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Clutchiest day in Boston sports history

Oct 14, 2013|

Kirk and Gerry opened the show discussing a historic day in Boston. Ortiz did it again.

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I'm Dennis Iglesias does not valid goal off line. Here's the 21 home and it doesn't go. Gerry Callahan. -- -- -- Okay. Triple -- and north at about five years off my life on Sports Radio WB. Hi good morning. And I agree you -- you that you posed the question on where the last thing I think it was the greatest day in Boston sports it's. Yes I think. You are and here's the thing. You can't Tuesday October 27 2004 they won the World Series everybody knows that one pocket coal today which cost him. Roller coaster ride that you took from 4 o'clock till about midnight. And I'm not sure you could top that somebody tweeted back -- me it's. It wasn't that great it might not have been the greatest day but it was certainly the -- used. That's -- was the clutch used. I I'm in trouble on the troubled her man hand say now. Forget it I I was wrong there is such thing as clutch is such -- things greatness. And you saw it twice yesterday by two guys one's obvious -- name one. Go to the -- of me is. Making it his way there yet BP. Brady and Ortiz yesterday you all time great -- mr. at this point LE 2004. Brady throwing late touchdown passes Ortiz hitting grand slams. In post season games in through most improbable finishes to -- I would guess the Red Sox probably more probable I was gonna say. I was -- affair which was more shocking and to me. I guess was the Red Sox because they've been shut down so dramatically. So profoundly for a a game and half more than is lost her only points three for 51 with thirty strikeouts. Up to that point three for 51. With thirty days. Would play two games aren't just knew that was an even. The complete game at that point and they already had fifteen. And thirty strikeouts in 51 that that's completely dominated. I would say this though the patriots game seemed like it was over. You know six times yes war Brady found pumpkins in the -- in the end zone right and Rob Ryan was celebrating and -- Drew Brees was was you know going down with a grounder to kill. And that to keep the clock go -- and Brady threw a pick and Brady. -- Dobson dropped the ball on fourth and six from their own twenty. And there were so many points in the paint to -- simple this game is over. It wasn't that point even the pay rates are trichet that we says it. OK you know they've done it's over I guess in overall feeling was it was all over what. Was clutch year I guess Ortiz to see protests. Mean it was just remarkable amazing thing to watch him go up there -- and unbelievable bases loaded you know it's the most -- kind of weren't shocked. You know or don't. Now you were shot I knew that met some things I find much harder to find. But I was not surprised I expected to happen now scherzer were -- it and I wouldn't expect it right and it be Phil Coke. In that spot who Ortiz is two for eighteen against his career maybe be sold a surprise and that situation but the manager assures that came out of the game. If you can change feel like of life and -- two -- three not then I'd say they get a shot up 505. One and you stand I don't know about this would Ortiz comes up epic and he could you know pulp on into the monster seats. And I'm not sure why Ben -- thrown a strike. And that's what I don't waste on strike Cortese is geared up and always a patient hitter but he's geared up he's ready to just try to put charge and try to tie the game. And he did and the fact that. Torii Hunter went. Passover -- candle and officer Steve organ. Under the -- off -- The bearded bump police officer in the bullpen is that not a -- what. Might not have been the greatest day in Boston sports is that maybe it was we can discuss it but that is an iconic photo -- picture that will be around for the rest of our lives. And you know why. Because it's the letter W right there when you have Steve Morgan and Torii Hunter combining. -- formal letter W right. That's gonna last forever that's pretty good what. I thought the Rob -- celebration -- which was tweeted to me about a thousand times yesterday after the after the -- after the I was born when Rob Ryan well first -- -- celebrants secondly he looks sick. It's I was I was constantly -- a bad piece of meat but I guess in that would slow him down -- piece of me and I guess right now not he could probably it's about that he was. It looked physically ill at the end of this one of those U2 iconic photographs with us Brian Reich and Steve ward who just in case you're driving around and you went to bed with a Blake today with the Red Sox. -- down 51. There are people who do I -- knocking a Chris I get does it get up to work today if you're driving at work right now that means you're up to it. 5 o'clock right or so I get you at these games over 51. -- too bad that an injured terrible and I just not not a carver give buck credit but called the first into the should be -- -- said he looked flat McCarver. The court has got like eight and Richard Nancy jumps in there and it's like pucks to the guy in that spot via well I hardly cover it. And I know dealer gets offended when you pick a cup macabre I like him. It doesn't really -- but