was -- people now that we just get this on the record for once a -- it was nothing creepy about it I was stranded due to -- a service that maybe. They could. The real I are never front and I thought I was kind of bizarre snag Loveland blogs and and then the idea that all the time they take it out of contact it looks like I was coming it is -- to find a boyfriend and I was like carries serious. -- that wasn't the case has kind of parity you know. -- involved with somebody at the time so. Yes it was bizarre I don't you love these people take it you see how I feel -- kidney go with it it's not -- two men did to be at its one stop on. There's nothing creepy guy -- you're not creeped out by me and now myriad you have a boyfriend. Hiding in here hitting on there on -- -- not decades to come at a nearly. -- How many times how many apartments and -- female black -- or worse out there and he thinks he's like the mail a provision. She used to act it is and used to each street utterly unreal an amazing amazing I'm so proud is unreal how many days as a bad there's incredible loss of man believable it was a double a ball. Well obviously it two in her defense that in as once thought you don't. She's supposed to say. -- sodium female -- general. Mean there's so many smoked another -- -- that you know in that business in the business from the you know would and you mean they'll. Even really hot wants like Haiti which is must look and go. Machine and I'm not well not only that. They're making it tough for me for people take pretty seriously right which is even more egregious to bomb high the year -- tapper and I. Or -- an attractive woman who has a brain in there like I talked to Jim Leland like you decently this series amazing. -- makes -- -- a college student messages sent my boy criticize us -- -- meet their ability talked -- to pervert the credit is given to him about my belief that Hampshire should have turned on one front stalled Eric -- -- hockey player. Now it's up the -- is a Jarret -- those that is that you've always known Jarret Stoll they're Columbus -- -- -- for Columbus I know you're new media center for the kings yes. LA came correct that's her boyfriend to boyfriend. She sounds like -- fat -- trustees we UP my boyfriend at that. At least that's the two missing there. Was some sort of Cogent analysis. I do that interview with with and Rosenthal thank you Ken Rosenthal. Is that here's what I find amazing what you would Saturday. -- given -- some baseball and justice of the something that stands out in his mind. She was unable to do. If we do expect her to. Mean this guy asked -- that's a bad shot and paid a million -- just level. We just told I don't I'm not understand our sense but -- -- -- Erin Andrews. It's in a nerve with Americans and guys are crazy indoor. I don't really likes it because of the college football guys you know ESP eighteen years old Ramon pain -- -- and Aaron you know I said the right she became. And this famous Saturday morning you know figure right -- be there to be basically all gold. Like college it's like that's which we have pictures of them four and now she's at Fenway interview and she Leland -- affectionately. Type of man America just that these little targets. I don't know how Fister or or -- -- -- that tonight why did you say it's -- products -- there I don't other attachment that knowing Erin Andrews would be bad no doubt you can make some huge mistake at some point -- stupid. Or something. Valueless yeah right you know. May not be stupid but it might you what that you just last it was valueless all she said was -- this is an amazing game and this is this is what. Season baseball should be it was and I'm not real happened so fast and -- there was no. Deep spots there should -- -- out she's a football which -- college football guys and which is basically. -- the ESP in smoke show the day the steel bar stool and smokey. Depends. Took a look at the smoke show the day job. Most of them are harder than Aaron and yes and that probably -- tables you know study in the in them become accountants or something it doesn't explain her looks does not do not explain once -- test is calls belonged there. Big boobs its presentation at its if you look at where the man you can't get knocked over the sort of you know. Right. Look at that by oh whatever that commercial office. Make a commercial for T-Mobile this kind -- -- and she doesn't commercial. Honestly -- I don't picture called I only did mention you do and then do you know oh you know. C'mon you know I have sums to pass gas -- errors ever witnessed your anal fissures. What does she get for that -- resupply she must be loaded now. Right so what it's got money yeah. -- -- about 61777. Point 797. To attack machine has been down all day somebody did something to Mikey. Pour some beer and something improper and the like that's okay we donated all right our phone calls actually DNC.

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