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Mike Salk, Rob Bradford and Lou Merloni Red Sox Redemption Game 1 ALCS

Oct 12, 2013|

Salk and Bradfo are joined my Lou Merloni for the last hour of this edition of Red Sox Road to Redemption as the guys discuss their expectations tonight.

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Just being. Back back back again yeah. -- 24/7. Coverage continues with no Red Sox road to redemption pregame show presented by Anderson went down. And serviced like no way that window saw -- highlight. These these Sports Radio WP. Are continuing their -- off rob Bradford and bloomer -- as well -- just walking in the door. The energy level high lose besides from the moment I saw them out earlier this afternoon -- a higher and you're lining a pretty sight before division series now what is the what is the extra excitement level what is the degree of extra excitement. For champions league championship over division. It this certain excitement. All about kind of go with like fear right what's at stake trepidation about it just you know if you played eighteen you should beat you know you know you don't feared them that much. This is this is set Jim -- said yes they thought he's a great two great teams with great staffs great -- great teams at this point to crapshoot. That's what Leyland said and I almost feel like it's. It's the same way there are some intangibles -- with the Red Sox is no question about. But it comes down to who plays very don't get to the World Series though playing good baseball. So with excitement level get it's it's probably at an all time high I'm not -- -- what we need you here for is that we have to identify how hard it is it an outside pitch with a groin and seriously. How hard is it to get thrown only -- -- is there anyway please tell us we also need to drop on your experience of playing in the cold we'll get to that a moment -- -- Miguel Cabrera yes widest guy that it was just a random spot right. I I -- a -- slack this week when I said he's a Shell of himself. -- the -- yes right well against what would you kiss when you pitch him inside he's not a sell himself when you give it to -- what we do when you. Allow him to use the what I see the Shell of himself does not mean deacons use it they can't hurt you of course he can still hurt you received great hitter he's got great hands. But if you can keep the ball away from him and this is how they pitched him before anyways. You know we go to Q are coming a little bit but you keep the ball -- in -- it used to be part of the ballpark. Your lower half if -- throwing -- -- -- you know you're not exactly staying down through that baseball I don't think he's got his lower half. -- that whole money it the other day that they were throwing them away away away no insult to your team the entire series. And what do we launched but he LaRoche hit the ball 370. Right I mean it was about 37075. Miguel Cabrera healthy with his core that balls for thirty okay that ball is launched. So he can still burn yeah there's no question but if you keep the ball away from him. He would not have the same juice that Miguel Cabrera has Shell of himself taking the greatest hitter in the planet. And saying yeah he's still a good hitter he's mortal he turned them into -- or at least he's a very good writer of I hear you there is you're trying to figure out -- I understand that it's hard you know for most big time hitters you try to pitch him away anyway. Force him to go the other way are you saying that when you go the other way. You need to use your lower half more than to turn on a ball hit a demo line otherwise I think for me I was a pull hitter I know music also -- pop in any -- the opposite field. To be the guys that you know abused -- lower half effectively. Can still go the other way you know because now they use and everything you know they drop the hammer on the ball down and in. He'll pull side -- your power that's fine maybe -- be lower half it's more involved in you turn on it. But a pitch away if you swing with your arms. You just simply cannot have the pop that you normally would if you just full torque on -- ball inside to -- we found our answer now we know why -- why you can't go the other way and deal with an outside pitch when you have a sports. Earning your groin and it would agree it's confused me a great chance of you are right over the -- even run a little bit different than what I've always brought a little bit clam chowder and things went -- the lobster -- got the Olympics related question that people are the words out -- actually allergic the world record over the all the words uttered by the Chilean mine. Staff at the but thank you for that if you are very very insightful and we appreciate now what. No so under present ticket next level sport will go to tonight's game yes Jon Lester he said that though the pitch that umpires -- the hardest time calling. Is that cutter on the outside corner to right. So that they give up on as well -- in and also you see the way umpires -- position more times than not. They don't usually happen that's that the best that's where that's were veteran like David Ross comes in play exactly. So you look at how much Ross is gonna have an influence were you surprised by Ross starting this game because we knew he was could be dropped in to this lineup at some point this series and he made mention of how well Lester played last time -- to get against Detroit. But still Saltalamacchia. It left the it is that you we -- we to you prioritize I heard you say -- yesterday. To prioritize -- and that's why you play parole then that would place if that last game were you surprised by that well I think. It you do. Unless it comes to the the