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Lackey beats Verlander

Oct 16, 2013|

The guys opened the show with the improbable game 3 win by John Lackey and the Sox.

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It's -- and cal ahead. So when he comes off the delay has a perfect send him. Beginning with the strikeouts. Here is still want to pin. Right now number. Snow back. Which I'm Dennis swinging a hot line it will be left field that want it there on its way. And I saw the move brings it to say these -- -- -- rodent limiting Jerry Kelly and we are ready to fire. Fancy -- give out fielder -- strikes. And arrows. One more strike to get here coach few blocks from the free tunes. MS and it's over the Red Sox wanted to one that I'm playing and they had taken it to one lead in the best of seven series. Your former home on Sports Radio WB. Tell people do something really. Really stupid the euphemism they generally come up with is I made a. Bad decision -- -- most -- it's -- stupid idea behind the wheel drivers. Who something really stupid and really bad decision last night. After the sixth inning I decided to go over to the mayoral debate. On channel four right. It probably doesn't remedy I hope this -- a one I don't think you tax committee. I forgot it was on we made a bad mood or don't have scored right and I it was a lousy pitching -- now know -- just an hour only on our site missed that oh yeah. So on the white guy in the mid forties no charisma and the white guy with a -- boards no charisma yeah he'd won yet been dug Verlander who lacked as a -- These two guys head to head and mail a lot of laughs I've got to -- Carts and luckily I DV guarded some real home -- Dotel we. Don't tell New Hampshire and hello. I'm not gonna. -- and let you -- it forming no word for two DA is improbable. Now Webster tells us it's adjective. And it means not likely to be true. Where in this case not likely to happen that's not how I define it. John Black teaches us last night to pitch the best game he has ever pitched any Red Sox uniform and tools Justin Verlander that. It's improbable. The tigers three starters in these three games at -- what -- want innings. They've allowed to -- runs on six hits and struck out 34 Red Sox. And yet the Sox lead the series two games to one that's improbable. Think about this the Sox have won both games started by Verlander and scherzer that's improbable. And perhaps most of all. Mike Napoli over six in the series with six strikeouts could not even put a ball in play. And -- his seventh inning home run provides the difference last night again I present to you improbable. The word of the day to me is baseball means no other explanation Ford the only it's it's the vagaries of baseball it's so bizarre that. Not only and they beat. The tigers on on days when Verlander and churches. On the the cardinals could beat the Dodgers on days Kershaw and creaky stuff. And you have no idea it's expeditious today I think it's for months ever says that. Or maybe it was couple days ago. We spent so much time trying to predict what's gonna happen in baseball yeah and yet we have no idea is not just the nobody knows Schilling and then -- and market and very large and Eric -- harper I don't know what -- ago -- -- -- nobody -- eleven -- smoking LE GO Leland Justin Bieber it's here so we don't get to the bubble headed bleached -- It is amazing. I'll let you know what they can't predict -- -- mean Mike Napoli if you if you if you slept with him the night before the game. You wouldn't have any -- -- -- gonna do in that game object to order count I mean you just don't know because it's baseball in strange things happen. It mean it's. -- I don't like pitching duels as a rule and the generally in the regular season I hate pitching duels -- -- in the post season it's different because it means so much every bad that means so much is not one game out of 162. It is the whole season in fact the whole legacy. Of a guy on the line John Lackey changed his legacy in Boston -- around baseball forever. With one game with 97 pitches in the ALC yes he did that's why you know I've I'm with you guys have been a lot of questions for. For John Ferrell this morning I called down during the game I have some answers. I had them everyday or not. I I was ready to kill him for almost every most of the guys six and I was O for six every single one yet. Worked well not necessarily in middle shouldn't I -- why should have but did ya know more about you that that indicates that he keys used to bunting that putt every. In BP -- said what's the chances of him. Bunting against Verlander successfully. I think better than getting hit by an economic Armenia cannot bunt for a hit you but for outright by the way bunt to third but yeah you want -- -- fatter. And and no one in three games has -- to her now yet. He could but the first to feel that would really prompt. -- to admit I didn't get to eventually -- standard wait for immediate problem -- load it probably make the play but he's not gonna get to -- he should have done and I do think