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John Farrell Manager's Show with Dave O'Brien

Oct 13, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before Game 2 of the ALCS against the Tigers. The manager told Dave that the Sox won't make excuses for the Game 1 loss.

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John thank you very much gorgeous night here for game two in. John as we sit here and your office not that long after one of the most amazing pitching performances I've ever seen at Fenway Park I wonder if you feel the same way. Which Sanchez and our bullpen did last night. You just don't see against a good Red Sox lineup in this ballpark over that was historic. Yet Davis -- you know whether it's Fenway Park or any part ballpark in America that the stuff that they threw across home plate from the first pitch to the last one last night. As seem like every got -- came to the mound right handed left him with smiley included you know it was mid to upper ninety's fastball but with good location. And they executed secondary pitches and yet we created some opportunities by virtual walk. I'd particularly the first and second inning and a big situation that six were. Once again the difference last night is a two out base hit by Peralta and and we were unable to to connect. In a key moment. I thought the term for Sanchez effectively wild was made for -- walks six guys he uncorked a wild pitches but he had guys guessing and guessing wrong all night long well he had three very good pitchers were really late action and that that's the biggest -- delayed action to the strikes on whether you can say that attributed to the six walks through over the wild pitches as you mentioned. But when you throw a fastball that's got good sinking action he threw some in at the left handers hipster. To come back over the inside corner to get a couple of calls strike three's in that situation but still his signature pitch is that. Changeup that he can vary anywhere from you know high seventies low eighties all the way up to high eighties and it's got almost like. For Paulus put type action to it Andy was particularly tough on left handers who gets the strikeouts with that pitch and under. -- -- telling his -- really good last night when he threw one of those change of you mentioned at 69 miles an hour look like any fist pitch. Well he's got that today you know on our scouting reports the little bit of a -- ball almost where he can really kill the speed with that. But to have that kind of range of velocity is to go to in addition to late action with a three pitches. Obviously by the the numbers on the board is very difficult -- did the Red Sox lay off contribute at all to the result last night John. -- I don't wanna just pinpoint on one thing we ran up against very good pitching yeah I think his game as we've all come to the be comfortable with his is a daily game but the schedule is what it is we we get three days down -- traveling West Coast East Coast so. You know you can so you can pick your poison on which path to take care but still that they're guys -- an excellent game against us. I know a lot of the web sites around the country are talking about the umpiring in the caliber of -- behind home plate yay or nay. Just so you're on record once again Joseph west performance behind the plate last night it'd make an appreciable difference. I would be on the side of -- you know you know Joseph and you know and again that many pitches thrown across home plate there's there's going to be some borderline pitches that give you get a you don't get. We might have been a beneficiary of some pitches that were called strikes as well also. To it to say that. You know Joseph -- strike zone was the reason why we didn't get a hit until the ninth inning would be ludicrous on my part. You know he's a very sees an umpire you know umpires don't draw those assignments. And get not only of the crew chief but game one and in a post and post season series and we'll also have game seven. If your ranking or your rating isn't near the top of the groups -- that there's objective categories and objective rankings that they go through as well so. Another that's strike zone had nothing to do with that outcome last night. You have Clay Buchholz going tonight they go Max Scherzer. I would think the guy who's the odds on favorite to to win the Cy Young award but the last time the Red Sox faced him. They beat him here the Sox have had good numbers can you talk about the of the approaching insurers are why the Red Sox have had success and anyone can say they had success against -- Well -- you know and it its particular left -- hitters and had success with maybe the exception of nominal and you know seemingly. You would think against right handed pitchers that you would have good success against as well but -- A lot of those numbers might have come a couple of years ago as well. We don't see Mac shares are probably more than one time a year and I think we got him twice this year so far once they -- most here. In Fenway Park but what he's been doing of late he's controlled his fastball early in the count much much at a greater percentage. In other words he's not trying to Max out with -- every fastball -- throw. He'll get that command fastball to get ahead in the count and then he'll look to step on it you know get that mid to upper ninety's fastball that to -- some guys off but. That the key for us tonight again is not going to be the chase that fact that that changeup that he's become very good with. That he gets a lot of strikeouts with at the bottom of the zone right on top home plate. Fans and in many cases the media tend to overreact to one game. Granted it was a one hitter in there were seventeen strikeouts in the game. But how do you react to it and facing a guy of this caliber knowing that Verlander goes in game three is well. Well we can't you know. Dave you know I've talked about there's a number times during the season is that we can't go back -- yesterday and we can't get to Tuesday too soon so. Marchers on -- tonight we we have some familiarity with and we've got some guys are a lot of particularly Ortiz Ellsbury and Saltalamacchia of handled him very well in the past. But that tonight's approach will be to do what we can inside at tonight's ball game to win it. Who we know going back to early September when he pitched against us here. If he was efficient we had to swing about a little bit earlier and it in the count. Nobleman almost gets a key two out base hit for two run RBI single that ended up being the difference in the ball game we're Jon Lester pitch an outstanding game that night as well also. We know we're gonna get all the stuff thrown -- us that's the time of the year we're going up against very good teams and we got -- probably the Cy Young award winner -- mentioned earlier this and I. Finally our Mercedes-Benz question of the night for John -- about your lineup and you have made a couple of changes for game tuna. Yeah we have I just look at that you know Mike Napoli had some struggles against -- in the past and he's one for about fifteen. And you know Jonny Gomes who was in there and I typically is not against a right handed starter -- given that we're doing it for right handers. Wanna get his energy and and in his approach in the mix here as well for us tonight he's been very good defensive left field force. He get to base hits off that off -- in that game we mentioned previous and my car was at first base tonight salty back behind the plate as well so. I can't say that their wholesale changes these are guys that we've gotten key contributions. From throughout the course of the year and -- -- in the night. John thanks beautiful night for game two good luck in this one against the Tigers -- they appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. The all new Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. The CEO laboring superior technology engineering and safety you come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. At a price you never saw coming. Visit NB USA dot com slash CLA. John.

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