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Nomar Garciaparra: On hitter's approach to Verlander

Oct 15, 2013|

Nomar joins Mut and Merloni to preview Game 3 of the ALCS and discuss what the Sox hitter's approach should be facing Verlander.

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Indeed game three this afternoon. ALCS Lackey and Verlander here right here 937. WEEI as a get ready for the game. Welcome -- Nomar Garciaparra was in town drop the first pitch on a Saturday night game one of the ALCS no warmup little power you. I am doing well I'm still I'm sorry I'm watching that -- commercial that we just played right it has on -- right. A right Luke. Now everything everything is right about that come on aren't a good. Yeah I would -- -- sit here and ask you about your approach to -- Lander being patient but -- real patient guy at the plate and ready to let's watch a lot of first pitches and he can be down. Up pretty quickly in these counts and we sometimes go one after that first pitch against Verlander is a good thing to expect the Red Sox know Marta do some of that tonight it's this guy. That's what my approach should be because. Wolf could be another -- all the experts. Put. Usually try to get ahead -- -- and the one thing about -- when I. In and it's -- it's easier said that done but if you look at when he was struggling early you know is usually the velocity fastball is down early in the game and it increases at picking -- on. And most great pictures first goal usually try to establish their fastball early in the game hoping that they don't think he get to eat about how we showed -- speed. Step perhaps initially -- too many pitches. They can use that. Later on an app that face and maybe when there's a big moment her spirit a bank's core position whatever it may be that they needed to get that hitter out the legal shall you do that. -- lenders laps started and acumen to break it up early in the count know that. Located at Oakland might be more aggressive against media quite apt historical might break out early just like get the group and -- -- into their building that competence it's stronger so I I think for the -- stock cheetah girl and deftly executed early runs on the board put the pressure on him that he when he had pressure on him. You try to be too fine reduced to. And that commitment to take that bet. Yeah out agree with the geek then we are talking about that the Boston that we saw shares or even in the 1992 kind of early -- and pumped up 97 when needed it if the guys in -- opposition early but usually tries to get away with -- let's Verlander I think come into this game we all know that some weather conditions but. If he's gonna try to. Get through this game and I wanna see maybe go to nine Susan at hand it over to his bullpen he might look at for some quick outs in locating fastballs. Rather than trying to strike guys out. Now that's a that's an excellent point because. The way the book in which you know he's gonna go 120 you know. Want to know about -- Lander as compared to you know others is that he's for which I admire. So much is that. You know. It's you know what those guys that is 100. I hit a hundred ticket almighty. Take out protect all. Let some other -- now in the big leagues seeing that face or do you work he'll. He trained at W upbeat Angola and they cannot Armstrong not. He believes he can build a hundred Richie you got -- at the 180 ticket I will that -- what I would do. That -- that. Mentality so and that would stand to try to go on and that my belief that you're the situation though many eat it really how we. How we you know what you see from him -- the pitching coach Leo that's OK I don't want to go underneath but. 120 cute because he started deluded and start beat it it's -- on you know. So yeah you might let me be aggressive we talked about I'm not saying that Egypt and freely. We -- be shocked when it strikes. I'm saying when you step in the box you ready to swing if you get pitched. That -- go -- my first thought -- let me work the count to deep deep in the count -- it is pitch count up under -- -- that first pitch. -- unit Beth -- you see the entire ad that. And I have to be -- -- -- it should be ready for my opinion at this point even if they did this strike that the -- out perhaps because he's trying to keep the patient get those early out. I'm saying be ready York -- When you step in the box. We're talking and Nomar Garciaparra arts that take me back there at this Red Sox team their strike Nomar as the patient they grind guys helping struck out. Thirty times out of a -- possible 48 outs to start the series and they rally against the tigers ball and does that carry over do you believe there is hitters momentum from one game to the next based on what the Red Sox at the end game to. Yes there there it I'll tell you -- it by. I was a Red Sox and I -- I wish they were the game right. The day off I think it like about it that they opt if you want to carry the moment right now. That policy you're in Q2 run in the trial I mean he they're probably after -- after that -- they get their eight. We played two hours we'll take a quick epic comeback we have let's go that he'd go to the would you steal. -- that you know we -- at the different time on the plane you know here because you're just so it anyway. You ute tribe and he -- -- rival edit and only you are so it's a major factor. So huge for the Red Sox back there they're right there at a record here are the -- turn the page you know. Sound cliche but you do elect our computers and -- struck out that many times we -- that's all that -- we want new one in the big wage. That's what we need to enter key to this that cute David. We got on base in order for David to duty job now that this is when it starts okay who cares about the strike that we had. It's let's start let's go back there continue playing our game so we can't finish it -- Here you mentioned David Ortiz it and and Leyland talked about it and and the final at bat and Torii hunter's talked about of course David -- -- go way back. Now Heidi that this guy beat you may be little bit more careful. So I'm looking at a guy like Mike Napoli that looks like he's gonna be back in this line up and maybe justify people want Daniel Nava -- is it good at bats. And it's sort of brings me back to you know 99 we talked about the other night. With tiger continue into oil -- you know in game five you you'll killing Cleveland all your -- you beat