catcher right I mean we saw -- -- pitch game one. For Tampa Bay and we said would be doing only he's got great numbers against Lester. Well Matt Moore had great numbers Lobo told behind the plate I think the catch is different animal I love -- David Ross behind the plate. You know -- has swung the bat a lot better since he's come back and and broke into a bunch of different things that mean salty was three for ten -- seven -- but -- but his numbers tomorrow insurers are pretty good. And have you seen him and think it's like five for thirteen or some in that range with a. A couple shots as you are cross against jurors earlier if he had no hope. No hope none of them don't don't remember that at -- written for metabolic -- first pitch slider and he was blown Larry fastball right by you totally by him what do you look -- -- game three -- -- and we talk about the surgery start to this is where you if you some changes as well we result achieved with -- today. But potentially Bogart a third yep I think cart could play first. And you Vick could be helping out what they have some lousy note up against him and what do you look at Napoli is numbers against again scherzer their terrible. Middle Brooks is I think one for six is not a good luck against the neither nor is drew. To some opportunities to get some of the guys we just quickly give you the line of sport today. If you haven't heard on the Red Sox Ellsbury victory of Pedroia no surprise Ortiz Napoli -- again no shock but then through middle Brooks and Ross the somewhat of a surprise hit ninety today for -- Detroit. They go with what I think is their best lineup Jackson hunter Cabrera. Fielder Martinez Peralta plays left field so maybe that's an issue natural shortstop longtime shortstop playing left field at Fenway Park thought with -- I would assume for the first time and then not Infante at second to Avila catching this and you and everyone's favorite shortstop in the best hitter on the planet Jose Iglesias -- but he's not. -- course ended the day take BP on the field. They were taking BP and just reading tweets about they didn't beat Detroit did healed but the Red Sox were had removed their pitchers who knows they wouldn't get hurt in the they'll. Overall the -- and every time has come to Fenway Park is never taken balls off the monster right. You know silly if we didn't have batting practice his first one's going to be during the game we get another Sean Rodriguez moment well and I think that was not an underrated struggle a story. Of that series of the first two games here how poorly they played the left field wall Sandra Reid has been -- game -- but also. I think he's been under rate how the Red Sox left fielders have played a lot wall this year. Number Carl Crawford how poorly he played it meaning has had a unique style player but Jonny Gomes is one thing that people understand what -- out Jonny -- plays it. He's the only guy that I've seen. Actually plays balls off the wall -- catching them off the ball in other words instead of letting them back outside of the house and this is something he worked on in spring training and he's worked on here. And just a couple instances where he's been able all the guy that's like in his reasoning is tick well you know if I mess up the guy's gonna get a double anyway. -- -- -- So if you're doing great I think that does factor. Nearly -- these lineups. And you assist discussing the benches and I think the Red Sox always have an advantage over anyone left in the game in their bench because John -- can start my car being too. And nobody would even question. You know Jonny Gomes could start game two against the righty and nobody would even question it. Because we've seen what they can do all year long you -- you taking even sit Napoli five hole hitter from -- Mike -- while. We've all seen what this guy can do real guilty in the battle Mike Napoli that that what we've -- -- with power swing and threw some pitches and struggling get some power rights. -- is in this -- you're right you're absolutely right that the strength this team -- view bill we match up in only matchup but matchup and succeed and it goes to the bullpen we were talking about this earlier. Underrated part of that game the other night -- after 74 pitches. Because you won a match up with a one batter. For what was perceived as a weak bullpen. That's just never thought but he went into -- series that this is how we're gonna get through what we're gonna Mathieu I also think that the Pacers at first base at the time I believe. Had a lot to do that as well because he was -- And jumps off peavy -- there you'd salty was back there at the time you know and you just a matter of time. He was gonna be standing on second base with two out. So do you want that match up and it with a with Loney or do you say you know if I can put Breslow in this game the lefty. Maybe I can save myself. From -- -- -- standing on second with two outs and at that again just to come back quickly to left field thing with Jhonny Peralta just looking at the baseball reference page. For one bloomer Loney three games played in left field were any of them here from a no Kansas gobble up there one day. I think late in the game one of those crazy games. And I think somebody appeared above and right field -- side -- was above me and right. Up there in the bleachers streamed down -- give any idea we doing out here and I looked at him and said no purpose but so and it was a crazy game a -- get a start in Cleveland which he threw me out there. For star there was one of those were looking to play left shore and can get a field. Listen -- haven't played there in the -- game let me tell you -- stuck with a -- but what I think that you stand out there if