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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Brady's new mansion

Oct 15, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Tom Brady's new mansion got approval in Brookline.

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-- we've lost our minds. I'm done I'm not here I'm going -- ago. Liberal lions get shot by and that's here I can't I can't live in this world I don't get an inkling about -- because the performance -- and eat it it does people -- line and you'll go to Africa and kill something and bring it home on a plane no idea what do you check the head immediately to head home. He can't wait to model the head yeah idea he checked it in the overhead compartment. They put on -- on -- -- it and you where have all the -- January home he's got three little kids Adam Vinatieri -- hang out in this surrounded by these animal heads you know these lines in the human line yet -- -- -- the deer heads and you know warheads -- These kids are like playing in the dramatic grown up around. And and here's what I would say even the playing field a -- you grizzly bear hunting Adam Vinatieri with a bow and arrow. We're kind of getting on a level field we give the line had gone. We told told Rick Reilly he was in lion hunting with a bow and arrow but you know the last six ides and you too idealistic dollars. We sit there with a bow and arrow while I mean I think keep you cool idea but. Do you really think your life -- in danger is that exactly -- the risk he's got a whole bunch of guys around in the middle and Adam Vinatieri go into the bush I don't assistant but I do think it'll line can I couldn't shoot some line is that the kids at that told you beat your committee couldn't shoot anything. To be Egypt should align it would be like Andy would you agree yeah we shoot our former boss. What are the -- a bare hand obviously yeah yeah bow and arrow. -- all right. Erin Cox is a North Andover. Teenager yes. Two weeks ago she received a call from a friend to the party was too drunk to drive. She drove the box hurt after work to pick up her friend moments after she arrived the cops arrived to that happens all the time high school kids know that. And busted several kids for underage possession about pulses from Aubrey system WBZ story here and North Andover high school often in North Andover high honor student. Air was clear by police who -- she'd not been drinking was not in possession of alcohol. But -- -- told -- -- in violation of the district's zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use in the middle of her senior year. -- was demoted from captain of the volleyball team was told should be suspended for playing five games. She's very fragile. -- -- how are very worried about it. She didn't do anything wrong we have raised our girls. You know to be kind loyal compassionate and to always see -- -- there if someone is in need she did what she thought was right and I am -- her for that. I mean honestly don't -- just. Her presence violate the zero -- she was after it was at a without regard to and I you know zero dollars is usually stupid it's usually often an overreaction but being able overreaction. A mother yet. Yamaguchi was demoted from captain to just regular player gets fired and missed five games yet. She's not like dead to not only support you've got Obama's sweeping nine W -- she's very fractional success devastating. If it's ranked cannot captain and he and this is all right what's a bad message she did the right thing. Is get screwed sources close future or not. Ever French revenue of freaking tree it was a boring I should I say life MX I'm still don't go -- -- dumbest thing you've ever heard your life. A girl does the right -- that's right zero -- it's often is often is happens to be some flexibility within the ball that's not zero tolerance then what are should be almost zero tolerance right -- -- -- deal of movement. But instead your summer pick yup sure you put up so they don't have -- I -- pick them up. -- bad Brent asked chances -- talking -- -- back -- like he's done a hundred times this story has got to national Jews and that's ultimately this girl is gone -- is gonna happen I suspect. I think a month's planet of the cameras at the night and I can -- from the administrator horse. It pretty quiet period a -- the Cox family filed a lawsuit go on Friday but the lawyer for the school district argued. I guess -- injunction judge ruled the court did not have jurisdiction. The few parents of teammates in the teammates are starting to petition supporter. The school cannot be reached for comment so they're not taught to be drunk she must feel bad. Yeah also yeah she hung over and -- it's not right practically your support supporting prize money overreaction that'll this silly. Notice and -- north and north and -- North and north handle the wards yeah. Okay it's awful that's why not just some surprising your simple all right aides to hear this apple when your kids they called it the right thing they got suspend I would be upset. Yes you can be pests that cry. It's out of the town of Brookline has approved plans for the 141317. Square foot Chestnut Hill mansion. The Tom Brady Gisele are currently built -- we're good we're good to go here. No vote. There's a library with a balcony looking down that the -- -- lions the lions a lot of lines and temples. A chef's kitchen at patriots on room living room dining room family room and wine stored from 141300. Square feet on the -- Steve thank five. You know this but the spot he red tape -- adapters pork that's in her feet for. Surprised at that. But this huge sinks in them. New -- and that is nice at a there have been a day where will Brady and -- live. When he's done my coastal -- here and there will he can get a pick one he would deal with winter there are some of your kids that's the tricky yeah it won't want kids gonna have to be in LA. We gel lob point basket -- moves -- so they've had yet public she's got it I don't see them live and here in Asia will you 141000 square foot house now at age 36 is an -- -- 100000 box -- don't they don't does seem weird that you build this mentioned because -- would you live -- -- this -- LA Costa Rica Brazil hello. Would you if you pass like now Columbus Day you must really I mean he must generally the area and