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Adam Schefter: "Gronkowski is practicing at full speed"

Oct 14, 2013|

Our NFL analyst Adam Schefter joined the show to discuss the latest on the Gronkowski situation. He said that he knows Gronk is practicing at full speed.

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I'll wake up to caucus Cumberland farms farm -- one coffee with football insider Adam show after all -- but surprisingly delicious taste. It's amazing price just 99 cents and besides only Cumberland farms and does every mourned Monday morning and -- joins us via the AT&T hotline. Adam it's Jerry Kirk this morning in Boston how -- you. Good morning -- -- it's an honor to do you guys this morning on what is seen unbelievable warning if your city. Well I've got to do you do you phrased this morning at two quarters at the most dramatic. Sports day of the city's history I think by the we both agree to a good word probably is yeah. We like cognitive thinking they're number one. If you took one of the games by themselves I would say happy to be because there have been so many memorable days in sports history in Boston. We've combined two games. That improbable. Was banjo leaving Gillette Stadium NAFTA Brady throw interceptions. And repairs are going to sleep. Whether it's such a being no hit and shutout. And downloaded seventh inning. OK I mean it's over -- games it's over and I think for watching the first game. The football game I can't -- they thought about the -- -- but I -- this morning just politically I'm still trying to figure out. Exactly how the patriots had three separate possessions. What the retorted I left two time outs and somehow got three separate -- the first and that. When they went for a fourth down and you think it's over like they -- -- what is the 24. Incomplete pass to Aaron Dobson. New a New York State support to 46 left. Okay. I just knew -- had three timeouts at that point but still they kick a field goal. New England can expect the ball pretty deceptive biking and loose to sixteen it's over again. Right it is that it won't punts and nano and look -- the ball back with a minute thirteen and normally get the ball back not -- Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker. -- -- -- competence and undrafted free agent Austin Collie. A guy -- work out for I can you think about the number teams in the last few months and none of them shot him. Julian Edelman the god it was creation that really nobody tried to sign. And you'll go to work with these guys. To try to drive -- below seventy yards with no timeouts. And the game on the line indeed do. And -- reduce its like one guy but that's what guys that's what -- more than any other odd. That's one guy. And it was unbelievable to watch a -- to pull it out. And then. I just that's not about to change at all. We put a baseball game and she would happen there later on in the night. Just an incredible sports thing and again when you combine those together I don't know there's ever been. It more exciting Boston sports state I -- -- it was more chatting with Jack domination so for the patriots even on the last night. That that game yesterday at Gillette Stadium. Is -- most exciting finish. You've ever seen other then all of this noble game which. Lives in its own category. Right really agree with you every -- we can't top we try to figure out last couple hours we can't top Jerry asked Brady this we had a -- about an hour and a half ago. How are they at how the 51 pick it up this week when they go into New York is a pretty good chance you're not gonna have. There's three best offensive players in the year start Wilfork. Two lead the mail they can all be out -- goes almost certainly going to be out is what may or may not be gronkowski. In here they are five and one look at the schedule they can be 781. You know I've always start with this team and -- kept talking -- -- -- here particularly -- better and better as the season goes on as normal guys come back. No to -- to doubt what hip flexor injury. -- we haven't had specifically made maybe it's a paper -- that's bad news. You with the situation there is obviously in the -- after the game. But if they can get back rock. And they can get back -- -- -- again. And they get basically guys. Plus. Let's be honest I think that this team is Smart enough and screwed up and wise enough to know. It's gonna need to help. And should probably be looking at the troop deadline to reinforce the roster. Right. Adam you cut compared Cronkite to Derrick Rose on whether. I'm a ticket you didn't mean that as a compliment as their -- former MVP I mean -- -- a player. That there is incumbent because there present. I would say this is starting to become. The Derrick Rose in the NFL and what I mean by that is this that this go on and on and on to the -- where. Just like an MB you wondered what do we -- Derrick Rose people it what do we didn't she Rob Gronkowski he's comparing the actual reports he will play week for. -- -- -- You will play week four it was reported. He didn't play before it was reported last week. It likely we'll be making his debut this week. He didn't make his debut against the saints. So the week goes on. And the question go wrong just like the way it went all the Derrick Rose just like that questions went out there -- current no rub it just to -- -- let -- play this -- you make. And then those questions stop. But clearly. There's a situation where. The million pakistanis -- last week and update your verdict and it -- you. Change shelling out but -- that these two different teams here there's the patriots team editors came gronkowski. And he broke out he would never -- been through it being very careful. What it's breadwinner. As a cubic. You think that's because he came back too soon last time. And. I can't make it she got her right away -- -- -- to combat mission I don't would be good. Rebecca publicity -- -- as an Alley in the regular season and brought back -- pretty banged up. OK so I mean you know -- determined that the prospective matters yet so right away OK in the second matters you had five surgeries in the last year as a team gronkowski. Is exerting extra caution. Because frankly they know everything. A lot of money that's at stake. So they're not gonna sign off on this until they feel supremely confident meanwhile. The patriots are waiting. The team is waiting to stand to everybody's waiting and wondering when a guy should be back in. Include doing what brought you would have been back but now otherwise it would have been about it is critical to perform list which -- didn't tell. Just six days -- coming god. What do what he would diminish the misplaced some pop he can't say that the patriots didn't think that he would be back by now that they. They they defend that and I've heard Belichick talk about this he he wouldn't have been able to practice on -- -- not only practice and he's the best player on the practice field. That's fine that's fine but if you think they put them on the active roster for six games this