him up early nets series is it that's it Abdullah Nomar. A -- to the next guy and O'Leary hit three run homer a Grand Slam. How important those guys behind David Ortiz becomes a series goes on especially Mike Napoli. Alitalia. Which usually talked about here it's an act that guys like happily. Cannot beat -- And it is other guys opportunities I mean when you look at some of the guys that shine in the postseason or whoever replication shine in the policies aren't necessarily always. Those superstars that you are afraid that all the time I mean let let let's look on the other than actually right now day retreat to see who shot into the postseason. And the 200 again right now the current. I'm a big it's wide. Because when you look at that lineup right the way you look at Beltran and are thinking these guys can't. Other guys have an -- target of opportunity. I believe early in my career to like when I also did extremely well. My first postseason to the I know listen I don't let mole on each. You know OK I got an opportunity that was able to capitalize and then like he said back and I will differently Eliot -- Barbeque truly respect. These other guys are so we'll take yep I think it's got brochures for the Yankees for the longest time it's it we could win the policy that stubborn ocean because it. During that he's Hillary ain't got OSHA should be -- yet in and the policy you know looking at the other guys and in an epic and each year these guys clutched a big eight and so you're right it's going to be. Mike Napoli got a couple of cute or leverage in about mine gave it and I think also guys should be on the David because it. You want BP to come up to you want to be enacted which we happen before the picture. Just like the other -- it would basically pick guys and why did their jobs would be be due -- Nomar last one for me part of this series has been the impact that Johnny brawl who has been really really good quite frankly. All the others played laughter in short he's been an impact bat. He service fifty game suspension go viral Major League Baseball he he did his time now he's back for the post season. Is there any party was a former player the questions at all John April the being allowed to play in the post season when he served a fifty game suspension. The basic admitting to doing something during the year and now playing in the games that most impact the playoffs and eventually the World Series winner. Course that they area and every player would feel that place so let's -- each has -- he lives out there now. It's come on back and I -- a huge impact but at the same time you know if he knows the rules were in place and he should he -- he. All the ruled he's not doing anything against rule that would in late would it might have it -- view is from the players and -- in the way they've been. Out spoke in Antarctica and needed the union may have to go back and say OK do we have to may be. Look at what the penalties are -- May be increased penalties and indeed true that work may become -- put up enough or maybe a situation like this semi. You know this was it was in place so like it's it's different it's all he did so that you can't do not bad at the same time it still feel like. And this guy still cheated in the state that they didn't create it can affect -- I believe you choose to keep the backseat for the rest you're practically guarantee that because it. Wouldn't it didn't hit them and it out of your system and it it changes your whole body so. So scene that can understand the -- -- the same -- not going against the rule that that it in place. The guy going tonight for the Red Sox and John Lackey. And done something this year that I don't think have ever seen before and I don't think. Was even possible. And I think you could speak this I know how difficult that last. Year was in Boston right the media everything disorders and make it was coming down on you and it was getting a little bit march. What he went through the last two years. Once these people kind of get the media -- mean now whatever it is. It's the things Peña you know it seems like it's just time to move on. And I thought Lackey was there any turn this thing around the support we're now. Fans that they enjoy watching him pitch they want him on the mound and I didn't think that was possible this is tough town to turn that attitude around. Yeah and it could have look forward to and that I think it -- a lot about and that they looked you know Lackey. Like he can -- bird in the Red Sox on -- -- paid a lot of money. We're region who wouldn't just say hey this guy has cool name Lackey looked give a lot of money you actually be yet to accept. Where he would commute over the angels and with that there's certain mentality get that. Except that it happened by accident in baseball Purdue -- it pretty long -- -- the other obviously is something there that mentality that has become limited ordered out success at this level I don't care. What city you're playing in a warrior -- -- Open order for you to. To do that so. I think deep down vacuum he's shown that. I think that it speaks volumes. Of black in what he's done in like he said Lou they're like could turn that around it's not -- -- did you end. And I think he'd been rewarded here is -- the postseason with a great team with a chance there the World Series. Could have an all Nomar alumni World Series here dodger Red Sox -- me you may have the EU stared down the barrel although Omar. -- now that's definitely a possibility. That's assurance in that. You know -- -- -- took right there okay liberalism that they have on that. Commitment. Even though it for the fan base and raise -- awareness and build -- that the database that -- -- -- the other team that now the Dodgers went please please go to the interviewed Dodgers head of the Dodgers went. At least -- I don't don't you -- out the word about any of that. It would buy it but you know you're here it is yen at that make Arctic should stop on in the post he's gonna win the World Series and I did pick direct -- so there. The go there you go out Nomar appreciate the time and your busy this morning on ESP and taken a few minutes and we'll talk you down the road. Aren't -- picture arts you know -- areas Nomar Garciaparra joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline eight TD in the nation's fastest. Animals reliable four GL TE network it's like two years all -- so that chuckle.

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