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Danny Picard and Rob Bradford Break Down the Tough Loss for the Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALCS

Oct 13, 2013|

Sports Sunday with Picard and Bradford kicks off with analysis and the break downs of the exciting pitchers' duel that took place at Fenway last night. Anibal Sanchez was magnificent and was able to silence to Sox lineup with some help from his bullpen. The boys discuss all the big spots last night and some of John Farrell's in game decisions while starting to look ahead to Game 2 tonight.

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Welcome to this joke WEEI. On the host -- -- isn't just the Danny got you this is sports Sunday. Rob Brad Pitt is in the studio with me on only two I was asleep he was at Fenway late last night and obviously the store don't open up today. Is a Red Sox tigers game YLCS last night and the tigers take it want to not to we'll get -- calls on this we'll get to the grunt story I realized that's a big one because. Reportedly there is some tension in the patriots locker room with regards to -- -- his practice and and why he won't be -- -- will be planned today against the saints at 425 on -- so. 1 o'clock this afternoon with rob Bradford a torrent of fellow Red Sox bench coach will join us at 11 AM breakdown -- Red Sox loss last night and rob. Are all open it up with this in this spot you walked in here. Earlier this morning and -- stumbled into some hope that merely to five hour energy artist that's later -- away but it. Do you see you mentioned is not really much. To complain about if you're Red Sox fan today but and I agree because -- Sanchez was downright fill the last night and -- all war. Yes the -- Albuquerque -- everybody I think if there was one guy you could get to it was it was Benoit because you saw against -- and they almost got too -- well. But did the Red Sox are frustrated last night. They sort of kept looking at Joseph west may be wondering you know the check swings why were those called strikes maybe it strikes only thought was a little too big. But they would just frustrated because they were facing a pitching staff that almost no Red Sox last night. Rob does not much to be frustrated about it -- Red Sox fan with regards to how this one went down last night first -- all bear me. I agree with you with the -- this -- an and an enterprising -- of sports I don't know what that one dollar. Well I don't. What's that opened it enterprising Dave's not all of us that I was on Sunday couple weeks ago is that what you said you do require a class asset visit I like you know what I'm known for. I'm David Card I'm note for W enterprising -- sports. Now idol wannabe known for that and I never asked for that and I think a lot of people want to use my last name in the -- captain gone. Yeah not to do it but it's funny because people -- just get it all the time and I say. Will mold like it'd -- -- get all the time by David and I don't like I. So that's what did it I'd -- to believe it but that's the well I might give up their -- off of that awful. -- -- at the legendary peak gusts into that that's awful anyway it will it will get panel that. Welcome bearing that's advocates don't think we haven't read I think rabbit island in the news Greg is is great I do know that no person. No person. I would rather get three hours of sleep and they come into our exports -- did you do -- if that's the truth out that -- -- four dollars. Don't know reminder to -- what better time. But listen they were as you look at last night's game. And it was a frustrating game for all Red Sox fan I'm sure you have a seventeen strikeouts -- frustrating for the Red Sox because Joseph west. And in that big guy that he'd gotten there had. Is this beyond us that he's gotten ahead they were there were complaining about a lot of balls and strikes. Some warranted a lot really were awarded you look at what Joseph west did. And we posted the David Brooks baseball do a great job this of looking at the pitch FX ball what were actually balls and what were actually strikes. Joseph must -- a pretty good job last I article the great debt. And I thought the Red Sox and they were frustrated they really which is frustrated that Anibal Sanchez you know he had that fastball Taylor way out on the -- these he had that changeup slider I mean. I didn't know the difference between two change up to the -- from him but you know you look at the sixth then he gets up that jam bases -- to drew that's a filthy pitch here at finish that out. Here was to take away in the clubhouse after the game last night which wise today. Betaseron we have never seen in a bill Santas like that that's were aboard and one guy said I never seen him like that. This bowling ball throwing capsule bowling balls to the plate. And then you go to the the bullpen and there pertaining to. Except for obviously like you said by and watch the end of the gay he looked like red white does a lot of times. But these guys word just -- and whether this is the reality or not. A lot of guys in that club about threats -- clubhouse felt like OK you know what. Even though you have church or even though you have Verlander you know -- casino the game like that. You just start and they felt like we had a week that they had a better idea how Detroit was gonna -- them apart Achille with a relievers. But. Since jets was about as good as you can be -- good -- we discount him a little bit yeah again. And no question but I think it is the notion at least from the national media perspective go to this game was that the Red Sox had to witness because. It was last -- Sanchez Sanchez wasn't sure -- and Sanchez wasn't. Mac shares insurers to go tonight against Buchholz now rubble at the some of the details on on offensively the -- are still but I wanna get into this notion I guess nationally that. The Red Sox had to win this game because it was Lester against somebody at church and Verlander gonna experiments in just honestly I don't see how anybody can pitch as good as Sanchez pitched last night and he put them. On his fastball -- Was unhittable I don't want to get people today that it -- a lot and they drop a bunt down. Make eat on the they're based on why major what are they make him make some plays that's a rare it's a fair point