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Dustin Pedroia with Joe and Dave after the Sox's amazing comeback in Game 2 against the Tigers

Oct 14, 2013|

Dustin Pedroia talked to Joe & Dave after the Red Sox came from behind to stun the Tigers at Fenway in Game 2 of the ALCS.

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Let's go about it the field now and that Dustin Pedroia may be of the going to. -- how do you describe that I'm aware that we're at a loss for words that yeah I mean that's kind of been our team all year mean we're. You know fight to the end where we were down there. We got its tough stepped up what would happen at bats and guys -- and -- away definitely. David. That's what David does goes -- Last inning Johnny gets on himself in great swing. -- -- so great win for. Beating yourself with a huge hit right in the middle of that. So what what he uses about this extraordinary group would guys that you're part of that allows stuff like this to happen because this is not supposed to be. -- -- Yeah I mean I think the biggest things trust and teammates. I was trying to just get on base not trying to do too much they thought the ball. There was a lot of sliders in the -- to bounce postal. A stay inside it provable. Got to that they needed the rest what was your perspective. That's to win the ball left the bat the Ortiz. -- -- its youthful ball wasn't really traveling solo. But when he backs put it like that. He's strong enough to get out of here. Well you know if you go celebrate this one -- media -- going to Detroit -- -- 11 series. What a difference as opposed to going 02 and facing Verlander doesn't mean everything just got turned on a -- in the we're. Found a way to win and we get it says that's the next game and congratulations mean I think it reminds.

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