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A day for the history books: Two Improbable Comebacks in 4 hours

Oct 14, 2013|

We look back at the amazing day in Boston sports that was Sunday... Pats snatch victory from the claws of defeat, and the Sox arise from the dead, all within 4 hours of each other.

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Well what a huge day today coming off even bigger day yesterday salt -- on WEEI WEEI dot com Bill Belichick will join us in an hour at 3 o'clock. I'm sure he will be Europe's principal with the excitement and -- yesterday's win your word of -- yet. Joyful -- like irrepressible batter he will be all of the -- we'll talk to bill coming up there at 3 o'clock any enthusiastic. Over the top it is after all a patriots Monday. There's no such thing as a Red Sox Monday but it is that is well today is the tale of two people really more than anything else I mean you can talk. About a lot of other things that occurred yesterday but today is the -- Of two guys as you know the two legends here from Boston David Ortiz and Tom Brady bill you know -- today and and it. You know Ortiz hit bombs in my team anchorman okay. Those of you guys what they both did yesterday were tell stories of the day we'll take your your comments questions and phone calls in reaction to all throughout today 6177797937. How sick would you be today. How sick would you be of. You one of those people at at Foxboro. Who left the camera that we saw them. -- -- and and I can't I can't judge you maybe had something else to do all he maybe had a -- turning into the Red Sox get may I don't know I don't know what I wanna hit. All Andy maybe it was a family dinner. May be able. Is beating the traffic because there's work to date well no there's no one could say that there were a lot of people because the holiday I don't know. But -- to be sick to your stomach if you pay for that ticket. You invest in that whole day afternoon game and then you leave it when the game is in the balance and you see that great comeback on TV. Who feels worst who feels worse the next day people who left the Bruins game seven against Toronto. People who left the patriots yesterday or people who left the Red Sox game yesterday. And by the way the smallest number of those is definitely the Red Sox -- that place was -- pact after the game as soon as it happened I looked out I was -- I was their playoff. I don't terabyte you know they all fields are the same because you missed. Historic moment you've you missed that great moment that people will be talking about for years and years guidance for days that we hers. It was an arm of the game at Fenway remember that one. If you compare him to -- a great comeback. It during the playoffs the playoff comeback against the rays when they were down seven zip. In 2008 in the race topic clinched a series. They're gonna win that -- four games to one camera back Red Sox came back. Then it was 32. And then they weren't they went to Tampa. And it was 33. And announced gave us so they'll -- don't already so -- -- -- funny you would want to be there you don't wanna you -- wanna hear somebody else tell the story like -- had a ticket to that game. But I left whereas. But that's football for minutes -- in the fourth quarter were left in the sixth because I was so frustrated that they couldn't hit scherzer. Ugly while I guess at least the first question of the day did you give up on either of those two teams yesterday as you -- in couch all day. -- Fox25 on your dial relief from from 4 o'clock on until you went to bed last night. Did you give up. At any point on either of those two teams I'll give you my answers as night had sort of a funny game is on the air with Lou during the patriots game we were sort. Get off the -- just as the patriots failed on fourth and six we can discuss that play out whether or not it was the right move the wrong move clearly worked out in the -- that -- necessarily mean that it was the brightest way to play it by. I sought to and then watching the whole game I saw that occurred to understand all the timeouts at the time it will then that's got to be over. You wouldn't go forward on fourth and sixth unless you were out of timeouts so I just assumed at that point the game was over the world is gonna take it run up Walken and that was going to be the end of it. And that little and I walked out of the studio Fenway Park and we start walking down the tunnel like grabbed a quick bite to eat walk little bit more and you had a DVR -- watch it. Just seeing every spam. At Fenway Park there was a must have been nobody out in the actual seats. Everybody. Was in the concourse all I was sort of on first base side at that point. Staring at television and every one of the TV said the patriots game on had the sound on people were all gathered around everybody wearing their Red Sox a year excited about the game that they'd paid to. To go to that night but all just completely focus there was like. A group of like tenor twelve police officers the world stay in and around it's like oh good complexity that places it well guarded as they went on with the police officer