you're used to about -- to shag balls. How quickly you have to make that decision. It really is remarkable how quickly you have to make decisions because it's so close to you in the you have to whether it's high on the -- -- on the wall where you gonna be. That's the thing that struck me to standing out there for a brief about it. Yeah and I think many you decide. You know that you are not gonna you catch this ball you it's a dead sprint the short. I mean -- -- Johnny -- public he -- catching them off the wall have you ever seen anyone do everything else in and out and on the -- everybody that it is underrated -- do great job and he didn't play deep shortstop right -- for the we've seen a guy back to -- before right but it's a dead sprint to short piece you've got to get some depth. You know that one hop -- over your head which we -- consistently against Tampa I'll be interesting to siege. On April to again a natural shortstop who ships out to left field that important to get his bat a lot of rob and I were talking earlier saying really there is there's five guys in this lineup. The kind of makes them a murderer's row type of the team. From hunter took Cabrera to fielder to Martinez and then -- Be in a number six hitter I mean that's that that's the guy who won a lot of teams. Would be potentially one and number two hitter over fourth I hit another guy to do you can't really sleep on his Infante. I mean Omar Infante had a great year that'll be still about that 310 clipper not. But at second base she's the bottom of the order kind of guy and he -- he can do some damage on the bottom of the order. And we always say this before PB was talking about this yesterday. That you wanna keep those top two guys off the bases -- because he went eliminate the two or three run homer but because you'll be distracted with those guys. At -- you have to have your sole focus so much. On those especially those 203 guys convict the marquis rich scares me more than any hitter not like I did that beat qualifier. Mean he's Jimmy he's been their best player there and he's just he's just didn't -- -- -- I mean that guys not only two down real quick exit Jewish and he geek he's gonna burn your numbers on Omar Infante for the year he did hit 318 this year about ten home runs fifty RBIs -- -- and RBIs. Not really an on base percentage got to know the -- eighteen that went on base percentage of 345 so throw strikes. And and try to get amount that myself there you -- putt that Omar Infante let's go to the Booth -- estate -- Dave O'Brien -- call this league championship series. For WEEI guys how Mario. Rob banks Mike great to be with you guys and -- Getting ready for -- want him up close we were just talking about a Jhonny Peralta is gonna move out to left field a natural shortstop. Having to play the wall we guys able to see any extra work that he did to try to get used to it in during batting practice. Lot of about the hit now they're doing some jog in the haven't taken -- -- the -- sexist over the that's gonna happen if they can be out there and that rolling the dice here rated that they compensate by saying to short -- outfield and less ground to cover. You know it is a roll the dice because remember Sean Rodriguez who's actually played a lot of outfield. Having a lot of trouble with the green monster and this is history is well because he never played the outfield until the last series of the year against Miami. And he started games three and four against Oakland and no one's ever done this before that started in the outfield. In a post season series after playing less than five innings in the outfield especially with the conditions being a little bit slick it is definitely a roll of the -- -- of those fifty games do you think they told him to start shag some fly balls during those fifty games the out of a little vacation. I said he didn't they hit regularly and I doubt he shag fly balls during that time but. It's sort of reminds him back in 1968 when the Tigers won the World Series. -- -- the manager moved Mickey Stanley there. Center fielder in the play shortstop. He'd never played there before the regular season and that. It was a non issue it Tigers went on to win a World Series -- made probably adequate place. Will guys I'm looking forward to joining you here tonight this telecast up there in the Booth and because I think it's just going to be an amazing series. Louis right away run a little a little bit of a correction we're not on TV. It's not a telecast facilities -- at Missouri you're -- it was great but you're not gonna be on television so don't worry about the Mexican let's tell yeah I'm on the make up guy a day despite the vernacular right can I join you -- that's -- we'll talk about it I don't. I like the way Leland said it you know just two great teams -- great staffs great lineups and now it's like a crapshoot. But I look at some of the little things in particular tonight when you see Sanchez 25 for 26 on base -- you can run on him. I want to see them test Miguel Cabrera down there at third base on the Oakland did didn't do make him move his feet a little bit. It would be fun to see somebody drop one -- Victor -- might be a candidate then that. Put into that test and I think that would be have really something to watch they don't hold runners well all of haven't Fister was very good at holding runners. And Bayless had a tough time throwing people out so it's gonna -- the running Red Sox that's going to be a big part of the game I. One of the reasons looted the Red Sox were better than Tampa Bay all season long including his post season series was there were more athletic. They ran more they ran more I think Smart baseball Detroit doesn't run it all 35 stolen bases. All season