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Boston Strong: Red Sox and Patriots pull off thrilling comebacks on the same day

Oct 14, 2013|

Mut and Merloni recap what was an epic night in Boston sports.

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Ten seconds left. Again have the bullet a seventeen yard two shots at the end zone. If you catch this ball in play again to get out of bounds you got to score. News conference Saltalamacchia. We -- we'll examine the. Thirty delivers -- an -- Okay. It's okay. Brand new. And they're saying hey it's. It's absolutely amazing. The most stunning victory you've ever seen it Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox but the great comebacks ever victims plus it was a bullet it's often get. Got a lot on it when it hit it. -- sports city in the country look best. Sports city in the country he got one of the best days. Good history -- city yesterday it happened like this that please help. No no no no no best sports in the country the fans the best that day the teams put the athlete recent days but the dollars into it. And you get -- the result like yesterday which was an improbable patriots win. Any more improbable. Red Sox win last night what you thought. And these hopeful yes it is David Ortiz might dilute ID 37 WEEI here all the way until 2 o'clock we're not going anywhere. Bernie games during play by play broadcaster Ortiz a bad bad. Dad -- that is bad man right and what was some of your game. When you sit there but I I did the couch thing all day so I I hunkered down on the couch and just sort of said okay. We'll watch these two games on TV. And so I was watching the patriots come back and sort of miraculously win that game we Boston and Fenway. Right for the patriots win. Long day managers say all over the place writes from channel you're watching that game -- with salted whatever it is 730 get ready Payton walked out of drew. Now I -- go that meant and it like this why you gotta go there Joseph -- let me just out of nowhere. The back that this is our belief in city quote lock -- al-Qaeda got the ball to thirty to gulp. Interception in my first does help with that ball go sourced out walking from the book. -- -- review Booth right to our ones down the concourse. Right again about -- deep Red Sox dugout clubhouse area you that cheered I looked up from Mike kept me and that's. That's pretty -- catch from adamant about the fifty. He just -- place was packed shoulder to shoulder everybody's agreement is in the concourse in the long course absolutely jammed. Whatever it is every time it is 740 right get ready for the Sox they're all optical of course -- that part was like empty user base in the concourse watching his game. And it was just to add adamant drop a couple of balls the touchdown pass to Campbell Tompkins. Here's during the year everybody's cheer milk the Strom OK all decked out -- I got the radio to deviate things to do errors everywhere. I got my bag briefcase all of my dad -- just rolled there. -- -- It will get fired up for a game pre game doesn't get better than that. Of those nine dollar -- getting care. That's out to see that right there sums it up guys -- air bouncing and jiggling nine dollar beer or -- on the air fell apart matter patriots we'll snapping out. All money in the air -- throw it. That that -- the culmination of that. Third chance in the final three minutes and thirty seconds robredo and work that team downfield. No gronkowski no -- dole backs against the wall. The guy does it again we spend every week analyzing and over analyzing his offense akin to be good what's up with -- -- -- -- by the -- and set Welker. Rainy pop breaking Brady. Without throw. Yeah depression everybody regular did you teach that gives the ticket and the Bob -- of what. -- -- to sit and seemed to see their game up. The ball back at the ball but you know Bob the league does it get the ball back. Rhetoric -- Facility preannounce it. Unbelievable it was just classic Bob Bryant and he uttered the words only in this city only in the city they campus and aroused now know they don't. Only in this city any any any right back at a game and and you see what happens in Boston it's ready for game 201. And what an electric day. Here feminized -- yet they April while. Busy is what the better early. You probably followed definitely about the Sox game the -- maybe you thought you were we gonna -- while and that's. It's part of being in the fan here you say only in the city all in this indeed fans invest. What really ended up being. You know from 425 in the afternoon to 11 o'clock at night you best that's sort timing your teams that you thought you think you need is David and you see the touchdown -- Brady and what do you say is say what we also this is his city. As good as good as the Red Sox game might be tonight game to. There's no way whatever happens is gonna end up popping what -- adjusted to throw that ball the pumpkins to get his feet in the -- and beat the undefeated saints. With that mash unit over their Gillette Stadium. There's no way what the Red Sox do no matter what happens can maps Tom Brady. Until they were -- comes to play in the -- well it -- David Ortiz comes the plate in the eight. That changed everything and that popped what Brady don't earlier. July -- Red Sox trailing five to one and poppy -- soon in the big righthander. Ben Juan delivered. -- -- and -- -- glamorized field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sorry and time. Cleanup begins the long running now live against the fence and went tumbling into the Red Sox. He's had -- Fenway Park. Endless -- of delirium. I was an absolute rocket. First -- swinging. You talk about dramatic home runs in his curator. Wow. You