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Re-energized Sox back from the brink, make a series out of it

Oct 14, 2013|

We discuss how the Red Sox probably saved the series with their thrilling late game comeback last night at Fenway.

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That's typical of the -- got things that. Laser show one -- fox day. It was a -- of the book sort of folk club feeling. What do the Sox. Perfectly rocket team. But people call like she just caught off what do of the Sox day. Celebrating let's not in there and I'm -- back to work and upgrade and rigidity -- the -- From -- name individually Saltalamacchia SA OTA. Ally and that makes -- CH IA I think what do the Sox today. The great Johnson asked the saucepan put it together with the Internet sensation. Was a fox. I don't know I don't know -- -- know about downward ally in this long. The stuff -- and -- thought man and a house. Alex no we don't have the salzman the moderates -- you know -- master of throwing fifty minutes to kill you know I would only have this odd man. Because that's where I wanted to ask him what he was doing last night the thoughts and you know he was doing something. That was borderline illegal. There were probably. Young women involved -- There there may or may not have been like animals involved -- I don't know. He was where it is athletic shorts because isn't -- actually get dressed as well governor right. Throw what I wanted his story about class a tool when we'll check out the -- and see what -- -- see what he has gone six or 777979837. Marks in this. Mark I had -- different got a mark. All I -- -- getting in my car got a job and got hurt you comment on. What people don't work for -- great great sporting act by a pro looks -- on that it you don't want ours then I -- I -- -- match game it might get. That the Fort Worth a lot of money. Can integrate and -- look great -- the last sixty acting didn't look good at all. So. We like a lot of other people left. Shuttle we -- probably the most exciting thing in that stadium for a long long. Well -- he slept with a minute left when they got the ball -- -- neighbor state law that would to have the ball -- -- well everybody. -- -- the ball away on regulate I remember correctly. It would like that weren't here. The thirty they got the ball the third after not a great punt the ball the thirty with a minute left Tom Brady at the Helm. I didn't bring out let me somebody -- -- that's not a well everywhere house did you get with your kids are holding acute. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My daughter is ready to Dallas tonight just -- and and the houses and -- family friendly friendly. Under seventy yeah up by our air out at the other side are ignorant and should allow. I don't I watched fox gave. It looks like we're getting our our our game so literally right now fall asleep and I hit a home run mark I -- I. I don't want I don't know how big news sports venue are. Very early. Knowing that you -- fell asleep on the like dog bark fruit just out rockets that mark you're you're you're you're due -- like a bat you're a nice job. I just wanted to jump on because I don't know I don't wanna catch he's the only -- you like William H. Macy in the -- their -- -- -- -- I -- 6177797937. -- and rocks for a night. It was bad guys. Lacked -- talking guys last week wouldn't recognize I can. I said that that this country's mean was all about local -- -- -- it -- quarterback in Britain that turned me I was dead rock. But it's everywhere I don't listen to I was allegedly wanted to NFL channels -- end ideas digital Chris Berman did you -- it -- It looked -- some I don't think those guys and saying basically get some good overall about the collection of India out. In Brady. It inaccurate and that -- -- -- -- that they have laid out just mediocre play offensively. -- that is that they every now did not take it all went in just put that potentially -- to put into bankruptcy and put these plays in position to win. Don't know that well let out a lot different Belichick Belichick got them and Belichick got to believe that -- but I'll say this -- you're you're you're right. And everybody else who says as more and that is right -- So if you wanna say the most important elements you can have your franchise. Our you know -- have a good owner and a good quarterback and a and a good coach you're right most important. But they are a lot of teams have good coaches and good owners and good quarterbacks and necessarily when like the one in New York Giants say and they adjust example so they have they have. They've they've got they I give all respect Eli Manning give him his props. Obviously your general managers get their head coach is good. Ownership is stable has been around for ever no problems there. But other parts of the team are falling apart Herm Edwards broken down beautifully on Friday and I was thinking about this with the patriots. You watch a game yesterday and people are falling out of the game -- just so will we -- Wilfork not in the game Tommy -- not a game Tommy Kelly not to gain ground not in the game right. Mayo leaves the game Aqib Talib leads to -- Danny Amendola leaves the game and this and -- -- yet in this is why. In October it's fine when you talk about the team building strategy of the patriot when you're in -- season six games into a season your five at one. In Bill Belichick talks about the right 53 guys and player number nine is is really not more important. That player number 4647. Because we're not building a fantasy football team we're building for attrition. And we and and the guy who always are 38 the best player. Is gonna have to be able to help us win a game will we put him in there so we're not trying to be a top heavy -- top heavy franchise we're not gonna move up every year. Get a top five or top ten draft pick that's not what our philosophy -- You like it now and October when during the game Palestinian view during one of the breaks. I don't necessarily remember. Abner in the game yesterday I don't necessarily remember. Met