long that's by far the lowest in all of baseball this is say this is a difference and I think a big advantage the Red Sox the F lettuce schism. And you don't say that every year about the Boston Red -- Funny we are talking about that earlier tweet from a Tim Britton. Works for the pro -- saying that despite stealing it almost three times as many bases this year the Red Sox were only caught nineteen times Detroit 120. -- twenty and 35. Successfully that's that's amazing now I don't know exactly what happened the other night with a hit and run. In game five with fielder in Jackson some people who -- they -- say it was not a hit and run at all. It was just feeling getting two largest secondary lead -- he got caught off it wasn't a Jim -- mistake. Haven't asked Jim Leyland about that but go to get the idea that whenever they can name might they might run themselves into a mistake once in -- the Red Sox have been incredibly successful with a stolen base rate. You know any talk about the stolen base rate and I think that's one of the things that you. The feather in the cap for the manager how you guys feel John -- handled himself in that it basically first division series playoff series as a manager. Are already did a wonderful job we don't want to take care pitches out the moves were. Outstanding especially getting Breslow in their letting him face to start the next inning to. And I thought that they his decision to hit that Bogart's forward drew the second time I've made a lot of sense and it. -- Saltalamacchia out of the game. And one when salty has really been scuffling and David Ross is catching tonight he's he's catching Jon Lester made up for the mistakes tonight before -- write him in. To say he did it right the second time means that he didn't do right the first time. I'm not necessarily different conditions and always the same pitcher. But. You know it's a fastball pitcher Stephen Drew normally it's a fastball -- he didn't have much of a breaking ball but he's -- didn't work any -- we change from there. It was that silly mistake the first time around. Miss guys -- Miguel Cabrera because I think is the best hitter on the planet but right now he does not seem right to me and we get away with. -- threw a fastball when he drove it but stills both 37 -- seen a ball global -- thirtieth to pitch inside against some right -- cut that ball in there. But he more effective try to stay away from Miguel Cabrera dirty to be part of apart. You know is the numbers say that no matter what John is done inside outside -- no cutter -- this guy's gonna hit him. Ten for nineteen lifetime against Johnny but. That was a healthy Miguel Cabrera. That was a guy you can really launch an amateur this guy is now he barely cleared the wall the -- tonight with with that home run -- -- he can do that because he's Miguel Cabrera but. Joseph I think Jon Lester catches a break here because of the health. A Miguel Cabrera -- over the fact as he did -- -- already did win the -- Frazier leave him there were on the division series so are you still have to fear of mean this guy is it. Is that another planet what economy. What we both agree you know wonder if you guys do that a guy you fear the most right now on their lineup is not Cabrera is Victor Martinez doesn't. Victor Martinez can't make an out right now we all covered him when we also on. When he was at the Red Sox and we all really were very sad when he left the Boston red sight should you should still be here today in my opinion. And this guy is one of the premiere I think ten or twelve hitters in baseball and he is lighting it up right now you can't get him out. You know it's interesting. David Joseph listening to Victor yesterday. About how he struggled so badly earlier in the year spring training he felt like everything was night seven mile an hour even in batting practice. And then it just click forum this second half we -- over 340. -- I know I I agree with you a 100% that's what we got that you've got to get out. Yes and he saw things he doesn't strike out he certainly has power although he's not necessarily a home run hitter but that was a big home run -- game four. The controversial one that help turn that around after raucous home run. -- and they give you have to pitch around somebody Joseph maybe pitcher Ron Cabrera certainly Prince Fielder is only driven in what three runs. In the last two post seasons they're down on him maybe maybe not internally but the fans in Detroit are the media are. I think they got it worries me we're should Wear the Red Sox the most is Victor. From both sides of the panic Torii Hunter -- a big game Torre during game player and it's interesting did you pitcher and Cabrera you worry then about fielder if you're gonna pitch around Martinez the Jhonny Peralta becomes the guy and you saw the big home run and yeah controversial with a home run he delivered in the Oakland series -- in the Oakland series guys. Cold night you have the -- open windows open tonight. We are swimmers are definitely going to be opened well gamers you guys are well known no gloves no dwell on and we were I -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They get a little finals just because it for six break down USC lose face when the wind it was going to be open. That's very very have been there before and April joke. Celek and a little weird for you to review its own eyes can keep you awake beautiful thing. To -- matchup the win those -- nice and be nice and warm and -- I like to be and I tell him huge was when it comes to the weather. I hate playing baseball freezing cold weather and no fun we'll have the you don't think they should play the playoffs in August that's a legitimate -- nice and toasty -- are a lot more