but at the same time. I mean that all that did the ball hit it was it was I think a little bit. I. A drop a couple months now robbed on the third base line right let's say they did drop a couple via what's -- say that the next guy up as even -- touch I mean that there was really not. Later you have to start somewhere did. That the Scots -- when local what they've -- did though that was the bizarre thing is on the first base and it wasn't a victim did you know I always him right on when I predict things about Shane Victorino predicted they would be hit by a prince the other night. Home that was a really tough prediction and he was gonna bunt and sure enough he blunted by -- but on the first best line. That would bizarre to -- When you when you're trying to want to Matt's situation that type game yeah necessarily wanted to. To make sure the Cabrera makes a play try to blunt to get pitched out of his rhythm. Yeah that -- -- that really the reason why try to plot not really you know make Cabrera make plays to get the picture of the current account. But the culmination. You know it it's accommodation and and I think by. I think there is a fair point -- new task of -- more Cabrera. Herald all been around awful you look at that in the first inning when he they'll hop skip and a jump at the end of we get to second base. He just -- this moving sold Natalee and and that's what this series really has become you take one game -- One game and so what do you take out of this all what I take out of it is yes Detroit has these great hitters in this deep lineup. This isn't what's gonna win or lose. What's gonna win or lose is if if they can he gets her very Verlander to approach Sanchez dead because if they Doug do you do that doesn't matter what Carolina they have. Now I -- I wanna get back to that that notion that because. -- that it was -- this -- to Santa's last night they're it's a tattoo and again I think it's outrageous. Because you have bought colts on the on -- if you -- at such outlets in apocalypse is. Gonna do it Sanchez did last night about -- matures it's gonna look they were close to what's how Sanchez looked last night but at the same time. You can't tell you can't just say well -- the loss of an all want total buckled the big problem. It has the best stuff in this rotation. I think caught colds is -- dissertation I know we talk about that three month layoff they had. And try to build that back up to get the pitch count higher at the end of the season but at the same time before you went down. Did you book -- is that god it held it. Our daughter that they give aided and I think all I. Seven or 8 AM I think that's. Outrageous thought I dare you how clay -- I do believe you said that said. But it is. The -- is the face of this well I think there's a visit. Is part of the reason they've bumped him up in the game to. Because they feel like keys. Getting back to where he was before in terms of being the -- in the staff being the best pitcher hoping -- argue against our -- He was by far away -- what the best pitchers in the American League in the second half of the year. And last night did nothing to dissuade anyone from thinking that he. In -- can continue to do that he was really last night but but yes you have a very good pitcher going for you tonight. You have one of the best pitchers in the American League going up up against. Probably the Cy Young winner for this year. But it is talking to come back to all right you know -- If you have your a game like Sanchez did last night whichever pitcher has that type pre game. And even the best pitchers don't have those games. If scherzer has a game what do you do. -- of the same again at the -- and you're in a situation offensively we just need to make sure I pay for his maybe minimal mistakes. That's why does the last night yeah I mean that that's what rob did a hat and breaking ball out of compact. And you know I thought it was bad it's election. I did because he throws a not a dominant liberal that he had no chance on it and I just think. -- I could someone that late in the season has looked at -- and that cut fastball and that you don't want don't follow -- would that is much to ask mark me as much this year. Because you lost some velocity in the middle of the season but he got up velocity back now that's once again a dominant pitcher when he's not hang in and over the plate. And I thought maybe try to keep you may recall that again well over difficult back -- went for the the curve ball and I just I didn't think that was good pitch selection and left it hanging. Well you know it was reminiscent of -- Colson one gory yet does Ross said after the game that. The pitch was supposed to be bounced he did was just was next -- -- and might have been the wrong pitch selection but they like the -- election. They just fell it was poorly executed and it -- listened in Aaron a lot of crappy stories are right. But the the fact of the matter is that I wrote a story the the other day. Leave this series about how one pitch one pitch in the post season is so different than any yet in the regular season one digit every single -- can go back and identify one pitch they regret John Lackey 2008. Giving up Jason Bay JPV. Back in 2006. Buchholz -- our last week -- Longoria. Well. Jon Lester it's gonna identify that one pitcher Johnny brought the because that you said it's taking advantage of that one pitch. And there's a lot of things to be interesting about this game coming up tonight. Number one the weather. Missouri the couple balls at last night that would have been out on any other and I -- yes absolutely the right figure out hunter you had drew hit one so. Will be along the same lines it's sunny out that spewed helps me wake up that's that's excellent. All right we understand that also. -- our -- Alex spirit is reporting about the lineup changes they get a half tonight. Yeah I'm Mike carpet first base you have Jonny Gomes in left field and replace of Daniel Nava will middle Brooks is gonna play third. This have to figure these things out it's not as simple as we're gonna stacked the lineup with the lefties against the righty is not that simple. Because you have don't play left field there's a lot of things have talked about -- agree with those votes. Yeah I mean I like I liked like Gomes is two for six