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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley: "It was great, a great win for the team"

Oct 14, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots awesome last second win over the Saints with the Pats head coach Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday.

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-- Bill Belichick and join us in just a couple of minutes. Our regular Monday conversation with the coach of the coaches our brought you buy a Mercedes-Benz and buy -- -- Lot to talk about him obviously -- come back more Red Sox calls today bouncing back and forth before we take off for Detroit about 530 we will run out of here few minutes early. And I get to Detroit to that we're ready to go. The rest of the week in Detroit's. It be huge can be a lot of fun I'm excited for Detroit I'm excited that it's 11 and everything just means a little bit more so going to be a lot of fun for us to have out here today. And be in their -- later tonight but the patriots the of the story here for for a moment then. I don't say that I I gave up I wasn't watching the game live internal I told you I just I IE. Saw the situation. Assumed the patriots were out of timeouts. And then imagine that that would be -- there was no way they could win the game at that point. And and I didn't have Al Michaels to tell me how I want to -- Al marketing sales of the clock and when they get the ball back and everything else. Com it's a long time since I remember Brady with -- one of these comebacks when he needed a touchdown. Nobody needed a field goal but when he needed to drive the length of the field no timeouts to score a touchdown and to do yesterday was pretty impressed. Well he did a great job yesterday about how the rookie. -- Tompkins. I don't it was a -- we were looking at the replay again as many viewed. And on the young lot of -- on the make a plays. AB and KC man now to make a plan on Obama's. Mohammed started using you probably see the replays you know ten times 1520 time to look at it again. Great throw from Tom Brady but also a terrific catch -- from -- it is a great throws one if it had to be Brady's best or the day and it came off of heck of a drive started with the long pass to Julian gentlemen let's get the coach's point of view on this Bill Belichick joins us and our conversation with him has brought -- was always -- be -- do Tedy Bruschi did it. And get affordable dependable life insurance -- SP -- -- -- protected over a million families. Since 1907 visit SB allied dot com today coach. -- you say after the game that this took five years off of your life. Out why it was yesterday a lot what was so big about yesterday beyond just the comeback what was special about that to you. Of assistant in RO competitive game and known -- seven all the possessions at the end of the game is usually. -- you get that many chances that -- -- or -- of course you know -- the -- will -- at the -- -- -- -- drugs because. Very great great -- for the team. You know bill before we get to that drive me a lot of a lot of great things happened leading up to that. Earlier in the game you were able to hold Jimmy Graham your team was able to hold them to zero catches. Just what what was the approach with Graham how to how did you view him -- know we talked about Tony Gonzales before you call them a big receiver. Was that pretty much it would it would Jimmy Graham big receiver and we got to make sure we take them out of the game. Oh yeah and it turned and some those historical numbers there's less on. He's. You know feature and we described. There really get all receiver striving to play cover version. You know make make the throws confessed that. You know. He was on on which -- -- all of both the so he could breach of those that the owner Lynn cook all those. Plant that is -- -- up. -- think. The guys that we you know we knew that the producer Norman. Look like even again and again that there and it worked all. This could boost -- team. Is a way that he played him. And over and they. I know grams a big basketball fan and a former basketball players obviously -- 6667. Is a real. Real problem for most teams to deal with but is there anything else about his game that the little underrated that is that is a challenge that you have to look out for. My pillow on his it is as. The but the -- a lot of place where he goes up and get all you know I'll be found -- there but I mean. As you mentioned Ali and -- Position himself between. In them all. You know that's. Is. Audience. That was those. Do you coach Aqib -- any differently heading into -- a match up like that I mean. He's accustomed to matching up with the guys on the outside for the most part faster wide receivers. You coach -- differently some some different coaching points heading into a matchup with a big physical tight end -- -- A loyal but it's certainly different form of playing as much in the inside part of the formation of the as it is -- People as well that's available from that he has that it -- And more time on the perimeters of the outside. -- plane in you know we're we're right and what is this. By then. It is conventional position is that one more -- It right there in the field. All in. Well shortened it but there -- more -- -- -- -- -- You know -- ask you we talked about the end of the game in and all the possessions there odds when it. Know what you are thinking when it was down to what reported it was you guys were down 24 to 23. It's fourth and six you made the decision to go forward. Dobson had the ball on his hands and he dropped it. -- why not -- there what was what was there what were you playing in that situation. Felt like we had a good was like we. With the would be good in that situation. And isn't a lot of time left in the game we're going to be and we didn't move the although it didn't work position. But what we are crippled global and who have of this is that is that of you sort of be aggressive and ago. It. And and risk reward is OK if we don't get it we give up we give up three year or we give up a touchdown and still one possession game is at that. The logic okay that the worst thing -- still is not terrible we still if we get the ball we wind up getting the ball back. Well we've we've we knew we were gonna pick up who knows if federal. Oh it has not ended because they're. When -- in. If this -- -- And they. -- Bill Belichick where this as he is every Monday here in a patriots Monday on WEEI. We were talking about this and as you know -- just a crazy day in Boston yesterday the comeback. That everybody witnesses at Foxboro followed by the great comeback in David Ortiz do what he does last night at Fenway Park. You've been around clutch guys and I'm not entirely sure what that phrase means that guys who have come opened big spots and Terry Francona used to say the game would slow down for them. Would you watch Brady or other players like that is there something you can