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Red Sox Review: Former Red Sox pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee joins Mikey and Lenny after Game 3 of the ALCS

Oct 16, 2013|

Bill Lee joins the guys to help break down the pitching performances in tonight’s game. The Spaceman tells Mikey and Lenny that after tonight the Red Sox should be able to wrap up this series and secure a berth in the World Series.

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-- back -- so late night broadcasts the road to redemption. And redemptions early -- but all about and you wonder if you thought about that that title for this you know. The road to reject a recession that -- an ad campaign one point you know. We won't rest still order is restored -- for Red Sox fans this is beyond having order restored this is like. As a likable team up. In almost every way -- likable. A guy like very much a very good friend of mine a uniform Red Sox lefthander -- bill William Francis leave the space man. Is on lined seven. Live from California where it's part of his. Today is you know obviously watching baseball games but also finding -- To find some wind today's -- I'm not I'm a perpetual best man you really are you best -- how many times you investments -- -- winning seven. They turn out. -- is only the best you're the only one that took the the only ones that -- is my marriage 1010 years ago. Britain was walking down the ideal. My wife she's got -- -- saying -- what does spider tattoo letter army LA but yet she looked like. He looked like he was sixteen years old. I'm good you cradle -- that. She was thirty but you know I'm telling you -- the youngest thirty diverse policy really is great too and I'm really glad that that worked out well Meehan thanks don't. They are happy that if you're out there and sunny California where it's only right now 888 o'clock and Anderson bullet. Dark as dark Venus Mercury. Pull mode almost righty was 86 degrees at Napa. I'm sitting at a bar with my partner will watch and every pitch by pitch. It was like unbelievable. What a game what I can't that people don't realize that a one nothing game. Hinges on every pitch. It does. I read it because we don't you think about this a personal -- now let's talk about Lackey for a first because we lack he's a guy bill who went through hell. In this town. Because he got paid a lot of money. At a Red Sox weren't winning and he wasn't as great as we thought we'd annoyed arm troubles it's our last year this year he's been a real man and two -- I -- you talk about the greatest -- he's had a Red Sox uniform in a game like this. You wanna come out. Now Illinois it was typical Napoli but he didn't have but that place. You know he couldn't get as mad as he did when he was that the angels have amazing. Yet he he has the yum lantern jaw. But the thing about a -- you know this as the guys in your generation and it and the ones that you want on UT were the ones that don't wanna come out in a tight game that's their ball. Exactly how it got out that he got Medicare or -- goal why go wrong place. At. The point that a -- -- that is. I was so cute and I'm good morning I -- said the same thing I did not wanted to come out right -- in -- goal what the difference he's. And then when it when he blocked a lefthander. You know and god he got the first doubt he got out of the inning but Betty he comes to any. In Breslow says they have yet has he -- -- lefthander. Urge you to let you -- the right hander who can't it'll let. And then I go holy cow we're gonna get in trouble here did you know it was just amazing. That. What was it it was like first observed -- -- you have it was it was amazing. That. There's our comes -- and he just blows. The big. I'm -- way. And I'm going to he's got to slow bat any chase the ball away and I go -- we we may win this ball. -- he's got some or all of his hippie candy stand like you did all year long I mean this guy it was a who headed for another Triple Crown. And then all of a sudden in August here and hip flexor is something that he's a different hitter now but they can't do without him. And they found a way. Where he's a little receptive to -- and that's the outside part of the play with fast stuff. Exactly and the EME could try to go the other way but but he had been hanging changeup up changeup up Buchholz it was you know so for many -- slow. You know adult courts slower in the strike zone and that I watched murky terms Martinez today. Is we are catcher yep yep victory all my god -- have and that they eat eat Louis squad out. I think he's done he's gonna have a hard time mineral resource around -- Yeah and I think that's an extra weight he's gotten his mouth with that Dracula ladies Wear it -- it is teeth are coming out of out of his head. All he looks looked -- to me that whole ballclub there's looks like they've been an pizzeria for. 20 yeah they got a coma -- coma three fatty so you got flab era. And you got the prince of Wales but that and then of course don't forget