who did -- cut down signal they didn't care they're like yeah -- is always important thing going on oratory hotter fell onto the ball unbelievable so. That will walk walk and I try and I have to make my way over to two yawkey way. To sneak my way through and watch over the court in my keep looking I stopped for each play -- look back open. When Brady threw that final pass like Italian man I've been some great sports environments. I've been crowds when they go absolutely crazy I -- in sports bars when they go nuts. Being in that home course at Fenway Park. For Tom Brady's touchdown pass to Kimbrel Tompkins was as cool as any of those moments it was like a mosh pit people jumping up and down I heard the top story at the same thing. Bears during the year as everybody's cheer milk the Strom OK all decked out -- and I got the radio to deviate things to do. -- everywhere. I got my bag briefcase all of my dad I don't just throw beer -- sell out exactly and think somewhere my suit to get over to do NASA and trying to dodge the years it was Michael I got Italian. One of the very very unique moments because how often do you episode you were able 30000 people all your input and Don you were able to dodge -- better than. Erin Andrews is able to -- or. Load -- she got she she was salty about it is just one of those things that you better -- -- they announced a nice new coat on and got her hair done and it was all messed up. I I understand exactly what you're talking about is the great thing about being here in this town. It in and it really makes you think of those silly arguments sometimes about. Well who's more popular is that the patriot who's number one is the patriots of the Red Sox to people care more about the Red Sox were brought on the if you can have everything that when you take everything. So that people who work there as you said for Red Sox game but excited. For the patriots comeback win. If you happen all the available to you choose and they would take this one and then I'll just that one you don't have to. You got it all a town like this what's that he's a passion was a -- everybody cares about it so why not get you know. And is better than or commercial -- with a couple that goes to the Chinese restaurant gets three or so we have -- -- straight and our our chicken can have -- cuts and enjoy it and man it was if it was very very special day yesterday and and I thought we talked about this earlier but the the odds of those to come backs occurring writes a fan graphs. To the baseball ports that you great stuff with numbers if you get the stock common mandate Cameron that's unbelievable stuff. They they may tabulated the two percentages of the comeback they reach around 4% or so at their worst. At at the most buyers part of the game which is -- both comebacks occurring together. Point 16%. -- yet weighs 6%. What are people at the Red Sox game who had the benefit of seeing the patriots game earlier in the day. I wonder if that gave them perspective probably not a baseball game. As you think about the patriots comeback may be first inning second and third inning. But it will match Max Scherzer is just mowing you down they just throwing everything it's all good in the historical and it. Every pitch that he had last night. Was -- it was a plus plus pitch whatever was. So it's a fifth inning. You don't have any hits. Are you thinking well. The patriots came back earlier today. Maybe the Red Sox would do the same thing probably not now. So I can understand. Even though I don't believe and I can understand what some of those people left but it will -- to which would. That gore could get what you -- and I was gonna say of all the people that that I wanted to credit today -- the day is about David Ortiz and his Perot complacent sound. Of his duty in John Farrell said the exact same thing that was interesting. It's about Tom Brady. But the next group I think it's about the Red Sox pitcher to integrate no disrespect to them out to those who hung in there in and help their team. But that atmosphere Fenway Park last night and just the excitement level when day when Victor Reno had at the first hit off insurers are okay fine. When Pedroia was able to knock him and you finally scored a run and that it was exactly the same as the Lucic goal in game seven against Toronto got that seems sort effective OK okay. It's not great but at least to start to chip away and or is a lot better than five at an annual load the bases and and the parade of relievers reminding you Joseph Maddon just last week real okay. Eventually one of these guys is gonna make a mistake. And then Ortiz comes up and and just look at. -- next whoever is like. It at the end how my right to be your your right right right adored by white text me right then and says it's scripted before the home run. She says of course it's Ortiz this house to be scripted I mean wells -- come up in that situation for everybody to overcome a lot of. Are a perfect situations last night but I know your your point about the Red Sox -- the but the Red Sox and and not mention the whole parade of relievers. For Jim Leland. For Red Sox fans there -- some carry over