Oct 15, 2013|

on this game show we see if Bill Belichick can say something exciting.

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Today and so can hardly sees something exciting our contestant is still valid Jack let's see if he. In today's something exciting. Did you -- -- -- game last night. From what what I saw -- it's from the third book is done quite a few times this year. Those are on this team. Like. What is going on between Rob Gronkowski in the -- It's totally up to yesterday's. -- Really quick story yesterday we're gonna have to. I don't know if they can think. It so far bills over to open in the bonus round let's see if he can make the Red Sox amazing comeback in game two sound exciting yeah. Good performance. A lot of people you know I've been on today's increase in -- home. A good base trying. We're in the -- and the defense officials. And all right then let's see if he can make his own team's comeback sound exciting. You know the ball. Because they're -- the Victor because. -- One group team. Unfortunately bill couldn't make anything sound exciting today could tune in next time for another episode of -- can always say he's something exciting. News.

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