Mulligan -- Mulligan in the game yesterday. Estimate is that some of the guys you have on the offensive line on the defensive line. Their philosophy. Works for them right now on October we're all on board now when they're gonna what's gonna happen in March and April. In April. They're gonna draft somebody you're not likely that perhaps this is not going to be a guy that you heard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The chain being only strongest to weakest link all those things in the game of attrition I agree with all of those things that being said he's got to get it right with graphics right. Amid Dobson had a good game yesterday in a bad game all wrapped into one that. Does that we're gonna find out over time whether or not he was the right choice there but there were other wide receivers that -- possible some may be better may be worse it's gonna take time for a really know. But that doesn't mean he's still don't need to hit. When you actually make the decision to -- I don't know I think well I think you need to hit on your acquisitions whether it's free agency the draft. Waivers or whatever. -- sometimes you'll you'll. You can't just go to a 21 area and say okay this is what it's all about who does what does bill through the draft and do nothing else on the colts did that. Under under Bill Polian at one point I was. -- five or six years ago at one point 47. Of their 53 players. Had been anywhere else. Okay that's their -- -- -- but that's how the patriots on business six or 777979. Victories. The good Arnie in Norway -- -- they don't think guys are great. I gotta say that. I've been watching -- -- -- -- -- how long time now. David Ortiz has got to be one of the most watched postseason baseball players. I've ever seen right up there with our Reggie Jackson beyond unfortunate the city -- New York -- know what say you think Ortiz has been clocked. Argued that he's clutch and it isn't big game immediate -- -- threats such honest back in 2004. So if I I think which is start on at this time we here -- dusting your opening. Our big poppy -- easier to say it does work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's like no David they don't don't don't would you please introduce your son if he's gonna sit up there with during your interview was because I -- Who truth is the -- -- like the whole scene everything around David Ortiz comes with that's almost surreal quality right he's kind of a surreal. Super human being poppy type of the character. And it's just not quite like. Anybody else that we talked about when you get to baseball the 777979837. -- or your phone calls to come here on what we all witnessed yesterday. What is it about this town what is it about those two players that makes it happen it's talked -- and WB. My biggest problem is with David Ortiz I think is a -- I think -- a club. Yes suck up now on you don't like David Ortiz is here. You're not impressed with David Ortiz you think he's a phone -- you get upset about the occasional odd incident remember that this is the -- When you say the risk. Isn't good enough for the reward that -- not enough for the upside remember how good the upside is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't need to get caught up in and in the moments with Europe's at him because he doesn't run out of ball even though you're trying to keep on the field for as many games as possible Europe said. Because he curses in front of the city even though I thought it was a great moment where you're upset because he was -- -- crying or he's likewise to teach in about the umpire like he was in game one were smashing a phone because he -- his emotions get the best of them. Remember. That he's the same guy who delivers exactly what he did last 'cause I think it's very. Very important. And and the other things you said it before we get caught up in this -- Look at all the moments look at all of the the the the pay -- that -- liberties gives you are desperate so I don't want to get caught up in the moment too much when asked us. What do you think about the series now was there anything that you've seen in the first two games. That gives you -- is there anything bad Detroit has that you didn't think they had. There anything that the Red Sox are missing are still look at it I haven't changed. Nothing has really surprise me get and Sanchez with a good pitcher. I think he was capable of doing that -- -- Star Trek about twelve times it'll even though he did walk six he was the best pitcher we've seen all year I thought. While we go that far. It's a walk six -- he was he was so good but I thought -- yet he had -- that the occasional -- -- album are -- to -- -- doesn't walk but he was he was he kept them so I don't ever remember this year seeing them more off balance that he had I think they were off balance he's a good pitcher but not the best one we've seen this year maybe the best when we've seen this year -- the starter in game two scherzer was unbelievable. But I know they had good pitching. I knew their lineup can be imposing intimidating at times and we also knew that their bullpen. Could could be exposed of like multiple prints all of these playoff teams nothing has changed for me. He would out the Red Sox have lost that game -- -- that not -- troubled to -- And you're facing Verlander in game three. In Detroit and not a good look at gone back to Detroit it's 11. Got three games in Detroit. Are you saying that you think there's a big difference between being 11 and being 02 of -- somebody asked what I just wanted to know is that what you think do you think there's -- -- -- -- -- -- 11 in note two ideas that you could just like a game like obviously there's the difference in the name of what do you think that there is a huge difference between them. Thought that was you it was me that you -- it was like I was down there -- -- your focus fields immunity man what's up with that can't tell us she's like I was the love and respect and the -- -- -- corner now there it's surprising -- -- make it to Seattle that much in the last four years