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Red Sox Review: Red Sox hitters were left guessing in Game 1 of the ALCS

Oct 13, 2013|

John Ryder analyzes the aftermath of the Red Sox loss to the Tigers in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. Red Sox hitters couldn’t solve the Tigers’ pitching staff and only managed one hit in the loss. Ryder is also joined by WEEI.com’s Alex Speier to break down the loss and preview Game 2 coming up on Sunday.

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This -- Red Sox review on the WEEI sports radio and. -- It was here is that due to match. Playing a line drive center in -- got doubt very at -- dropped her face it and it tigers get Iran. More of a little further and applaud -- stopped detected if rumors or that it wants nothing Droid. It's a review of ALCS game number one between the Red Sox and tigers. Then why all the ones you on the way playing it'll look. We're a little upset at an abrupt about face and then there goes the no hit bid but -- Red Sox finally have a base not -- the ninth inning. How about this they have the tying run on base. And that means Clinton buried. The speed merchant will run Ford Daniel mama. Red -- revue with John were angered the right hander looks here's the 32 pitch. -- you popped him up. Sky high around a shortstop Iglesias underneath that now comes in the wind takes it a bit but he makes the catch. And the tigers have won game one by a final one -- -- but now John Ryder. With the Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network but as miles. The last time the Red Sox were shut out at home of the post season you know one of laws while it was 1918. That's the last time and happen. That has last -- sector shut out at home and and a and a playoff gave it the result is pretty good that that season. And they read sections of tape is similar result this season. One -- the Red Sox have had the great ability you do is put a rough one behind them and bounce back the next day. Although most of the time they have an -- to go up against a guy that's gonna win this cy young and note B Max Scherzer. And later on tonight however you -- -- -- admitted tomorrow whatever. Game two of the ALCS -- -- -- -- -- -- by the tigers won and nothing tonight. I know and I'm surprised already I haven't had a text message or her phone call now we just started to show. But at least in the subject line on the phones. About Joseph west but. Let's give. Some credits on -- ball Sanchez boy was he good you know in and it. Lot of talk so much stock and I think dominated really about Justin Verlander and understandably you know -- game three in potentially game seven of the goes that far. With the it would Verlander pitching in this series and then probably secondary adventures -- Partly you heard anyone Ali I was -- to the station W -- day -- I didn't hear one full color or no conversation about on a ball Sanchez kind of almost if you could. Never forgotten man that won the ER -- title. He would be yet. But he was it and I mean he was the story tonight but still -- but tough approach for the red sex they just completely off balance yet again runners on vexing frustrating. Have an agent in almost no hint of course. Which is never happened. To a home team in the post season. Others only two of them Don Larson's perfect game and in the in the World Series and then reality back in 2010 the NL VS. But those are home games for those of pitchers is never have -- has never been a combined one. And almost it'd denied in fact. On a seven page shed that with a one out in the ninth. Joaquin Benoit gives it up -- bad by Daniel Nava and that was a pitch did for Bogart's clear on that changeup. And now was a strike he swung he just popped it up to short. But I think the -- hours you know one of the Red Sox only opportunities. To me the big. Opportunity was in that sixth inning and he had the bases loaded. On walks by Sanchez which would be his last decade didn't give up did watch six but struck out twelve. A slider was here when -- was -- was killer to left handed hitters. And it's changeup fastball everything working and not to be lost in this at all was Jon Lester was tremendous -- that makes even more difficult these two lineups. Shut down especially the red sites denied these monster -- fences and Red Sox during the regular season. Happen from time to time the data get shut out eleven times in the regular season despite winning 97 games but. Just crush her tonight approach was there and really hardly anything hard hit it wasn't they were -- -- it -- robbed and there was some great defense plays weren't able to take. Advantage of Jhonny Peralta playing out in left field -- that was really the was the opulence of store for the tigers the added to -- -- of the game suspension so -- strange -- -- Dave O'Brien said on the on the broadcast your W react completely agree surreal Lewis is. Really bizarre. So many different things happening in this one and so many things to go over and would -- being even in a one nothing game hey welcome to the post season this is -- almost a four hour game Trish I have had four minute shy of it. Three hours and 56 minutes. Tigers. They they left twelve they were one for eleven homers and scored his two outs to. This is when they get that Ronald Jhonny Peralta in the sixth in the Red Sox say -- real answer back in the sixth. And even an opportunity. As. As well in the first inning. Two for the Red Sox could get it done tigers -- opportunity as well and probably would have scored near post Cabrera wasn't so banged up. Throughout his entire body are -- I see up there on the four lines we'll also get. And here for -- John Farrell here from Jon Lester here from some of the Red Sox notables here possibly -- here to bowl guards and and some of the other Red Sox notables from tonight net and on hopefully as -- and Detroit's additives and -- always engineer firm Jim Leland and his take. So get that the let's get to you on the phone lines in first up is Josh used in Centerville indicate page Josh. You're either they Josh and you don't -- alternate world war first of -- I thought he could -- if you look at it objectively. There was definitely entertaining no question about that frustrating threats nicely as -- -- -- It certainly -- thought -- -- -- -- -- -- those late inning you've been aggressive I saw a lot of good fastball that lucky so called so it's. I don't know I don't know strategy. I I actually enjoyed it I actually and you're gay and one more -- Chris Kelly -- may not stretching that your group -- -- the Bruins beat her through the back. All right thanks Josh bees escaped has Columbus today out in awhile here's a -- in Peabody a gym. Until you mentioned going to the game that's really in the -- shot. And for a talk about Torres came. Some of the I think shrugged again so much on the you have Columbus Day Jim I don't know if you're so now. That they could limit the amount for trips up to -- coach Mitchell kept it goes well when you when you have Wimbledon with -- 121112. It has won enough of -- Well and there's extra commercials two and in a lot of this is dictated by