allies and I I do think it's cool he's -- -- -- don't like it -- Pictures of them playing -- his kids all the time he's not afraid to go low -- right in the city. He could easily list all four have a little privacy thing that could look at jungle gym out back. It has a -- the call it -- you would notice it includes a pool hot -- a great lawn motor court deck in something. Called the Baja shelf I imagine you don't that is a ball hawk she'll yeah. It's probably some off outcropping type of thing that maybe Michael waterfall and into the pool. -- a ball high shelf ideology you know permission I have shelves at this rate in 141000 it's slow excessive. The house and -- does seem like plus you have. Like friends and the like relatives always think thick and stale right yeah if you got Rome they're always going to be who wants them I would want to. Eighteen days after a missing California forest 72 year old man was discovered alive and well having survived by -- squirrels. Lizards berries and at least one snakes I'm not by and receive a column number BS I was curious about that would you eat a snake now. If you if you berries and you can -- tree bark did he cook the stuff. Even -- -- -- yeah we did you go fires disease is so -- you -- fire you -- score packet it's I could imagine that pays him would you say like -- -- squirrel I can I I highlighted foraging for Barry's -- had berries but he wanted to balanced. It was a it was a vintage no it's not -- particular scrutiny he doesn't wash off I was right. It's like it's like outcropping that goes you're gonna yeah I I think. I would die before -- Jessica died for you squirrel he -- and pick squirrel and put on -- You know -- Shrek. And although -- fire and then you look at the media's kind of looks a chicken and you're starving and winning this world first. A lizard second snake last but it did that would be good with it's it's an insult. Salty technical now with a roof four. Look or that temperatures drop in the twenties late at night or the small fire Rachel to walk and Rangers risk out of the woods let me just fine as Leo. He slipped the knocked unconscious while hunting. You -- several hours later told -- habits right I've got locked in unable to find his hunting partner. What the leaders declared missing more employees -- Search for days until large storm moved and so yet they send him where was this -- globally says north details of -- yeah and the build the people who lost and -- like that that makes sense 72 years old I would never ever ever -- losers ever. -- -- -- -- We don't know meeting I -- him in the Andes -- eighty each other alive because you have to read. The three of us for a small plane crash -- what I have to be first because of my youngest. No meat on your -- on the show a week that she First Act. About stitches -- I am scared to travel anywhere rather. You're would you get that point you think now the crazy now actually eating out it's just tackled well in a dude just for kicks these people tolerate you as it was just -- that's. -- -- Connecticut could not -- the I woke up this morning and I wish and squirrels. This looks a grossed at that -- Starving to death one to understand if he starts though like -- mother make him a grilled cheese which -- score -- though just dive. Spot right just pick a spot on its first. Stick stick. At Yale law reliable. He's made fires right -- it's -- -- it hard looks saucy decrees that he's put in this world head like after children under. Eighteen AT and lizards. Snakes. That's years you could go eighteen days in. Water right right now understands went for like three months he could he could survive you say this -- -- -- -- guy at the oh yeah by the way you love Diana died in and I had had an argument with Oprah about the existence of god Soledad. You should lover she's about atheists I don't I don't who took on Oprah. On this issue it -- some bulls. Oprah's big believer you should. Respect -- Specter believe she's where she said the harder swims. On any. Anymore to describe it seemed she did the next things it was -- she did forty you know in the pool. -- I'm station is the way it's harder forty announced back and forth in a -- war and its partner is not Carter things. Water levels flat correct your real error is always Wear what -- -- she'll kick it in there and get the push off the ball out she'll. You know it shouldn't get the chance that you flipped into social K just float to the back float. Nelson is that. Just stand in the Charlotte never a punishing those floating lounge chair to the drink and did you -- I could do that you get a break during this. Gotta do to at some point I don't read and -- she -- in the boldly for she Pete but she -- -- two days a number two. She gets out drops one -- it's it's it's it's it's an assistant if you couldn't do it. I -- claiming that change could you can run marathons I -- I don't want a couple weeks I'm. I'm impressed by marathon is -- your mental toughness and dedication ultra marathon some more -- but no impresses me more. And Iron Man triathletes are great and Hines Ward -- is completed the Iron Man in Hawaii Hines Ward and Gordon Ramsay. All completed the Iron Man and he said. When he was done Hudson that's it I'm done. I'm done never again wanted to challenge himself that is pretty impressive because -- all on his joints in the Lebanese sealed and just speak to the bike and -- I can't do I couldn't I couldn't building. Couldn't do the swim. It's miles to 2.4 in the ocean have watched -- thing and because he has what it sees what's his -- after option yet I'll probably did to a great job and -- telling you the story a lot of -- couple years ago got a homeless completed the structural not only does it crawls -- -- finish alone and they disqualify him because you know it should be restricted position. The right amount of time but the Hines Ward is one of -- Map this one can do the bikers. Like it got to do Iron Man net it's. Two miles in the ocean that's it's gonna -- that's a good start that's the girl you know it's from a OK it was because he's human capital in the ocean. Swim naked. That's right with this label was. And -- Victoria block. A children's. -- right back. Some upon occasion and not from the three of us. From Bob Kostis. On occasion. From baseball ball.

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