from. The 86 year drought and it is something that Yankee spring and that New York -- used to make fun out. With Red Sox are scheduled to say that prospect right it's coming up whether it is. Sam -- still -- here. Audit on the next guy Donnie Sadler is going to be great in all these got Pavano and roads whatever it is. But what you saw last night is a carry over of that ramp it -- -- control optimism give us a glimmer. Just give us a little up and I -- a sliver of hope. It is on so that's what happened last scherzer was shutting everybody down but it gives up hit one hit. And they don't want to run in the erupted there's a chance but as far as Jim Leland concerned -- You could say they choked. It's the toughest situation of the game and maybe he created the type of situation in the game. Of by insurers are out an inning too early. So be it bases are loaded. It's five to wind and you got to go to your best available. Pitcher ever about Jim Leland group will remember Phil Coke got Coco Phil Coke was not even on the DS roster because he hasn't pitched well has been heard it's better yes he has good numbers against Ortiz -- -- yet to pitch in the playoffs he can understand some trepidation and Jim -- part of he didn't wanna go to -- What it was guy I don't think that this losses on Leland I think what happened is and Torii Hunter -- perfectly there's one guy in the Red Sox lineup that you can't let beat you and they let him beat them. I just so happened that in that moment. Four run game David Ortiz came up with the bases loaded did not wait he drilled a pitch that came in the Torii Hunter came as close as could be to making what I think we talk about his. What are your all time very what are software for Greg catches ever having -- Willie Mays catch is going to be up there and I love Jim Edmonds -- that the situation wasn't as big a when you combine the situation in the Grand Slam the. Playoffs or got delicate -- all look at Torii hunter's real he's probably got a few of them. That that would qualify running mate and I are starting Mary bonds yeah I mean that would have been right there but just because of the sacrificing. Of his body meaning he's lucky and break a real black I'm not so -- -- He may have upon maturity that I can't tell you. -- hotter on Tuesday if he plays you know god bless them and we came up and it took some good some good tough swings. Later after making that catch -- that you were thinking guy with a cracked rib wouldn't be able to do that. So sure he's gonna be ready to go on Tuesday I mean that was. It took a beating first by by hitting the wall -- -- falling into the bullpen. I wanna hear from you guys a little bit Bill Belichick of course at 3 o'clock -- will bounce back and forth -- today between Red Sox conversation and patriots conversation as well if it was just. It was just such a remarkable day and author -- a few questions for you the first is being did you lose -- It's was there a point during the day yesterday where he lost faith the patriots -- this team that was four and one but I heard the chatter all weekend long people say c'mon. They're four and one come on they're not that good. So really. You really think that way out yet for a while but you can see that they're not gonna have really I don't see it that way I think they are good team that's found ways to win by. Well you're losing at the end I was like you've made another key mistake it's Brady was not a 100% accurate. It drops its rocky first week we had are on the station will find it is important for you today hello Peter King uncle Peter in my house but. Peter King went on but Lou instead. That they might have trouble make in the playoff planet. A coupon that's down from from a -- Peter can't last week a complete I heard it on the replay. NFA. I think I may have cause an accident I was shocked I really how does that really Peter king's dream that the patriots will struggle to make the play. Five and one that certainly does this week for me bride wore yesterday is what he said that last Friday it was felt like they could beat the saints find a way look they they want the time session. Dominated it early kept breeze off the yield exhibit with the without its managers should not -- That he did not do with being great game for to -- it you set yourself up now or maybe you had enough wins where you can withstand. Some of the some of the injuries that you're gonna go through now with to leave. Tommy Kelly. Amendola. -- about down for a victory just fine art should be just -- don't worry about it it would go right past that who. It debt that was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it was it was frightening yeah watching him and he was being held up. And he had no idea who he was where he would just go -- usher is going to be okay -- and not even worried about that your will be fine but you know five but I don't know will be playing football is that -- was brutal so well the pitcher to win puts them a spot where they can now. Withstand some of those injuries she's playing and and -- was slightly softer part of the schedule after the brutal grind of the last couple weeks and the Sox were staring down 02 coal. To go to Detroit for three. 