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Kevin Millar: David Ortiz owns Boston

Oct 14, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox thrilling comeback over the Tigers and talks about David Ortiz' playoff clutchness.

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A little player senator bill. Yeah. I work Red Sox trailing five to one and -- -- soon in the big righthander. Been one delivered. Chewing and -- drive right field goal of the night hunter. Racing back. And on unbelievable light last night at Fenway Park. We still less than thirteen hours removed. From a improbable. Comeback win in fact the most improbable Red Sox win. Certainly playoff win since I don't know 2004. And I guess. Speaking at 2004. After his teammate Dave Roberts throughout the first pitch last night. -- of the game it's our -- the real 15 Kevin Millar. Hard Friday we have breaking -- back Monday win or lose in effect they win last night so how. How did you watch that game Kevin I was on my couch like you'd expect me to be -- was over Fenway out working where are you for the Red Sox comeback win last night. I just got better driver and Holbrooke regular -- even important thirty to 48 straight upstairs. Cowboy burst into -- -- from the family. Victory bought myself a -- and right now they are right now. I don't know there's an athlete in history of athletics from all cal Ripken and Baltimore. Are Montana's senators go Jordan's Chicago. That young man that can basically or -- -- -- -- a city like it where you can put into words what -- last night. -- almost. How -- how bad he is looked really in this series -- over aggressiveness whether he's he's like she knew in the whole time and any comes up here puts a work on Benoit. And guess the first pitch changeup -- absolutely hits a rocket. It's not that it was it was predictable but we've seen it so many times you see what this actually happened I've seen this before. Yeah I it's shame on all the tweets that go on throughout the game the Red Sox are on Syria over this -- and it's a prime that was from. Boston that -- game last -- addresses this is ridiculous Don -- -- thought that that text impacted -- let me let me explain something. This series about momentum you're a great team -- great staffs -- great scene on Iran. Good pitching will make you look blade it looked barge and strike out at you look terrible. What you are witnessing some great great pitch the first game perhaps. -- the launcher that no -- through all 45 at that point. Actually -- to expect that one moment one thing my partner and I Michael O'Donnell who. But it's -- It's remarkable to see what happened and and and they play good day to tiger at -- mandate and I mean you've had Ellsbury one to smile yet. And -- are quite that that foul ball off the side a lot and got to go right. -- -- -- -- -- And -- make it -- Albuquerque outlet wall and first pitch changeup. It would Ortiz David Ortiz the same guy that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he wants to hang them up and look at and say I'm done because this man. Biggest hit he's ever had a career period. Let's go back to that ice at first pitch changeup and he takes out a ballpark we surprised that and while opened up. With that sort of pitch you know in that part of the plate can work he's able to get underwritten drive it into right field. You know what I'm not surprised because it's a mistake it's a mistake period we don't -- -- Agricole you know he's got it -- that you. And -- what -- -- -- secret that -- two for -- -- where every country and you know working. Larry. Product it's right and middle lineup so we know not to be so why put pressure on -- picture because well. Smart and and the stakes and we will stay. Are you would walk in and -- Kevin your walked in David Ortiz who scored a run you bring in now politically bases loaded. I'm not mention it not for players that want most and I don't know quite got -- Albuquerque. Because before that happened I look at my wife about -- mostly upstairs because it could persuade not. Let -- like this match. Walking and walk I -- the best they have beat and -- here. There's a whole lot to on the a look at that straight to change -- and -- apple average breaking ball. He expects well he -- -- -- spoke about an Albuquerque. At least he's wild enough. To -- -- -- -- -- looks like Williams right side that Portman and -- are gonna get my. Let me ask you before the game stuck with -- saw picture before you start to Malia wants the urgency and -- I wanna see the opposite neck. I'll -- and abuse same before who can be that guy who's the guy. After having that game one that's runner on the clubhouse naked right before the game yell and scream and try to loosen this group ball a little bit. But sure is -- comes out he is dominant. How much was because I I'm with you I tip my cap and I look at that agency even a bowl betting game wall with lights out. You give all the credit to them what did you see something that Red Sox line. No I just think he's solid scrapped and getting on the one thing almost at a Red Sox shame on -- at it and whining too much. Every strike call every single put it -- Hitler upn had a ballot. It's -- -- -- pat cultural expert by you know so if there's a thing out so it's not enough. It's back right you wanna go or how little I don't -- the -- that much or years that team -- rebels seek out guys and catchers and we got here. -- not want after every strike. And by god it's -- cap off the plate and yet. But I would say that they kept fighting they keep violent. You're you're you're you're behind the eight ball racially leader who has very underrated we don't know apple and share your threats out there and he dominates and -- know who he has. -- point one W 13 guys. 200 Brazilian strike out behind garbage. You have your chance to witness great pitching but stop with the wind -- -- -- me in the back call goodness gracious that appointment David Ortiz that they got. You know my back -- do this. Are talking to Campbell Ortiz deserves all the conversation we've had today Kevin I think sodas Dustin Pedroia a Pedroia makes a ridiculous defensive play. I'm not sure how many second baseman make it he gets over there gets the ball makes the transition then. Before he gets the basic to bring Ortiz up. He hits a wall ball strip were two outs to finally get a run home and I just. I felt like that hit. As delegate loose in the Red Sox up in May that just me again on the key guy on the couch