television. Did that it if you noticed is there's a couple lecture commercials mixed in there. Right before you get back to the Indies. With a win tomorrow -- and we're in big trouble. I would say. Who's dead and it Verlander going in three. Tomorrow's the U gotta look at this -- me as crazy as. It's a must win I think it is -- you we've seen this team do this before we all remember what happened at 2004 and coming back but. Be a tough task. It if you lose the first two at home and then you're going out to Detroit and facing Verlander. And let's not look at his regular season stats this one jumps out to me how about since mid September has allowed Iran. What do they what's frustrating is important to let him beat those guys so well gronkowski. Yet tough task about dead and -- would even the guys in the middle Wilfork I was done for the season as we -- but Tommy Kelly out as well to the injury no gronkowski. Yeah and end in sprawls and Graham. Some odd reason it's one of those it's. Been such an unpredictable NFL season already. And it almost feels like the patriots -- -- it is to win to leave and other foreign one or shut up but I still somehow to pick to win that game. It's a battle -- -- Russia was gonna have enough plays by week's seventeen. It's almost like you know that this little little but a war the last sprint and. Yeah well wait wait till they expanded. Couple more games in the regular season that's gonna happen down and Pate thanks for the call Jim mostly -- -- they look we appointed time here up until 2 AM but most again into this. ALCS tonight here's bill and East Boston -- bill. I don't -- -- don't monopoly game I really don't I surely he's going to march on tenure but it's great for older adults is -- -- It looked up at the plate on maybe was too much party in half the women you know can this -- I don't know what this timing and everything else was awful. Yeah and at all but too much party. I doubt these guys -- out till you know 5 AM last I would I would doubt. I might everytime I watch TV they shoot the commercial shortstop of the dumb -- to want something you know. You know -- just sum it -- intended time was really option. I don't mind him being loose bill in -- they were loose at the work out I know they showed footage of of not -- Napoli sunbathing and you know JP view it as. His cigar store in Udall a different stuff but. I mean this with this was Sanchez and I know -- The forensics fans perspective erupted Joseph west and exactly give many breaks but I -- put this war on. On Sanchez and some bad at bats that I I think you just got compounded they were frustrated by Sanchez and and frustrated by Joseph west the one that Joseph west. Solid dead -- stands out to made. Was that Ellsbury had bad. There which -- which look like a ball for. There and to get on base in the seventh inning and that's where victory no item added one of play at a couple -- tonight but at a beef on the on deck circle looked like those guys will be to -- was gonna get Ron wrong in this one. But that -- there was. All there and and typically the west is a hitter resolve. I mean in this into the game I was a little watching him in the central on the radio it seemed to me like. There aren't a lot of pitches mr. Well they well today they just had some bad it really bad a bad tonight an ally and add to do would -- -- tonight. They're trying to -- in my they got a lot of the game and and that was that day you know if you think it takes the call bill. -- let's get in this Detroit bullpen because of fears of perceived weakness. And including Joaquin Benoit he checked out -- the -- series the Oakland series. Then like can be and eventually commuted venture anyway. And it figure -- get into that today Detroit bullpen there in Albuquerque was terrific Veres was great strikeout ball batters he faced. Smiley yet sorties well managed -- Jim -- led the bullpen guys to the job to back up Sanchez. And that was it and is worth the trip pitcher but some. That approach that for the Red -- as well all right -- -- all you need to get to him after this break. Then -- of the 12 on the way you swing and looper to left center. And about yeah. The no hit -- the Red Sox finally have a base not near the ninth inning. How about this they have the tying run on base. And that means Clinton barely. The speed merchant will run Ford Daniel -- I would end up stealing I thought he would steel would draw up. Majority to vote count and he ends up flying out to right field at a pitched in head bowl guards at a page did it was. There was a I would like to be a changeup that he popped up. Who's gonna adopt an admin and that was it. You know I'm and the Red Sox had they -- opportunist couldn't casual runners in scoring position yet they had them they were for six of that category because they walked. Six times. Partly at the ball out of the infield shine -- Bakley after the tigers take game one and related the main story was the Detroit staff in this one. And and even the Detroit bullpen -- along with the unbelievable performance file on a ball Sanchez and it really tough luck clause for Jon Lester and you've got to. One nothing championship games today because of cardinals played Dodgers won nothing they're down two games to none. Jenrette about -- you read sexually we take you all the way up until 2 AM and let's give back the cause here's Matt in Fall River a man. Yet the walk -- anabolic story of the two games with. -- it's got you all my -- by the way I know exactly curious saying I thought that variation that stole under drew that that is he seemed to be. Getting is that the wood on the ball in EEE advocate killing two real good balls all day in one it was a foul ball on the -- fly out but. Keith I hope he had that that I just hope that for baseball say that. Parole there is not the star this series in the with a minute to give give the MV PQ is. -- known for providing amendment. About that this this year's Dayton the tigers after last year in the tigris and getting swept by the giants in the World Series so electing in the policies not to go would've Melky Cabrera who could have been backed by the policies roster. The Rangers go -- from grows in the tigers go Jhonny Peralta. In it was adjusting it in and other pregame show tonight Jokester -- there was tiger about crawled than scouts for saying that as skipped a beat here. That's that has -- has my antenna are up that sounds awfully suspicious and it. You know to be a lot but that -- -- the tools they hopefully things to baseball cards -- a lot come -- I had two of the quick point before you get on get a. And and by the way I just -- get this cell life to commit -- -- A tough not a couple of different situations for hands notably the sixth inning. The and nanny had. Right -- that he had that ends up flying out admitted terrific play there it should have been to another thing that was a terrific play on the on the fielder. Dying quail. That he ended up juggling but ended up catching but to a couple different squanders for drew. At the plate tonight. Well I'd predict that aren't going to be the start of the series and he had a opportunity and did that wealth