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Red Sox Review: Mikey Adams and Lenny Megliola look at tonight’s win in Detroit in Game 3 of the ALCS

Oct 16, 2013|

Mikey and Lenny evaluate the pitching performance of Red Sox starter John Lackey during tonight’s 1-0 win over the Tigers. Both Koji Uehara and Junichi Tazawa had solid showings out of the pen propelling the Red Sox to a 2-1 series lead in the ALCS.

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It's just part of our project work hard. A little -- tonight -- -- his favorite. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not there. Only the I had this mixed. As far as Red Sox Arabia. Borrowed. -- great -- shouldn't damage she. I'm Mike Adams your hosts. Ottawa where my colleague -- make available executive and advertisers -- every single when you. At 617779. Seven. 937. I gotta say a few things here because I'd -- thing about a lot of stuff you're letting you know like -- I think I'm a deep thinker I can -- I get naked like the -- -- the statue we you know yeah I sit down like in my toilet or something that looks just like him I put my hand my face just like the thinker and I think -- -- it's important -- you always dressing on the show where ally should I forgot. I forgot I guess so which of these thoughts that I haven't about this year's Boston Red Sox whenever an amazing ball -- army and anti Iraq I have them in the highest possible place. In my mind as far as regard. For the professionals. And the beat these guys have heart they have spunk they have spirit they have hair on their faces. They have that school clubs balls everything you need to be good baseball team. Did you figure -- who we all week to week and you don't want how's it and we get him to the and -- -- cherry on the Sunday there. They had John Lackey. Match and pitch for pitch would you -- that Justin Verlander who we all know -- instead -- minster. But the last 456. Oreo Monty get overrun or some stupid number like that. He's got the dimple in his chair and he's got -- Harry face she's got the former Kate Upton girlfriend thing going on you know -- got it going on this guy. And -- it's it's certainly looked like what -- six k's in a row. Actually -- they were it was colonel -- here we go again game one a little bit. But in the end -- in his was key with the Napoli at people and this is this guy who's gotten out there. And struck out every single time in the series it's like almost again joke thinks that way. He goes to three to somehow against Verlander just wait she knows it's not going to be ball force he says okay. Sit here and -- As cold as he's been. Bangs it over the wall for the only run of the team in a beautifully. Executed pitcher's duel between these two guys I believe. And Lackey. Was he pissed coming out you -- -- already expressed that he respects but you know what that's what you want. That's what you want from your starting pitcher you know what would Louis -- out of it pitched just -- if he's -- of course he might have refused flat out refused. Any good pitcher any good starter worth his salt in a situation like that. Once that ball in his hand and I give Lackey actual credit for that now. It -- worked out the other way if if that blown up matchup -- -- would be to go through that year or you know with a wins and losses to bad luck in the -- hitting support. If you couple that I give enemy they somehow gave up to leave a he would be very very pissed and I -- -- one tiny bit that's the competitor in this guy. But guess what Ferrell once again. Waited exactly right and how can you say heated when they won one -- nothing. Talk briefly that Lackey was gonna talk -- and to keep an amendment Wednesday and I mean that list. I got pretty shifts and he can't say you are you please tell me what you gotta be bleep at -- yeah I mean as soon as he some come out -- -- -- -- hello this artist is gonna be good and and who's the right move and men and I wouldn't Breslow got his man. Opinion into the dugout and they big cheerleader is is like himself as. Huge it was -- it was you know way the whole thing went down the end to -- be keeping in. Junichi desire walk to strike out. I mean to a list of the magnitude of this the -- that the runs on third base. He strikes out Cabrera they bring in our. -- he strikes outfielder I don't magical moments of his bullpen they can go down in history as a hugely clutch performance. And what led to the victory matters. Magical moments back to back I mean everything Farrell did was right even keep in Napoli in the lineup bargaining against -- you say. But geez I've played my cops just get -- -- the basket at the -- left a huge you know -- -- that he just has to -- -- to he's -- capable yeah now Honda as -- breasts have reported. They were eleven nevertheless the against the righty -- -- tomorrow Obama and not enough starts tomorrow lineup of from our. Is Johnny -- vandals quoted guy outside of Obama in the country these days he's. Yet there you know it's a helmet people of men and helmet yeah the big -- pitching matchup for tomorrow frozen view leader curious of course it's PV. -- PG I'm not really a pretty happy right now. Against mister Fister hybrid no that's gonna happen tomorrow at 8 o'clock in -- regular time gave a night for you. Right here on the WBS sports remembers whoever's in order calls you'll take time be hanging around midnight tonight. And we -- talked every single audience. Am really want talk about small ball and bonding that's trying you know we can dismiss that or you can talk about that tell us why. You know this game was so poorly executed by the Red Sox managed -- that is one of the I will start from Miami Florida where Jonathan is -- and Jonathan how -- There and -- -- reminded -- reds actually in the Miami area -- -- -- went down there and you know terrible blow. I don't know -- but it I have a friend who had a boat and that's actually better than having yourself oh yeah it clear that there you don't have to pay the docs these. Good. -- Johnston look that number obviously thrilled about this -- and I hit who hit picnic of one not -- win but -- argue Richard vignettes that girl and noted that -- right. I don't. And I don't understand why you poll left you there and don't let him finish out that one. At bat against appeal has good numbers against two mile. And then. And I don't know they're related or not but I think we're overlooking proposed leadoff walk -- put the fastest guy that only got to Detroit. Arbitrage between Iran. You lead off with a walk and I was -- preferred treatment eighteen strikeouts OK and I -- what happened may Farrell yanked. I mean I'm -- but after you look at two dollar -- are built him out electrical outlets. They Diller but I did not only that -- you gotta go with the numbers