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Salk and Bradfo Red Sox Road to Redemption Hour 2

Oct 12, 2013|

Mike Salk and Rob Bradford discuss the pitching rotations of both the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers in the pending ALCS. Manager John Farrell expects his starters to pitch deep into games. Salk and Bradfo discuss this and the Red Sox bullpen capabilities against the impressive Detroit batters.

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But there hours ago before first pitch here Fenway Park Mike -- and rob Bradford with the -- boomer -- will join us about an hour from now take you until seven when he course John Farrell. I get set for his press conference will carry that for realize you're just a minute or two as soon as he sits down. At the podium we will go there just -- a couple hundred yards away. From where we are out in right field by lands down street if you had into the game at a comeback in the last say hi people waiting for tickets we see them out there. On -- down street you can. Comment and to don't drop pass back in the not just press I mean not like probably get violently but you can kind of say I don't think -- -- -- -- light -- outrageous attack that's very very happy happy -- just there just a little tap that's good thing. Gonna go to John -- here in a minute I think part of the part of the conversation about these two teams. Is is their managers right John Ferrell rookie manager in the playoffs has been there before but only as a pitching coach. Vs Jim Leland the consensus great manager. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God yeah the Joseph Torre most overrated man whenever anyway. He -- the three best managers in the game. If you watch now what you're seeing with with John -- -- Joseph Maddon who sort of the modern day version of Mike Scioscia the solution is a top five managers and then you got Jim Leland who is sort of the old school choice for everybody likes the old school management type -- and if you get by him and you see we get in the National League. Did Don Mattingly right there -- it's -- -- -- -- Or or what another young guy and let me ask you but can I ask you question my Chargers yes. Vote John for our depth is what -- -- -- what did you grade him in the first series. In the first series on the field it's a hard grade right because he has his job right at the manager of the Boston Red Sox right to degrade him. Just for the first I like how he wore that uniform but just -- perseverance. That fit for the series against Tampa I guess I give them a the yes -- I Q are you shouting at me I give -- be me to get movie if I was shocked and making dinner applaud you popular -- on the dial are like all over you know. -- like -- is the worst managing job ever in the fact is is it even that one game which was. The I looked I think you -- that game of situations and talk radio dream yet the next day now he just ordered up six ways from Sunday -- he was terrible my lobby it but I can debate I I went on with you guys identified the next day out before that last game. What I thought -- the problem that I I had a problem with. -- not pinch hitting for drew right and I had the -- what I still like bringing coach -- important spot on the road thus -- that but also pitching to Longoria. And I didn't have and probably will win that -- in the way he handled it I didn't have a problem with a one hour I thought he screwed that came up six ways from Sunday but the next day. Of a beat while while because he because he realized and and to me that's better at least he didn't make the same mistake again. The reason I was so upset about the about the the the moves especially -- Bogart's. Is that he'd have that exact situation like ten days earlier he had at the Baltimore game. Right and they blew that game because of the exactly when everyone knew what the time. He needed to pinch hit for drew in that situation and needed until he not only didn't do it he bunt did it. Barry over to set up that situation. Where he was gonna have to hit drew walked -- -- I thought that was a disaster I don't picky I don't that he didn't think the truth can get hit there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like I don't have a shot against this -- -- the helmet around a -- of. At a couple this is what you have to know about that situation is that. What the end result oval the last game which Bogart's -- who drew hadn't walked against lefties in August 27. So. If nothing else you have that -- the problem and as I talked with you guys about the problem I had with the mule. It looking at a specially today after was that the splits were -- were deceiving the last month he'd be in a hundred points lower against lefties. And it in so you look at that you look at -- what he's done against lefties that was the right move in my mind the Longoria won I still -- -- Well whatever -- -- work I did have a problem with it not the biggest drama the -- one was my -- but going to be because I think in general he does a solid job. I think he handles his pitching pretty well which makes sense having been -- pitching coach. I think the true advantages of John Farrell. Don't stem from his in game strategy I mean I think what makes him a great managers more of the off field stuff. Managers got a lot of jobs dealing with the media in order to make sure that little stories don't become big stories. Eight plus across the board at that fostering the right environment for his players. In the clubhouse eight Los across the board but he did this year and bringing them back from the depths I thought was incredible. And any of the in game strategy stuff where our -- that he's necessarily the best but this BA. This would be a feather in his cap compared to Jim Leland one of the greats at the all time greats Jim -- Did you -- the -- today come from Tim Britton Providence journal usually do but I thought this is an interest in one. Stolen base attempts motions and you see this or Red Sox -- a 142. Stolen base attempts Detroit. 