there have been a lot of pause for baseball to set up camp. At Safeco Field for big moment there that you really have gotten to know each other that well they'll be there are you know introduce -- -- Phyllis. Like that you do feel some skill with a girl you have. Got a reaction that gets their at a mileage as it directly the girl that KG treatment goes up. AG said that Cheryl Miller. Smelt good with her. And Motorola doesn't -- going to smelled -- like that doesn't it. And -- -- right now without that Mitchell to Floyd ordered the green and pink. She had to pick it right back where it doesn't hurt and did -- -- -- a should be fine but yes it was mean is the question I think it's. I know I got some grief for the responsible for the question but this is this was the press conference last night. Pink -- hand man. And you as athletes and professionals never like the term must win but heading to Detroit for three what's the difference -- 11 vs 02. Again. But still there yeah that that's that's a sizable challenge if we if we're going into Detroit down to. That the way that they've pitched against -- you know that that challenge becomes even greater but them. You know I think everybody that looked upon this series was going to be well played hard fought -- and it's not disappointed at this. A game. But the greatest cancer I had I had that moment -- come back I definitely have the mowers accused not stop there is because if he stops there he's just crushed. Right that's -- hand and -- he just -- president and athletic and isn't up yet. Can I can plan. If you if you dislike. Him -- did she would even enunciated a hernia. And if I get bigger fish to fry to -- written mr. connector. On the check your credentials. And him being here. What do you what do you do it would be what's your question you know what you sit down there -- like well there's things that I wanna know about the writers don't they have a completely different idea of what they need out of that press conference that we -- for radio purposes. The next day and I'm curious about that part of the story line -- -- -- down 02. Heading to Detroit this isn't it 22111. To 232 series right here go to Detroit down 0243. Games they -- building with Justin Verlander set to pitch in game three. There is a major major difference. Between being 11 and -- With that situation at a peak at it we talked about it before the series and just said look. -- -- even numbered games of series and obviously game seven that exists to meet the big ones every time but in general the difference when one wanted to blow the difference between. Re one and two to heart those those those deciding games are this is what this is really what decides. It's if it's fascinating I had I don't think. You believe that we're done playing baseball at Fenway Park whatever reason -- did not but I'll ask you think this is coming back to to -- yes I -- So you don't think they're I don't -- soccer teams sweeps in Detroit note no super majority you. I don't -- a very surprising of one of these teams want to talk to halt all mobile critique it it's gonna expand right. Seven games not 67. But who wins this theories the mini series then. Because there's no sleep who -- that mean in theory Red Sox take two out of three individually so I think the reds here's here's what I think that's -- -- remember I've no -- guessing I finished that today I think it's like all the opposite of what we expect they find a way to eke out a couple of runs and Verlander. In scheme in the read Tom all gotten to go up. To go and then. He he finds a way to win the game for an eagle 318. Moose. And the eleven. There's Sanchez -- him and then come back and went. I'll tell you this that's what I think in the -- that scenario -- and. As for the stop the talk Jackson about that is so murder and Newton that's when I think probably not our rotation of about competitors -- barriers that. In your scenario that hey if the Red Sox scored three games to one yes they were not -- based. -- there we're not playing baseball apparently apart anymore if either team goes up. Three to one it's over. It's over the one we don't want these two teams so nothing is over man I don't know whether I'd buy that 61 devastating 7797937. G Jeff is in the car did you. And I don't. They I kind of wanted to talk about you know keep her out and believing in their team -- My perspective it's actually grew about how to Detroit got a good memory growing up on -- I've been here herb may be twelve years and so I would hear your -- three. Heartbreak by you know. I kind of got my first it's not just about heartbreak. You know let these people really have a genuine extraction church thirteen here and it's in such. You know so I am a diehard sucks and now Patrick and -- -- Michigan to the trap stopped. You know they couldn't believe -- night seventh inning and posting on FaceBook attention when the -- mr. quick. You kind of knew it I mean. The way they're -- ball you know I'd like shot really that saw you know we're waiting in the way they want to Cuba were chasing it feeling it. He kind of knew they were gonna wake up at it. I mean I don't know I don't know I knew that I know that they're gonna wake up the year year first point is absolutely right I mean there is there's a connection. With hardcore Red Sox fans as well make that distinction. You know core Red Sox fans are. They're just different breed they always believe there is -- chance and they usually don't leave games and it would have a have a good reason to take over again that their team has even -- it improbable even if the team is bad right into the team has been adamant that if the Red Sox have always been there always Red Sox fans but to hear his last point about. -- -- it was just a matter of time I didn't feel it was a matter of time because of what scherzer was working with. I can't believe. That wasn't gonna go to nine right I mean they were still they were fouling off enough pitches take more carnage isn't doing enough of that that it was going to be difficult for him to go nineteen through a 108 