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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Oct 16, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the latest nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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By sort of the ratings from last night's game in Q did the twenty point six. LCS last night the four point six. You know -- I think I know that there was someone -- something -- -- only converted attention mayor race debate a holy -- now I mean not that that 46 rating last night while on neck and you know about it on you and I we deserve credit because we had a job to do so we start with -- -- -- her -- doesn't have that kind of discipline -- you -- nope not -- I was really attempted to football when a new. Talking about the future of our city right now is do you run. I don't don't look I don't you want to John are caught lead. Or Martin. -- -- It is a tough call date according to globe they tangled and showed much in common last night during the first debate and they said it was. The struggle differentiate themselves as -- -- appeared -- midnight curfew concrete policy differences let me guess the ball for jobs idea education education education labor and education due to drug safer neighborhoods -- Right dribble from guys off the street to yeah. Infrastructure yeah yeah out there ball for. People think it's a great city. That's a great equity potential write you have to be greater out could be greater again -- for a lower taxes fewer regulations just. I think they are yet or capsule all horse than what topics are reducing crime yet there Dan -- -- safe neighborhoods neighborhoods yes it neighborhoods they. From -- states that you. Working with children facing a daunting achievement gap and that experience stays with you. You take all of those students hopes and dreams with every -- to work in City Hall -- hope to do the same as Mara as I've done as counselor. I think the difference here is that the folks the people on bus and certainly I can identify with real life challenges. You know as a state are present them before that I was a founding board member of -- put us out of school was gave young children and families the opportunity to be able to. Send their -- kids who Republicans -- institution. Of. Now see you you you thought the Napoli home run was -- you thought lackeys performance was stellar I'm kettle this -- -- I kick myself on just -- as the opposite again. But the problem is we're not electing a mayor where electing McCain. Once he's in he's in as we saw with the last guy. -- in life. In neither of these guys is gonna get a real job that day. -- citizen legislators who were looking forward to going back to that law practice -- going back to their country store. Of course -- looking to be mayor for life and the drive you know app and get that we pocket space. Get some of their friends jobs to the only job he knows who are -- boring time. And do not. Knowing we have question we have made it which who's who -- -- -- I do not I had no clue no we did -- -- a counselor on the north and I had no idea it was -- first and Walsh -- Walsh is -- for -- -- -- he was an alcoholic -- that a hundred times already yeah it's there's not a big deal. -- a quitter. He's with like Manhattan. It's not relevant to the conversation -- say something they are fine. The list of the 2014 rocker hall of fame nominees came out yesterday I try to BC yes your nose here. -- rods that no now. Like this on. Peter Gabriel. He's not in -- was a Genesis and other Peter Gabriel six solo artist -- You get to be in as a band member and you have to be separately as this has only five years after your first release is witnesses -- the great -- And let him -- voted. They're not that. Yeah yeah commitment yes yes. That's what kept Stevens and no no great audience loved Cat Stevens but let's be honest at Stephens one's mind. He's -- radical Islamist. Knowing you're supposed to be used to finish mail. Simpson Mohamed -- Mohamed is please don't get the rock girl there had been beaten -- so many bombs that have been in right that you could point to say -- pocket he's in these rocket role do you think LL cool June. I do -- it's like -- -- rock and roll hall right. Now like it's on I would let him in because I'm afraid he might kill me if I don't how -- -- -- -- -- -- -- notes. Let Holland but not votes with a good job notice all -- I got jobs it's not like the -- I can't stand them and got their breaks last year as he -- a lot of hits. They're the most successful duo in music history more than Simon regard whatsoever on how successful by -- that record so records sold so why -- -- that -- large sealed records sold and that means. People what -- -- Anderson and QB in. Generally lower speeds and then just -- nodding you know he's now he's on air admiral Pennsylvania. Verlander is not -- last year Russia was the big day generics. God that -- it forever what the group. Ever so you know this huge following in every year have to be to get nominated nominee. It's a great hands. They have their impact there don't know its -- health presentations. Live their bit so his side. Obviously created almost sold many records is just -- -- Hi Howard let them and I let -- already had Atlanta hosted -- yes and I hate sort of like yes I like yes -- Australian anti it just gives me a headache Alec. Don't rush candidate get the price yeah. Yeah. -- and that was back in the Kent State and tough. You know I have I have I have some -- model memories you know yes all he has said some offensive things to mean since -- personally. But he said the worst thing he's ever -- the -- department music in this -- and he said lyrics don't matter. It doesn't matter material matter. It's all about the music that's why -- -- yes suck as bands like that the ultimate indoor rock I hate lyrics mean everything. That's why loves to sing along if leaders don't matter. Because the two and it's really catchy in its morality musician. And I have to very much -- an agent of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- simple but you can have a song that is great musically craft their -- still be related to get it great in great leader in -- man like sing along like it matters meets them what you Springsteen. But the new facility -- he's a great lyricists like country it's great stories God's choice but they have breath pouring musical backgrounds that make the -- completely just interesting -- you just read all. Don't end -- birdies -- a background let's have a little you know. Paul Simon accompaniment to go with your acoustic are your reading a poll -- -- like I'd like like Pearl Jam in the mist in the -- -- sing along. It's. And and -- -- -- a little while now. Great it's hard to sing along and like REM I like them don't sell their lyrics are all gibberish -- hello. When that there is very easy but analysts like this -- from his voice oil field looks like -- -- -- but -- take some of the little of allergic gibberish. Yes well I mean -- sound -- Shrek yet but they are just they're just -- even know him and put but the whole idea that lyrics don't matter you like you success. -- lyrics are there you can understand. Like a -- you have no wrong ingredients and you have to be cooked well one without others have no value you get them that -- the best piece of filet mignon. If you in the crash out you're more missile again because the only dog you don't like Dylan and look like Michael -- it's like that Michael bu players and bill as the single most overrated I know we've heard a great job but on auto and Johnny Cash or someplace like like for instance tangled up -- -- yet tells us to you know like around -- to sing along now I don't know I don't know he got his performance. We talk about lyrics here in a lyrics matter that you have to like -- in east peace deal like that -- hurricane carted here what I just said. -- to be well he provides leader she provides nothing musically knocking on heaven's door well. Sucks really that somebody else doesn't like it who's your favorite if you -- there's value to one artist with you and taken. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don Henley by the voices when the biggest injustices in the world today is Linda Ronstadt on the rock world thing. I -- things in my biggest I'm Elizabeth are you about value out yet and now every start there. -- -- and she's a Houston used to think that it right now and he's he's he's gotten a medical issues you -- you -- that before. It because of direction -- she's fat that's she's got -- again he's back you hater just I'd have bomb would knock on the ocean and not move won't do a little. Now the world to -- into your question our what would you bring on the does and I -- tonight why that's a joke like that name -- -- songs. If we -- none of us on us up a big critic whose bed have your boots and others to break. Yeah those who grow up the box -- -- -- -- Like collegial I like Elton John. So why can't just say that this you bring to the part of this that's the I would not. A a and look at greater odds. Not as -- -- a my cameraman movement story you want me here. Don't do it for me. If you wanna continue to talk about yes and this time of payloads. A man he says he was legitimate father region Peterson's deceased two year old son went nuts on FaceBook yesterday lashed out at the running back claimed Peterson never care for the child. Bobby Ruffin for some false -- the code claims to have race Peterson's child to me identified as retirees Robert rough and he also claims that Peterson. Wasn't aware that he was a two year old biological father of two recently. Throughout FaceBook its its so tired of the sport -- Peterson blank. Let me -- -- your -- the boy divers my son that it's kinda strange says yes he was the father that raised him to carry my name he says there's a plane blame major Peterson. For not really caring because him and I ball found out recently with the biological father once. And he said. Eight keep him I sent for the first time last Thursday in my Summers are in a coma. I was in the hospital he pulled the plug not him. He was happily practicing and has no problem playing on Sunday yeah so yet this is not a lot -- yep I'm so sick of pork a -- blank. He didn't know read me my sons are for the outburst put yourself in my place that's a good point. Put yourself at his place when we're raising the second part of that I agree with the first part I'd only city never never spent any time or never -- you know supposed to do. He would -- he knew and our viewers consumers is dabble assumptions you know exactly -- what did you do to keep in place -- -- -- -- -- war or something but. Who is -- like going to the funeral and all that. And I hope. And that they want to show is on Tuesday and a day off. You know you watch all -- -- -- around the -- ones and whenever the easiest and shows any mention -- that all -- suggest -- early very early yesterday that the father called uncle of this poor boy. -- reverend Arabia ray acted against. Adrian is right in and you don't see TV series he's the only equality and we also reports -- Peterson's father a fourth child by separate seeks second -- child they say. And the mother was a waitress the popular Minnesota nightclub. And he is wrong with -- Adrian Peterson. Is attending the funeral according to all it would go well with Tony yesterday it feels better. If you're rich and it feels better ticket who -- screwed. But that's not six -- got a long way and than that and stupid and then it. Then why are we blaming him while we scolding him this is that encrypt that's the definition of irresponsible -- it would bother what you paid for not raising some. A real father and why did raising him so all of them all for the women all for the I already. Look at the criticized Peterson for this disputed that yet because I don't know the situation. Well the file in the corporate quote bothered just told his son wears this guy that she's put yourself in my position we're we're she's dating another guy -- the mob the -- I get sold policies are -- -- a lot how how well we questioned her run out of this guy he's raising his kids his whole life did you personally goes on FaceBook talks about it which is an -- -- -- -- secondly we know where is he while this -- -- a lot of this -- I guess I don't know be raised from birth to -- worst. At work -- to reporters about this you know with your kid right now you look at the same age of it is not some -- -- some girl. So issues should mime what for some of the guys -- you know it's it it would watching your kid right now. I went -- What she has to go to work all of that maybe this guy she's nailing Jerry's gonna watch and shake it would have -- -- -- I want your honesty. What do you mean -- just cut its open. I watch the -- I don't know what. Alternatives. Do we know the fathers of -- Harrison yeah. It seems problem is seems like a nice optimistic happy go lucky you know we're so inspired Siena which gets. Are right -- -- about 617779797. Back your phone calls and when we come back the tale of a single week as seen through the eyes of both Curt Schilling and Dan -- -- you talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum as they evaluate this up flamboyant young. Upcoming star in Major League Baseball.

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