43. With Justin regularly early in any injury right against the guy the price don't trust as much John Lackey cell. They were released -- in the -- oh in the face to come back in that moment after not here for four games. -- injury against Tampa. Game four against Tampa. They obviously in game one on on on Friday Saturday night January and that they -- entering game -- mean. -- look at that it nine other people I've talked about yesterday sand. This is what I expected I was always a matter time before the Red Sox came crashing back down earth they were never supposed to be that the go up against good pitching and it's embarrassing them now. And then all of a sudden in like one moment. All that turns around and and and the excitement level confident and. Better return it will give barrels a day -- -- you'll get better because what we have here friend. It's day seven game series eight classic seven game series. The Red Sox are not gonna knock out the tigers in five the tigers in Iraq and were knocked out the Red Sox in 57 game series directors. Think it's six but I don't give at least put yourself in a spot now where if you do lose game three. Tomorrow at 4 o'clock you can hear right here on WEEI. If you're still work tomorrow for. You can with sand you'll only be down two to one come back the next day with -- against history here in good shape of course if you win it you're you're an even better shape you take down Verlander. Up 21 with a better pitching matchup in game four that's right where you -- of the -- 677797937. Get the -- your calls coming up here plus. A few minutes after David Ortiz hit that home run last night Michael there's one guy. I just could not help. But think of the place and his sound coming up as well all all WE. -- -- -- -- drive right field instead of 800. Racing back. -- -- Absolute rocket. First -- swinging. Talk about dramatic home runs in his career there. Wow. And Torii Hunter is the quality. As he is on his feet and coming through the bull and gate on the warning track meet loves Fenway Park. Is devastated shocked but happy shock as the Red Sox. Tenth time big game it's -- night. The great line last night in the Jones apparel. Press conference -- action with Jarrod Saltalamacchia Roger Rubin from New York east come -- yet. Get after you know all the time scoring -- hurt these kids to lie that money. -- I was as observant student -- the lap 300 art is the -- -- and Altman have all the respect in the world group has ominous warning that's a great call it is. We we will play that. Read about ten times is that legit -- That is a great Ben Gordon's. I'd like Hercules Hercules a little bit Hercules. -- And it was great the question for Roger Rubin to like -- Saltalamacchia I was so perfectly phrased it was. What was it like with witnessing the David Ortiz post season experience in person. That's really what it is it's the David Ortiz post season experience and it's it's almost something unto itself. You've had these awful swings the night before -- he was gone off last was everybody. Against Sanchez in between the tweaked him between the couldn't decide to swing showing not checked swings -- the arm. Screaming to Joseph west not -- the first based on third base some and he was he was awful so I. Racing back. OK okay. Whose career. He's pretty happy and I will say that just a couple of minutes later -- -- not right away but a couple of minutes later I thought of our boy who called last week. I thought of our boy Blake in Rhode Island I thought of how angry you any level both sampling of my week -- It is with David Ortiz big beautiful in particular cloud. And that are gonna get a little upset some pins out there what does that mean to you mean those are big words what do they meantime -- -- tell -- the phony partly it was phony about 00 Jesus well let me down in Richmond race is going on -- -- -- Anyway you know anyway that's enough for him don't -- you don't believe that that happens you know Blake was doing last night. This and the same things that Dave O'Brien was. -- He's -- the top of David -- don't get excited for anybody insurer if you're a red. Stocks open what is what is image what his -- -- -- exactly guy I was slowly shaking his look just a -- Should -- come from his and our court should become -- that -- -- -- got earlier he'd go to yesterday raising abilities -- to -- is if he's really Red Sox -- He was excited just like everybody unbelievable -- -- Six what's happened at seven -- they -- -- 937. Ever get is going and in New Hampshire hi amber. They get up. I didn't say YouTube you know I was with I think -- well I was outside. The would have been -- -- -- You know -- dog played a cabinet and bought yeah. -- -- apparently we are watching Brady and you couldn't help but you have to look at Warner -- -- kind Q&A on the field. Apparently dropped the ball one kind. Twice now at the Johnson dropped an important six. Right without all the righted the public the moment when when Brady threw the touchdown pass. Well look unbelievable if he. You kind of collect under I -- I was my dog better she heard what these and