or something answers -- but I like having Jonny -- in line and not an erupts. Did you know your odds because I did ask the question yet let's look at this game last night one run game. Almost wish you had -- -- it's taken hacked at some point yeah I so I started our good friend doctor Jeff fallen on Twitter at NASA question where do you want him. What you what you want him because that well. They've dug a match -- do the time that you project located at dungy pension it was Mike carpenter Saltalamacchia. Both lefties going against the righty reliever. So I guess the the question of where -- where you get a deal done they brought in lefty. Worries. Might be against Ortiz would you brought up and for middle Brooks yeah and you want the lefty righty matchup that well -- here's that here's the interesting thing about the of that event the Annie. Is that middle Brooks. History against Albuquerque. One for one with a Grand Slam. But it -- from my car so I ask somebody after the game in the gave -- good answer. Which was that that hit that Grand Slam was an absolute blow out of the game Albuquerque with a guy who didn't wanna be on the mound they felt like he was UBS that. And they like the bad -- Consistently. Much more with TARP that's all you want used -- the logical answer to that type of question. Albuquerque it's nasty stuff I -- if you you -- mean if we're gonna put Gomes. I guess you're really put Gomes -- to replace. You could put the -- -- replacement Brooks because if you don't have Bogart's go to third I mean you can't put golf is in that situation. All right so you put domes and so what he's -- to pinch -- for meadowbrook middle Brooks you know there are you said David that's where they printed carton because. You know that's -- therefore he's a lefty hitter he's a lefty hitter off the bench against a righty reliever. But I understand you're not alone in saying where is Johnny Gilbert Jonny Gomes I think that's gonna happen in games like this because people have seen the good of Jonny Gomes. Yeah and and you don't wanna leave anybody on the -- I just don't think there was an opening is going to be steady it's going to be tough to find those openings because. Detroit is a lot of right handed pitching and that's why you go anything here if you wanna -- for Jonny Gomes. It's -- it is it not doesn't have great success against scherzer. You have domes as a couple of hits against him see what you got. I'm not trying to second guess too much but I got a lot of as much to second guess last night because again it comes on how Phil Sanchez wasn't in the relievers came and help -- people they weren't even have slightly -- lefty to face Ortiz does his job and and then Benoit you know that autumn of the nine. Rob you get not breaks up the no hitter what to break up the team noted it would want all -- -- aren't what are you recommend big move. You didn't have to go to second with. Withdrew up via any ends up hit it to right field hockey at all which you said might be. A bulb is that we want 88 gets out on a different I mean let god so well. I don't I don't necessarily disagree would not run Barry I think he -- -- and Ben Wallace had what they gotta have. Did the pitching coach come out but don't they don't worry about him just throw strikes and -- that. Because the next matches want to try to put it in the -- yeah and it's -- and obstinate or -- is up and that's bought. You wanted to go there. Football got the well then who noticed -- -- well what. What do feed would be taught to get out of that what are you -- -- and then it got a lot of -- don't know on an audit. Gomes and because I don't know what I'm doing in the field that you'll I guess my my question is this is there were you confident to go to our camps are with a bogus is giving him I was not. OK I was confident that maybe has got to draw a walk when he when he booked at that ball lone man for the 32 -- 32 count yeah I got this kid is good guy yeah yes installed is that he's got to stand up there is not to -- skid and and that's what he's gonna bring it to you use all the walks. Against Tampa that I had an original -- watched. I was puppet you don't -- I was not confident. -- was gonna come up with a big hit and that's another question. We will look at and I know it's mainly righty so you might not have that situation which all right. Drew is up you take drew out the -- -- maybe they bring in the lefty at some point it was it was one point in this game. We drew was up and it was in the sixth bases loaded and Sanchez and to close them out and it gave a nasty you know it was changeup with a slide -- -- -- way to -- the way it was it was an unhittable pitch and Sanchez's night. Was finished at that got out of he's jacked up on Amman. But at -- what do what would have happened to rob yeah if Lehman went to Japan because. They warm up what to do a lot of smiling at that you know what -- -- would you. They have broad and bold -- it at that butare about the sixth in the six bases loaded drugs up. -- -- Sanchez is all his control is he has no control middle put us all control was -- -- Brooks are filming game -- -- adamant that movement -- question. I mean I trumpet at the at the time in and block him a couple of talking about this able. Got a -- -- is legally -- what does he want -- he wants Miley think this is what set in the broadcast does leave it wants smiley face -- Bogart's Rio or does he want. -- -- -- Now I think it's a no brainer you want Sanchez patient but I also question or you automatically assume -- Bogut comes in because it's lefty righty. Here's the deal -- you looking for -- not to comment that's bought candidate Tampa. Obviously Farrell -- in game four -- changed his mind and did it differently and brought a Bogut. Nobody was on dates. And maybe it's sort of looking for him to just get on. That game in game four against their goal -- get so doubles and I usually make that -- reliant on -- got to get the big hit or you're relying on him to maybe just get off with a walk what. What how you trust -- gods if you're the Red Sox at this. I don't think it matters if if this runners on these matters what you said before if you have a tough lefty. Is he went in the game you feel comfortable doing that sixth inning. That's a tough one. And that spot because they really like if Bill