moon -- cabbage patch faced Johnny June serve her role well but. Yeah pearl that but he can flat out -- he can hit a cripple and everything out but they have date Lackey through grade it was amazing finished. -- there when it over there looking into what he had to get out of this thing after all you gotta do is throw that. Throw that worked all right there you get it 643 double play and AM 6 -- 3 -- in the bar and everybody is like an -- like. How do you how do you know that's gonna happen Billick said hey look at the getting set up on gotta do is make him. She ended with a sinker like daddy got him on his front foot and I am six we're. Now what is it -- this -- who -- I call on the little monster but he this guy. Throws 89 like you used to -- -- people how does he get that done with the -- I am still amazed because. Is it just a deceptive. -- of the fact -- -- pitch drops. And that -- they're confused as to which -- he's gonna -- me what is with him. It it is delivering his manner is big lobby hide behind the big love is he's got a big head. It Heatley got a little all everybody does lead pulses head off I don't know if you ever saw a guy there was a guy news -- favor for the Chicago Cubs. The footballer. It and that this action appalling news head off and then throwing the ball it looks like he -- that -- And everybody seems to be -- on that in these in this rhythm that is just unbelievable. He's virtually unhittable. Reduce -- control what he once -- You know and think of lackeys that wanted to -- who like six curve balls that are role. And got a tough hitter out. 32 pitch I mean he threw a lot of big picture is in big situations. In the relievers did to land. I'm Kelly. I didn't go along with sales decision on the way he handled that and I thought it was -- -- and we had a runner at second base and nobody out. And we don't advance a runner on a ground ball bunt him over. And and you're your your lead -- hitter gets along like all the left which would -- got us that it church run. Lot of things really upset me. But the outcome you know I'm happy. You know I'm happy as a pig and and you know what I'm talking about tickets. And a pig book and the funny thing is. You know we got I think Detroit's about habit. You know I think if we go out there and TV's going to be pumped like you read about if he sticks it to -- you know. This would we could take three in a -- in Detroit. Are you -- -- your lifetime post season you are re under three you left it in the World Series it and get any wins or losses but she left two games including game seven. Three to win the league you know you left with a lead two times and you know the bullpen -- -- on whatever. But what is it with Lackey now what is he saying to fair role. -- Ferrell comes out there. You've got to be kidding I read his lips you gotta be leaked to me yeah exactly I was I was right there with that I was ardent. I mean Dudley do rather -- Middle East took him out he comes out because he's he listens to statistics -- this is the way it's going to be. In everything you know he's got it all planned out I don't do that I managed by the seat of my pants you know and it -- you know he's he's been lucky and I wanted to continue he's got a lot of Franco hit him Francona we always criticized a lot of his decisions and Francona was lucky in -- better to be lucky than good Yogi Berra was lucky. Casey Stengel was lucky. You know the great job -- tol was lucky. You know on a lot of times when you don't do anything it's the best decision. I -- they over managed a little lead today but he got away with -- so give me credit you know and let Breslow I mean I I. Called -- -- gonna walk this guy he got a particular I think her -- You know walking him I can tell confused -- on his slider. He's almost better against right handed hitters away he nips at the corner and they they kinda have to go after -- it's almost like the strike zone move six inches to the left. Against right he's he's out there -- These different Lester can turn the ball on ovaries got pretty good command. But he's got a little gag that slider has that that's called -- repent of hope that the Yale thing for hold on the big. -- -- at. The but the but the I'd now ask you one more thing about this team and its chemistry because you played you played for some pretty awesome. Red Sox teams. Like 75 and 78 and so on. When it comes to the chemistry that you or the confidence you have your teammates when everybody does their job. It's never the same here on the same day this team. Yeah as some bully boy you look at all the strikeouts and everything it can't tell you Verlander did he throw -- cookie. Two. To your first baseman he that was a happily it. He could have handled that always he cannot handle a break if he says its first at bat that. He tells the carver and guys he's gonna sit on the break a ball. The first pitch he get as a cripple slider right down the middle he takes it has taken another curve ball first strike and they went to one in the third. In I'm