pitches in seven innings could you have I guess it's possible. I thought he was gonna go one more inning I was surprised that he told them after seven but I didn't think he was gonna go on nine and just because of that I guess you figured you had at least somewhat of a shot. Because once somebody -- this is where -- -- be a different pitcher. This is where I disagree with. Pitch counts at this stage yeah I remember asking Joseph -- a while ago and you know he he had some Smart -- and of course so. The question was you know why why can't modern pitchers. Who have. The best to an end in a medical in in training facilities. -- or bigger stronger faster than their predecessors. Like get these guys. Go longer into games. Is the response was called the evolution of sport -- for solutions for whatever. That's fine in the regular season. In the post season. If if a guy is if you if Utah tell me the pitcher of pitcher in the ALCS is gonna throw a 145 -- a 10030 pitch complete game. Yes sign me up. That's what I'm paying you for. That's what I'm. If I have if I have the best rotation -- Left the baseball and I think they do the tigers got the best rotation I think I'll give them the the edge over the Red Sox -- If if that's a strength of my team. Why can't you throw. 125130. Trouble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An innate sense that the game last night I habitable by camera and also -- won the game and I talk about the Red Sox but did David Ortiz. And Tom Brady you've been here along kind I'm gonna dissect I think you have I don't know -- your premise right -- well. But they about the -- that there was something for David Ortiz. When I go you say you're saying that the team with just the team does -- the fought in the teens to keep these. Our calorie -- accountability and I have no idea. I just say that this is this this fan base in this media makes makes the teams accountable. You're that that I agree that each other make them accountable serpentine is doing well the other teams aren't they feel like they feel like they have to. Do whatever they have to do. Yeah you know what Steve and I've resorted to what if for altruistic reasons maybe it's just a competing for the dollar advertising dollar and so but that is -- I don't care what their original -- works out for -- -- -- -- -- team out there. Think about it David Ortiz takes the Red Sox supports him in another place Tom -- does the same thing I didn't mean that they get about life -- to David. Com and I say to myself man I don't know what's gonna happen the other thing I think of business. Pick up I got here one greatest six -- the ice like out of -- no pubic the other guy it was app was to deliver the jinx in Europe. Yeah Ortiz had had come up originally through the Mariners system -- gun -- to Minnesota had actually had a good year or two and they let him -- just said no no thanks we're we're Don -- blocked. At first base so we -- we -- use for you they let Ortiz go. And Theo just pick them up as part of a group of guys but he hoped might be able to to give him some production along with Jeremy Giambi right in and who and the law are really the three of them came in at the same time it's okay. CO -- shakes out there -- -- in the current time let them compete hadn't traded him yet see how it works out and Ortiz pretty quickly showed that. He was he was a completely different player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know the crazy thing about that first year for David Ortiz of Boston I think as recently as late as June 1. 2003 the home run one home run. Was was an afterthought I think he finished that year thirty. So do get just a for a good thirty but he -- with thirty home runs and had a great post season. And it's just been. It's been a great ride ever -- one. -- he's good as late as the next you're still playing first base. Right army member of the game in Yankee Stadium where where the ball went -- his glove at first base and it was just -- -- that's about it by I think it was in July it was for the fight. And it just felt like at that moment he was like okay enough I just can't see this guy out their first base anymore unless it's an interleague game -- and since then. You're permanent DH and for anybody thinks that makes him any less valuable. I just don't I don't look at it that way the the halving the number three or four hitter with his production -- And his ability to come up in big spots and change games I just don't care that is important -- Garrett. And and here's the don't care not to get too far ahead of ourselves but you know in the event that the Red Sox win the series. Five full games to go in the series by the way so anything can happen but in the event that they -- in this series. I think I think he does make it pretty pretty simple. You playing the National League David Ortiz is the first. He has debate yeah I mean you and I am I given where Napoli has been yes I guess that's a no brainer to have Mike Napoli six point 77797937. -- -- and I've -- Hey guys if they might quite that might call. So I do ask your question Mike I I think a couple of things number one is. You know with Tom Brady. He's he's he's a super human almost right you know he'd -- just does all this created beings but is also very like humans I mean it's not like Peyton Manning. Why watch Peyton Manning you caught that -- that OK it is surprising if he doesn't make a play was Tom Brady only that a little bit of -- I was gonna mess up someone and -- yesterday. -- stop but twice. And then he comes back. There's a thought what -- you you said you when you watch Tom Brady you think that he's. You you're waiting for the screw up -- Brady. No it's like it's always like Brady Brady is placing comedians it's always a little bit like dangerous if you will like. It seemed like XXP he'd like forcing -- who have been always. When you -- do -- what you -- about when you said Manning you always expect him to make direct the right play when you showed up Manning as well that. When you watch Peyton Manning and big games. And that history