55 so an enormous difference in terms of attempts Red Sox nearly three times as many as Detroit. Caught stealing. Boston nineteen. Detroit when he. Yeah I was crazy -- if they ran themselves into more outs on the bases by trying to steal with almost 13 the amount of production and. And that's why. He stated John Ferrell and his coaching staff wanna be aggressive that's a feather in their cap that's what you're talking about it's not just having the we wanna steal we wanna be aggressive. But did do it at the right time and is -- -- -- Barry. Everyone's saying why is quick very have once stolen base over the last month. Should you get him stealing we wanna see him steal and John -- would be quick to say will there wasn't the right chance to do and we're not gonna do with alas is the right yeah I mean it's funny. Part of my Mike social problem you heard that I'm not exactly the biggest Mike Scioscia fan is that guy runs and -- outs constantly and hysterical watching that hits. His managing style with the team that he now has its like you've got big -- up and on your lineup and your run and wild. What are you doing why would you ever make an additional out when you've got Trout and pujols and Hammel then and all and end. And trumbull and all these guys have crushed the baseball and you're you're running into outs ahead of them seems ridiculous what I love so much about what Farrell's manager right. -- -- there they steal bases their aggressive but only with the right guys at the right time and the fact that you have a Jacoby Ellsbury leads the league in stolen bases certainly helps those numbers. But the fact that they only had nineteen stone nineteen cuts dealings means that everybody else did a pretty good job as well. Even the other night when it when their streak get snapped what was forty some X -- out. I'm now. Those hit -- wasn't even up at rice told us that's the -- we -- right even factoring in their room plenty of royal -- -- to the by the -- to be minus what are you doing David Ross is a contact hitter no he's not. Why do and hit and run with David Ross that the played. And and and and I don't know I don't buy any of that let's go to John Farrell speaking right now in the in the game they work. Remains to be seen but. We've we've got some guys that we trust late in the game whether it's Greg you know Brett is that we just spoken of -- -- and certainly -- it at the end. But we feel like we've gotten some match -- ability. And guys that have been tested particularly in this most recent series. But most of we have for John today. Okay Jason now. How similar has -- been you know these past 45 games compared to how you listen in April and may. I'm. Nearly in the in this starts and has made since coming off the DL there's still been a little bit of a building. Component to what we're building his stamina and his endurance and Saturday giving game. But says that the touch and feel to a secondary pitches I think are consistent -- pre injury. And I think coming out of particularly the last three starts where we've been able to get him over and 110 pitches each of those outings I think he comes away with -- with. Greater confidence on the physical side of things. I think he's always been a company guy in terms of executing a certain pitch or selecting a certain pitch inside and -- back. And will need more that against this lineup here because this is a good lineup as were probably efforts. Do you see clay being stronger. This time of year than he would have and he didn't miss three months I was she wouldn't miss a three months like to say that but. You know. Every every path to a certain players can take a different turn on the way in to say that he's more rested. While he was also recovering from an injury so I can't they can't just cut out the three months and say well he's going to be that much more fresh he was he was dealing with a physical ailment. That we had to go back from but. I will tell you that going into tomorrow is has been the case and washers there's there's no restrictions. On how we planned for tomorrow or plan for didn't start so. We feel like she's in good shape physically going into tomorrow. Take just two more if there's anything. No OK -- where or when my Evan and one more. How much different is Salina went both will and Mike Napoli are on the same time think back to September when you guys are scoring at the issue worth that they were both hitting very well. Any time you have. Guys contributing up in the lineup it's gonna make it that much more difficult on the opposing pitcher it's gonna give us probably more scoring opportunities. Both have shown some streaking it's in games played. And the time off that we've gone through prior to a series opening up it's probably played into that a little bit because both benefit from everyday play so. We're hopeful that. And before games just concluded. Is the foundation and -- basis for you know. Won't won't -- them and hopefully that bridges that gap from at the end of the season tutorial today. Thank you John and we Willis -- to clear the room now until. -- they John -- -- -- in there with his abbreviated press conference not a -- the task and we've not been to a game like this mostly writers -- to write their story for tomorrow so I questions about what people do -- -- would have been. You can't get anything from this press conference yesterday not to miss they're looking to write their story of our coverage was absolutely worthless. Wife of it before hours before the game. Yesterday. Was a great day for media because they made. They basically