that the and I did it on him I mean look ever one you know doing anything good -- -- let let. -- bully you know what they're helping that is either I can recover there have been known for being mr. you know pro Red Sox and even he -- it a couple of times. Questionable call in the unique they look like about three car on the way out -- -- Ellsbury pitch but. I thought that was the most egregious one I'd documentary. A get to the point though where all of the blame a man Twitter and attack -- in a I know the crowds into a -- And even the red -- a bit you know Sanchez they were clearly frustrated by him but then. No Wes compounded it bled and at times a -- a little bit tool overboard on the Tonight Show us now it would take. It was that they are very cute Dave Barry get frozen bodies change yet in a changeup and the slider. That -- -- get cheated to get the god and the fact while they were just told -- Latino won the when Albuquerque and would smiling they came in -- embarrassed to. But anyway the two quick point where -- was debunking on. Yet it's serious it's the only but yeah it was a drag -- Yeah it's a first. I think victory over thinking -- are you getting got a challenge Cabrera at third. My dad told police or as little back in the old days got an MVP because used to take the body and -- do the Baltimore chop over the third base and our. How I'm Madonna tried to illegally should do that the. I I can understand testing Cabrera I don't wanna see this become the Red Sox all of a sudden it -- man they do have some good pointers on this team. But to go all of a sudden you know just stood consistently try to -- You know constantly. On -- we've seen from the Red Sox this season but the -- The I I think they should test a government -- in that victory no instance there where. He was it is and he had a rough night as he grounds out -- first that was in the six that was on the Red Sox. At that rally go what I wanted to load the bases with walks here's and -- and -- did a -- And doing it and I Jimmie -- -- well over -- very Lloyd I thought. Negotiation -- -- -- stroked it with them was a master of them all as far as. Trained -- speed. Yet -- what balance. -- pages in reverse. These guys. I did some -- when I was you know my you know it is and I just I was just admire him watching this guy he's. I'm not a religious stuff was likely to crises and unbelievable stuff. Now when he's on he's on he wasn't on -- and that one -- pitched against Oakland but this is a guy that is. It probably should be a surprise is a -- has pitched a no hitter before. He's he sees. A rack up strikeouts before. And it during this season so it should be his pro when he is on now it. He is an end and red sex difference in favors as well. Did you really going to look like they have America's. A little -- will perhaps see in manager Daryl. Jonny Gomes somewhere it was a visit visit as a -- should be just give up lip of the dramatic and of course want nothing -- a surprisingly music guy at all now. You have had a couple of text messages on that is as well yeah. Not -- -- Agassi people who would sit him. Didn't hear that final -- there here's David in Salem made David. They re doing yeah -- real. Resonate you know they don't -- guys called earlier but he can't see the Red Sox when -- your game. This whole series I don't know what game he'll block. It's it's -- instant. No -- said major. Yeah I still think -- I don't think there's going to be I'd be hitting it is one I'd be stunned if this was a sweep tonight in in either direction. We know it's not a matter in the red -- direction. What what are achievement Major League Baseball and I noticed this about McCain -- I'm a life term homework there's there's -- pick Eric. Outside and the one guy that probably -- the better than what happened tonight. You've got a no hitter. Being drawn against Cuba -- entire pitching staff. And then the rate down until last Al. You're not you -- tell me that -- actually a good message. To the other team inspired by or Detroit. And I go through something like that. And it came down. Two at Stephen Drew. What is that what it would create sixteenth and an inch off the bat. That doesn't make -- a home run over the over the wall yeah -- at the walk opportunity like him if you the other team. -- Block away and we dominated that game what do you say. While -- and we -- everything we and we -- a no hitter. And we all thought they almost tied it -- available in that had a chance. In the ninth inning agreed to meet that solution all it. Yeah I don't think Detroit looks at that way though. You. -- and because I think they they expect a hard five series coming into the. And would blend well -- stepped up there are aware insured or local level we think. It -- noble all these guys figured that initial drop this year that's in the back of their -- you know. I still haven't -- these guys dropped because I haven't finished the ball beautifully they -- to -- that put that in the seventh game in the bottom of the. I I wonder how they do feel. I'm sure there's utmost confidence. And those players and in the manager Jim Leland when scherzer or -- Verlander against the baseball. They might be a little bit shaky though when it when it goes to -- won a one nothing game. It's the right now about how -- if so how well that that little thing in the back of their mind says. Happily do any better than we did. And -- you got a guy on the base early in the game that is lamenting runs struck me so so police. We need -- Cabrera and their contract in could have been two or three. Early on. And does well have a long life yeah well -- -- -- -- aspect of how -- how big how do you put these guys the way they're still they always come back they're always there and all the -- they've done and all year -- -- You know one day they've done all year definitely is put tough ones like this behind him thanks for the call David -- -- -- it that it almost. You know an early lead to -- and a couple occasions where just missed a home run. Around the pesky -- And then if it's anyone else on. On base that would have been a one there and in the first on the Prince Fielder. Single. All right will continue IC full lines -- and I'll get to as many as I -- while I'm here until two loss -- gave back to. Fenway here would judge Jim Leland had to say you were John Ferrell and -- had to say as well after the tigers win game one of the ALCS one not to be a dominant pitching. And as somebody interest -- -- tonight's game as expected between these two signature teams meeting up for the first time ever in the post season about that. Will continue Europe -- to have this break of flash. This is a Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Maybe particular colors its activists used to catch me a line drive center field can I doubt very candidate drops her face it. And the tigers get Iran. More of a little further in a -- -- victors after the second Cabrera scores and it's one nothing Detroit. It's a review of ALCS game number one between the Red Sox and tigers. Then -- of the 12 on the way you swing and look -- in -- left -- -- the the no hit -- the Red Sox finally have a base