Gates really light. Stephen Drew its -- lives it's total life yeah in and so. Go in when Jim we humans looks at that misstate what UNC just against true or do you want smile against Bogart's. I stand Sanchez is dealing absolutely dealing on. -- You look at some of the swings Stephen Drew has put on who put on even though he struck out double time. Put on Sanchez -- more comfortable than a lot of guys and outline a diving left these were like over ten with eight strikeouts against them. But still. Drew is a guy who hits right he's very well. With two outs he's a pretty good hitter. So yeah idea at the top one well if they had brought of the lefty that yet though I mean it would they have done I don't know if it out into early. An -- I don't know if they go back to the fail safe Bob this is the biggest spot in the game. It's the sixth inning and even though the bring in the lefty we love Stephen Drew. You know we we know that this the veteran guys he's gonna find a way to get it done take a -- do they really really value have and it took some thing it's that that moment in Tampa. For that to even get off -- off that even a little bit. I do think you'll get into it for those spots but his sixth inning with the bases loaded it might be -- You do you do think that they will utilize -- yet. If it's -- comes in they even -- the tigers. Motivate me in Iraq their Austin yeah you Coke Coke is back on knowledge and and -- Rotblat yeah Neitzel talk more about. At this series the Red Sox lose game one last night but I'll tell you I don't I think this notion that this notion that Red Sox had to -- that one last night. Because now they'll face Jersey and Ireland at the notion that -- had last night. And I'm not buying it because let's not forget like -- is on the moderates and I. And I keys his team to a scenario play out is ultimately what Matt I'll be the best pitcher in baseball at 617. It's 67 sacks and 677797. 98376177797937. In the text like 37. 937 at sports Sunday on any -- with rob Bradford until 1 o'clock. -- this. Backs bullets Sunday WEEI on Danny -- -- it would rob Bradford until 1 o'clock. Red Sox bench coach story of fellow joins us at eleven. -- -- -- 7937. A text comes in on the next one again 37. 9378. He'd -- taking seats next line for the 512. Rob you he says. Thought Ellsbury would have wanted early on to break Sanchez's rhythm. Especially with Cabrera at third. Maybe -- strike out 23 times. He never months. And you know what the whole philosophy of one test Cabrera down that their baseline -- he can't even walk right now. That certainly is something that you know you can make that argument I'm not I'm -- -- you against that but I'm also not upset at. They didn't have the minds that they were gonna go to the game shortly bonds down. The guys there I thought would try with the guy who actually blunted with victory -- -- -- just in front of first grade. But victory goes the guy's gonna do it -- Berry always shows bunt but he never bonds. But that might change that might change now you're taking -- not about a lineup tonight he's another guy who could potentially bond doesn't. Jonny Gomes who still informant is gonna but -- carpet who's gonna play tonight isn't gonna bunt. Steven drew rarely bonds. Not a lot of guys who bought. Really -- you have -- very you have. Ellsbury will show it Victorino is the guy Victorino now more than two guys put Victorino is a guy do you mean. I get the whole idea that Cabrera can't walk -- you wanna test and on the third baseline but even want but -- -- victory all can pull out of the seats -- and -- -- -- Last night you were just look at the one mistake to put the seats and don't even after I bought a guy gets on -- literally gotta start somewhere with a guy on base but after that one -- -- -- to -- -- -- well -- I don't think since it just -- capable -- Good day we should realize that they were getting guys on yeah -- like they wanted to. -- -- talkative guy they have that chip is they have the bases loaded bad guys -- runners in scoring position. So they had their chances. Don't will they bought going -- you have to test Cabrera if you're not able to get the job done and you are able to get runners on this fine but they were getting runners on. Levs is in Somerville what's up left. A -- pentagon. You know he. Thank you 31 year old socked in here and I got a state that was a really cool awesome. Great game last night that it didn't go the Red Sox played but I mean you really have to appreciate. We gave baseball as a -- in Ireland yeah. It. I was attacking my friends like things like what. Different move they -- made in height I don't think they could have made a different home state just the players -- And just -- -- that night Sanchez. Kept switching it up the it was pretty good. I think standard does it missed anger at the end. I like his comments after the game though I like Bogart's comments. Basically says it all out army paraphrasing that the -- -- -- -- next time. That that won't happen again the next time I put get that opportunity. I'm going to be get the job done and and that's what you wanna hear from 21 year old kid. Yeah I mean it was all out there -- a good game I mean I had people who served trying to complain and I don't get it. Not a candidate allowed banks that caught -- I don't understand I mean again this was a good. Baseball game -- the fact if you -- kitchen. This was -- night. If you're Red Sox fan obviously wasn't I don't open the show overall by San. There's not much to be frustrated about but I guess I'm talking about moves that they -- made as -- pointed out I don't walk in the studio today Santa. What could the Red Sox have done differently other than maybe. Take a couple mistake pitches and make them pay and but there were many of those. Well you brought it up before and I saw a -- on Twitter Johnny Gilbert is Johnny -- as they said to you before. Where it's far from Jonny Gomes I don't know there was a logical spot for joining guild the pinch hitters were Mike carpenter Saltalamacchia. To left the or. Guys who hit better from lefties that lesson in his side and Saltalamacchia respect. Two guys who -- they okay that makes cents. The only thing at the time it happened. Which I -- said well why are they doing this was when they can sit through middle Brooks the middle