week at practice. I think they'll be in this. I'm what do you buy -- today did I mean you heard the same things that were reported this week at this resentment among teammates toward Broncos. Normally I don't know this is giving -- like you know I do know that those players have watched him in practice and thought this guy looks ready to play I know that. I know that okay. -- been out there are running around catching tested scored a touchdown getting tackled doing everything in practice and ultimately. You have to feel comfortable and left in the game the patriots. Are not making the decision support him they're leaving that it is against for an undetermined what he feels ready to play. When he goes through the plays when he's two doctors. He's got here doctor James interest that they -- doctors. And I don't know I wouldn't call independent hit thirteen gronkowski doctors. Doctor managers. And doctor -- Jupiter. So I don't like him being ready to go out which state. Haven't done yet. So what's the good he got here he's been cleared to practice he looks good practice but he is not quick like you have to look comfortable about. As -- is the page he just said for him to be out there so he clearly doesn't feel comfortable about. -- are dynamic and I believe I believe that the situation could come to a head here pretty soon one way -- -- I don't know what our results put. You know it it is such as the team to watch the player he is it about this just logically. The coaching staff to the defense -- wondering what he's coming back. The coaching staff has come into the game plan. -- That group that could be a little bit different. -- probably cast key injuries involved and again they're out where actual ports he will play we sort of political too modest property board of particularly when you look at practice and they -- -- last week. Because -- would couldn't practice general -- economic rock site. He is likely to play this week is -- and he's not so that becomes challenging from a coaching standpoint putting together an historic game plan. What the guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're you're ESPN colleague Chris Carter it's -- he said this morning it is a smear campaign here. On the part of the pay to -- you know the patriots never give anyone anything until. You know -- doesn't come back on as quickly as they'd hoped. And you don't speak for Chris -- this this is there any truth to that you would be the first guy. That I would call -- trying to get a message. I would I don't believe. That for a second and I look Chris Carter I don't believe it's just -- it in fact the people that I've spoken to. It started positions. Have gone out of their way to defend reverend -- and and say this is whose decision. Whose decision. And I accept that great about -- -- -- -- You know right now now I am I don't blame them either remained. He did come back too soon finally snapped his four on. I don't know what -- smearing it is -- to witness and I can we completely Crisco and us. And I don't deputy said that but I -- I'm saying what were ready to smearing. Most say and that he's -- ready to come back he could come back he should come back and he's. I guess always apply at -- is implying easy saying the -- report is that pages way of getting out. The message of guys think gronkowski can play that card is that that's fair because you get a guy who's hurt and that trying to -- It'd be easier if that look Interfax. OK there there are people who want wondering why he's not playing such a that's a fact. He got to practice -- that he's on comparable quarterly fact doctors have a clear of back to you understand why you're doing just that I mean there are two different sides and I think anyone is right or wrong. I don't know didn't smearing going on with little respect Cris Carter. It's a complicated. Derrick Rose like situation. The Texans just finished their toward the NFC west those three teams that lost by combined score of 95363. Games have lost four in a row. What is going on there. That is so bleak situation right now because again I think when he took a licking their disappointing the giants would. Being near the top of the list being -- six mean. The giants the jaguars and there were other women's team right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is in my Q1 other one but anyway dribbling but it giants and jet were sort of -- ten cents. Can't have a socialist and there's not one that. And then. The case here. Where Houston the expectations are so hot and I would put that they'd bounce back at home against the Rangers shape but the truth of the matter is we watch and they were beaten team before -- -- out there it is beaten. They're being demonstrated they don't -- match out he got hurt against the team a reason right now to make quarterback change it'd take about making anyway. There was no aggressiveness and his party was playing with fear misplaced pass that he was looking down field. And it's a case where basically their situation where it's very difficult catch Indianapolis Colts are now. You haven't heard anything about -- Dolan have am I mean he looked and that he that looks bad that looked like a series anything. I want to hear what concussion at least one document to concussion report -- 2009. And you know -- again. Again this year and is not smear campaign of one of the reason the rams let him go what they didn't believe he could stay in the field for liberation. And Rebecca what particular it was nine games in two years. Something like that and so they didn't think he could stay on the field for whatever reason now what he's got very he's dynamic he's -- -- of football player. But it's not about ability with civic but -- ability which women and and that their ability. As -- the question. Do you agree today continue to be now. Final question for -- and this Gradkowski play in New York this weekend. I. I put it its full list to wait it would just guessing right so I mean I mean we've got the -- effort to make sure he'd like allegations. There were people who reported he will play week for their people -- -- -- we -- looks like could be that we know. Looks like to receive -- reports are looks like you -- in this more than by the game Corso. Again I guess you -- but the point now. -- -- -- -- -- Just a morning like. I think his teammates are at that point two and there are I think it yesterday's win was a big bonding thing like we can do with the guys we got on the field. Logan Mankins said as much after the game so let's talk about the guys who are leading in all on the field. I don't know if that was a backhanded slap -- or not. -- little bit I honestly don't. Think it was a slap but it -- cannot -- Right. I never appreciate the title talk you next week. Everybody. Did to Adam -- -- -- after our conversation with Adams brought you by Cumberland farms all of a delicious art house blend coffee today. In DC TCU digital federal credit union what can DC Eusebio. Am -- and play as future.

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