not near the ninth inning. How about this they have the tying run on base and that means Clinton -- The speed merchant will run -- Daniel Obama. Red zones revue with Julie -- the right hander looks in appears to have 32 pitch swing you popped him up. Sky high around a shortstop Iglesias underneath that. Now comes in the wind takes it a bit but he makes the catch and the tigers have won game one by a final one and -- and now John Ryder. With a Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. The puzzle look concerned. -- did it before the playoffs started at the red -- face the tigers real serious the Red Sox who went on. They've fallen game one of -- still is definitely opportunities and do that producer Greg's our bush during the break -- on the reminding me how -- reminded people when. Jose and Oakland fear the -- I. I said the tigers will be the toughest opponent and -- at the two best teams the American League. And win win that staff Detroit hats. But this is far from over. Game 20 but boy but colts in and was adjusting -- -- On net Twitter have Pedroia. And what will will get you some of does sound from the locker room. But Pedroia asked about face insurers -- -- the next two games do you respond we have buckles and Lackey. Now you know Lackey Verlander. Now I see there Corbett advantage for for Detroit now on by you never know and in the wacky post season by let's get back to a calls here's Randi in sagas. But I do our idea. You -- your -- at. I thought that I obviously the two biggest. Points a game is that double play that wasn't. And obviously the bases loaded with the war getting at it through one and two real quickly give them blown away it is those revenues -- two biggest -- That -- they came so close on that double play that was an amazing attempt. Danny was safe Victor Martinez was saved by no -- to an -- when Lester. I haven't heard what Lester had to say after the game but on the respective -- if if he has seen. The replay of that even though I and I can understand caught up in the emotion of the game and -- one and a double play there. So it and I was a crusher because and -- tens of knocked in Iran. Honestly. Today isn't that enough. The Sanchez's yeah though as much as I appreciate the numbers. I never appreciated him as much as I did tonight. Who -- trade him thought. The job on -- Sanchez trade was part of the Beckett deal. What it -- don't -- I don't know who isn't -- yeah. Brilliant you know if I said that during the game but I just thought though it is too long ago that I think now. You know unless stir in Sanchez were teammates at double -- Portland. That's correct that's correct -- you're absolutely right I would like this I was amazed at united that. And he throws the ball fast -- excesses but to see him throw it -- slower and slowest resisted it was amazing to watch about this. I miss her very united -- cut. Open the Aggies -- -- -- that's the one thing you know and is some odd pages to one point there was a changeup -- was about 69 miles per hour almost like beneath his pitch but it. The what when you have. It's it's one thing we have a devastating slider and change or most of those guys are those guys that throw you know 9192. -- when you can -- gear up to throw 9596. To go along with -- slider changeup but you have an odd. And it and you're confusing. And I don't know what's coming next and he has the ability to do that. I've never seen a lineup. Especially like guys that just could not pick up the ball all night long -- mean everybody checked in this planes nobody was certain what they would do it and does not used to seeing these guys say this is spoiled us -- now. You know some scouts have mentioned before. It's interesting because in both the David Price start and Sanchez just repeat that but David Price starts they are a little bit more aggressive early this is in the AL BS and a and a lot of scouts. Some anyways said while the red -- as we pitched to in the post season. The pitcher pounds the strike zone but it -- Hey you know at times he was kind of all over the place and all these walks but they they were just utterly confused. There's really was kinda crazy to get the best. That we can take out of this is that it was only game one. I think the thing this is evil than anything about that -- on the other side of the coin is I felt this was a must win. And that's really where it static seven game series. No I concede that I don't think that's the way that yeah I don't think that's it completely bizarre you know this game is somewhat bizarre because. The you look at the two opposing pitchers to thanks for the call Randy you look at the next two and a balk -- -- look like the guy at the beginning of the season. Wanted to get scherzer. I look watch all of a sudden be I wouldn't think so but some sort of in a 76 game tomorrow night. But to. I I expect some more good pitching I mean heck look at the -- a book -- again scherzer is wonder ushers who will be -- -- after command have haven't come out of the bullpen. In a must win game four for Detroit to force the game five were Verlander dominated. In and also you know it's going to be interesting to. To see with the the trade whether. Seattle picked this will be the case really sometimes they say this after flying from the west did he not as tired near the first. They're so it and then it -- -- but it will see if that's the case but these Kazmir when he arrest tonight with the game -- -- it's going to be a day game Lamar it's not. Now until on 815. Which is probably more like 820. Here's and John in Quincy -- John. That -- -- so these ships -- quick complain about all the reps and India -- we did. But particulate. I mean there -- some some rough stuff and bled but it but overall this was more. On the Red Sox on ability -- and roses grid position -- more run on Sanchez and his terrific start and also -- -- been no conversation has -- Jon Lester was was great tonight. Right you know you're going to be -- -- they're not gonna churn or. And a TV when you were a White Sox I can blow them up the so we going to be sweet John banks but he. Will will seek. I still don't exit -- Here's Chris he's out no Rochester Michigan hey Chris. But they count our good men are you. I'm putting good and sit -- out Detroit bill and that the thing that bothered me tonight waters. Looking greeted at the sixth inning it seemed like Sox -- like swing and about expenses. Instead of trying to being accurately wrong I mean literally out of one star. And it seemed everybody who got -- you'll try to hide that thing up with one swing in the I don't know about ever wanted to get a few occasions in. But you know -- Anibal Sanchez couldn't speak people abusing your Detroit. You can you know it was -- yet walk outing and you know in Oakland. But they should have been able to manufacture of war and you know more than not and how excited are. And it just he'll be a little bit here because the tigers have all the momentum now yeah this is not Chris at because coming up. It. That Cy Young winner pretty much this year coming out skirts are now happy that they're gonna start with -- hole. Yeah it was only been so dominant