has been recently that. He he'll make a mistake or two that might cost this team a chance to win -- True but but but you know he. Doug told Manning has a problem when he you know many has like -- that disease and yet still in it depicts big games but in general if you watch Manning's place. I'll feel like men that guys you know where and how he's gonna make. He's more robot like and -- and that's what you're saying is -- Manning seems like this otherworldly robot who's just like mechanical do everything needs to do it all the sudden it goes haywire in a big moment like a playoff game or is the big breaking news there were Brady seems like a normal guy who just has this crazy ability. Off the federal that's entirely Brady I mean it to me that's where that's where the Brett Favre type of mentality where -- it's like he's he's he's one of loss -- a regular guy that's the most evil thing about Brett Favre. Mean the sweater Brady was wearing last might not want laws. He's got the same you know like that's there now I did not like I'm not criticizing his passion and just -- you know I'm not saying it's speaks to him being -- -- -- different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just -- the sweater was -- -- that's what you -- like strolling around the yard in the in the in the nursing home it was in August. Surely they called off my guest is Tom Brady by wheelchair and he could play on your legs. Afghan advantage right at the Afghan on your legs to make sure the circulation is working he got just go for a little stroll on stroll on the art in the nursing -- 617779. Seven I read about it -- he's been on the clinic lately I realized. -- had -- -- -- on a fine smooth. Well airline yesterday -- -- very hot team and an -- -- to reconsider last what is it that he had the yeah hole woods the poet turtleneck on her. With the blazer and a half fire and it wasn't that we call it an alarm go in there aren't and at dawn tells in the -- hi -- They are you guys -- or an army. Not much I would you gather daily show. -- while PR on the comeback yesterday I was -- Yesterday while pages -- elect a call on the house you know to get updated and I called when it was about 730 immigrant publicist. Almost two minutes left saints got the ball over at all all gonna lose that you're out in the car to go home. And I hear that the pages or on the sports slash then I'm here in the the Red Sox game later on on the radio. Our law listen and while talking to my girlfriend and I -- here in. That the they were he's at the plate with the bases loaded them on comedies and hit a Grand Slam like knowing well. He did it -- -- -- wow you know that's what that's what the city needed you know Tom Brady needed a comeback victory because he hadn't had won in such a long time. I'm tired ESPN praising Peyton Manning all the. -- them both. God elderly praise them -- that it. They love Manning in the Brady -- the story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I want to Super Bowl -- other -- couple Super Bowl. You don't get a chance to do it but now did you do with the little -- always shocked yeah the I. You do I don't know why packages say he's not like because I watch you play drives me crazy these wounded ducks in the stupid histrionics at the line of scrimmage and it always works out until the very end and we also -- and now we know how it goes to make sure everybody is -- I can't wait for the end of the year millions of -- in the big laugh once again at how we were fooled in September and October and maybe even the beginning of November he grabs -- six as -- grass and the -- I'm careful 7937. Ultimate -- -- -- Boston's sports yesterday -- your reaction next rockaholic WB. -- and any driver right field. The did you see that you. If Bob -- what -- Right and exhibiting did you see that gave -- what if I get the ball back at the ball but you know Bob the lead does that get the ball back. -- -- -- -- -- Facility in Reno three that they did -- unbelievable it was just classic Bob Bryant and he -- the words only in his city. Only in the city do they do this anywhere else now know they don't. Only in this city. There is something about a man himself once again yesterday Lou and I had a similar experience of being in the tunnels and the -- -- At Fenway Park and -- That's a pretty damn good Bob Ryan. -- Bob Ryan that's at least Psycho people exceptional times -- like that ball all the time. In the newsroom globe newsroom. Bob needs to go to system about. I think he -- to be -- -- You've got -- the ball back but you know bodily does a great. That's Greg offered hope court for five and fifteen minutes -- cost effective. If -- great a great day in Boston sports in new England sports. -- yet there is another side of it and missed a couple callers here who say you are right. The Red Sox did with they did the patriots did what they did it. But it's really what the other coach or the other manager did or didn't do the pave the way for an I personally don't subscribe to our program just part of it is all part of a very huge part. What I'm saying is. I don't I don't buy that those coaches are the reason why it occurred at -- that that that that takes away from what the Red Sox -- patriots did I think not making mistakes and not doing dumb things is part of of having six I don't I don't like no other team out and allow them and put the pressure on them to do dumb stuff. And you don't do we yourself. That's in your favorite -- I I don't know assortment of three if the patriots don't come back. Yesterday they lose 2423. What do those. In the Red Sox do come back -- we have a lot of Red Sox -- it was an unbelievable comeback against the tigers. A lot of people -- but the patriots -- Why the big go forward on fourth and sixth. When they had three timeouts. The two minute warning at a good potter. So. Yeah can talk about the other teams they don't you tell you the answer but I mean they don't do it but he gave that is dumb decision to give it doesn't work. He gave you the answer to that which as you said very specifically the the worst that