Lackey came out too soon. I do think that again I was feeling good news good. I do that you haven't finished that inning in the and you go to you bull right but the work though. Absolutely don't go out and main site. What might say that pose a great move like that what does now with the time pitching to a Cabrera with a big game online someone who aren't worked out a wide -- though he did yeah -- -- -- -- and explain everything he wanted power I wanna Gomes out -- in. Gomes had a great first about -- most of the home run that -- diving catch and round not -- -- fifth. Third fifth in the league you know BP was just the sixth here in the American League in -- BP's third among outfielders in -- PS in America in the American League and he's on the bench against the power right hander. It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense but that's the -- they go you know even -- A baseball guy pitching more. Looks and again like -- -- as I need the intangibles I need the energy and indeed the leadership and tells Daniel now that take a seat and you'll never says. Yes -- yep no problem optima that's rocked this is the Red Sox let's take these one at a time he takes Lackey out may be a little sooner than a lot of people. At the time but you make good point worked out he talks about Lackey. By the way is there anybody easier on this planet to the -- John -- I'm not sure that -- -- could see everything you say it is well maybe because -- -- the he should do his -- shall do you hold the glove yeah when you when you MF -- just -- MF the manager. Just my advice but the -- and funny your face. But. My only point on that was duty looked -- did he looked tired -- was any sign no lose lose and well. Any sign at all that he not lose now I -- Ferrell talking about the role Lackey. You can anticipate him not wanting to my game and in the you know what that's what makes -- such a competitor is I'd rather him come off arguing. Then come off with a head hanging that that means we're probably on the on the reverse side of the scoreboard so. You never want pictures from -- game and if something is made of that in Iran. We don't want -- to change we as a person and certainly doing his competitor. John was OK with that -- once they won them all right but if it Brazill had given up. I don't think it destroyed the -- strapped a bomb to himself in the -- it was not going to be pretty and I -- blamed him. I mean Breslow face and right east that was a little strange I think Farrell. Of course credit for -- committee's anti greedy in this regard he's taken chances yet. The symbol -- balls some balls Mumia bold move some guys who you know generally think it was a balls guys more by by the book. -- left himself open for second guess in from. Half a dozen moves. If they do not hold on to win this and and if they're normal one in this I'm pretty sure. It down to one in the cius -- About -- when -- become the seventh inning. I wasn't quite ready Comerica -- but it. President agree -- four person you know had a great last series that Sony will once again it's always matters. Yeah right sure and they hit the -- it. His next line was going to be in if we didn't win the game. I was going to back the -- -- I was in a murder my own manager that was gonna happen all at Fresno right thought they doubles and it's a whole different conversation. There up. I don't know wanted to dissolve what you'd like that movie that is -- -- know -- unaudited. At how it might this -- coming in. Was it hunter. OJ got the hit right yes yeah I was okay then that's all right you guys we've seen enough bring into -- let's get the its five votes and move on to what's now first and third. We -- out one out correctly and -- burnt out Cabrera is up at the plate and it's does I'll law against Cabrera why would that be John Ferrell well. We like to -- -- a little bit better with power against Cabrera. You know Cabrera had good success against -- in the past and he's seen these are a couple of balls little ballpark against him and particularly after the base at the other way by. By -- The department -- first and third situation we just felt like power was the best way to go here and whether he climbed the ladder away from them late or just state hard with him it was a pivotal moment today and you're getting the best guy in baseball the plate. You know what with trying to preserve a one run lead -- you know that that was a swing moment for sure and then obviously coach when he came and it -- well. I haven't seen every at bat of Miguel Cabrera career obviously I've seen some good ones. That has to be the worst that has to Jesus himself out when you consider the circumstances when you consider what's on the line. That has to be the worse the third strike swinging. Was two feet off the that was I think a pitch after McCarver said he's the most comfortable hitter in baseball and those two we go to apparatuses. Every every play it was after he says he's -- 700 extra point I mean. These and their loves hitting with two strikes. That was something you expect from Prince Fielder