baseball talk to come as we're getting ready for this game tonight what matchup will be key -- off rob Bradford -- -- that's next NW media. Well I think we still see some. Strength that he has which are many. But if you make a mistake on your part of the plate you're gonna pay for much like last night. So you you you hope that you can find ways to. Once they contain him but maybe minimize the damage that situation present themselves so. But the same time there's two guys hitting behind them that. Haven't held answers themselves and that's where Victor Martinez made this lineup that much more deep particularly the entire second half season. While now I Johnny for all the back into it as well he's served his fifty games and right there continue lengthen out that lineup nearly saw -- with Evan Longoria every time he came up. With nobody on base he just felt so much safer in that Tampa series but. That lineup kind of felt like Evan Longoria and the guys who were playing with them that day is enough -- will brought to write this one there is nothing like that I mean you've got five or six guys in the heart of this order. Where you'd have to pitch to every single one of them carefully. How much stress does that put on a starting pitcher. It does or -- in the post season I was voting. You take an inning off a guy are you look at peavy five and two thirds of those regular season game which eagle and 77038. Shore so. We -- didn't hear. You know a -- that was a great outing and it was five and two thirds right so Lester egos up there anything. If he can pitch into the seventh inning in -- or whatever inning two outs in the sixth that whatever did it's I mean that that's some big stress that because this lineup is. There's a lot more link to this lineup as opposed to when he got the -- you -- 6789 you said okay so you -- make. Mistakes were right. -- -- Maloney rob Bradford with the just outside of the Fenway in our Fenway Park studios. I -- ready for an 805 game tonight it is palatial beautiful and hear people outside on lands down street I don't know that the stress on the pitcher. Worries me is much tonight with Lester but in the neck but in games two and four especially with -- Buchholz tomorrow night. He just still coming back from the injury throwing a lot of pitches you worry about stressful innings I do. I would go for playbook only go back to what Lou was saying he kind of what you're saying distress. Verlander said yesterday I was asking him my whole. You remember one pitcher to one pitch matter more than it it doesn't it in the regular season it absolutely you know how I know how I feel today. -- I'm exhausted today sure and much more exhausted that any start in the regular season so that should tell you exactly what you're talking about. And I think that I think it laster peavy -- game we go back to -- Colts. But -- people forget -- pitched pretty well. But there is great other than he buried the change up what you wanna do. A pitch as he said he's got Longoria out on time and time again he didn't execute that pitch by the values pretty -- Maybe that was the problem. I mean you know when you get a guy out. The same way over and over again and he got and went -- well -- Danny at the changeup and the plows first at bat against -- looking but that second at bat but he. He said it up more by showing them everything fastball in fastball way cutter curve ball. -- 22 after the seventh three pitch he threw the changeup and frozen that last at bat you know sinker down and in no one out to me is a general one and kind of sit and soft count. You will -- be cutter weather beat curve ball whatever might be -- and anything that changeup in any any launched but. I'd like buckle in game two and we talked about this before and is hoping streamed out on the winning advanced. Mean that you make the switch. John Lackey in game two of the AL DS I think the tiebreaker was the home road splits I don't think he gets to the tiebreaker here in a seven game series does. Playing Lackey with a one game each that was it. This is different you get two games and I want let I want buck to go game two in game six is game six is gonna be three to two somebody. By somebody you're either you needed to survive. And if you do it's all hands on deck. Or you've got a chance to put this thing away so I think it's the right call and I liked what I saw puzzle I think -- a lot better against Tampa that he was previously. It ought to try to put it away before game seven knowing that they have Verlander looming at regardless of the kind of year he's had and I know it's not up to his normal standards. Justin Verlander still the guy that's got a -- -- -- still the best pitcher. In the American League coming along with Felix Hernandez is part of that elite group. How many guys -- in that elite of the elite -- Right maybe Kershaw got Felix and berliners anybody else that's in the elite of the elite group. The of the complete upper Echelon the Brady Manning Rodgers Brees group of the. We used to it when prices on a put in there would you -- appropriate put a lame group is those got -- -- that's why it just wasn't on that's why it was an uncomfortable. The conversation for the Red Sox where you can say what you want about how to play games one and two can see it. How what you want about how lucky the rays were but you apparently been pretty close to having to face David Price and when you're looking at that situation absolutely you lump him in -- those other. But if the -- Michael walk up right in there with those guys very soon at a another incredible performance there in the eighth inning in that game Cardinals won the Dodgers nothing in the bottom of the movie walk within -- just great game. -- Joseph numbers