Brooks was one for one with a Grand Slam. But as I said before went after the game asked people about it any explanation for me was good enough which was that hit. Team at a different time that it came when it was 123 Albuquerque didn't want to be in the game it certainly wasn't the Albuquerque we saw last night yet. To me I I do have a little bit of a tough time knowing that this was a one nothing game and you Gomes wasn't able to hack. Last night and I don't you wonder and you know what you're -- we equity of comment wit could go homes have gone back and last night I guess my question for you rub his. Detention of the middle virtually with cup because you left against right -- -- Rampage but do you. Doesn't does golf is only common. If there's. It is a lefty Danny Combs comment far right handed hitter that -- you might not have confidence and know you have more competence and gone. It just be about Gomes rather than the other situations I guess and sent. If it's not my car yes. But Mike -- has done -- done enough. Did to suggest that -- clutch guy we don't know us know below its results whatever you want everyone wants to think that Jonny Gomes is the more clutch guys like you said. You've seen him come through with clutch performances before. But the problem is Danny is that carp also has now not as many times because he doesn't get as many opportunities you don't know what you have been Mike Carp right now we'll find out tonight. Find no big time tonight because Mike Carp is going to be key guy in outline -- just like we said Mike Napoli was going to be key guy if that's the guy who's going to be filling in tonight and Colmes. Is in left field. -- field and all the other big night tonight. Gonna take what we would you like -- -- I thought I would golds and a spot to take a hack come off the pedal I mean that he's been great rob. When I pick Johnny -- home this season I picked up a guy who's. I guess the club polish type player the guy is gonna come off the bench -- a big spot and you have confidence in him and he -- -- it's gonna get an idea what board. I want our dugout -- argue what board -- don't point Virginia now that I'm not on booklet are on board -- Giant Eagle has been available late in a tight game with -- dot pitch is that going to be dominant tonight golds coming in a big spot -- -- I want -- in this -- is not I mean you use you sort of. This I just love this kid in the lineup and what he provides I think. In the first 67 innings. Is is more than what golf -- -- -- I I guess I just like goal was more in that spot you come off the -- -- -- -- gonna bring in and that's bought. I always is like I understand and it is good to have a guy. Absolutely not front and not all that well I did in the first innings but not what I'm trying to give him more praise on the spot and I I wanna see Johnny you don't get a start. And I think this is probably the best chance you gonna get him a start because there are no lefty starters for Detroit users. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark -- Portsmouth you on WEEI. All wants dollar twice -- not to GM is in New Hampshire would subject. My guys I don't like him. -- crawl complete report game winning RBIs and you don't go with the help -- it doesn't it doesn't begin with Ohio and Texas and -- -- Lot and you guys for the grateful for God's -- this great what do you think. I think that yeah I think first of all if we're denied a do we want do we even want to get is that really what we're gonna get -- do today is performance enhancing drugs. It is that would this is a vote that's not last night was about I'm sorry -- was about a -- and -- That is don't you think I should be playing that's what it they get in a regular season -- they're allowed to play in the game's biggest stage it's it's it's it's wrong. Well you don't know everybody who's on. You don't know what everybody's on adult. And the reason I say that is because if you really wanna get into this conversation and I don't really want to -- to brought it up. Alex Rodriguez now we know the suspension that he has we don't know develop a play -- does what he was passed in the same test that everybody else's past. He didn't get caught a pass it. He was part of an investigation so that's my beef is that you don't know everybody is passing that at the same tests all. You know I'd give I would just say this I don't wanna -- the steroid knowledge either did not know nobody -- -- -- but brought -- legit because he get the did he get the game -- -- written. And he was suspended by I would say this is that when he was levied a fifty game suspension and everyone had to make that choice are you -- appeal it. And then potentially lose out. Later down the line or you gonna take it now and potentially hurt your team's chances of it makes the playoffs no I was screaming and yelling about all my goodness he's taking the suspension and what's gonna happen when he comes back that was so far down the line. So. Thanks Carlos and it's a legit to legit lot of conversation to -- the guy did something in the game last night. I did and he was suspended but. You know this is -- we could. Ernie wanted it has -- -- you could -- he did this -- that this. All what they're abroad it's not daily but to be -- not the it's not the who's on steroids and who's not conversation. It's about what Major League Baseball -- in terms of the suspension was this the right you do fifty games Gibbs stated fifty games. But should the fifty games have been part of big part of the playoffs should have been fifty games and then that's it this season but that wasn't what it was and -- that was handed down. I hear a lot of people saying. Well you know it's fifty games but what about the playoffs now it's you get -- at fifteen games you could suffer. And then you know you're gonna play the playoffs but now he's playing and now he's getting big hits -- in the conversation. I understand why people bring it up it's not my payroll. It's not mine either crew comes into Texas in that game and he has opportunities that drive and then -- was shut down here's the deal. Shut down Jhonny Peralta don't leave a breaking ball I don't play that's that's the issue here John is in the truck what's up -- -- only tell us a jump up. And you guys are honorable and a second ago when you -- -- Cabrera at third base I really think which challenging more -- let me offer a slightly different take on. I just think that that the Boston Red Sox have scored the most -- in the American League may -- in the Middle East. -- but I think what's with the Internet it's in the sweet -- Even have more from Mike a factory run. You know I put runners tonight in emotion not an intelligent Cabrera -- third basement guys to the bottom wheelchair Scola. I cart -- that the popping up but maybe not struggle that I'll let you go. Barbie I think fit that that's who they were trying to do they were swinging missing too much -- it's it's as simple that right. They're just Reagan missing too much you what you can did used to before. If you thought the -- yet but the way -- credible since just throwing even that is not an easy. Ask -- And I just don't know but I like the mindset of this team even given the situation -- prayers and physically. I just don't like the mindset this team be all right let's go -- drop one down at third base like -- -- pick and want and that's spot last night it's not because the rarest. Aged and you want to make him make a play it's because you want it's. It's because you wanna get stitches out of the -- Yeah I -- you said I guess you know is it -- popping and we also want to test Embraer. But I'll pick tomorrow on the lines of let's just tried to make Sanchez. You know fielder. A little blunt and may be thrown away -- in his head a little bit and maybe he'll lose his control like he did in the sixth when he loses control. And the sixth inning and loads the bases against Carolina nasty Jane -- just. -- whatever that here's a little dose of optimism for -- accidents but I think the people in the right about now is that. That you look at when you do get runners on what they. Showed last night was that they're going to be able steel. They're going to be able take that extra base -- really be able do almost at will Detroit pitchers are terrible holding guys on they -- terrible about throwing guys out. There and so you're going to be able to take advantage of that especially considering the successful rip -- have had a over the course of the year we saw last night. You're gonna be able to do that now it's a matter of getting guys on and taking advantage of do that very issue of stolen when drew was up last night on. Well that it's an interesting thing because like you said you come back to what happened after the fact you could you've gotten a third from. One of the things have made them so successful in stealing bases is picking the right opportunities to do. And people were saying in the last month of the season why isn't quick and Barry still leaves one stolen base I thought he is supposed to be the guy in John Ferrell. -- was well yeah he supposed to steal bases but he's not supposed to be getting thrown out and those opportunities are there. That's what made them how can you argue with the success that they've had it's been an historic. Stolen base percentage. So. They're picking the right spot to do it so I have to lean on the fact that. They view that as the best chance to do it and even if he stole and then got to third tag hunters fly out to right. What happens after that is you know. Should look at what are you see you get the yet the second game you don't quit Barry can be a weapon and good for them for making that trade. Certainly going to be more of an impact in -- -- demonstrated for. I -- is he got a gun laws head. And we mentioned that he was you know these entities entities that -- market you know couldn't take his eye off from pitching coach has to -- -- -- Listen it's just throw strikes you don't worry about him if he steals a bag steals a bag make sure you're gonna get. Drew out drew don't what was called. You know we was gonna grooved a fastball down the plate he put these on it just wasn't good enough I think that very actually to appoint just put it -- a bag you're right and I think everybody wanted to do at that point ended up -- after the fact. But I think that he did his job with regards to net debt and then laws that make sure you know get tempted to think about you not throw strikes that's -- he was -- and they turned it around. And drew on couldn't do anything -- it in that spot Dave is in the college septic. Exactly taken -- tactical game. They. You know what think about how -- that I was a -- -- -- -- -- throat close to a 120 pitchers. Yeah yeah and I think you know you think about it that they loose tonight at -- You get you going to. He's going to Detroit you're gonna see sister. And you'll see Sanchez who I'll be shocked the heat or -- get ridiculous but I felt. I think about it only scored combined expertise or runs. If you go back to the last terror sure the -- combined. So -- -- get blown out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well in data brought this -- is good points and officially. You'll him stronger. And in you don't really have the -- so Bogart's is playing third base. You pension domes. Where you have him going third base. Right right on the money Danny. Well I just I've been. If there's one thing I have a tough time today at the what does David tickled to get to take -- And alone again let's admit that I don't I know it's it's a tough decision because you don't know where to put -- but I guess if you don't don't don't don't tax bracket your original thought you're right on the money. Wish it would go I keep coming into and out. I understood you were saying why can't you picture it. Go for Bogart's that spot we don't understand why the question would be and this is a hypothetical because it would happen yet. If if you did have -- reported that spot would you have to have would you have had to go for Bogart's. -- you have what kind of confidence do they have a -- Getting it right there I think right now. Just like you said before they feel pretty good about it because it's -- it's is this recognition. We thought he was gonna walk and that's what I -- like you walked twice against their. I did I thought it was gonna walk I mean that ball got to the plate I'm not drug companies gonna get a big hit. What I was confident that he was gonna get on base last night -- -- -- -- was in almost. He's going to be in the spotlight tonight in left field and you gotta have my cup at first salty behind the plate. Rob Bradford -- studio with me on the Cape Cod here until 1 o'clock Red Sox bench coach. Door Novello is gonna join us at eleven fault lines are open for -- 617. 