could happen as you would still be down one score. And still have time to try to go back -- at a worse try to tie a tie the game it worked out it worked out great. But -- -- the worst and and you have to think about the consequence yes -- mr. understated to bill. Art are you what are you weighing in that situation that was the question asked unfortunately closely during our galaxy is -- -- leader across Oklahoma and Alex -- and -- what -- -- And -- right that that the divorce situation for you is you give up a touchdown and you're trailing 31 to 23 or give a Google's 2723. But put the -- you're giving up nothing it worked out fine with a great comeback for the patriots. But that would have been the number one question on on the table today go to Alex in the car -- Aleks. I am Margaret -- agree with you more you you can't picture and that's what there's been some returns in the regular season where do you -- when these these guys to 21618220. -- -- In and play our game right there are where our guys -- arm up like that any kick him out there that's a huge blunder on his partner to what did it polygamy have a manager of engineering and he'd be getting he'd be getting you know he's here he's got a lot of well anyway I mean -- are getting crucified -- management. I don't know I I think in Detroit there's a conversation and -- and I beat around the mark last night there all the Detroit writers in their their media were all asking why did he take command of the game they want to know about that. So I mean that we're not crucify him here because it worked out just fine art not a story for us and I think he's taken some Greek god. I think so too Alex and you know what else. I don't know who knows what's gonna happen in this series I think these are the two best teams in the American League. And they both have terrific pitching in terrific hitting and in -- managed well. But if the Red Sox when the series. They're there is a little bit of pressure on Jim Leland in that conversation. Will get a little bit louder missed the third consecutive ALCS. If they don't win this war. No Leland has been their for a while they've made a lot of trades. They've they've spent some money of three agencies they've they've got. A couple of aces on their staff if you have no World Series to show for it. I think I think people will start to ask some questions about him and Jim is in the car hi Jim. In my. Like I don't know stock absurdity deepening episode provocative. That -- is again that was a pretty good game. 3232. Bruins lose now unfortunately that I was watching over Michael shall -- got to convert on a five on 32. Minute five on three and you can't get a single goal. Not get it together. -- might. The figure out that played patent called yesterday when I was pretty -- -- Politico trying to run him -- -- such a -- that's the. Like right before the two minute warning. Yeah. I think that's isn't that the reason you do it though right because if you if you you can you can throw it there and still be incomplete and it doesn't kill you because it would have been the two minute warning anyway. -- so is that the one time that maybe try to drop back improbable there. Yeah. And you know I'm glad we beat them -- -- I lost all respect that he questions actually Brees when he -- brought to get -- no credibility after -- propagate. I mean get publicity that it Richard just like a couple of months ago got a look at 300 pages and also these guys. -- some -- players were guilty of something right. Right. Yeah what you don't -- -- -- yesterday and the -- had a bounty on Danny Amendola -- only way to explain I guess Jim. You can look at it that way for Drew Brees you lose respect form or. The other side he's he's he's sticking up for his teammates and his head coach and stick it up for them to a fault. But they don't look at it that way these are good because look -- -- to play. It depend on Roger Goodell or are those guys go to Ryan Ryan what's going to undermine meant. They're big guys -- bad -- -- -- and I ma call it from Hawaii. And -- an -- here. 7 AM game make it every week -- my question it is and I'm sure that. Bill Belichick put a lot of great had throughout the -- thought about that but my question is. Brandon Spikes and intricate and more effective argument neutral court and Tommy Kelly were still healthy but when we put him at first down situation. He didn't read it now I was ready to be in the back field. I'll take all the time that you beat black in castle offensive line and get in the backfield. Dongle or to so in the back. But -- -- -- -- -- certain county seat into yet that well you know we get back their -- are pretty good pass rusher. Okay the flip side is if if he doesn't get there. Or if they're able to block Brandon Spikes or if it's not to. It. If it's not if if they don't get executives spikes and get exactly what he's looking for. He's a liability on third down you're absolutely right he's an instinctive player big physical guy. Is a game changer when it comes to running plays he -- knock guys out in and he will affect -- running game. But coverage as the coverage is a problem that's why it was so presently sitting at call about the defensive game plan actually thought it was gonna call to say. While it's amazing what the patriots to the Jimmy Graham now. Because if you think if you automatically think linebackers and safeties especially linebackers. Matchup with Jimmy grammys and there's no way they hold on to zero catches. But the approach they had with them was it was a pretty damn good when they would be withdrawn corners Adam. Sometimes with safety help put out a lot of time -- for Talib left the game. While flat out 101 person to be great leap just seem to bother armed riot I mean yeah he hit the first time the very first rode him in the game and the entire half an -- is a great job started talking to him immediately seem to get this and it. And that I don't know maybe just the speed things seem to bother him. You do you know you always talk about how Howell -- sideline reporters don't usually give you