it's time -- time it's time I'm in so many just gaps and so much so much just nonsense about. You know Avila of the -- Now he -- you know from them would it would recover said. Up till that point he enjoined that he had enjoyed himself. Behind the plate and now he's enjoying self. -- -- get some broken profound bought -- a catcher got a yet that's a big McCarver thing it sounds really important studio these tickets you're gonna he is saying. Thought so it starts innocently enough that middle Brooks. You still I think an overture to W picks -- right and it doesn't matter. Then be large -- and they should've sent him. -- -- -- On Pedroia singled to mystic at the right out into it it would Smart move by Butterfield not sending him to orient the pros try to play -- and almost concede that Ron. Rather than have the runners move up in optic and you you you try to send the plate and they don't throw for a right. Yeah at that point 52 right smack right that's -- after the middle Brooks double walks. -- -- So intimate walks a singles hitter -- it's not gonna take -- -- now who who is a pretty patient hitter himself. And optic -- -- highly -- -- over a W wouldn't -- -- thing dollar. Ortiz is looming at that point yet to back in my mind of making -- white guy on. In all the sudden you've got to Ortiz is tying run the play Albuquerque strikes out victory you know. That Pedroia it's a big hit. I was trying to explain this to you that not every player wants the guy from the get on or wants -- or -- people would tease. When Pedroia hits a single Ortiz -- heart was fly to Oakland it's my time now. When -- line drive base -- right. They go apply the -- is -- hustled and he fires in the home played a one hop throw on the bases are loaded. And -- loaded with David Ortiz. And that's bottom expecting Coke -- -- -- warming up Olympic yeah that's a real good record against Ortiz an abrupt and -- and who is it best one of those middle of the road closures saudis close I don't understand and managers sometimes it's miss item but I always have faith in their clothes did you did you think at that point you sub and walk women. You're thinking now on -- can Ortiz -- the wall or to really keep it -- and of -- -- I could tie the game but I don't think people's. The ball went in on a cold night like that I'm not expecting them pull the ball in the bullpen -- -- that was done what should call again here's the first pitch from them one Ortiz. Doing and I -- my feelings -- -- the -- -- Racing back. Torii hunter's -- It's -- I think we're up against the long running around against the fence and went to. At Fenway Park. Dennis -- delirium. Because Bryant is due dependent -- just -- good right yeah -- like a signal was jealous because that's all by Dave O'Brien. Is -- round the world right now there are soldiers in Afghanistan or listening to that. Guys from New England jump -- their seats. In and and you know what he did it justice that was a good call right call that an -- -- hunter. Is not. Part -- we don't think you think he's going to be organizer rules cut whenever. That effort will live forever like that picture of that effort you ought to pick a big effort guys guys lay it out. You always gonna pick and Torii Hunter that took ball that close to it it did get made and look at in real time but in the replay. If they can be almost knocked that down and -- or he makes the catch maybe keeps in the ballpark but. You know that's the kind of thing that. You remember ever Torii Hunter and things hall of Famer but you know welcome back manage. Coach broadcast and always think of that effort he made on the on the -- day in Boston sports history and you know that what you might as would stop the game. There's no way different when their game and absolutely that's a good point I was taken that to Sam I. I don't know with a winning nine or ten or eleven but there is no way Detroit's winning that game and what's remarkable is. Jim Leland is now under the gun Jim Leland he wants and why one picture zero YE. I believe it's correct that all four runs in the Grand Slam which -- two different pitcher. That's correct. That's that's amazing and unbelievable that is over managing because that's -- with that is that is over managing. And Jim Leland is the one last answer all the tough questions the questions and on the -- -- answer. After the third game attempt a series -- I would it would which are big old scherzer shares are sheriff says after the game of services. You know I wanted I ask don't find it right I'm done I don't I don't either there's probably several 108 that he looked on the you asked if -- pitches the eighth. The tigers when the game yes scherzer is like any good and he placed in the back as managers pitching coach she's not gonna sell them out if he says. One word like I could -- out blows up you have a huge controversy in the middle of a playoff series. Heading to Detroit you've got a lot of questions for Leland has just stopped the questions right there in their tracks. But did I mean that was a guy. Who even if he had reached news count pitch count even if you think he reaches limit on adrenaline and got three more outs in now -- He was masterful at it was better than. Forget three just Sanchez is you want to. You know and that's the big it was a 108081. Away 69 strikes. Thirteen case in