that you know Breslow has been great he's been great he he never walks two guys in the same appearance and it and it will be directed at all you -- -- walked -- So I don't know and I agree with you have the effect that why not just let Lackey pitched the rest of that inning and the need to. Remember it well wouldn't even shorter stroke and you know it. But that thing is that their hats there has to be at that moment it's not 97 pitches in lackeys case because I saw lost at the right there was tweet it out. About Lackey. After he's pitched 97. An opposing hitters after the 97 pitch by like you're only -- 143 for the years -- wasn't that stat. But it might have been a match up -- between -- the next hitter. Might have been -- a matchup stepped between Breslow and the next hitter every it's all about the information you haven't -- making the right move and you can't ever Sunday. They made a wrong move when they -- a one nothing game because it was almost a perfect execution again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get sends the right thing maybe that they'll let you only have provoked this one batter. And I don't. You don't sort of two guys and I'm Dan Wheldon. Rests Breslow -- votes in very good against right handed -- hit it that's their dream almost been a specialist against right -- -- the -- on the outside part of the late and -- to -- and what exactly I mean and everything was important in this game my I know it's the sand and but for anyone to you know look back to what happened today. And not saying. Well I'm I'd done this might have done that but everything that wasn't done that you wanted dissect you're just out and work. Doubt to now here's the other thing is that the last home run the Mike Napoli had off Justin Verlander. Was his very first Major League game. In 2006. Of them that's the last time he touched a Verlander for a long ball in in his first Major League home run up up up up. Now seven years later in this scenario I mean this is the only run of the game that decides and ALCS game three. And it's and it's Napoli Verlander in that weird match up and it showed the video right before he did it and the ball went to the same spot. Right and Galanter said that day will be a cold day in hell and you hit another home run -- and as -- just a cold day in Detroit all day -- -- -- in -- -- go ahead -- on the the Red -- -- program John. Yeah I'd say I couldn't -- -- because that's the greatest -- red reds Sunday. Since John. It is just amazing. I think this team is yeah and I don't let any of -- -- such scenes in the history. I mean these guys just are something special. I am just so happy and. You know -- I couldn't believe it yet. How how happy are you John could you could you stand on your head yeah. I -- some means gay and that you know I'm just saying you know when that all Bryant hit and that. That would strike out and it was just amazing you know. Eating being take alone is enough to make most people happy but then when the Red Sox to a -- did you had to be like in seventh haven't. Just amazing -- how they -- sexy and I'd let my -- just before the Portland and happily. All grown -- he's been great to. I'm sorry Rosie being very him he met at bat we -- well I. But I thought so I haven't gotten him and we are on the planet and bone marrow was home program. -- -- -- Yeah I mean six. Thanks. The car and -- -- -- being take treats him as well like twelve hours from now as a student was going down we should keep score how many times the words amazing and unbelievable to going to be said before 12 o'clock yeah or they will definitely outscored the word being K for the -- the program -- and a car next hello John. It right are you know I'm an excellent day and let me I don't. Great. In a while so called I think. Not a light of a group -- history -- like last spring when Lester made his comment about what department and ace symmetric. Anyway a bit -- problem. You share. That those superlative. It out -- describe what they've done this year and tonight again mr. It all in the making them don't you know. It feels like you to -- John it really does and that's the reason is paying off of that since April that has indicated to me that the Red Sox. Then or now have the tendency. To get nervous and (%expletive) away something that could be there's. On the contrary when they're behind they were great all year in late come from behind wins they were great in protecting leads out to the eight inning. A lot of that has to do Koji. A lot of it has to do with Ferrell. The the the people he's put in his bullpen has been unbelievable the series so far and what does a Red Sox erect the Red Sox have given up. A grand total of six runs in three games so the team has an ERA of two. Against the Detroit Tigers who were second in the league in run programs produced not in the playoffs there ERA is too. And that by the -- save me every for the tiger. Yours now it's been an incredible -- series is no question about any kind of shaped up that way but this is almost over the top from what -- talked -- for a series began to look at direct talks with -- look at these guys. And this is going to be pitchers. Series -- has spent a column. Big problem with the time with the tigers are whites there Alyssa pitching series -- failed. Hasn't done squad don't even when he's a big fat tub of goo you you -- saying nano along and -- He's a big fat lard -- the guy is I'm I'm saying and I know these talented guy and he comes from good baseball. Bloodlines and all that other stuff is that mark he's very had very big years -- here's what I would say though. He would be a better player if he dropped twenty or thirty pounds period and because there's no reason to have all that excess fat on your body. Army in my prevent him from getting three ground balls a year because he can't move fast -- -- swinging and missing at. Five -- whatever it is for the money these guys get he should get himself in shape it's almost embarrassing. Well it's it is and when he's sitting I mean he's you know we have a huge years -- for the money you already did not -- -- he'll never he never well anyway I mean no one's gonna Kim. Live up to 24 million a year and all that stuff but. -- -- he's been I look at no -- really hit anyway. Evidence swing against coaching you know yeah I treated this out the tigers find him on that of -- very defined his ass for leaving the ballpark without permission. On that swing Norman -- was just completely -- yeah. -- right we got full lines here when he's gonna take this break right now as it gets real short real short break we'll get to all your phone calls and -- take an order that's how we do it. If Iran -- this five lines so somebody hangs up your next 6177797937.

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