fuel goes Kelly might want to thirds five hits one walk each strike out they keep rule about we talked about this early show these keep rule him out -- one of the things that he'll pitch Kershaw yak in. And they find guys from within their system to help them when they need help the most. In other words they don't have to sell their souls at the trade deadline they find guys from more than. And then we get the playoffs everyone's like -- who's this guy who's that -- well. -- they do it time and time again. Any note that the first couple of games as you mentioned -- Wainwright you know he goes game one and it's Greinke it's Kershaw. In the way to be great pitching is matching it you know we're talking about earlier in baseball showed Justin Verlander was lights out against Oakland. But -- one and one in his games mean Sonny gray. Matched him you know it didn't Verlander last two starts a regular season. Six shut out against Minnesota six -- against Miami that's for that's 27 innings of shutout baseball Verlander thrown. In the Detroit Tigers -- three. In those games. So yeah. If he if he put up at the trip puts up a four spot against Verlander -- -- first inning yet got it you're probably not gonna win that game. But if he can keep it one no one if you keep it to 21 in that range in the sixth seventh eighth inning. That's how you debts are you beat good pitching. That's what they -- here earlier this year we keep talking about -- maybe the best game of the year I was -- game yet -- went with my -- which is great just happened to -- it to work out that -- see what Jon Lester -- to not only match -- but actually be better than him and it took him getting out of some trouble rob and I were talking about earlier threw fifty pitches in the first couple innings that day and then really needed to. Find a way to conserve his pitches go deeper into the game get out of trouble a couple of times it would also -- all said and done that he pitched a better game insurers -- who was undefeated at that point. Is gonna take the next level next level up at -- after next level low. How do you take it to the next level we talked about this job he has in the last couple months for all here's the thing. You look at John masters numbers for this year. And they're right in line he maybe with the innings at a pick up from what they've been passed but that four year stretch right in line with those sort of numbers. And as we stay here right now you say that and -- well the reality is because. As we sit here everywhere abuse him he's pitching really really well it's all high you hit the post season and so. Has he taken the next level. I'll agree with him when he said what the next level because all that matters right now if you hit the post season -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he does -- mean -- -- very very well in game one the. Gave up the two home runs and then the bats just kind of came alive they scored so many runs. I'm really anxious to see Jon Lester against this lineup knowing how Willie did against them. In Fenway Park the last and battled to go to play during guy with the best ERA in the American League this year we barely even talked about -- at the next level is continuing. To do exactly what he did throughout this post season you know I don't -- In the next level is not going out there tonight not in the call -- a broken bat hit and then give up a three run bomb. -- going you know five -- six runs well here's the reality there is still -- question right at the -- realities -- -- the next lap it up the next level it's not having that -- he had mentally a year that's what you go to this horrible but those two things go together right now what it has in the middle of the year certainly goes with that that mental emotional side -- locked out they did you you just can't -- about having a -- season from from -- mr. -- I think there was a chance in game one after give that home run was going to be a meltdown. Material I was out it was so -- just announced so much has happened since then but he hasn't pitched since that day -- look like he was gonna melt down or it was a. It wasn't the home run Sean Rodriguez a lot of people to get that home run via Twitter everywhere -- typical Lester no no listen the typical Lester did not get that call is the throat again noncompetitive fastball up in a way that takes all these arm often walked Sean Rodriguez with two outs. I have no I know the ball was it's split the plate could have been on a tee but you got to challenge Sean Rodriguez so he he -- the ball out of ball parks got five home runs. Floored me was the next inning we give the Holman. Dissolve breast know that I think came out and walked Longoria. And give a first pitch single what did the Delmon young and I was like OK now. No this is more of -- right have to give the home and give the walking a first pitch yet this is more of OK let's let's get it back into his credit he did. When the Red Sox made five Q what made it eight -- two he came back with two -- -- the best innings of his start shut down innings eleven pitch -- eight -- sixth. That is the next level. Here's to. In regard to that Detroit start the Jon Lester had what I remember about that start was what was said before it. Which was someone I figured out against that lineup that night. -- Detroit hitters were heading over 400. Against Jon Lester. And what he did what he adjusted he adjusted and it -- different in and that's terrible -- if we keep going are there are just that it here quickly but the one guy whose name we've barely mentioned leading up to this than you would think he's gonna be pretty key figure Anibal Sanchez starts game one for Detroit tonight we barely talked about animal