779798376177797937. And attacks on 37. 937. Assists Sunday on WEEI back at this panel that was Jim Leyland got the last night's. Tiger is win over the Red Sox in game one and ALC yes. This is what Sunday -- WEEI on the host and it caught the Comcast sports net knowing what it would rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com. Phone lines there opened 617779798376177797937. Hit us up on AT&T excellent 37937. Red Sox bench coach -- of -- and join us at. Eleven. -- I'll I'll ask him a lot to do tough question we're just. Where was Jodi -- where was I don't worry -- result of that I can give the answer. But no it's accepting the answers though that's acceptable. We should also point out Danny because I'm a big proponent of getting you to it for spoken so that gave the card lists are -- -- And ask my T shirt I'm wearing says right now at Brad -- You have I didn't see this little cold on that does exactly but I always Wear my teachers at my at -- -- teacher we aren't Twitter. Somewhere and tweets. As they say the inaccurate these days. Ten in that tent pole in nine. Is John McDonald on the LC roster -- ALCS roster. If -- if he is there's your third baseman for -- well he's not. So there's your -- I did not gonna put him. Well around Giuliani no candidate if I'm saying if you advance. Is still not don't have rusty go ten pictures now you don't do that. You don't -- you don't mean all they would do they have in the past. Would you go if they advance -- -- jumping at ourselves and does it down one up in the series but game two tonight. I've given you reasons to be optimistic and I will move forward but still if they do it that you wouldn't put him on the roster John McDonnell wouldn't. If if they had ten pitchers I would think about it but here's here's what you have to look at. The reason why they have eleven pitchers is because they really liked the matchup in the bullpen this isn't the we're gonna bring in a guy in the seventh we're gonna bring new guy needs him to bring in the guy tonight and we all know they're going to be. This is all about matchups and we saw a game in Tampa where you've got to that point where you're matching up here there everywhere. And you get to the point where you had fields too broad as your long man you're saving them. So all of those guys should value all those -- -- value because you match up so much that's why they have eleven pitchers that's why John McDonald is -- on the roster and and I guess you can make the argument you don't need all eleven pitches it's as if your rotations going deep into games which we've seen. Right I mean you know short but if you -- but here's the thing you get into a close game in the seventh and eighth inning that's easy for four relievers easy. Because they're matching up so much the party showed what they wanna do with -- Breslow what what they wanna do with it is our. They bring their -- Workman was warming up last night they brought him into games morale if they still feel pretty good about. There's a lot of guys they're matching up a lot Breslow is the guy Alvarez -- he's the I expect the -- shore up but. If you get him bring him in the sixth and seventh inning. You still got to figure out things the rest of the way -- it was unbelievable to me that you're a guy is starting pitching Jake Peavy in that last game. 74 pitches. -- And you still took him out because you saw that there was a matchup -- likely James Loney you're gonna bring Breslow and you do that. Now you have to match up the rest of the way that's why you have so many -- Drizzle did his job as long as you can and and it got Longoria on a low slot alone -- -- -- the slaughter wanted to write mold and that he got the changeup all relate to and that Manning comes out at. Even for the next inning threat not only did he put it based on -- put Breslow did this really if you look at all the bullpen was last night the Red Sox -- This would be high and dry up and hope that an eight tonight and you get something Golan and put Iran a two on the board like they did. Against Tampa in game four they didn't get the run so it doesn't look as good but the bullpen the way -- played -- last -- the way it's played out. Really in the last two games is how you draw our top -- -- rotation right into those guys resolute is dollar you -- Are the coach he gave up two minutes well I don't know don't look so even though you gave up through its. You still have confidence I don't read -- it is amazing also by the way that I looked this up. He hasn't given up more than two hits and any outing this year. All of the of the long list of -- couple minutes that's a pretty good one. Now you talked about guys and up open who you have confidence that is working out. Absolutely even Brandon Workman when he came in the other day he did a good enough job. Morales is the only guy -- was little shaky his command that was the only guy but they'll still come back to -- that's what you have going for you as you've gone through what are we yet now fifth game and a trip five games through playoffs. That you feel much much better about that collection of bullpen arm that he did it begin the playoffs. Had a perfect world I think Workman is Andrew Bailey and Morales is Andrew Miller right in a perfect world that's it let's go back -- -- those guys that. Which again when I own and I mean I'm not even mentioned Aaron and I did you feel comfortable he was anyways. Looking at that opening day opening day it was a perfect example of how they envision the bullpen which was your -- encouraging the six. -- you bring in Andrew Miller. That you bring in. Andrew Bailey to get I believe it was to no 41 key arrow at the end of the seventh inning. Then you bring into this hour for the eight that you bring -- hitter hit of the night. Yeah I think about it with everything was light up this is going to be an enormous strength and his team they've done a good job got a really am in figuring out. Now you we are the dominant close and last -- mentioned what a couple hits but the legal and almost given an extra -- There right let me put the -- Don Kelly you're ours is -- no lefty as