got to walking into federal that we get me you'd think it will work. The defense -- that that -- -- where I really you know Brady would they give you gave Italy twice. But you get there and the defense -- the -- get the ball back. Everyone hanging around the vehicle there was a confession pretty fascinating and not play in -- -- -- we watch differ. I don't know five minutes or so and just unbelievable to come back. There's gold ever -- a cold day in and to watch the Red Sox do it a few hours later in almost the same fashion right pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. To such a cool day Tom Brady David Ortiz there's something about those two guys that is just different from everybody you know I do -- I don't know that they may play. Okay now now. But that's Peter team before before I get to that what I wanna ask Bill Belichick about you haven't spoke with a full clip and -- Of of Peter it explaining the situation with the patriots this could just play out on the I 25 to whoever -- place. I understand exactly what you're saying. But at some point. He's got its start in our hopes they are -- we are leaving it to be talking about. And he he you don't eking into the playoffs even as -- -- succeed. I don't I don't I'm not positive about this to you look at their schedule and certainly possible. But I don't know. If they happen in the Amendola. And gronkowski. Doesn't play this year I don't I don't know that they can make the playoffs. Well. And all I. Can. Understand why it may have stopped the car. Out -- speed and are slightly over our. Five miles over not nine or ten like you guys. -- I -- almost ribbon breaks when he said that. It's shocking to you. Here Peter King said he didn't think that. The patriots commit to plant or might not make the playoffs I don't I don't I don't know that they may what do you hope to. The people I was talking to over the weekend and I heard a lot of the same sentiment and I kept saying I was surprised. We talked about a Michael last week and said they can shut down Jimmy Graham that's what they do that's about how to -- as he takes away your guy and then forces everybody else to beat you the plan was to. Controlled Jim Ingraham right. You handle you and to stop the -- aren't. And then Marcus Colston okay fine art on the beach and -- about so -- it -- take my chances on that -- who knows. And boys still my boy yes Stephen Stills I think what this first MLS team that Stevens they'll have the British are now positive could be. It might be Stephen stills and NL attached I'll get that gets credit is a hell of a touchdown catch that he made but not nearly not nearly. Not mean it is telecheck as a way of doing that he did yesterday it should be such a big surprise. -- they're real questions that come up with a debit desolate that's less -- Want to ask him and a door and ask him justice process what what he was thinking out on the fourth and six players report the six like you're down 24 to 23. And you have all of your timeouts and got the two minute warning so essentially you've got four timeouts. Was the logic. OK we got the ball we don't wanna give it back and we will deal with the consequences and the consequences will be. Worst case scenario a touchdown which is still one possession game of the of the 3123 we need to two point conversion are we going on a score or out. What will concede a field goal if if we don't get -- for that I just wanna know what he was -- of their because. It's really. A move that if it doesn't work you are you know you're giving up points. As opposed to our go Ford artistry and keep the drive going but if you don't you're not giving up points. Erratically you'll get some field position you'll stop them and you still need a field goal to win. Six -- 77797937. Bill Belichick will join us in about twenty minutes your thoughts come back to David Ortiz here and just what he did last night. The incredible moment of Fenway Park as clutch as clutch gets. It wasn't an elimination game but that's as close to being a must win as you could possibly have. Out without it being a must win and they find a way steering Justin Verlander in the face tomorrow. To pull that game out after not hit and perform for days really really amazing six or 777979837. Go to Jimmy who's in New Hampshire hi Jim. -- -- -- -- all -- this. I want to talk about basically that that feeling -- yeah comic -- -- where I mean we wrote the -- I'll afternoon. All of you know doubted dumped all of -- -- -- -- they populate the play at radio yes. A concert band and I knew sitting at home that you come through because it -- time is -- It felt great it's -- let's be involved in that. Now did you know you just ask you guys as don't ask you this Jimmie and salt. -- Because it in Detroit understandably that they're thinking about that the joke they had this they have this thing won there would be up two zip -- got Justin Verlander on the hill on Tuesday. The perfect situation of the -- you're tigers -- Let's let's let's reverse it. If the Red Sox come up with the situation let's say they're winning 521 in the eighth inning on Tuesday. And the bases are loaded and Miguel