out of that game winning hit it. I was shocked that I was wrong as a complete trounce him with a fastball. And -- and realize -- -- -- though it was a changeup to be honest with you are subject grammys steps which happened on coastal craze and put in tables com. He comes in first restraint but it was a fastball because because of the swing else because the pitch didn't do anything at those -- on a metal. You know a change at ABC you can actually see it out in front of it. But he sat on this thing any timed it like it was a heater he -- changeup first pitch. And everything was timed it was on time it looked like a fastball reaction because he sat on this thing he guessed right. You gotta go back to lead up to what David Ortiz was prior to that -- that he was all twisted around with Sanchez overly aggressive. I think that you completely changed to game play with them obviously -- that -- millimeters does he she Albany game one game to him look good either. You don't get to Dustin Pedroia with that double in that sixth inning and he's on second base knew that this could get interesting. In shares of the most two fastball right I feel you're being kind for two nights you'll lost lost lost at any strikes out a change of -- -- -- You know the can't do it they can't do without David in before the game with -- if you did that come out of this thing it's the joy and it's Ortiz you've got to lean on -- leaders. We struck -- insurers and so obviously can't do this without David Ortiz. You know I just I just tried not to. Too much man you know like I say I try to put a loose women ball like my idea not a bad it was and just saw that in ignorance of land them. You know being -- -- run. When he comes down to put Grossman on the ball. Those guys they've been doing an outstanding you you know he and a spot and ending keeping beautiful balance so. A fight very that are hosting can vote in the Grand Slam radar online to you right now. Mr. and where it was when the ball and in. I think I've been thinking if I can see. Whilst immigrants learn -- of every else. Most immigrants were IDB on the first pitch well certainly because not only on their I didn't think about wild throw that pitch one to. Let you go back to Sanchez Saturday night. He had Ortiz just rattle rattle some of the swings Ortiz took were sold on Dave Ortiz like. And the word I would use it lost. And hit that ball well at that in between you can -- this that I camp because you've been you played in games at this time a year in that ballpark. So albeit one early in the game that I think in Manila July EF two goal on yesterday he -- he -- that shut up and -- hitter is out there pouring out targets under. And I thought -- would watch in the Ortiz he plays what struck me was hard hit that ball out. On this type of night with a ball is not really traveling there what have far out to be -- -- -- -- Cool cool that a ball bulletin rose over the bleachers that was a line drive the only thought was it is isn't high enough. Davis a big man -- you know anybody else that's probably a lineup that the right field. It was almost one of the greatest post season pitch deliver senior entire life I have actually at the war or an honor. He is a class individual he is an outstanding man and he gave everything. Everything he had gave his body and it doesn't matter to him that's that a player he's got to respect that. But it was hit so hard that he didn't have time to go back and set up it was just. If we had a little bit air underneath that. He might have been able to catch -- ball. When it was hit so damn hard that he had no shot. Just an unbelievable and I understand of people on Detroit right now are questioning. Because you go one on results how the hell can you pitch to David Ortiz on Torii Hunter is question in this valuation -- David Ortiz well the first pitch. You go changeup. But she had to go 02 changeup you know we saw a lot of early accounts Sunnis and give me over sliders give me yield curve balls all wall. Try to -- on some aggressiveness. But the David Ortiz. To me yet Evernote to approach heat the -- to sports accused of the pitch changeup might have been a right call. But you need to get that thing down -- look for an aggressive David Ortiz is trying to launch. The swing and you didn't get it. Just devastating blow in one it's just that gave you some poll here because it looked pretty bad for a long time and now. It looked awful a great number to -- clutch you know that last weekend sided story clutch much. Or ask Bill James is basically admitted that he now rethinking is their clutch in last night's game flip flop. Now you do a little bit of that as well. Pot in the playoffs David Ortiz has a 5380. BP and a one point 282. OP yes and 52 career late in close that plate appearances that's before last night's Grand Slam right that's before last night to those numbers are up. This guy in me gives the opportunity. Some people fade away some people shy away from that moment David Ortiz doesn't. And only demand remain when he starts -- momentum going almond -- thing. You know -- to Troy you want one -- -- at all is this is appreciated. And again it was and how Lamotte Tuesday. And -- Lander preacher. He's gonna see guys have embedded -- a better bat. While they're gonna need a better bats going forward but last night the best at bats came in the eight inning -- talk a lot of that Ortiz there -- all your reaction this win. I have to mention the eight inning we should be talking about the eighth inning for the next twenty years. The Red Sox -- struck out thirty times. Thirty times. Leading into the eight inning last night into games more -- -- possible 48 outs that's unbelievable okay -- hit five balls at the -- field Duff. I'm