lefties I don't public don't -- -- winnable game. In game three but other than that. Right lefties don't written really don't have a shot against you -- as I tell you that he -- Cabrera output Don Kelly in there. That's that's a better feeling your coach you -- it is Matt isn't Paul riddle what's up Matt. Captain because I think governor Brad -- -- that among the. Sunday morning when he -- hey guys -- got three point but the first thing I want to talk but to me just said that I could be -- he would -- -- They should have put into the position placing the media player to be put on the roster but. The point I wanted to make it three quick points number one. There's one time thinking yesterday that mr. that -- really played a role in terms of his. You know -- you know calling of the game. When of Jacoby a -- walked with it in the seventh that he had 73. -- we -- the other thing I want to get quickly proven. That. But Napoli is not the future next year I think these -- -- gonna have to do it probably god I'm hoping -- that. Carlos Beltran may be available at the the single going to be going younger maybe won't happen this series he's having but I'd love to see him batting behind your head of mr. Ortiz but the third one want to make -- -- -- on -- -- you about a third of the Baltimore -- which is not but beyond the manual -- -- Barbeque. Yet. Were you how the how the ball of the ground -- yeah yeah court they're based on the and I think Billy Martin -- Mari Wilson beat their bread and butter on that. Particularly since what his name. Cabrera is playing in anticipation of the bond. The only gotta -- and -- -- the ball I -- that all the mobility of Moby Dick copier you know at the very least you made it no he you know eat you know get a cup. Couple guys on in sectors of the economy could -- to get Anibal Sanchez that's -- it seemed like night but. If convicted they go back to our local about a statement that you about that thanks a lot guided -- talking. Are you gonna actually call. You have a lot -- everyone's weighing in on the TT tech slide and we've hasn't called -- corner but we're Cabrera was used to playing in already. Well now he wasn't playing in all the time and I -- -- beyond that he even if he was playing -- who cares you can't -- You could be playing in on the grass I don't think it's gonna make an enormous difference with Miguel Cabrera and -- Maloney had a great point about it too. If Cabrera playing in three feet on the grass and he's charging a good bond and he estimate -- third base throw across his body. With the type of injury that he has. That's not gonna translate too well. You say you wanna do it to injure more actual cat always it's X it's Jimmie snuck a model but what is the old Cabrera is entering -- specifics -- the war. I've heard sports attorney -- -- I some ravenous. -- -- I thought about thought it's -- that's like the hernia area there's -- on -- -- I don't know that we wanted to go to John is it possible to have John. On WEEI John Paul wants. Don't want John is not they'll go to nick when it would subject. Yeah hey Dylan I allude to it a little bit earlier the -- red flag because they have in this series and also if they get to the World Series. Is getting the right position on guys in the right time and good -- this excesses -- what guys like Holmes guys like Karl. Etc. etc. well those guys not necessarily gonna get and we want to get in. Simply because of the situation just like last night I was gonna say that's in the national at this ego will series and I -- to jump ahead. Violating like before a baseball game here that's. -- But just jump ahead now they get the advantage right now honestly four games and actually create American League park so I wouldn't wish that we do. OK if it which easily could replace -- his base he's done it before doesn't do too badly would that we do it Napoli. -- agreed to decide what we're gonna do would Napoli in the next three games before we get to the World Series thanks the comic but it is obviously a good point. Moving forward but I think it's just put the tonight Clay Buchholz on the mound against Max series you gotta be given anybody yet drug. I don't know I don't I don't I think both pitchers. -- is a cop out I understand but. There you said before this these are league pitchers they have shown to be elite pitchers in the American League scherzer has had the better year we understand that. But if you based off what -- dedicate Tampa. That looked a lot more like the the guy we saw in in May. So could -- come out and get the better Max -- absolutely. They're too good lineups -- that you said it before Danny this is a story tonight there's no question about it. Bottom line Clay -- Max Scherzer went sky is gonna have. His eight game going more than the other guy -- all line up present problems buckles can have his moment and I Jim is in the college of Jim. But it got god did you get it. An important quit the hot. On on Johnny go about it again last night opposite situation that but it again that you're at -- there but yet I can't help but that it. I think the beat -- -- -- -- does it leak out there were doubted if you don't want him to doubt go to. Inflation on the economy in the series turned around the back -- I know. Yes he struggled. You know what you -- split but you can get it the old fatigue eat snakes they happen look at you -- To get something that doctors like got a tough spot something -- -- -- -- can't get him in the game and -- not that ironic. But not adept only at night but -- article. Well Jim here's that here's the movie you can contemplate. Because they don't have a had the only hit as you said. You go down the road if novice hit the ball. You want to go with a lot of this now play first. If carp doesn't do anything tonight. It's a conversation this is one of strikes they've had this widening the right time for the right guys. That's what they've been able to view for the most part this year will see if it happens again tonight. Gomes who will be in the lineup for short and left field. And Mike -- he will be at first base in place of Mike Napoli fault lines are open 61777. On seven not a 37617. 7797937. Hit us up and AT&T text line. 37937. On -- got a studio with rob Bradford WEEI back at this time.

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