address. His year what the Red Sox need to do against him coming up next -- off rob Bradford bloomer Loney with the here and WB yeah. Nemesis when you called up to figure out what yours -- pitcher. You try to model yourself off of a lot of people grown up them. Minor leagues and when he's a big we've got to figure who you are and so he's in a good job of that obviously. Stats speak for themselves the RC RA title this year so he -- can be tough. Just like the rest of their pitching staff you know he got to keep him and reaching. Just hope they have a bad game. Teammates long time ago in the Red Sox system Jon Lester speaking of his opponent tonight. Anibal Sanchez Mike saw rob Bradford little Maloney with the at Fenway Park taken you up another half hour or so and then we turned things over to the guys in the pregame show -- up to an 8 o'clock start. We talked a lot about Lester we've talked a lot about names like Berliner insurers are. But the guy who throws tonight for Detroit the guy gets the ball in game one for them at -- not the way they drew it up. But with the way they what they needed to do to get past Oakland it's Anibal Sanchez. Over the course of the regular season this year some great numbers. Led the league in ERA at 257 batting average against 229 whip is great at 115. Went fourteen and eight over 200 strikeouts great numbers on the other hand. One start so far in the post season. And did not pitch well at all for a third innings eight hits six runs five of them were earned a walked a couple of guys was not anywhere close to the same pitcher once he got into playoff laws. Trusting Alex spirited agreed stressed out -- -- -- great stories but he talked Todd Claus who managed both Jon Lester Anibal Sanchez and Portland 2005. And this comparing the two Lester was more power guys -- has relied more on. Tyrell and he's coming off nerve damage earlier in his career. But it speaks to what Sanchez is of the pitchers and maybe how that translates the post season. He had a great year but he's the guy who paint he's -- guy that manipulate the baseball. He's not a power guy he's not gonna get by on his stuff in -- of me you could speak to this. So many I've heard so many pitchers say when you get to the post season stop plays power plays. And I just don't know that's the case with interest he could come out and pitch a great game. But maybe that's one of the reasons why didn't translate this time. Well I you know you look at their game in the UC Redick in UC. Brendon Moss and Seth Smith all hidden -- -- -- so they go go and -- her left hand hitters you know so he's a sinker slider guy. They still got some power though student adorable well five. More yeah it's in it what they say is -- it's a deception bases the -- Denny. Miller with them no doubt knowing that that basically where he can amp up his fastball but it seemed to take a Bob what it usually is. Just because it pops a little bit more but. But to go back to my point and I think what you're saying that that's not what he's gonna make or break win. He's not gonna make or break win this overpowering Justin Verlander -- sure type of stuff. Yeah yeah I think that against this lineup. You know I think you feel good about their approach may make in the -- war in. And you wonder you know they've never faced him before price never pitched to Fenway Park they faced I think once out of -- -- bullpen. Years ago like 413 innings but he's never pitched here it's his old franchise. I I can just. You you have to worry below what he did last outing out against Oakland right -- put -- at three bombs to the lefties he had a great year. But a lot of times and human to put the regular season's over it's a post season you throw those numbers away. You're you're riding a great year great regular season to -- from start to start and then once you get that first postseason start you given up against the days you wonder what kind of effect it has on him coming back in here. Fenway Park the first time facing this line. You do know he is a better hitter again are better pitcher against righty -- is against lefties not a surprise her right hander lefty didn't exactly destroy him this year I mean you look at the numbers. They hit 246 off of hum on base percentage of the wreaked and that they didn't exactly slot much with six home runs from lefties against them all year so. It will underestimating him everything -- -- there's no question about it is are basing it on what we just saw in the fact that he has not had historically run I -- -- 11 game he pitched against the Red Sox. What 45 years ago. -- we're on all totals for when you have that ERA he should discount any no. You shouldn't. Not one big hit right up I do is not going to be easy I think you're right I think that B and partly because of the other guys in this rotation. That you start with a guy who's gonna win the Cy Young that you go to Verlander who a lot of people feel is the best pitcher in baseball right now. And are you get that other guy who also led the league the aren't right -- it does sort of he becomes that other guy just by virtue of the two doctors I had a good pitcher -- he's okay but the but the nice thing the Red Sox have known in their favor is there are a better team against right handed arm right ego allow those guys like novel like Saltalamacchia out although he's not in the lineup tonight. Did he hit on the better side for them they should be a better they should be better off and I don't think the splits are what they were the no no -- that once Napoli start hitting -- -- middle Brooks started hitting. And Victorino got really comfortable from just the right side. They had an unbelievable run because you said not many better from the left side the Jonny