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Tom Brady recaps the Patriots comeback win over the Saints

Oct 14, 2013|

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Dennis & Callahan the day after the Patriots shocked the New Orleans Saints at Gillette Stadium. Brady talks about the game-winning drive and the key plays throughout the game.

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Tom -- brought to you by northeast electoral distributors the cancer center -- Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union on good morning how are you. Did you stay up and and watch the other half of the what she is day did you watch property -- deep in the game last night. On this that I've got a follow up this morning I was pretty tired after the game but I. I woke up and I wanted to see how they did and it was. Pretty amazing that they came back when that game. When you threw that pick Tom. And men and when you're walking off the field their do you think at that point the game is over you think can -- to stop these guys get the ball back and go down the field with you know a minute left. Our -- hit it's it's -- defense made the stop which you know was pretty remarkable that they did on two different occasions. You know I knew we're gonna have some parliament I think that the game margin of error is going to be a lot. A lot more slim and we were gonna need. You know -- touchdown and in the the a field goal. We that's what it -- -- we kind of sputtered there are -- twenty. And then you know through the -- the next series and then we really had no margin there and we play our best football -- and so. That's what it takes can never. Bring you go to these games that you really. You never know how it will play out you go to game plan and you have an idea that he's a match ups and yet the game men. If you do what you gotta do to try to and in our guys who fought through yesterday. Offensively defensively and it was really it was a great win it was. There is off. About the -- were you surprised that pumpkins got behind agree -- and we surprised he he came out to catch. Yeah well. Well we have a fifty yard -- -- seventeen Arab aren't like that what you're on seventeen. Seventeen of our ideas. We call the play we had all four guys corner of the end zone and kind of look right now and look left and so I'm just convinced he can back there and just try to put up their words were KG could have a chance and Carter in the back corner so that was pretty cool to be able to. He talked about those things all the time and situational football and lastly to the game and you know what have we practiced those plays in the last -- game from the seventeen yard line and I think. This that was for the first and we completed in and that I can remember including practice. So. You know it happened at the right time. To credible to you look at that you watch has finally drive and you forget Austin call he's even on the team you bring him in a couple of days ago he makes two huge catches including the fourth down one. To keep guys alive and that spot. Yeah he did that mean he. Yet that was pretty cool for him to be able to do to come in and play the way he needed a play and workout arm and that's why he's here he's. A veteran player who's played a lot of big gains and they're really productive you know where we're when he played for the colts. And you know he's given an opportunity here and he's. You make the most of it so he has the confidence. So for the coach to put him in the game -- the biggest point and really made huge huge place. You know looks like Emma Dolan looks hurt now. -- so we know that we'll get to that. Vince Tommy Kelly how the hell are you five and one -- I think good question Jerry that's a really good question you know we're. I think the expectations. For the for no further the players and there are just. The fact that you can use all the excuses. You know guys have heard you know we expect this thing to happen. A lot of teams have guys that are heard a lot of guys expect you know certain things. Go their way and they don't. And I think -- doesn't really take any of those things progress that we try to put the work in every single week and haven't been really pretty victories. You know there are some that can go the other way but they haven't. And I think get off to a 51 start in the NFL where you look at those teams around the league and the guillotine that. Have had a great franchise over the years like. -- says giants for example. -- it's hard to win games it's it is very hard to win a game every week as the competition goes -- stiff and you play team that's undefeated like that you got it won't play your best football we we played decently to the first step kind of sputtered in the second half and then. Make some plays there at the end to win so. No we're just write about whatever it takes to win if it's street and nothing ever for them to be unlike last night that's who we've got to do that on the first time left on the clock we got to play to the end and we had some games took from that he had. And -- shown that usually were on the right side of the there on the ledger woodwork when those came to come and. We are we often hear that it was at least under Bill Belichick teams get better as the year goes on you know and in. December it's a different team than we see in September does it feel like that with this team even -- five and one half to a a really surprisingly good start does it feel like -- all these young guys you'll be a better. A different team in December than you are now. Well. You know -- I work I hope so I think that's what good teams do and I think that's certainly what coach Belichick is all about his you know early in the year. You know it's really about. You know they've never really gotten too hard yet you know in this sense it's the other big games itself but the mental toughness of the -- The willingness to commit yourself over the course of the long season to practice. Your preparations to what you do to get ready prepared for the week. -- -- those are those are character issues you know and that's that's as much a part of of football and everything in our team has always been about that and the work you guys to put him on a daily basis just be ready to play. Be mentally tough to deal with you know injuries and play through those of networking has always been about so. Yeah as the season goes are we do expect to get better 'cause. You know we were gonna try to out work every report that we that we facial -- cut -- -- -- reform that we've faced some. No election at the mental toughness -- to work -- you know after you lose. The game and look at the outcome of the work that you lose but you know what you gotta you gotta move -- you got to take. The coaching -- take coach says what we need to do better and that's we have to do so. Now that's. That's helping give better you don't just hero you know we're trying to next week and you know if you're not doing something and you're not winning and obviously not doing enough -- he got to do more and you know we're gonna try to find places still do more even though we did -- -- it's not perfect but. You know it's better than what it was the previous week. You know Farrell after the game -- but -- in these situations Tommy said the big thing is these these calm he doesn't change. The situation is situated say that a book com while I was one up because that's what's true corporate reviewed by Peter Tom. You know you -- -- people identify these immigrant clutch quarterbacks