seven innings he was Matt he's as good as you ever see a pitcher. And indeed he did he looked tired and all hell he made guys sport -- -- guys undersea Ortiz look that bad but also tired the jurors agreed not Gomes was. Hopeless against him Clark why like -- hope. Hopeless against him yeah I mean these guys Ellsbury has had no chance. No chance and only through he weakness -- thirteen how many of the thirteen strikeout with the bulls in the strikes on -- was just up and down and I mean not often above the waist unlike buckles nothing was blind. He was great and you're gonna see him again in if you Detroit just hope your pitching rules reform is pitching to start it's been great but you know what. The reason Ortiz is home on Grand Slam was so -- the reason. Gomes was so big in the ninth and consult the Willis. The would have felt like the series is over you know at the end of the day at the end of the game they'd lose 515 nothing whatever. The series is over over. You're facing Verlander on the road in on like the -- you're going on the road and you get. And you get. Protect the Verlander again any pictures are you have to beat Verlander and you're in the unbelievable hole while they're even after the rally which are you going to be -- 136 got to be scherzer again Verlander twice in stages and fortified time you don't have to be Verlander tomorrow. You don't know how to beat Verlander you know you gotta do this go Detroit say we get a split we skip the home field back get back for game five. On whatever that would be Tuesday with -- Friday right he is coming back for game five. With life. And think of that do you do you think that Red Sox hitters are pressing or were pressing before that yes last night -- -- know we we -- -- took everything I don't believe as can joke. But pressing yes -- don't they have some hold that back. How tight would they be tomorrow night they were down 02. Out. Israel's real tight that's not the case on the Specter would be you could -- a pebble through red. We -- -- men remain when he -- some momentum going moment I had thing. In a while back to destroy you want one -- two small businesses I'm pretty sure that there again it was and how Lamotte Tuesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you are you're gonna see guys with better at bats because of that because of that Grand Slam because of because of groans insult the in the ninth if you go down wrote to. I would have expected more of the same more strikeouts more guys swing and pitchers of the strike zone more guys pressing. That that little changed when Ortiz is ball landed in the bullpen it's unfair maybe I guess point of view it's a home run they go 51 I think this -- over. I this series is over they're not gonna come back Utah -- -- right you've taken your all true right in our liberal liberal liberal amount of display its baseball we've stopped looking stuff can happen. But they were dominated. By Sanchez. And scherzer right now obviously they got the ball and and Berlin is one of those guys like David Ortiz you know he likes the big moment he likes the the pressure. Can't imagine them so in the Boston out you know for 67 runs. And their and the tigers of -- Lackey at home so it it would have been bleak we would see -- here right now and while that magical mystery ride and it kind of abruptly. When the bats went cold mean they're still hadn't won 36. As a team -- scherzer was in this -- was three times as it is images. Teachers who was I mean good as it gets. Their eight for 59. In the series. With two doubles one home run. With a home run again remember it. And on the case or two K I guess there -- such clarity to strike on the Saltalamacchia walk off when they ran back it to go get all the players nobody stopped that hopefully complain about the strikes on him for the first time it's two -- 32 so it's Tuesday once the ultimate to its next regular day rate. Wednesday. Thursday three days -- Wednesday Thursday tomorrow awful -- back to them most for clock. And -- and play early tomorrow night like they -- bureaucracy going into Detroit you know if they can. We win one. Want you still life in -- come on the Boston in the went on beat out 32 I -- I -- -- and want to go and they give -- whatever happened over two or three would have if you lose well how. -- if you lose you go into the Detroit. I look at the comeback three news. You go to Detroit with three games you have to win. Two victory -- And it's against Verlander. -- -- Sanchez Sanchez. And you know you have shown no signs of life it is amazing what one swing. By David Ortiz. Changed him. -- not a bad play last night oh my god Prince Fielder ninth inning. Throw from ugly -- I still think mr. fastow has been furnished to the edge at first base for the Red Sox in on Napoli and and company done nothing prince -- just. Next 200 million -- the so that last night it was I think 200 million. 