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Kyle Arrington: On Gronk helping defense prepare for Jimmy Graham

Oct 14, 2013|

Kyle Arrington joins Mut, Merloni, and Deossie to talk about the Patriots dramatic comeback win last night and discusses how Gronk helped the defense prepare for Jimmy Graham.

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-- let's continue our patriots Monday conversations with Kyle Arrington he's brought to you by Samuel Adams in the Boston Beer company and Monica voted tractor corporation. And a big win for your team Kyle you win at home against the saints and your teammate Aqib Talib all day was in the short to Jimmy Graham did you see that practice and you know that that was going to be part of a plan that. Your guy keep the -- gonna match up of one of the best tight ends in football. Well yes sir I got a first and you have that there we've practiced -- -- he was viewed very excited. Throughout the week -- and we're ready you do it down. And it and his mannerisms and I this is where you are not about come on it's got -- built throughout the week wears on analysts. He either committed. What is out there audit. There were -- the first brick companies he's -- on which Jimmy Graham when he gets up and it seemed like the tone was set. That emotion that confidence that he brings how much is that rub off on yourself -- that rub off on Alfonso -- the entire. Secondary is -- how much trash talking is he doing. There are. Every. It you know political out of me did you -- talk here. They're not necessarily. Turns out. -- and Dave and I -- -- yeah he's he's eager. Bigotry and you know that that's democratic ideas an army it and let me well -- well I mean. You know I added I mean it attitude you know it's it's basically take it. There have been some he definitely -- column. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- For. Brother you know. Kyle is his defense gaming conference every week. It. That they know him. All the leaders continue to practice momentum that the Greg went over an act of watching him yesterday. Are you know. We didn't that the goal in this -- that letter over the weekend and don't look at it from there. Not obviously you know you end up blood in your coverage is well on Jimmy Graham is a play you come up with the intercept you talk about. That play any shorter shadowing Graham at that point he looks a little bit hobbled innuendo up with a big play -- defense. Aren't yeah I mean. Brees that he was brought to a all the -- Tehran could be time -- get some pressure on our values against hundred of our program. But yes you know that it opened up about -- throw and on those biggest. If you know I hope he's not that gave. I've come to play though the -- A guy you played a lot of football I'm -- in the past two or college or whatever guy goes down it's so it can be deflating for team we're talking about this. Next man up attitude and it seems to be something that. Because of that because you believe in there is no panic when guys go down he lost a lot of big players but you continued to step up how important is it -- believe. In that statement. Extremely you know we don't address them we -- -- -- southern. We have is that such. Great group of guys you know you don't know what it is there's not a it's not about to -- every everyone that says you know it's all of by the Democrats and -- And our little -- -- you know reduce. What's your job it's an and it worked in -- Arctic -- to get better. They on that play the Fed up with the interception looked like Drew Brees try to call timeout Kyle did you think they're gonna give him the timeout was do you think was the delay of game we surprised that play actually. Got all before he got that -- Did you see beyond it out of your -- -- in the lots. Jimmy Graham was motioning and come up outside and you know that. -- that but I haven't OK I would switch limitless I have a that is I didn't look at greeted -- -- When I wolf and me I get special forces which they did -- that happened. Lou would team with a different injuries and different its personnel groups use how comfortable are you are all you guys work and with each other seems like there's. Any number of different comedies of the guys -- there at any given time. Just some news that -- a lot of movement he you know our. -- change we at least some are guys that certain match got in different. Faith is. Position -- you although -- yet date yet but a flat Larry you know with and office of a different. Personnel. In uniform agents. It except ourselves out credit you know we we need. But I like Simon. You know the and their preparations. Seen I think again it's -- To that point. A Kyle last one for me it'd Tom Brady was on the station this morning talking about Robert cal -- this week in practice and said that he looked like. The old -- that he looks like the guy that you know it was an all pro. Did that help you get prepared for the game going against gronkowski did you see in that ABC what Thompson and -- -- the all the old gras is back practicing with you guys right now. I mean did at the oppression. Repression as far as it Jimmy Graham would he. They Guinean forces -- -- it -- tremendous you know he looked a little bit accurate shooter. Get it and great. You know -- bring it right he had ever you know so that probably only 88 looking good you know we don't know what -- -- -- -- out of the tournament and every birdie. Be surprised it in play against the saints. Obviously I -- that I mean you know at that as far as Serb government we it -- is that dot. They just -- you know we have a tremendous strength that. You know the coaches and every everywhere you know it's been noted -- you know in -- -- we believe that we're not winning reader. -- jet weak jets this weekend in new York new Jersey's Kyle Arrington came up with the first pick against her breeze and a 176 pass to Demps Kyle appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. Not color to the patriots secondary joining us here on the AT&T hotline eighteenth -- the nation's -- now the most reliable. Forgy LT email. Work who do you -- and -- -- -- -- -- world. I thought about it Steelers want asked the question as to find out the health Rob Gronkowski who I was a black this week -- appearance back right that's got to want to miss them faster your world is quicker out of his break into your room junior and a hunting gear and crawl the -- faster is a -- to too -- to them what. You say as fast as ever. You just have faster when you think faster than any what do looked in the past soak -- with -- as fast as ever. Doesn't matter about time we come -- that terrible that you do not want to -- -- Asking questions did not try to push edit them -- over here golf course 61777. -- people's reaction of not not punting -- going fort the play. The patriots defense and the offense late we gotta talk about the injuries we come back because on top of the win. Or there's a list of very key players hurt in these guys don't come back with the long term impact Steve the -- the house here on Sports Radio that he we EI.

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