since mid September and looks like the guy back in 2011 no one not only the Cy Young but the MVP -- Won't vote later turned himself around after the second happen at the -- especially at predicting I -- Oakland. That this is ironic Chris because -- or a Red Sox fan confirmation united and sure the previous scholars conference Quincy was tiger's. Yeah just like this game -- bizarre I don't have went for about an act and -- oh. But you know he could -- -- back to the run against the tigers and I'm I'm rate now stands at having such a good outing. The tigers' bullpen which is questionable past. They're they're gonna act that momentum from their starters. They need -- -- -- earlier on an at bat my age. -- -- -- -- and the tiger should feel good under the wind they pitched it either way the bullpen work need assures her game two and Verlander in game three. Would never know wanna set who's going to be easier for the Red -- Before I like to go -- one -- help -- Detroit fans around here and I know all obviously it. They they don't have hackable lock up that you in this -- believe it or not they think that they in the pitching although ever been dealt in the nation thing. They're they're actionable under its. Illini know -- -- Prince Fielder but I understand all right this is the third straight. ALC yes. Many people. Almost feel like Detroit has won a World Series recently but it hasn't been since 1984. Then they lose to the cardinals in 06 I joked before the policies -- I -- beat. While -- Detroit Saint Louis in Saint Louis winning again. Yeah and and now they're looking to think we looked up and up into the -- doubt you'll OPEC. Net led led Italy is they've -- -- the tigers a couple of years back they get to World Series but only to be swept by the giants -- shoes so I can understand. Tigers fans' frustration I know Cilic is Diane for championship amid the it's outlawed for it all went -- trade of Sanchez and he's. Japanese you spend enough money you want it before he goes yeah they're they're all in at this point -- it looked -- the Red Sox don't win tomorrow. Here -- -- problem. Yeah I agree I agree it is that interest you good you gotta you gotta take dead one tomorrow kid to go to add to -- -- in Borough Lander. In Detroit. Yeah I'm gonna get that grant. And rally the troops near Detroit opened direct action what outlook now when they come into town that. -- got blocked debate play like they did tonight there's going to be big probable. I would agree thanks Chris it's tough to count this Red Sox team loud how resilient they have been but I would be have be fearful 20. And -- banquet Verlander. And in game three in Detroit against John Lackey. All right all continue your cause but let's hear what did John Farrell. At the -- this press coverage after the slots. Would headed to. And technical issues and missiles get a phone call in both put forward. -- -- around here tactical issues they dug. It's now I think adding it was way over reacting to that the random nature of -- -- -- but I -- Good notified a mile the last game of the season in case -- is Iran admitted to Marty put fifteen months. You know he gets to. Well yeah there is that's in the regular season not so much in the policies when you get the Cy Young award winner -- he has he's got to win it but. Nobody out in luck -- you never know I mean are they could bounce back tomorrow finishers -- But then you look at some of the numbers that the Red Sox hitters have against scherzer. But they don't regularly create plays. Did the other thing of -- -- -- to get Cabrera. They. I did they did think about it though the I think victory it was over thinking there when he -- a -- to for an out at first base. Then may I mean -- they try to by the that was stuck high ground ball -- the but he was just listening to McCain don't you think they pitched in Catholic. I'm glad his helmet on now the gotta get me geez what they want me I don't want to. Yeah it's never happened on the on the road and it's never been a combined one and news it was a look at that way for -- I then went that see I was I would have been surprised the red -- tied up with the band about it thanks for the call. Doug. Well luck. Look at up against double play couple minutes here where do we have that -- ago we do all right by John Farrell and what he had -- rescue efforts after its. John I guess obviously can you talk about what sense does little to do against you guys and was an -- And expect that I -- Wouldn't say unexpected and I -- here's a league leader in any RA. You know. Whether it was Sanchez -- every guy that they brought out of the bullpen that was power stuff they executed very well they have a secondary pitch that they go to. Do we we get some big opportunities in that first second sixth inning and two out base it was elusive but. You know he had very good stuff power fastball good changeup slider when we needed to against right handers. I and a lot of swing and miss obviously. Twelfth. Yes John. Was it was at all Sanchez and they're pitching or was some of the you're hitting it also was there any issue with the umpiring. I'm you don't I can't say there was an issue the -- and -- be taken away from. The talent -- they're pitching staff as they they have very good stuff whether it was a three day layoff for us. You know I don't wanna say it's just that. You know they're they're talent group. And Mike said they they have power stuff and they executed very well -- And -- might have been a couple of pitches over pitcher's pitches that that. Seem to go against us but it's meant to it to say that the umpiring was the reason why we didn't get it until ninth inning and do they do little. Shortsighted my partner. Couple more. Here again. Chinese desert or getting a lot of keep up about throwing the game he did that work against you at all that you maybe. Not swinging -- some pitches -- -- No -- you know we leave a man on base -- -- him. -- characteristic of this team earlier exes to build its pitch count that we're doing very well Sanchez you know fifty plus pitches through two innings. -- quickening and I believe that fifth inning put them. No idea is to try to get the level and then and as we went through that. Any time we had men on base to get a strikeout when -- big one obviously that sixth inning with the bases loaded. But it's. I wouldn't say patients are working deep counts was the reason why didn't get it. Mark Toney Douglas pitcher's pitches you think your guys look at this there's -- -- -- the wrong side. You know for more Venice or from dugout you can't really tell you can tell up and down. You know -- -- again. I don't know that every pitch is going to be you know I can't say that there's not can be pitches that's that's that's the human part of Biscayne so. I can't say that was -- -- strikes moment. What else for John tonight. And second behind you change. John you guys lined -- to face Max -- tomorrow and Verlander on Tuesday hello do you think -- -- going to be able to rebound -- -- I think we'll will be ready to go tomorrow -- You know this team you know if you haven't been around us this year. We we have the ability go to put