in history do you feel. Differently in that final play in the game mysteries opposed to the middle the second quarter and -- temperature change. Not sure you know I've I think there. Are probably don't think about that -- -- the united. Obviously that that the situation that not just me but. All of our guys -- it's not. There's certainly one player on the team in the you know in football that can hit a home run to win the game going to be where the final football played. An avalanche struck by through to a lot of different guys who had a lot of key catches I would say that has to Julian. On the first play of that series where it has big play as we -- of these because without that play. You know you're really. You really in the hole and that's a really clutch play by Julian and make to really clutch play by Austin and make that fort down place. Our record played like he can you make decades so. You know it's the whole thing that's clutch. It's it's not want our defense stopped them situationally twice. You know with 11 down basically in the game and our defense. No limits center. Our prayer for -- one possession. But it reporter told the other position and so. I mean it's it's always about our team we're looking -- you'll do more than I would have to defeat the best part for me was just. You know look him in that huddle and realized that every guy was ready to do what it took to win and you know that's that's pretty clutched him and so would use that going forward that's gonna give us. Some some really good. You know motivation over the course here that about what the situation is now we're gonna be able to determine if there's no way out. Tom I know you're sick of talking about a put Troy Aikman on the broadcast said you told him that McGraw is the best player on the field in practice and he implied that you. Think that he should be out there in the game he really did I mean is that did you tell Matt the -- the best guy out there -- the practice during the week. Programs in the -- could be the best player on any machine machine go with what he's able to do he's just watching them practice. Yeah I mean he's he's doing great in his we have come along well whenever he's ready he's right about. I don't I don't make those decisions and of course every player wants. Guys to play that on not I. You know if someone says he can't play that he can't play and that's the that's what I said earlier last week quiz if he's out there he's up there he's not we still got to find a way to win and so. You know I'd love -- command -- brings torching and I know how badly he wants to be out there on the field and you know he's he's as tough and if there's one thing although local because it's a tough. How tough it is and how mentally tough isn't. You know whenever he's ready if that's next week or five weeks in power you know whatever that may be noted that certainly gonna help fourteen. And all those other medical decisions are left to other people. We -- Jersey see impression that level you don't think actually I guess I might maybe you don't why is this guy play. For me because you know he's. No he's not been cleared to play so -- -- -- what you can do what he's if he wants to be cleared to play believe me you want to go up there and be able to us. Playful boy you think I didn't like that -- -- -- you see. The only excitement of the game and with the team is all about to be out there with all your friends like that it's killer not to be out there with us and we all of that and that's. -- great teammate and you know blog all about you know it has been so he's got. You know whenever. He's just got to keep rehabbing and doing what he's asked to do and what a great place ready to play. You know he should take us some consolation they had as many catches as Jimmy Graham did. Penalties. Yeah I mean I was pretty unbelievable for a -- You know he played and so they're in the first half and then. I think you went out there at some point during the second half. -- spoke -- he's one of the best players in the league and had no connection and again I don't know how often that happens but that's speaks. You know the defense -- playing and the way they employed the game plan which was. Yeah that was huge that was. A great way against a great offense great quarterback. Great offensive system to really limit those guys just. You know as if you -- to stated. It tell Leo one or two guys on the six games in obviously it's a great start. At 511 or two guys who just surprise you just played above and beyond. What you expected at this point. I mean it's got that's so hard that apart from now most folks from the guys on the offense side of the ball. But that's where my folks is that you know the receiver group has started a tremendous job. The full further of the whole offense is really -- on the shoulders and you know we've got a good strong running game that's. That's something that we've done a great job of -- offensive line with they've been able to do when they're really trying to thirteen Q we got. A veteran offensive line that we really relies heavily -- and they have to develop to -- There are no one gave up yesterday at any point in the -- with the receivers has done in and you know really make -- the receiver laureate and offensive. You know without gronkowski. And that's that's been -- an assault on our shoulders so that they make the plays we would have if they don't then you know we lost like we did last week. Let you know we're gonna keep -- those guys and he -- -- -- -- -- they gave no reason not to believe -- themselves. You know we're gonna stay at a record yesterday was good it was -- Our best stemming where we don't have all the issues salt we got very give back to work today and the clock particular next week. Against the jets and that's a tough environment play but we're gonna have to go in there and if you we can see if we can get to -- once. The QB question of the week is brought to you by -- crescent credit union. Thought I was wondering at the play the first half of the goal line with Dobson is a correct -- widely used to produce wide open. Yeah -- -- he got tackled an instrument you talked in the silent after is that just miscommunication. Between you two did you think he was you know I'm surprised defense got to a -- quick. Yet that guy you know panic came out of nowhere and attacked them he thought he was open to in those things happened pretty quick down there so. No examples like that where your uncovered. And you know those things got really happened in practice right now that's the first time that ever come up and you learn from it under pretty. Pressurized. Experiences situations like that they and then hopefully next time that happens we you know we make. You know a different player when that result of this world but. You know he yes he played and played his heart out yesterday and that was that was great to see them -- communicate key Austin Julian. You know I have been in their battle and play up the place so. That's in the no real positive for thirteen. It's been a Michigan guy for the tigers in the series. Now already -- a lot Al. Not a tiger Sam -- what did you draw the giants. Obama -- brought them. When you're growing out you were giants -- -- Exposed to -- Aren't -- that are very clear threat who's your favorite who has ever play program. Will Clark will. -- You're pretty sweet all right Tom thanks to join his graduation and -- went. There I think here next it's Tom Brady joins us in the ETT like.

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