Gomes are really swinging the bat as well. So against lefties they start to have a lot of success at the end of the year while it's always here guy you had a tough and Stephen Drew you had a ten game losing streak against the lefty starters and you reverse that and had a ten game winning strike. It was because of those things that one mentioned and that's that say something about but might I also do agree with you. That if you're saying to me which lineup is a better lineup is the one that they're gonna well I like their lineup against left -- much better what I mean that's the one reason I'm surprised. To see David Ross and in I understand that he gives you little -- an extra thought your point was a good one the about trying with -- -- go in and Dave about trying to steal. The trying to steal the the cutter on the outside against rice and maybe Ross does a better job of that -- although -- would do -- do but what the job of the catcher I guess I just I expected him to be in there today because of his ability to hit right handed pitching but you're gonna see right handed pitching throughout the entire series so if you're looking for spot to play -- maybe tonight's the night. And I think if you want to play him again once in the first couple of games. The you know you look at Jersey look at his game against them and it was who -- catch in that game you know it's Jon Lester. Competitively get -- last game it was Lackey last round but he and Lester the only look at the splits and ERA. He did catch him a little bit there when when Johnny was struggling. But they they caught each other a lot towards the end of the season and it looked like Lester turned this thing around David Ross is back but kinda played a lot of those games. Be able to kind of get in Lester had little bit yell at him when he needs to be yelled that. Force him to focus when he needs to focus help them get over and some of the emotional reactions that we talked about earlier. If if there's a role for David Ross I would think that's it more than anything else it doesn't seem like you can in Needham. To keep Jake Peavy in line -- peavy comes Byron match up on all cylinders all the time so there's a night for this is probably an average in discount Saltalamacchia driving he's come a long way in terms of gaining the confidence of the pitchers across the board. Along with the obvious offensive production that he delivers which. Yeah it's OK to play -- In spots here and they're what you're gonna need Saltalamacchia is back you can't have him do what he didn't Tampa. You have to have to do what he did in the first couple why you have to imagine that they'll be a pinch hitting moment at some point in this game I mean it. I speak for myself and I'd be shocked if David Ross finishes this game and you. Walk depends if -- -- now. Yeah after winning you know I don't think you change it. You keep -- begin. Joseph Joseph Maddon had their bullpen how many lefties that we have out there that you have what floral from the media have figured it needed four lefties when you look at Detroit -- what their final roster was there isn't trustees took Pope is on yet -- on you replaced. Forget the name McKnight played parts of -- is on you know smiley Alvarez a guy may -- early innings one hitter period. Which is gonna it's gonna be smiley it's gonna be focal -- who was still. Banged up Brian Meehan brought the last he would -- roster because you banged up SE expecting to see a matchup at some point -- Jonny Gomes or maybe -- Bogart's maybe middle Brooks in the next game if he does if Bogart's and -- Q speaking of going up like what we just last saw this a lot of people saying that they feel that. The Red -- of the clear edge in bullpen. I still don't feel that way. I don't know where you guys are they at the clear to closer I don't want Butler to highlight the closer but I don't know you guys felt put I don't know if there was a little bit left over. From Koji didn't taking deep against global talent really idea addition if you go back every Sunday night in terms of his stuff and what he's every bit cheaper -- it was our feeling you don't know every single pitch he threw was up in the zone and I wouldn't go so far thing I was concerned -- -- -- three balls. But that's not coach -- nobody but no serious is that buddies I thought there was an effect. Being there when he starts throwing. I turned Alex next match that he threw overthrowing. That to me with him over throwing that injury to none of that that he had no idea if god doesn't make it I'm not to talk about velocity. I'm just talking about you did -- balls up that you did see a lot how he was also exerting himself you can tell when -- -- -- -- It came down to a -- that he threw some unbelievable splits you know to get the swings and misses but thought early in counts. It didn't look like the same guy and I know. Breslow absolutely outstanding with what he did and does Al get the job done at -- Workman was good net awful inning that the -- that that Red Sox played horrible defense. But I do look at that smiling and then wise is okay in here you Veres I like to -- that -- -- it's more of a a push I don't wanna goal. I'm concerned about -- Red -- opened in a -- Koji and because of well we -- in game -- not a complete turnaround say oh yeah. They're locked down they're shut down -- it's still a concern got about an hour to go before first pitch just over an hour left -- will turn things over to the pregame show and about twenty minutes but wanna continue to go over this game. And start looking will be deeper into this series as well -- -- will Maloney rob Bradford right here Fenway Park ready for game one WE yet.

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