tonight behind us from a shelter at the ballpark and our guys we were gonna go. -- -- It's till that night but the approach -- take get the starter out of there by six innings in the end with pitch count up that. He was delighted that it was just not executing on the pitches that he did get. Well again two out base hit a difference in this from tonight's I'm. You know it's through it to chase a very good starter after six innings I thought doing what we succeeded in that right now we're down a run. You know that game is still very much in the balance well with every time we come to the plate. But it's I thought we did a number of things well tonight our infield defense was outstanding and that in that fifth inning and then. Stephen Drew with the agreed over the shoulder catch to preserve the long run. Ballgame at that point but it's only when we set out who we achieve what we set out to do and I was you try to get them open sometime in the middle innings and unfortunate DiMarco. And one more. With Miguel Cabrera hobbled a little bit at third base is there any thought to they can't move horrible -- on them for excellence and how we we showed a few attempts to do that mother was with a was -- -- trying to -- -- warm up. First baseline put them. And again. Or we're trying to get on on basis a couple of different ways and and we we took a couple of opportunities try to make can be a little more active down their -- to. You know and in the end were -- and your mission and we can and and by virtue of the deep counts for the you know we drew. A decent number of walks to put some men on base but. I can't say that we missed opportunities by making a move anymore and we did. John Ferrell left there a sex narrowly. Escaped. Being no hit by the tiger some of this -- here we go back to Verlander now. Tigers there's due to start fourteen innings to it shut out ball. It would 22 strikeouts that's pretty damn good is that. And and I assures her tomorrow night but it. Is this is just game one all right will roll on here odd coming up after the break -- talk with a grade Alex spirit WEEI dot com his thoughts about tonight's game. Continued your phone calls it 6177797937. Text messages 37937. Adjusted to a premier. Has Joseph west had a history of giving bad calls to players given golf. PS boxing news Timothy Bradley with a victory he says like -- hears him beat more -- And up -- bleaker. Thanks -- -- and I was like the 2012 season four hours. All right to coming up Alec spear also will continue as well. Gave back to Fenway on interest it has so it will hear a little bit maybe Jon Lester and also. Jim Leland. Before maybe cut from Pedroia before make our way out of your attitude that's all of next. Waits. Lead here that they actually did this did strike parade. Like out of my slider. Is twelve strikeout. Sanchez with a 160 pitches six -- was it six walks two wild pitches and it doesn't gays. The Red Sox have ever had the post season you begin to think that your. After 61 nothing Detroit. Has the way it would stay one nothing Detroit the tigers take game one of the ALCS John Ryder banquet is -- strikes a boy that slider. The lefties did all Red Sox hitters from on about Sanchez was. Just devastating. And that was probably the biggest squander leave them loaded their India bottom of the sixth and Alex beer will be joining us on the eighteen TO I'm before I'd just get damaged one image -- -- on -- It was Stephen Drew on on the -- cited some saying that. I should have been pinch hit for in the night or let it against them then why I'm not sure but his numbers against -- wives left verse right but also. Then I could do that because Bogart's is already in the game -- at third base for middle -- right let's get to Alex spear of WEEI dot com has gone Alex. Right while you're busy as always they know and always appreciate taken a timeout on the AT&T hotline all right. So much conversation tonight about Joseph west and -- strike zone but this was. Let's give some credit here this was Sanchez and his -- -- death. Certain according stop complaining about the strike zone where you strike out seventeen times okay. You know there's obviously and there's the moment to look into Meehan in human history 1997 Eric Greg returned. You know what is your strike zone I've been permitted live on Hernandez to just keep strike out like we didn't get up -- at the same time. There are certain point where -- -- other swing or the Red Sox were shaking Joseph west let's take you don't swing again and about and show. And in the rest of the tigers relievers they had it. Unbelievable stuff there are nurtured throughout the evening. Well and a pretty relative positions are well. Or maybe they capture some borderline called absolutely -- If the Red Sox you know it's hurt our secure that the recorded were zero runs. Important moment in time. It was entirely Gillette and you know and that would be I don't run counter to everything you're reaching about human terms it's accountability. In you know in. Viewing that it it is able to able search agents are about Eric and the proper equipment like you know you you won't find me. Utter complete true courage in the dark spoke out because that's really about hikers it. He had in Sanchez as well who they haven't faced this season have a face that much is and do this suggests thrown a no hitter. He's who racked up big strikeout games he didn't pitch well against Oakland that won playoff start when he's on he's on -- -- -- That that was Izod and I know those policies we know about the pitching in the policy's no different. Can be but to -- it seem like and and you watched just you know -- games this season I have as well there there approach they were completely confused tonight. -- Arctic just to have a well you know he has that little Louie Tiant pivot to make it really difficult to figure out is stuck out and so I'll be able to generate considerable action. Is slider absolutely that he -- you sought to correct -- going on at church one. You're jerking up before and -- A credit quality that it -- -- -- -- that late sharp break. Exit out of haters don't make and hit a ball went to paper editors recognize that stopped. In you know it's also -- guy was able to each or for you right on right change yeah employer Mike Napoli acute I'm. You guys -- Right on right changeup. In -- really end up being. You know -- obviously overpowering. Over our arsenal. And a group of its aura where Sanchez despite. As a year -- -- can expect during the during that highlight. The most straight -- government single game against the Red Sox are starting pitcher. Yes and boy that's some did too because a lot of times CC those guys Alex. That you know we'll have that slider have that changeup but then you know lead the comeback -- one nights ago and when you can come back to two -- 95 mile per hour fastball. And you ever -- that's not the -- that's tough and it's just makes it you know not appear almost. That stop and otherworldly you know and so their Arctic -- certainly from the forcing him to comment strike Iran did a great job of laying off some of the border lines which -- You know you're on the way