much. Pam Oliver and I came out at some point I think it was. Maybe it right after the first half I forget exactly when one's name is even in the second quarter which she said. Talk to Sean Payton asked them about what they were gonna do with the match up with with with Jimmy Graham. And he said while we got to try to get everybody else involved and at that point concession he can see it just like OK you know what I'm not going to be able to use my number one -- today have to try to do everything else and even after -- -- out of the game they didn't really go back to Jimmy Graham at that point was if they decided he's done for the day. We're gonna do some others that eventually pulled away and they get an incredible job. Autumn and if you look at wide. Just go over the -- -- the last three weeks we knew this is going to be a very challenging three game stretch for the patriots. They played they played the falcons the Bengals. And the and the saints toward those games on the road. You're facing Julio Jones before -- went out for the year of racing AJ green great receiver. Young great receiver and then you have Jimmy Graham. And look what they did to those those guys Julio Jones made a great catch late in the game but really not not really huge factor and it. AJ green very quiet on the Bengals thirteen to six win over the patriots in Jimmy Graham no catches yet what it tells you is. I don't look Bill Belichick has made some he has swung and missed in the draft. Many times. But it's it's hard for me to say that Bill Belichick doesn't evaluate receivers well win. It doesn't look at that position in the same as other positions I think this is part of the part of the reason. He's only drafted one receiver in the first round -- entire head coaching career is. I didn't know what those guys I can take them I think you don't mind I'm not worried about a especially if you haven't Aqib Talib. You know we talked about it a little bit pay this man. Hate this man has money. Make sure he's around here for the long term because you see what he's capable of doing taking and every one from Julio Jones. To AJ green to Jimmy Graham three players have completely different skill sets and finding a way to man up against all three of them. The guy's pretty good he changed the game for them 6177797937. Derek is in his car right there. I get it up. -- don't miss Ukraine. You are back ago in the next few games in deterrent yeah. -- -- that full -- -- -- -- I had no way they gonna wait for in a -- against that. -- -- -- Erica I don't know -- first of all let's be very clear about my prediction. I have no freaking idea what's going to happen I have no idea you have a great match up between two really good teams and really good pitching matchups and every single game that you fine I just said -- this is this is the way could go right I mean if you think I'm crazy for that. There's a million other reasons why must be crazier than because I have some ridiculous prediction about a series. I'll sure there are really lotteries are great about it. Well ever -- -- wouldn't -- it's true. All big picture but it considered Lugo seventy. Batting -- terrible that are currently created a little bit hot spot. But don't you think they're equally capable of coming out tomorrow and -- score for five runs I think they are and don't you think they're capable of going in and beaten up Doug Fister a little bit. Of course they are. But I also don't trust I don't but Lackey that number the more you know. Aren't so maybe they win that game five to four I mean that that they block. You're right -- I might be crazy making a prediction about a baseball series and what's gonna happen in each game you might as well flip a point and you probably have about as good chance of being right. But none of those things are outside the realm of possibility just given the fact I don't Red Sox have been number one offense in the league this year -- suggests. It's a gas in to say that the Red Sox win the next two -- said the tigers went next right. That are effective and -- can -- -- on the Internet and then the other team could win a -- well coming back and -- these are two good teams are -- well -- any direction 6177797937. A few -- your calls before we take off for Detroit to bring you the sights and sounds of what may be the greatest city in the nation I don't know -- never been. Coming -- W. -- -- It's. Yeah. Okay. It's. Series in 2013. Hey it's. Half so. Only amazing. All the game last night how the game yesterday afternoon as well -- -- on WEEI I will save this there is still one thing bothering me. About the Red Sox series and coming -- for the life of me understand strike outs are strikeouts a tough. Comes from good -- To bunt you bunt over at third base what you make Miguel Cabrera. Move around a little that you mentioned earlier his lack of range in her last night aptly write him in the ball that that Iglesias and of going into the hole for -- throwing away a good third baseman. Should have that any better first baseman probably should come off the bag and made the plays well to save it from going. From going out of play and keeping Gomes the very least just the first space they. Voted by the way -- in the defense was they think they they broke down great it was great of -- -- to get the ball yes. But his throw was was out there. And then fielder. Looking for fair and affairs and we've seen that before and it almost. Was about the same location -- against the angels. In the division series I think that's a game where Manny hit the home run walk off home run in the playoffs are still there at the plate with a -- but. Fans understand that what he comes in once it's in that airspace. Theirs and they can get to a going existing it. Yeah after especially anybody the other team error fielder -- keep it can be Hezbollah rocket -- the guy can quickly knows. It's like for prosperity god -- gotten out to one up on them. Thanks again you -- Cabrera -- the first he had in game one. He rarely go Cabrera hobbled a little bit their bases -- any thoughts make him move Randall