Cabrera comes up. Do you. Would you would you walk them. -- you walking and I'll run tough to do tough to do and bring though the winning run to -- and who would you want pitching to -- would you want coaching. Yeah gives our look at the -- what he did I understand that -- I understand Torii hunter's comments about not letting their best player beat you. But we can do with the bases loaded there you are walking with the bases loaded I mean maybe a deal I don't know but it it didn't -- this is. I -- Buck Showalter it's stumping in the height of a Barry Bonds right doing his thing in this -- like -- there's also plenty either. -- either. Loaded the bases right. No I think he walked on water -- Iran yeah. I think you want -- I think we are Barry Bonds at a capitol -- Mears at some point as well walked with the bases loaded or intentionally walked with nobody on a minute that you saw both of those things with Barry Bonds. I don't think you can do that playoff -- in the baby that was a year when -- had like what 260. Walk it back then -- 260. And so maybe one of those with the intentional walk in particular and around to come back to his question -- his comment about knowing Ortiz is condemning I would be lying -- -- setting new David Ortiz was getting hit a home run but. You did have that feeling I would assume -- -- like. He can do this again using. Right like those you know those people those moments you you you expect somebody to behave one way by. And actually do it it's still a surprise right and that's really what that moment is because you have as much faith and David Ortiz as anybody in the world coming to the plate they're couldn't possibly be another hitter that you would feel more comfortable with that situation that David Ortiz give ourselves Verizon record is clutch everything else. And just even his regular season what he's done throughout his career. And yet they're still the odds are against him hitting a home run right the odds are -- all -- a Grand Slam first time the odds are always going to be that he gets out right 'cause he's he's a 300 hitter. OK so 7% of the time he's gonna make out. They are today if he does get -- it's not gonna be home run it's a single to double drives and runs it keeps things going in the DC which he got afterwards but. Actually hit the Grand Slam and that moment it's the least surprising thing in the most surprising thing all wants. That's what makes it's -- it was an it was a it was an amazing -- moment and I thought afterwards. And I know Bill James is random inched toward. Disputing his own work as it was almost thirty years ago Bill James wrote. Like. And Bill James does this sometimes. Leveled scathing. A very sarcastic. Piece about how people cities clutch exist. Yes hey how do you approve clutch exist OK and so suddenly the guy who hits. I got to forty hitter becomes a 260 hitter in the playoffs like how does that happen tell me the process of how it happens. So it was really. -- -- With this this idea that there's a clutch hitter areas there is written now he'll work pillaging while. Clutch does exist -- that and we've seen it would debris to the question is why why is David Ortiz different wise Tom Brady different both Ortiz. And John Ferrell gave the very similar answer to that question last night play of their sound next in the Bill Belichick and twenty minutes alcohol WB. I mean drive right field. -- -- Hey good good. -- -- Thanks so we appreciate that hit it just that curiosity I'm not Jordan great -- hit -- -- That Napoli while a ball. Dave O'Brien. Able prior to that -- -- -- to honor her. Opt out corporate. -- we have Gordon -- I'm -- heard about it and I. Thought you know. Perfect load reload it really is a perfect call her -- -- hurt. What about it -- had a -- lakers -- Pat -- her words are easier because he's not have her like if he'd had a concussion of his own I would hopefully we wouldn't be laughing about it but man I -- that well all. Is so perfect and you're showing that the double emotions of the moment what one side is thinking the other side. I'm by everyone's seen the shot the globe and elsewhere of the security guard -- cop with -- hands up in the air Torii hunter's legs doing the exact same thing there really just just a remarkable night it did. These things just seem to happen here for a couple months right to every few months you have an unforgettable night of sports in Boston in the fact that it was two teams that did yesterday. Instead of just one extra -- David Ortiz before you have Bill Belichick might have been a more more. Premiered to because I am sorry -- hurt. What is it that sets these guys apart right I mean David Ortiz and Brady Brady -- to a different man I I shudder to think about what Boston sports will be like. When both of those guys are no longer. -- right who is going to be successors. To there level -- -- unbelievable clutch performances. When you truly need them in this in the in the dire moments those. To be when they come through the most. And I thought it was -- and went down the postgame press conferences last night at Fenway and to hear both Ortiz in John -- say almost the same thing herald