to limit the results just the just. Six walk wherever you're an -- to -- of a chance that and get those six slots. That you should do so let you know -- obviously living with outrageous stuff in parts that were very difficult to -- much -- If a -- without experience don't you EI dot com on Twitter at Alex spear. And John -- on -- -- after the right -- -- -- to game one of the LC is one to nothing kind of buck. Just overall and -- Dave O'Brien mentioned this during the broadcast kind of a surreal game wasn't in Europe Europe baseball historian. I mean just everything that happened tonight at -- Yeah I mean certainly it's -- this sort of wondered you don't see a lot ever you know -- -- -- wondering always spoke. There's outrage -- where it became obviously a chance. Or become the third there are certain order for you history. In the first collaborative plug in. You know what -- -- -- -- in isolation or credible -- it would ever what they were you know they were mowing down this. Very very good read charts that are -- in except spoke during a horse urine. It -- it is under scores. Really BC's side of the challenge the current spot space because there are -- appeared for a year -- it's an excellent job against right and its starter. There lineup and -- and already -- -- starters I'd like you entertain a you know. Shane Victorino -- over year. -- all are well are not accurate but you know a number of hitters out Slovakia all the are greater or against righty -- against lefties. And you know. But the tigers are two different you know it's a different level of quality right handed starter. Our -- -- are now our search out there were reports birds are. It is something that they -- otherwise you know typically do what you're going to see. Registered lineup change tomorrow. I think you're going to -- Mike carpet against -- sure very or Mike Napoli and I think you're going to -- Johnny go and let the other the first in about. You know it's it's it's a difference that. All right. That and so -- isn't there for Napoli tomorrow. Combs is that number will middle workspace is sitting as well. No metal -- are being urged Floridians are. Saw a different and the one thing this team is has the ability to do we keep saying it and they have. Is to put a game behind their sanded after the game put this game behind them and they've been resilient able bounce back but. The issue is they they haven't been facing all the time the you know who's gonna win the Cy Young award and Max Scherzer tomorrow. Yeah although we were probably saying the same thing you know September after Doug Fister dominated parliament not the first game and then claim that they've bounced back you inspection of -- for a bit. -- and wind so I shouldn't. Certainly we're. -- do you think that's a must win tomorrow night as they would it would Verlander going to game three. I mean are you acting did it is it is a -- -- -- it must Wear a nose. You know -- -- he -- back down to bottom so. I don't -- patent. If they lose game -- and -- certainly lose a bet at super eights by. It is they usually important. -- let's say -- daunting task and I did reference the 04 is coming back we all know about that but would Berlin and then going to do. Do Detroit. Tough and I guess another ironic twist somewhat is that the Red Sox wanna get into that Detroit bullpen at least. Some of those guys getting to ban line even then -- cells and those in those hazardous lights out as well. Yet tremendous start just you know lighting up the radar one after the other they were -- and about shaking their heads is how good they weren't. Now that were there when there are on the strike zone you're pretty good about during the about even though. There really. Right excellent as always Alex Hampshire and all be talking at some. Point all right takes out spear by WEI died cup. If you wanna fit in a phone call time -- -- 6177797937. Or a text message. AT&T -- 937937. John -- with the red sex -- final segment up next. Try to mix up a little bit try to fit in some Jim Leland some Jon Lester is well loved Dustin Pedroia cut coming up. After the break after the tigers take game one of the ALCS one and nothing tonight at that. To do when in advance strike -- nasty pitch and away. Slider and he had a weak wave that -- he strikes out the side for the second time. And nine strikeouts over four innings. This is. You know a slider. And changeup in the slave. So some you know you're gonna commit to it and it goes out of his own trying to stop so that's that's assignment you know it's it's quality stuff. I'd say -- overall tonight with a red sex the one ahead Ellsbury victory don't Napoli struck out three times Ortiz number drool. Each twice in the one nothing loss. The tigers Dustin Pedroia -- China writer with the -- final segment once you have before you were Jim -- meant to say let's -- give -- the phones here's Joseph New Bedford a joke. The general you didn't you. The good portrait talking -- you know burn it but yeah part Pretoria that want to say you know your orbit sport rugby that -- on yeah appreciated. You're courteous lol -- -- a point. Some. You look you know I how or call a few weeks -- Wii -- the -- in the -- just common great tricks and vote and a lot you know download yet -- so that they were chance obviously. -- could be very typical this result -- -- very. But -- you -- of men that they looked on peace -- she's a long. I thought was going to be a problem and -- it's important. You know they were they've been able to. To overcome that all season long but it's been a whole lot of -- struck she's -- could get a total. He had in his farewell and it's gonna have poignantly the league in runs but I'm -- -- on the later part of this season there was definitely stretches towards the way to -- this. Well certainly in in August. I remember that happening quite a bit. Sure what you owe it to my meat you know probably because at least pitchers we just match up there he has tremendous stuff. -- control what you can see your competence and our sport and anything it actually Oklahoma quite a bit yeah yeah I think that's the -- just played loose kind of telling is that -- -- to work. -- -- to some of those pitches you know it. That's what gets you seldom do it I mean he'll be locked in engaged and the leadership there. Yeah I you know and I thought our right you know first few innings is similar to what happened in in the Tampa Bay series but there was just -- -- they were completely confused -- is like when they. They -- they -- changeup was coming it was a fastball and then this slider just -- completely. Confused all the check swings -- -- that was clear and apparent. You know senator that you recovered in the future as well that's you what's that just which is really personal in this one -- the comic. But you don't know -- if it is and -- Libya just think we're retreat here. You'd never see all right very very seldom ever see that Major League batters a couple little -- I -- you got -- I can't get thrown 885 mile an hour to get your back on the ball. -- there are a lot of the little a lot of batters behind. You know the courage and they just stopped rumors