let me point out there this. Week we showed a few attempts to do that with a was with a was Ross victory pushes one of the first baseline but it's. Again we -- we're trying to get on and on basis a couple of different ways. You know what that doesn't really do format that was the other night that was the question I asked -- laughed at after game one it. Satisfied that answer. Pushing the ball the first baseline does not make Miguel Cabrera try to run around -- movement was his body when he's got a groin issue or a or sports -- David raw temperature look at that fake -- -- have two strikes does not make Miguel Cabrera move around that's the goal here is to me what he's -- -- third baseman Ron always bothering -- is that essentially this narrow it down you're talking about Victorino and -- There's other guys in game one I think -- as a candidate and -- is a candidate you got 45 guys in your lineup might be able -- one now yeah. Those are those of the two primarily with Dustin Pedroia pride in the next. I think you have to play you or -- get to play your normal game promotes the game now. Get into the seventh inning by the eighth inning where you're being no hit. Then every decent Bonner is the candidate. There's opportunities even before that -- I don't -- -- Miguel Cabrera moved around he looks like he's dying up there are suggestive look like. He looks like the terminator at the end of the first movie respect -- crawling with the hands doesn't have legs anymore like he's he's mister Boehner the first terminator. He's not the first term that's -- slowly as we elect the first terminator I'm expert I have watched -- long time at home I watched the first permanent when Everett on all series that holds up. Now the first what is so good. Councils are everything that everything looks. It looks for at least we're hated but like leaders don't throw good. That is separate I can't I -- that movies on my favorites of all time that'll never. Never go out of style for me regardless but the guy move around see what happens maybe he ends -- hurt himself worse. And you get Miguel Cabrera out of the series or or you make it even more comfortable complaint. Lots of opportunity six or 77797937. Let's go to ray in -- I guess I don't all right longtime listener first time caller appreciate and thank you you know your great show some mail -- last -- Our record content of the question. Carol and complete game saying it. You know I feel like they would have made that decision not about it and working at 521 we -- -- in with fractured period. Wouldn't stay wherever that he has that -- game. But they they had a comfortable lead they are worried they don't really worry about 86 quick -- and it wouldn't do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a bit of the playoffs. Does that mean it's not like you're up ten to one Europe five to line and you go on to a ball in and we're not talking about. Of -- nasty boys or one of these and you know great bullpen to where. You're just afraid to see him you know once you get to that and the game is over. I heard it depend that's OK and in some guys have done. And there are a couple of guys had some nice seasons -- smiley -- and my flu season now. Did you think at that time -- was gonna look at Little Rock I'm good I got I didn't think it would cost in the game. But it's got to be a better reason. To take out a game and take got a guy in a playoff game -- game two of the ALCS then. Well he's -- a 108 pitches. A big deal out I understand at the time though it didn't I wasn't I was a look at -- Almeida. What a huge mistake by Jim Leland I can't believe he's taking out scherzer. Although looking back -- -- man it is a little surprising that he took office and do things that got me last night now one album I'm not sure he you do is you just go body language always dangerous I understand hampered global body language is not really sort the context is. Like Miguel Cabrera was talked a lot of -- last night after is after home run home run tennis parents the people understands. -- But yeah I feel about -- -- premature celebrations. -- lot of baseball left and -- a lot of baseball left in this game there's a lot of baseball left in this series. What's that all about this very strange used to -- football. I'm not baseball. In so early in the game that's one -- -- two Max Scherzer in the dugout. Was overjoyed. Coming back -- I mean how about the team. They they mentally I think they relaxed and I felt like it would ultimately it over now that they thought. Is a cigarette is a seven inning game we have just wiped out the -- I called him a world and we're gonna go up to enough that we got Verlander at home in game three brings a rematch at home. Which brings back to the original point. Starter give on the mentality. It is already. The thing now with with modern pitchers it is. They believe -- they've done their jobs. When they get separate. And we are going back to 300 inning. 300 or even 275. Innings pitched but. Get to the point where seven -- I want guys who want to pitched complete games even if you don't let don't. I guess the problem though is when you don't let him do it all year how are they able to then get out of their routine is another baseball players routine is everything to them. If they haven't done and a hundred times in a row than they can't do with the next time. You wonder if it's difficult for them to try to go more than that when they haven't done too many times over the course of the year -- here's what's going on. We are gonna run out as we got to get to the airport in order to get to Detroit. We will be with you guys both before AM. After the game tomorrow early game 4 o'clock game will be on from two to 330 or so the more pop back on. For a few hours after the game break it down talk about what happened and start looking ahead for around for game four as well so Mikey Adams will be in next lot more Red Sox and patriots stop with him. We'll catch you guys tomorrow too from Detroit's -- the -- here we come.

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