went first they asked about David Ortiz what it is about him that allows them to rise to those occasions. DC he stays calm. You know we talk a lot about you know whether stated or other guys guys can perform and meaningful moments that they've got the ability to keep the emotions under control. It's clear cut what is looking for. And it's you know when it was Manny Ramirez for a number years here and and he and David pairing up for us so much success. There's a lot of similarities to those two players that in those key moments. -- and they keep your heart rate under control. You think of them as being a similar types of players like that. Manny and and Ortiz Manny and Ortiz. I mean number but not really I'm Manny Cortez and others still aren't sure what he's saying there. Which I saw -- -- last -- bears played last -- play for victory. Let's Cabrera all of Cabrera lesser -- All the way same type hitter does that just an unbelievable great right handed hitter. It doesn't do a lot of other things well but offensive gifts. Are are so great that you don't care that he can barely move at our basic and barely on the basis possum has like at this point right. But Ortiz. -- -- what makes Ortiz in Tom Brady stand apart. While talent won obviously but the biggest it was just. Unbelievable. Self confidence. Would Brady its leadership of the Brady is a better leader than David Ortiz he just feels like. My team is gonna wait a minute you know I would have put you in the best position to win and put me in that position the company Ayman -- queue up to -- just just follow the law. I've I've got so he's that count up I'm reading the script -- fall he's got that you know he's definitely a Taipei guys got to have everything under control extremely organized. This is how things to be done a perfectionist. David Ortiz. I think -- him. Easily. He's a great hitter but also great entertainer he believes that after baseball he -- of movies or something he just feels like. The start that the light should be on me it's that the next. Eight are concerned beyond the big states and therefore it is what I'm all about how they got to -- it all the more impressive that he stays calm because it for a guy that wants to be in that moment is anxious to be in that moment you're right an entertainer type of personality. To lower the heart rates to become that flat line type of person when you really need to be in that moment is Dexter impressive and he talked about it after the game last night. Policies -- -- -- something that I became it became more bold way for you -- king goes well. If you. Stay calm. Or can go bad if you try to overdo things late last nine very much so as we're trying to overdo things in -- -- -- to -- -- -- For the team win. Days this up seasonings we should be very careful with the term in which is in a lot of repetitions left and I feel that it was jumping a little bit here in my first -- -- -- -- feel like -- was. Doing some funny things you know I mean. We have for the often some time. He can go against you and now when you know. Face increasing and it happens happen blows so. We're pretty much neither a moment and. So sorties from last night and talking about not just his first few bats and last night but the night before. Being in between being a little too anxious are getting caught up in the things that he doesn't usually get caught up in the and it just it felt like. You wonder what goes on in his head in that moment and I budget as as much as I agree use the difference between him and Brady in their styles. I wonder if there's just that moment of calm where they just everything slows down for them they see everything just differently in that huge moment from everybody else. Maybe I said I think also. What gives them the fuel is what they've done in the past. You know I guess we have to go back to two Tom Brady before he won a championship David Ortiz before. He hit a post season home run. And then we ask the questions are do you see anything in this guy that that makes him special -- Brady or or Ortiz you see this guy having the ability to just. Come up with -- big hits in the eighth inning ninth inning extra innings a win games for you and love the pressure on him Tom Brady do you see this guy being one who could. In a one day be a two time Super Bowl MVP and just come up with. 030 plus comebacks fourth quarter comebacks in his career. Well -- it's a question for Bill Belichick I mean not not that he would have scouted someone like David Ortiz but how do you try to how do you try to imagine. And predict ahead how somebody is going to handle those pressure moments not just as a coach but has the talent to evaluate or he obviously saw something liberating he said before he didn't see too much because he waited until sixth round before he drafted number what is it in these guys that allows them to be superhuman when the game slows down for them. At the very end when it matters most Bill Belichick joins us next. And on more your phone calls all today on on just a special special day here in Boston 6177797937. Back Belichick in a moment here WB.

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