that you brought. -- anymore yeah I don't see you know see it that much anymore you'll receive from -- -- I didn't and -- -- does -- once awhile but it does -- doesn't have that up a Joseph appreciate the phone calls thanks for the compliment. I here's a little bit of Jim Leyland is press conference after the tigers went. Jim can you summarize what you saw from in a ball tonight and position your face in the sixth inning after -- Well no official -- Well it will -- forward but. He'll rule pretty good and made some good pitches and and usually -- them. But it does show -- show you -- You know listen I was going to bring -- left to do. So no there was going to assume shall we -- sewage from. We -- it really came through. Mark Jim I'm sure -- happy enough to do that here with a win but did you get caught up -- the no hitter. Who are really. Don't predict your push -- to us because. -- -- You know you'll feel like you're behind in this ballpark with one wrong I mean he'll walk -- -- -- about with a monster. Whole wall and really -- -- tonight. There -- feel comfortable when -- were you are older than. -- -- nice has been several guys involvement. You know more -- -- force. -- -- How much. Where you peeking over the fact that there was early opportunities and it didn't go anywhere in pitching analyze the situation there when problem that led off with a double. Well. You know we have ruled there was opportunities. You know hit with immense contribution notion of -- better but I think you know what you -- him -- Hello repression goes to playoff games played and were both won the most scores that tell you kind of quality pitching is in the post season so. We do have to move it both opportunities. Moved on this when -- -- Wealth. Okay. Can you get them at a high strikeout pitching staff all your long and how valuable is that ability these guys have not just to be effective but missed -- -- -- do. What's -- point to because here's here's. It's it's not -- vital because you don't have a lot of quick outs so -- screw up. What is so will be punitive -- have the capability of striking someone else told works both ways orchestrated it and works against a little bit. Because their pitch -- is -- early. -- a strikeout pitchers you know it took its outlook. And you know works for you when you're not big situation like we did the other day with -- action -- vote no way I struck out two guys so it's. You know like -- -- advocates point to kind of bittersweet. As Jim Leland -- is after taking game one. One enough and here's Chris in more grows we give back to call secrets. -- job and I just got back in the game and I had a good deal why we couldn't pinch through the night that we don't John McDonald a badge. I would abroad and then -- into the battle that. Well now he's done -- -- his roster are gobbled up the mountain. All right well he is there -- antibodies none of the roster. I feel limited at some but I mean you could prompt it to -- shortly if we tied up and then go -- bombing in ninety god. Tying run on -- I mean. -- of what was wrong with drew hit an area of his radio on the mound city in. Clears that up a little bit more -- it would have been gone. Terribly potent 113. And I mean I medically happened but might want equality in the postseason and I mean you could pinch hit for Napoli will go I just. I don't cook and out of the pocket -- just I didn't understand why weren't even gone up and I do that situation. Com. No I mean I Gomes has a right handed stick duo who knows what he would have done. But I mean if the other guys that won twelve and -- has battled shoulder all game long I mean. How much would the -- from going in that situation. Yeah well I I -- I mean I don't have a big problem. You do each -- that one up who who the heck did have played shortstop. You wolf. Yeah I mean -- I -- people -- -- -- a copy -- Mind no way I'm trying to and I -- is it that. Steve intrusive. Not like he's he's had a rough one tonight with some of the stress they all did collectively. No question about that but. -- sometimes I think he's he's led the name on the back of the Jersey -- is a lot of ire from the fans. But definitely -- no question but I'm still one other thing I mean I'm excited didn't I couldn't see on TV but -- -- then. We knew about double play early in the game. Out now we didn't now look look at again check it out when you see the -- Yeah let's say about those good call yeah he was safe. Check out what you check it out at the degree eight days to check -- and Chris appreciate it let's quickly here we Jon Lester had to say after the tough luck loss. -- -- says the battle. You know it's stinks that one -- -- It's playoff baseball so hopefully come out tomorrow and coming with some good at best night you know they're pitching staff just a real good job of when they do get in trouble. Obviously not a allowing us you advocate so. On the ticker has sometimes and show tomorrow and continues in -- night. -- Yeah I mean. Me give up one run to this team me get a feel like your chances so. Like -- set sometimes you tip your -- and -- tomorrow hopefully score a couple of you know prevent them there's more. Get a get one break. Yeah I mean I think you know I think what it's is that. On the fifth third or six there were real. -- slaughtered two on with two outs and UB EU just kind of hoping for that -- hit it there and you know -- they kept making pitches they kept making this work and you know obviously like you said defense was great tonight what made a couple great place. Play at home. Insane from -- about you know. -- making that play Vikram and some balls down force so. You know map making a great players come from behind the right there and save me some pitches that. Is just it was a news. There's a great game most postseason baseball tonight. You know you mean like this that sometimes you just he's got a ticker -- -- and show tomorrow and keep -- out. Same stuff we saw him I mean we had what eight walks and tonight so. We had our chances. I mean only just like I said they kept making pitches they kept coming after us and you know politics is that one big hit and unfortunately we reading if that's tonight but. Bullpen did a great job come and test a great job coming in -- great job and coaches as usual so. I mean like I said sometimes it just it stinks to be on that side that you just tip your hat and and -- -- do the same thing in you know and do same thing scoring -- -- were not so. Hopefully we can we can continue to have those good at bats like we did tonight and hopefully get that big hit. Jon Lester tough luck loss and gave one. And the Red Sox now one game to none lead Iran would game two coming up. Later on tonight. However ought to view at 1:57 in the morning. All right our thanks to Alex fear of WEEI dot com critics always show excellent job produce and -- Laura Mazur he -- open up had a days I was helping out as well. I'll be with the F for the for the pregame show tomorrow night starting at 730 they'll be woody after. Game two as well. That will do -- -- Red Sox -- to the tigers won enough and talk to you soon.

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