what they did was they brought the players up to the State Street pavilion where you hang out great commitment to look for whatever -- Jules I don't. Which -- the south all the for the taking mid June 5 at Fenway Park where mascot -- And and so they bring him up there and then they put -- -- their seats with their names and they have to sit here for a half an hour and it's great. We can't run they can't I hope they do that with the Red Sox after every game they sit everybody down at a locker thing -- not -- -- -- for a half hours they they don't do that -- They don't really -- -- used to do outrun -- out there isn't known buck hunter who not that that's weird I would have thought that that automatically happens -- in the Red Sox right after every game conversations. I would disagree I think you do get something yesterday out of John Farrell we've played literally all I I suggest I was yesterday's get out tonight -- today was where we just carried for the last five. Well it's good to hear Jon Farrell's voice in any event -- known that he's going to be the guy out there. I'd be curious other people to answer your question from earlier what he agreed John Farrell. On what he's done just in the post season forget about the regular season but just is a post season manager so far what your confidence level lot with John -- 617779. 7937. That's 61777979837. You can also use Twitter -- at Brad well I -- -- -- WEEI. I need ten Twitter followers nobody cares to get to yes I -- well that's that's wrong. I care what your your holding everyone else hostage were you care about good what. Ten Twitter followers to get to 27 out can we do is what -- 7000 key number. I think self development by 39 on -- -- to be the -- 1002008000. Is there a double what -- up over 25 grand -- think you have to wait until you get the thirty like I think for you. It it seems -- to be worried about 27000. I don't care he should be worried about 30000 is -- fifty brought people out here on the sidewalk get out your phones and phone via Twitter I don't know -- -- -- I don't I don't recommend that for and I give you free -- Teacher that you're wearing underwear you're wearing right now. What do you rate what it what do you -- John -- for what he's done so far because if you look at this series he is going to be if you're doing check marks in in. Each part of the each part of the team in the way they're built. I think most national people looking at it try to be objective would give the managerial wedge to Jim Leland then is he really the greats two rats -- strategist. In game that he's cracked up to beat. Or is Jim -- really the great manager for what he does in terms of fostering an environment. Being the old school guys smoke and box outside the dug out and just sort of be in a grizzled old timer who still kind of a player's manager. We'll see the sold based stat you brought up earlier Tim Britton run up on Twitter I thought it was interesting if that's at. Good thing that makes a manager could manager in my mind it's finding the right time but it doesn't always make him a great manager in terms of reputation. Well the reputation is being around a long time and winning a lot of games and at the end of that and today. If you win games you're really good manager you just brought up one which we both agree we're dramatically overrated which is Joseph Torre. People say Joseph Torre was a good manager yet we sat here at Fenway Park that series seeing him bring in Paul quad -- and right. And -- -- -- Rocco Scott Proctor a prime manager is he's like you're really my arm hanging so low I can barely lifted -- that SOB may be pitching at every single game and I'll give you another thing to help you. Feel better about -- great for John Farrell. The fact that he -- reliant on the relief pitching as much as he wise. Especially that last game how many managers when you can Jake Peavy you have -- whatever pitches 7474. Pitches. And you're saying okay this is an important part of the game I don't like this match up -- this one hitter. And I'm gonna I'm gonna take the -- out after 74 pitchers not a lot of managers do that and what he did was the right when he was very clear. -- -- was just about James Loney he did not want to let peavy face Loney so that's what it was about as so yeah he ends up going to a bullpen that. Let's face it has not been exactly your strong suit for the team this year when you get to Koji grade did you feel good about about about is our in that spot. They bring to is now in for one batter in the eighth and did you feel comfortable where I know I did not now it's worked out is Al actually pitched very well. In the first series but I sure pressured and feel good about it. This is what he said before the series which was it was going to be all about matchups and that's exactly what it's been about and if you're if you're watching this game. You're listening to it on to the guy or whatever you're doing do yourself a favor when you get into the sixth seventh eighth inning. Look at how these relievers which power hitters are doing in certain relievers if that was fascinating to me. Trying to see where he was going and a lot of time bidding go down that road. Mean -- it would have foul against Longoria. I don't think he brought him in for one courtroom so. That the best at what the great parts about -- Was just the ability to -- to that doing something that you're not even thinking about what just try to play along what they're thinking especially when it's not going to be okay you -- have. Billy Wagner in the seventh game of bar in the eighth and Jonathan Papelbon and nine. That's not how their operating this time. Well I can't I mean they don't they don't have a kind of arms right so it's how do you figure out a way -- To bridge that gap between whatever your starter