and watch in the game but I felt like finally they broke through they prove they can score. Against this tiger team and that helped get them to where they were eventually in the eight inning to get Ortiz that Grand Slam. He and make you enjoy watching the game of baseball. Right. You look at normal guy you've got the player he makes lot to glow blue note that you respect and good night to keep the club -- -- the ball to pop out the play it remarkable that it at that -- -- to keep the ball under club's remarkable. Energy he -- That the degrading into the plate he makes an enjoyable he makes you wanna play this debate well could be sold. Can be boring -- -- -- Democrats like games for hours plus. You watched Dustin Pedroia he had the knack. And make everybody around him better and to quit. You play and keep -- look at how bad is the man you don't and don't indoor and -- -- right now you make a great point. -- right emotion at that point. Pedroia to about -- -- and that's what percent of my partner you can probably green monster beat you doctors -- light out everywhere else. But in Boston critic Snyder and next in program. -- troubles with Gomes -- left field almost be elected -- to something tangible bottom the got to try to find a way to keep me in their. He had a tough Michael in the last that that it's just feeling right in the ninety's gonna come up is delete this thing off he does and sparks it is just. It's just something about almost represents the way this year's really gone for the student. These. You can't bring -- -- -- that's not on the back of a baseball cards are on the toolbox I'm a pro speed power run there's a tough that there agree that there's an excitement Lagarde called -- -- at all 500 feet. Strike -- -- go on the door on a helmet that respect and also into but it about. On the golf course. What teams you play on they went from a race to the -- is citizen's arrest and now the Red Sox. It was an accountable there but yeah I like you know Lockheed bring slump but there's something that you're pretty -- -- An amount that you're playing a -- locked -- -- barrel got to make our great great job I like him given -- start first rate that we don't look good. So April -- -- squat about point five guys -- sport report. Kevin again Berliner tomorrow berliners look like the old Verlander here in these playoffs -- been looking a little bit ahead -- what my lineup might look like I know that you've always been. You get on the -- be reactionary OK once or twice and SS and things that eventually. We look back on Jon Lester on the playoff rotation we Seles kind of silly. I would like to see Zander Bogart's played short tomorrow I respects even -- had a really good year the catch he made us Saturday night kept backing one nothing game but. Given the way Bogart's is -- and played his couple pats his patience. I gave him a look against Verlander left tomorrow and announce. -- -- -- looked -- okay he cinema the failure older sort of young kid -- let's get this straight 41 year old Lee -- whatever act they use. You don't want -- -- market value apartment situations to succeed doctor -- AB. Just -- writing uncle remembered you gotta go -- through. It left hander also there. He does -- he can't chrome opera too much into as much as you know he might it bring it up yet and -- Still Verlander has -- -- when he -- it last people here are some remarkable that last six weeks have been great have been remarkable he's back. It's going to be about like. The red -- possibly can go down. -- -- -- But they're big thing about this is their tie this series up that the ballpark situation my doubts acted to let him keep common go to what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an apparent. In my situation could bring Coke. You've got to put America droves so I would -- -- -- major yet I'm Bogart. Does graze his rotation has been for Detroit really his last three starts -- look at Verlander in the pitcher's -- him Anibal Sanchez. They still go six or seven. As you know amenable ends they went to lose games you've already seen it here in the first do what kind of effect. Does that game last night have on guys that Jim aliens could rely on late in in Verlander in game four. We're one of the many elders and make sure I am glad. But don't -- looking in the altered for Altria to get a -- them on your roster. Will ultra get out top left and it will -- your neighbor he's up. The matchup it and it didn't look good from before that pitch was well. Uga Uga got the matchup situations don't we know that so -- particularly tilt the court tigers would generally harmless and even bat in our he was nervous when they -- I cannot be solved it by mail and -- up in smoke -- you -- learn about. I believe marriage is. He's gonna rely on the starting pitching they got the best starting -- on paper and ear can hear you are right now the ball particularly older Red Sox got to find a way to get out. They assure patterns -- and Atlantic and so there you have it. On a way to start out you don't want to burlap are up there eight to hurt you got to try to open mind walk out the -- -- I'll tell you what I hate to say nice things about you know that it pains me to do so but they'd be intentional talks have been you guys did Friday. With those players a -- Kevin I nursing inning like that my life and I Napoli got no shirt on Saltalamacchia this -- questions he shouldn't answered Dempster. Is jumping in that. They're a bunch of lunatics man this group that just like you quite frankly. You know it might be obsolete -- out this seat -- personalities of this of the slots that -- an idea giant two but again Ambon. Pedroia. Hit -- and -- it. Don't want. And -- about the pertinent here and I mean. Remarkable and I start calling today and -- -- it interview. Or -- ago you know in line. -- -- people how you also it has its remarkable group of guys are reminds me a lot of Artie really us. Even even a cat more. Quirky you know I'll have to Billy Miller over there that you know -- going to be on the back in order what a great. It would happen. A lot align the back of their -- he is -- Campbell are you watch the game by by himself for awhile and his wife -- up and join them. On the council to focus on the game -- and we'll talk to your Friday after game five. Our order remnant areas Campbell are joining us on the AT&T hotline eight DT the nation's fastest. Now levels reliable Ford GL TTE network your place.

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