Austin stumbled bond like Austin Jackson. That's something you'd expect to see from Saltalamacchia. Or middle Brooks this is. The best hitter in the game swinging with the game on the line and a ball. Two feet out. Off the plate completely and completely blown away you know -- polio virus and I don't use the C word and no you know that there's a guy. Pressing trying too hard and joking and that's that you -- You know what the key phrase is they're trying too hard which is unlike fielder did feel it was just waving a white flag and a -- -- was like she didn't even equipped. I'm -- -- that at bat I'm glad I was out front on this we've talked about it Monday ethnic peace talks. Does so parents feel the Sox just go after -- you're just some guy. Just some -- just a guy not. You say well it happens this is supposed to be. Middle of the order bat makes 24 million yeah. May in -- you're counting on them and it's not because he makes the money it's because you're counting on him when -- and the bottom metal water when you're in that dugout when your reliever you're saying we got Prince Fielder. He's supposed to take pressure off other guys right yes he's supposed to. Come up big in these moments. Peace talks on the field on the in the field on the basis at the plate and I don't know -- choking off he doesn't care. -- of the money has made him soft literally and figure everything he does seem like a half fast effort maybe it's because he's big and fat -- Did he look he was trying to -- bat. IQ is trying to block that ball that bit English is through in game number two look like you wanted to locked at ten out of the way it stands and gets that ball ball no you're right that at -- it it at least to Britain in that -- tribe are -- and I are trying too hard and I. And you guys marked me on this one but I picked him as in the lead to the edge check mark used to stupid console and Napoli over fielder. -- -- -- Today Napoli a -- that deal was a liability offense -- against -- aside I I think Cabrera Mike come up big first team today. I don't think fielder will you don't feel like fielder is suddenly and I can imagine 34 years from all of what six years from us. 24 increase -- formerly self let's hear from the vegan after the game his thoughts about that last at bat he just sit out with this just swing three times since I've fat ass down. -- -- It knows. Submitted -- mean to scientific. Ago. To -- to write -- to segment tonight today if we're picking teams in the world. Play and pick up yet it now we will feel. -- take north knob all the field. Topple over fielder who don't I don't want field Arctic that. Bob I think anybody except Austin Jackson Montgomery and that Bob wanted Obama -- oh -- a stable and -- like Dave stay a little bit. That's true Monti had heart meant this guy's got a national context Cecil field over Prince Fielder and Hart yeah. I today I heard this factoid today on a -- if a problem because you presented to me the Red Sox infield infielders and our middle Brooks. -- Pedroia and was Napoli out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to an alien and then not under of them middle Brooks in other make -- what you know yes but but fielder will be the the worst contract in baseball history in both these guys -- aerobics in the eight but the stories and a conversely -- What went to MVPs and knew it would human three total -- of -- but the albatross factor at the end it's close he's up what I would not -- the conversation and two weeks ago he's in now and would defer. Basements and -- trust first baseman slash BL OGH yeah you can hit that limit your flexibility can bring in another slugger has a position is taken -- -- that's. The Red Sox have flexibility at first. And that's good when there's a freeagent when Brett all the guys want to slide in the first he wants and flexibility at first. You know they got Napoli this year and maybe they bring him back for one or two more years but they'll have flexibility of the tigers. That positions taken to 2020. But I was gonna say because we like to look at the negative and the bishop it is like right I don't -- a lot of hundred group who looks the war on either team. Right now. I know Lackey has been brilliant and the pitching has been growing look a little cult run Napoli -- look to keep him he won the game -- I was gonna end -- middle nominees coupled -- that's a Saltalamacchia terrible looks awful my nominees and Saltalamacchia middle Brooks Austin Jackson who else or Prince Fielder. And you can't look at the numbers and talk and look and who looks the worst to you. I could strike on Austin Jackson I've -- doubt I could easily enough and and he's leading off he's going to be leading off today. We talked about replacing I heard it. But I think he'd be decided not to establish you have a real good alternative what would you do that. Consumed -- leadoff -- -- six I hit it looks the best in the series might hurt. Victor Martinez. He's the best look at tiger DO quickness the original series looks confident -- goes the other way they certainly applaud