200 million that he could end up being a bigger Boston. Now and a pool holes. We -- -- from that ball that's bought that night and do -- Iglesias at the Florida -- plate be punished. But you throw your body and he's got quite a big body for the whole body in front of that and keep them funny. Swing and a broken back ground ball to shortstop hole. Iglesias has an off balance throw off my. The second on the misfire buying. They see us. If you're feeling of that situation you have to do everything you -- the two body front -- doesn't like it hostile over the was right there was right in front of them stood their watch ago by. And then -- games over. Series even 11 I thought it was over. An hour before a -- whether it's part it was five. There are they get back to film this is right -- -- abide vigil last. -- them and what a weird way and just not able to get about on the ball onto strikeout strikeout and two games. Which were -- Which were no hitter watches on the on the no hitter watch twice at home. Who just was going to be a very anti -- way bears strange way to go low but. They gonna you know which you feel like. It's a whole different team Conan Detroit -- of one swing of course sorties one swings answers and you say. Well their clothes its -- and brings closer and now is the radical right packed up and walk right does that lead to different panicky situation enemies in the same spot. Tomorrow with Verlander as you lever for a 140 pitches tomorrow. 140 I mean it -- it gives you another inning last night he comes in for the eighth. Just say it's an hour to an extra fifteen cents. A 120 pitches that's the team in the playoffs. Wasn't cast -- all don't believed to have do we him sing and shares are saying that the oil on this here's Ellis lie there assures her after the game -- I told him I was -- said they wanted me done. They had all lined up Polly want to approach the -- you're saying two things -- saying one thing. I told him I was done he said and he says they wanted that is not while the peas is correct on the wanna meet right. Don't know if they can -- -- Burma before the World Series in now. I'm not you again in this year's wanna keep for game one we play. Of the World Series. It is it is remarkable and in a lot. Thick thick of the drama that -- is that tomorrow night of the problem is they face Verlander. Tomorrow afternoon tomorrow afternoon at four old seven -- that would for a seven right here says Evan -- which is weird but you know that it's a whole different team in the -- -- acting as a whole different team. -- in Detroit than it would have ban. At poppy in the pop up giving the other nominations for the best sportsman with a clutch he just took clutches a there's a million of them -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- I heard from a million people -- to what about October 27 2004. You know what about obvious what about the super bull New Orleans I was a collection day. It was a -- -- day and unforgettable day but that doesn't you have that's a game which about a day if you believe in clutch. Where the two most clutch. Adequacy and believe in clutch if you believe clash talking -- -- debatable OK it's not he can't debate this anymore I don't believe in clutch. Like it's like global warming it's over I believe great players I believe they're great players remained great. In practice settled science. Hit a few people get better and they don't get -- -- that it -- well you believe a clutch -- clutch -- than Ortiz and Brady. In the came through in enormous bought sorties bigger -- but enormous situations. There's no other nomination yet. The same -- through in the same day two was the same dash N and we have done before the first time. Either of them football guys have done it many times I just think. Ortiz thought he was gonna hit it in the when he stepped in the books but so -- confidence. Clutches is -- -- confidence is and is not one more confident Ortiz and someone asked Ferrell you know you can you explain and he said he stays calm. Obviously stays calm most people can't I mean do you think Jonny Gomes stays calm. When he's opened a big spot I mean he's hyper he's pulling his helmet. Toss them out there and -- -- com has all he keeps his head is all about them. Losing there is Ferrell on RT. Peace he stays calm I'm. You know we talk a lot about you know whether it's David or other -- guys guys -- can perform and meaningful moments that they've got the ability to keep the emotions under control. It's clear cut what is looking for. And so you know whether it was in -- were mirrors for number years here and and he and David pairing up first so much success. Then there's a lot of similarities to those two players that in those key moments. They and they keep her heart rate under control. 6177797937. Room to call here -- reaction -- -- unbelievable games yesterday Tom Brady. The author of one of the team joins 645. Adam shot after west untoward if this is the most dramatic. Sports day dramatic yes -- yes I mean that's right that's not amendment debate. The most dramatic day as saying yeah. Clemens struck out twenty on the news goes Celtics had a playoff game I was against the hawks. Yeah because Larry when it's -- was famous for leaving finally come right garden. And it's back and watching on TV is Clemens struck out when the Mariners that parent is and is. When he. Stumbled -- -- one of the worst teams in the big leagues April 29 -- yankees anybody. What -- the you know that we don't in Columbus. We should -- them and thank you all your job to pick that we're we're supposed to help you know. I don't know he says I think no -- -- but apparently in celebrating Columbus. Finish number 8645 your calls we get.

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