gives you and getting to your shut out shut down closer in the ninth inning or maybe in the eighth. That's what made the peavy thinks so passing community it was a underplayed story which was seventy or pick you up for a guy who is -- it was I remember right now at -- time did you look at -- say OK I'm 174 pitches and he's been cruising and you don't really like you get your middle relief. On the other -- he clearly didn't like the matchup against peavy are against -- -- and he also just given -- three Rockets and -- -- right before that I don't know whether -- totally lost it but the three ball -- the three previous batters were all sports -- -- one or two of -- -- outs but they -- sports they were really hit hard so now you're you're sort of going a little -- what the numbers a little bit with your -- A little bit with your faith and some guys that maybe she hasn't given you enough reason to have faith in them and yet it all worked -- I don't remember that game it was about a month ago. That he had similar situation with John Lackey took him out after eighty something pitches. And he said exactly back. We like the way it haters were approaching John -- on -- -- we -- how hard they -- hitting balls and that's going to be factored in as well what don't you think that's what I think fans like that kind of stuff try to make you go back I think if I'm I'm a huge fan of the way Terry Francona managed games in general I thought he did a great job for the almost the entirety of his time here in Boston say what you -- about what occurred off the field at the end but. On the field as an in game strategist. -- almost always felt great about Terry Francona and the moves he would make -- a day to day basis. I think if there was one criticism of it from people who was he leaves guys in too long if he doesn't always have that sense of of when. Whenever we're kinda knows he's done and -- to give them another batter or two ago I guess we all know we was done that's why did you give -- that extra rope to hang himself and ended up happening that way. Farrell has had a little bit quicker hook and I think exactly for that reason it just the sense of look at the way the pats have changed. Maybe that's the pitching coach in and that really helps out as a manager in a weird thing is to -- -- told me this earlier in season wasn't yet a hard time to you know starting pitchers because he above anybody. Knows what it takes for those pitchers. And in these days going into that start to get understands the commitment so he understands the frustration those guys being pissed off he understands that but still. He's gonna do what's right and go with the Brussels of the world after seven before Qatar wanna hear from you guys in your excitement level as you head into Fenway Park today a little bit -- little bit cold Little League Graham. But it's October baseball and ALCS matchup against another historic franchise in Detroit. Big names galore between these two teams and our focus on that part of it next it's that weird but we talked about this a little yesterday were -- A little strange that the Red Sox are the team with the big names mean you look across the diamond and all the big names are on the Detroit tigers' bench is that more worrisome than it would be in another series to get into -- next Mike -- rob Bradford get you ready for game one of the ALCS tonight right here in WEEI. I am in -- fundamentally is gone back through there. But deliveries that is. Been more consistent probably more conducive to Indian. Able to execute. On the mound isn't capable we saw. You know for about three full years where you lose. Always in the conversation of one of the top left handers in the game. And it was more a matter of adjusting to deliver that he already started towards the latter part of last year. And some of those changes. Really took hold spring training and from there is confidence. Probably isn't returned to the levels. You know prior to the tiger talked about so. Setting aside about a six or seven start. Spared -- this season he's he's had a very consistent year for. As John Farrell talking about Jon Lester his game one starter tonight that's -- horse. And he's going -- them he's gonna -- come. The horse Jeff. While John Farrell does do that -- and for good reason it's been his guy right Buchholz may be has better numbers. But I think you see the difference between the way the two guys pitch was even better in the second half. Lester I mean my clothes and must've been great Miami when I remember -- having the debate on nest and at some point and who the Red Sox should go with their game one starter and you were making some ass that I don't know -- -- John Black or have you officially the best time now but you knew -- in last John Lackey come on. I expect -- have a little bit more forethought -- I was looking at your pick Lester of course I did you know who you are. You're like Jarome Iginla saying well I don't know Pittsburgh won a few games in a row I guess we'll go to Pittsburgh instead of the Boston stupid movies say that to me at the time power. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fake argument I made some other quip that was much funnier than the again judges. And thank you to all my new Twitter followers. Especially surviving out here right out on the street you let the charts we got to 27 now. Really you think she's you can do it I knew of finding as a kid -- -- Burton -- as a kid in the hole. There's of finding -- like we -- that -- you think you Waste Management there's a big finding Waste Management clearly going all over my body and waiting to get a different how different are not involved in -- -- I could tell you story -- funding that would go -- for awhile but it was one of the scariest moments of my entire life -- a little kid and you're swimming. And your about the com operate area like that underwater you pretty much out of -- in -- coming up and the kids stand right there by the doc and kept his hand he was a couple of years older than me. Put his hand over my head so I couldn't get up I've never panic more in my entire life. Bottom is gonna -- right there I -- these findings here could tell better -- story he thinks though they go back to the family dinners and but -- and you can do the exact same thing. If you want to get your Twitter followers up now he'll -- right if only thought W I'm not gonna beg for them like rob does -- I don't I don't needs out of my system. What is it about Jon Lester the guy goes he has this fantastic start to the year. After the sort of weird comments he made do you in spring training about how holiest due to be an -- to show up every five days. Which I still think makes absolutely no sense and and showed that he was not yet ready. To assume what I think he's now become for this team which is really to be there raised. He could start off the year great he -- goes into the tank gets a little bit extra time off around the all star break and then eventually in the second half comes back to being -- the pitcher that they needed him to be probably as evidenced most in the game right here against Detroit Max Scherzer the 21 victory that the Red Sox -- he was fantastic in that game. What what happened to him this year ball. Let's go back first conversation spring training that the question that sent him off with the next level. What do you need to do to take the next one pitch every five it is in like right. So that what the next level and I understand his point you look at the four years prior to last one he was very very tournament's best Richardson in the game. If you look at this year you -- the final numbers -- this year very similar. From what those years where. And as we sit here we say well he's an ace because of where he is but there's still another level -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talking -- Jon -- next -- Mike is not having that window that -- -- -- -- the next level is being like Justin -- I know the year wasn't as good -- up to his normal standards but what he's been for the last few years of his career Clayton -- Felix Hernandez I mean there is a group. That is -- a level above Jon -- it leads you to the conversation we've been tired but Jacoby Ellsbury realize. Well John Leicester is up after next year they don't pick up his option this year for the was thirteen million dollars. So what does he get paid it's going to be fascinating to David Price you have David Price you've changed feuds that -- class. So if he's going to be paid is eighteen and beat paying him. Not like what David Price is going to be paid made to pay him as the number one start out the question then becomes do you have if you're not going to -- you're gonna let him walk. Do you have the next group of pitchers ready to assume the man I don't know if you have that answer Bob Ryan I mean looking at what you're seeing right now in Saint Louis and if -- that game right now -- in the sixth. And Michael walker once again has not allowed a run on five and third at four hits no runs yesterday it was Joseph -- mean they just keep coming at you with a guy after guy right all these young players. And especially young pitchers Tampa sort of done the same thing. Does that is the Red Sox group of young pitchers going to be enough to allow you to say hey John. We've got to limit for what willing to pay for you was UH I'm sorry we there's always so happy and very -- get another year to figure that out it -- to figure that out now that -- gonna trade him because it is. They need him next year and you can live with that you can off from the qualifying offer to the draft pick that's of value to you. You must see him becoming one of those pitchers who goes from being a thrower to pitcher as he gets older blaster yeah. Well he's relied so reliant on his cutter here's here's the most encouraging thing about how he turned things around this year you're right. Beef prior the all star game not good went through that rut not give it. So then he gets extra rest which I do think helped them a lot. You are looking for when the first people to bring up that you thought there was a physical issue but I still do think there was -- little to watch -- him -- critically when -- expect exactly specifically what Brewers no -- -- Jon Lester doesn't go for me and a good pitcher to a bad pitcher overnight so he's a tough guy so I expect him to pitch through stuff you get that rest -- wife will be another feather in John -- who's coaching staff had -- given the rest. It pays off you can see it right away. -- what he did all so. And hurt in terms of reversing how he pitches not throwing his cutter into -- strike count the Oakland game to game against Oakland I think it was in July and who he did not throw one -- in a two strike count. Which is completely opposite from what he wants now he's gone back to that because it's kind of better. I heard him go or is that the staff arrived biggest hole I mean is it Lester or is -- the combination of the catcher whether Saltalamacchia or Ross saying hey man no more putters with two strikes right now you have to Abdul had a bye in the right Mike. And it was with you guys when John Farrell came on -- you guys who said. I just don't think his -- is what it used to be Brett. And so that tells you what they're thinking ball now all of a sudden it is he's gotten it back. -- and he's able to do what Jeff pass was talking about earlier with scherzer which is try to bury that curveball that slider. Inside against right handers who's got a couple of different pitches to get right he's out right he can use the cutter in on their hands