gonna he's -- he's like born. Exactly it was like the worst that that the first three at bats you guys you get him three times and then. You know and figure Lackey in the first -- first ball rocket to right field good play next page based at the last. You don't make this long fly ball deep center field and -- up another base hit I'm telling -- he was the only two and seven pages of forum -- -- art. And then but -- that Lackey there's also a need get a early or you don't know. Gentlemen all right in that and I think who would Napoli what's really odd is that they're the fox people. I showed the video of his first Major League GAAP net but he hits a home run off. Justin Verlander in 2006. In the same stadium they show the video and then what happens boom he hit it to the same exact part of the park. And it's the only thing he's done off Verlander since 06. -- -- You can call that first time in the in the -- all this time McCarthy qualitative sense that you take you take Napoli and you take. Van Gogh painting called the post man and you put that -- on Napoli at the same guy. I'll have to try that a suburb you have to Google all that -- -- that discriminate do that if you put Napoli I wanted to send Napoli that that there's an east. Knowing the postman delivers. All the men as they now are you going to be if the Red Sox play in a World Series and you're on the West Coast -- why are you gonna come back to Boston for the World Series auto -- You know it's -- the World Series -- -- why we do in law. I can watch it it like one in the afternoon to get a good meal with the that's a bracelet Charles Lockwood there'll be living on the beach with Turkey will be fun Merrill you do that'll -- you do that when an even thousand or we won't. You can do that when your -- I semi retired evenly is to pitch 200 innings a year. All over the world I pitched like yesterday am pitching tomorrow and I'm going to Arizona -- won't get to -- -- -- What I do best is when the Red Sox are playing bad I turn my back on the TV and they played better. That's at see that that superstition come back and -- it turned. He just you change things around and I'm Helen yet they did better and I did the same thing that made before you know I did the same thing I said -- You call me Mike in mall heard back America when they if they turn around her do it suddenly says bill they did. -- -- -- So what we got to do is we gotta get you back you're talking about a note and tasting your road space man -- little one dollar -- I bought some stuff that's going to be 90% alcohol by volume. -- -- Logan David 20/20. I did I -- you know legacy -- all the kinds of things after retirement but having a vineyard is not one of them. And and here it is coming to fruition. And of course you're you're making used to make in the bats. I make that I make lying you know I just I love the wine business. I I've got this really get beat down there it looks like he's got a meth lab out there. But he grows great great thing is like he's batter crushing Brett. So I'm going to be doing that I'm going down. I didn't what -- Santa Barbara County up in the wilderness with a condors are. And there's a vineyard up there the -- really likes me so I bought some break from him what it was like go to these really hit the old time guys that by either -- In and I make really good wind and I like doing it that way I don't own the vineyard. But I have really good. Are well and it's really good stuff everybody -- tried you know there's. Fabulous citizen I make him a -- trust -- in in the history of that I'm gonna make the best when he dollar bottle warrior in the world as good man. Well let's not be healthy be sick I'll be talking. The space man out California -- or not we don't think about him when he is you know news. He can't he says I turn my back and he knows he can't turns back he has to watch these games and he he's one of these guys you sit and watch a game with. And go OK here comes occur from this picture outside any and he's right you don't two thirds of the time calling the pitches for the dad it's on the hill in this modern day and age based on. You know not -- -- releasing it he's got to you know space and I'm -- Brett as you know it's got a great baseball mind off. Now out there one of the big east and it's always thinking about a story I think what you love baseball you never it never lesion. It stays really at its -- to your life. I think and that's true more than most sports that's why it's fun to talk sometimes to you know I promised -- -- guy he's become of the park 5060 years. As you know he remembers every player members every trend every incident. Because just like us he pays attention from now once you start. And it's been going -- amazes -- ten years old. Are you folks on hold thank you for holding on we have almost -- lines one line open at 6177797937. And we'll get to Dave we have two days on hold Mike and Kevin on the road to redemption right after this break.

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