your -- -- in great -- and he was the -- about today you -- CA CL last year. Was cover who said he's heard that before here again what I don't think he -- ACL again and I love McCarver job but it's time. It's time needs to go. That's the agreed -- offend me. He's not. No he's just in game we still haven't but it -- -- I don't I don't equipment which I don't -- him but -- -- found in his time in and I -- and he knows it too. -- Would you love to open -- that seven hour lunch with Tom Seaver in and -- -- to deal pocket change out of Iraq are much grey -- we use guns for that out gunned down at that once the enough I'll plug. It bought seven policy says we -- pitching. -- element that's got. I duck and her. -- -- that's -- seven as they were in discussing. Justin Bieber -- Cook Islands that's the -- -- Leland. Yeah smoking in the dugout with the. -- only ones Jolie and gaga as she asked the same question. Post game as she asked after game two. -- so long. To a home run. Supposed to. Hopkins I have my thumb up my -- I didn't want to error got him when I'd prefer that I got nobody slick and what it's in my. She she has she asked him Saltalamacchia. What took you so long to promote the game winning hit and yes that last that would usual lot we don't run. Great question. I didn't look -- -- and looked like Shellee Smith what would she be doing today typing somewhere. Because somebody says and they're OK guys that somebody somebody secretary at some office all -- I was gonna -- administrative assistants rights are at odds as she loved the little. Had become Nokia Denny's and a Grand Slam but bad news the good -- -- with the attitude you can position be sleeping with -- it's that's. Yeah I'm -- like this sure is sure an average. Everybody says in a -- -- -- not to be Rosenthal almost pre -- meetings I think I think he loves it because it just makes him up -- -- up by -- as a -- Edward. Everybody -- it makes him look brilliantly as a race. And they need -- how -- she makes are dangers. Maximilian at least at least she was Abby SP and comfortable -- called football thing in Ramallah called football guys you're nuts. Google her old cooler that was wrong and something else I was wrong about. You write about her face -- face SR yesterday outside it's not get so down -- looked so good. Tell -- does not pass the fire host altitude does this break the make up off with a putty knife and and and went down here at tennis that I've got this video with the sound -- caused so I can play it in her mouth is open and it's just the worst possible she needs to close that thing and keep it close. She catching -- as well. I'm at. -- letter to tuck right there -- that you ask ask ask it at that time yeah yeah she's. Asking Justin Bieber was -- finished. I mean -- just the total idiot you know it's just complete you think they do post show. Actions and critiques. As a lot of places do. Although the broadcast -- clinic and as excellent the right -- nice little break necessary for you know one drop into this -- this irked by the way. They cited her manager's name is Jim Goldman Citigroup where you handle the -- And I love the root of should be equipped with -- -- that don't fit so put together. -- that buy out of it was to dive. That those loop on unaware that way. -- name is she in judo match him in the -- and just to be just. It is a little singer who's like it beaten up BJ's in Korea right now he's not the but the heart and and a deep and -- -- Justin Bieber on the brain. That doesn't help here. Trying to dispel this move an image for -- the blog employment level headed bleach you have. Yes doesn't tell -- it's not good enough not to she gets mistaken Justin Verlander for. You know some. Other pitcher or some football players say it happened but she missed the once -- she's obviously -- Ford and she's probably spend day working on she's scorers. The senate Democrats don't believe. -- and she's we'll find out about a million and a half of your money. Plus obsession restricting. 800 Katie espionage having been -- aren't quite that 800 K he is here. 617779. 79837. By the way we combat. If I'm commissioner for a day I installed a new pool. At sum up this morning -- have a factoid for the absolutely blow your mind as it relates to the Red Sox starters. Your phone calls now to talk. I get a wagon effect I got a flat but so we the answers to look the worst it's Erin Andrews you. A solid the worse than Austin Jackson or Jarrod Saltalamacchia. I would vote for earning interest that was me. Unbelievably bad I was gonna vote frost and -- and around -- your way if they can put her brain was attached to the power in the stadium yeah and once it went out she could shut out dumb question and wants to put your -- -- you know but. Since when Indy Lights for these games. I guess at the little capacity -- in Detroit Joseph west -- -- not too and I notice I don't have to look at Hank Greenberg says there are Al Taylor I was six or doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll be right back.

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