identify in them that allows them to shine in those big moments. A lot of regular both those games there's -- Or more about the team that was one. Are lucky. Those. Performances it was a great win whether it's our last night but it was. Good performance. A lot of people you know there's been on the street is home. Good base Ryan. Those court in the ninth and the defense the pitching. It when it was. And keep it there. But it won't. Get those -- and if -- -- across the across the but he felt that the ball. Offensively. If Lou there and -- -- the Astros were alignment of receivers get open vegetables or. And it a -- team effort on this but don't want. In responded -- those situations. On the rest of the unit like this. There are a lot of big a lot of individual opposite that but well part of that. We'll just want it was of course it. Or -- our group of similar. Did you watch arrests are -- last night. I'm confident not at all. So you really think America in the we wouldn't talk to people today -- fourth inning fifth inning sixth inning uh oh here we go again they were one hit the night before and the pressures of a -- now what what you think American this sixth or seventh inning. The -- they're gonna score. Laughter. -- -- -- Russo told. Good friend of mine. -- -- -- Always told it. Is well thought there -- always -- -- -- Actually get a well. Did you see like from what what I saw those. Some the red book is done quite a few times this year. Was the first on this game. Like. That there wasn't a corner very. At a grateful if -- It was the it was typical one. To come back to your game yesterday you've matched wits with a lot of head coaches in your time obviously what kind of challenge does challenges. To Sean Payton and that offense present as it is it a fun. Battle to go up against somebody like him. Well on the phone calls on but this is the art. You know this virtual and a lot of good players. Where are. But -- of line. Or. And have a lot of good -- -- The facts. By then the receivers. As the very world on all resourceful. And anybody who watched the game. That the game is definitely see the about personal those decisions. Or own views were they would bring. 23 force them five players on the field. On every on every play and defensively you have. Try to match those those personal recovery are gonna do it whether you can take personal not the your poll had a match the people that they put out there and the combination. They also moved camera phone on and -- formation on a ways to better position. Items without that loose you know things that all that you. Adjustments on these. And they're vertical passing game. We all -- It broke all know or -- only people they broke the field -- green and and we're -- mobile. Scramble. The -- you know he. First down there and work order so you just have so many things that the but we are so -- the culmination. Of people in place. Is the volume and an executable. All those things together. Offense similar to one you've seen before. -- May have that we've seen elements of things like this before. A lot of things that change personnel on a regular basis. Let's just say these guys are you know and they have a lot of experience with a the do it for a number years. That global sophistication. And and they have a lot of the players. While see -- like to see. In the loss of vision. But that it but there's also killed your have these -- offices. I'm on -- be given a different group that they don't have the skill level. Accurately. Are as worried about it because they take off as well as it one -- They bring guys on. You worry about because that are coming -- The matter who they take off because there -- my -- -- -- that -- well. -- players on a combination. Of child. A lot of -- to them as a result of these groups. But really yesterday. -- like there are almost as much or -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then -- -- But you know they're still it was shipped away from there are receivers they're prohibitive as. Who would have for the back. Not all that it's in what we're. The system. You know bill since we talked -- you last Monday there have been quite a few stories out about Rob Gronkowski. One story says there's resentment in the locker room over the fact he's not playing yet dominating practice according to the story another story. He's reluctant to go out there has some type of you know maybe maybe a trust issue with the medical staff from what they told him and in the subsequent surgeries after his initial surgery. Is there any thing I knew what this situation or what what is going on between Rob Gronkowski in the patriot. Well Roland active yesterday so. The story yesterday as it goes -- -- -- well -- -- -- No no no tension between you guys and Rob Gronkowski are our Rob Gronkowski in the medical staff. Soreness in his game and. I think the one last question people would have about him minimal move on here is just. If if he is not able to be active for game if he's not healthy enough for that. How was he able to to practice and take contact in practice. How is that possible. Well you know the league has assistant. Reporting injuries. -- -- -- -- Although with every player on the roster all of this group. Based on so we. We -- we're. It. Our bills it's time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers the -- new Mercedes-Benz. Class has arrived see them on the web at MB USA. Dot com this week's question comes from Bob in Braintree obviously. Are related to last night he wants to know. Review what is the most memorable. Late game comeback that you been apart of as a player or coach. Closed with a slogan out there sure. It down or order and the but the raiders. Who have -- I'm -- one than. That when an over. With -- with the -- went up there given the magnitude of the game. And -- and we got a lot of around here. Fortunately or down well with sister. The very come back. That before and and thirteen when a so. But took a lot of several possessions. Well coach we appreciated to appreciate your time today congrats -- a nice win yesterday we'll talk to you next week out are we all right Terry. Here's -- here's Bill Belichick who joins us every single Monday for patriots Monday -- conversation with the coach. As always brought to you by SP -- do Tedy Bruschi did get affordable dependable like insurance. From SB ally the company that's protected over a million families in 1907. -- SPL. Guy dot com today. Well I'm still excited about laughs and if anybody else excited -- well give army Phillies are able Bryant again do we need to have you fallen asleep in the last moment ago. -- we place of Dave O'Brien to just remind people what today is about what yesterday it was like. And and what it's like maybe you're running on fumes may -- it's just adrenaline today. Maybe a little extra sleep because it's Columbus Day. But will remind you why today is an exciting day coming up axle canal WE.

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