going get the ball -- field. Thirty strikeouts I'd never seen anything like. Me you tip your hat and he's such a -- a top of their game. But what they did woods was amazing. Just thirty outs and a possible 48 an earlier in the game to the third inning. But on a third inning was over the Red Sox struck out on average. Weiss an inning in the first twelve adding to the ALCS so every -- Two of every three outs on average in the first twelve adding to the healthiest or strike -- -- content that aren't hopeless. Scherzer in the seventh. Right forget the eighth -- school back -- -- strikes out. -- face the slider from hell. At the thirteenth strikeout thirtieth strike out of the series for the Red Sox at Saltalamacchia gets a little -- it's by the when he -- this thing is over. And -- comes out after seven at sets soft underbelly of the Detroit Tigers we talked about that was so good in game one. Yeah those lights out. In game once they get another opportunity in game in game number two bottom of the eight Stephen Drew. Stephen Drew groundout and burst out of the inning. Will -- Brooks who has looked as lost as anybody in this series right. Gets a double down -- -- fastball up like to command gestures are back at September 3 brought does that make peace replacement -- made a mistake. He took advantage of it dumps into the corner. Ellsbury comes up at that point they make the move to her smiling. And Ellsbury is down and -- count one and two. One and two all the dirt rectitude to. I'll ask the question to you how the -- -- sealing off the pitch that makes it 32 curve ball down. I think every guy and not at ten lefties in baseball swing at that picture smiling. He lays off to make it 32 and then walks and the pitch is getting lost today is the pitch that made three through Tutu. To take. In that spot that was going to be Ellsbury last at -- -- folks there'll lose that game last night 51. There was two out of three in Detroit series over and I was Ellsbury is last at bat -- and win a Red Sox uniform. He works a walk now 12 against a very. Tough left hander drew smile -- -- Believers really smug and Austin for the team is -- generate spot. Beautiful at -- you know patience. Everything you've seen you know -- you go to Albuquerque. Who Shane Victorino should be used to sliders because I think less pitchers really competent indignant that fastball and they get drill that first dip -- pushers of that was it was also letters after that they don't want it coming and going to the guy. Doctor comes in strikes him out and huge ship after PD missed an enormous at bat again. When a team is struggling. -- there are certain people that had a spark your team whether it's Evan Longoria over there in Tampa we're getting gained three. But it would -- Boston's struggling the way they did that double that he hit in the sixties and following that -- a single it gave you a little bit a whole confidence and he said even if they lose this game OK let's have some good at bats late. That single there to kind of keep the inning going it's your leaders. He's a leader joy -- -- Ortiz as your leader. That's what you need to come through any other guy the emotional guy in the ninth. Jonny Gomes you want energy. Got a represented everything that they've done this year stocks that inning off with a not to use Jessica. A special game he's. You want if you drop biggest win of the year yet on this thing. You think and I thought I was allowed to anymore man I was getting a lot of them on Twitter last -- best what is your biggest win of the year biggest one of the year people are having a candidate tossed around -- wanted to get a tossed around in June. And tossed that around in August. Damn I expect you commit to daily drop tonight I thought we were officially ended I would -- -- I felt like what drive the worst. Amount but -- protection and it is if you can use it Joseph and it got. That one user loads that. While Lott is still use it felt like you guys were all over a year -- said it's it's the playoffs I can't do it anymore. -- -- Joseph I'm back at. And I just one more common and android in that while it anywhere and talk about world. The -- is down 01 kind of -- how does he stay and not try to do too much there. He just dump the ball right field. It was a way and he said I'm not gonna drive due to much and get on base and field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There. And then leads to all David Ortiz grades one and what -- call. What do call by Dave O'Brien I get that call Albany. That was as good a play by political jargon here. To tie game 55. What Vietnam was being it was a left. I was there just for the record I was of victory in a single double -- by Julio gave them a lot of the tweets on the ever ever going to -- ever again. On on allies. I was it was -- left that one at a time this would be special a special moment but this would be special walked out its biggest what -- your voice. Nice drive right field. Racing back. If you -- -- -- -- And expect. Your phone calls all day we -- lined up we get to 61000 these these 61777979837. The phone number 617. -- 77979837. AD PX mind. These 37923. Zevil dig deep on the patriots 11 o'clock with -- the Aussie sport talk and red sock to view it -- great comeback in addition your phone calls. It's how the numbers -- They lost that game last night to winning that game historically it's amazing -- What history says about the Red Sox now in the ALCS. That and your calls next play -- And. Okay. It's a brand new. It's. Happened so. Ten seconds left. Get -- the bullet a seventeen yard it's two shots at the end zone. Got to catch this ball in play you gotta get out of the you got to score.

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