he can use the changeup away or he can beat and I've seen him do -- -- back all the -- do is to his no hitter I thought it was one of the things that made him so unhittable. On that day is he kept bearing sliders in at the feet of right handers. We keep hearing about that one pitcher or maybe it's the the changeup. From right Easter right he's -- that curveball from lefties to raise or vice Versa. Pitches that move in on a batter yet. I love that pitch I'm always surprised that you don't see more of it now you're starting to see more but I think in baseball because of the surprise factor but if that's your best pitch if that's -- way you can get guys out who cares about the righty lefty. Here's what we US Jon Lester what the biggest difference in him turn things around we can say the -- we can say that help and everything else he will every single time say I'm able to get the ball down and it seems simple right. Get on top of the ball he's able to get the ball tucked what is arm slot -- point that ball thrown Freeney easy yes exactly it but a cutting splitting turning over. But you go back to that depth that sorority that would against Arizona was that yes we did one bad start. -- the biggest difference was I was the ball as elevate the ball as elevated now we've watched sport to this start. And one of the things he said yesterday wise. You have to keep these guys inside the ballpark you have to that's the most important thing. So how do you do that he keep the ball down so when you're watching the game today and you're watching Jon Lester. That's the thing you should watch early on is he able to command the strike zone down. What -- and and the weather should help and I was joking about it earlier but cold weather one of the first real cold weather nights of the year. Kind of a windy night it's not one where you expect the ball to be jumping out of this ballpark. You go back to the start that that Lester had against Detroit at 21 game we talked about I think what's interesting about it is you pitch well the beginning and -- That you threw fifty pitches in the first two or three innings of that game I -- he really started off and didn't have his good stuff and you could tell the church or did it. The series thing OK at that point scherzer have yet to lose the game all year. Lester was just getting back to being the kind of pitcher that you knew we could be after the rock that he did in their. And you -- he's he's thrown so many pitches early. Maybe he's able to go five innings here and he didn't he was able to get through it he cut down on his pitch count -- got out of a couple of big jams they got Cabrera out of his right after Cabrera got hurt in a bases loaded situation they got him and then again Workman -- came in the to get -- the second time in that game. I wondered if that was that's sort of springboard moment for Jon Lester like OK now healthy again now I can go out there and do what I need to do. He had the two of the that the game in San Francisco yet identified as the big 12 and an idea. I sort I enjoyed doing in maybe no one cared about it I don't care but. Talking to guys talking a Red Sox pitchers about one pitch. Because we saw with Cabrera at the other day. What a difference one pitch can make in the post season you want regrettable pitch to make all the difference in the world -- they didn't pitch him inside being taught tire series and -- pixie though -- it's a home run. So in Buchholz obviously said it was going to or you pitch which he felt like was the right pace or execution. Lackey said the whole run to Jason Bay in game four of the American 2008. American League division series remember that one. And then Jake Peavy said there was this one where Mike Pia through Mike Piazza under the bus -- great. Mike Piazza drop up pop up and he came back and -- at all -- US Koji about the pitching give up a home run on. I think that would be go without today it literally went without day today. It that that would -- I don't actually good pitch that was the amazing thing that wasn't even a bad pit shop and he went down to get that thing -- the tone there were people concerned were people actually concerned about him and now Tuesday saying. Are you look the same when he closed out the division on. Eleven pitches I don't think so I don't. It's a bar a little bit -- I have a little bit of concern of just because he's not a 95 mile an hour closer guy right now -- closer who's throwing 9080 and ninety's. He's more of the Keith bowl style clothes -- I have I think he's incredibly similar fall. Well I watch him pitch I know the secondary pitches a little different the change of vs the splitter. But they're pretty similar right and the use them the same way the both -- and 8890s with -- fruition made a control guy living nasty. Off speed pitch that moves in to right -- him in their. They're pretty similar pitchers and I thought the question is can you use this guy for as many you -- is that a message Jack -- you know 2004. And Willie insult everybody -- in the next year Mike -- rob Bradford -- -- golf course still to come overloading a Jonas -- about fifteen minutes here -- WEEI. I thought rob Bradford that we're here WEEI and our fifth place studios get ready for the game tonight boomer -- We'll jump over from. His key responsibility -- fifteen minutes. The front court raining it's just sort. -- people -- saying yes -- -- actual -- is -- -- now it's -- miss -- guys -- and -- I would like Seattle or the Warriors I know the difference between rain -- -- -- -- it's it's cascading -- I just refer -- to Seattle in -- Seattle -- because this exactly in -- my day 325. Days a year it's kind of not quite raining -- but it's definitely not to -- you don't need a raincoat but at the end of standing outside you're -- so that's what it is right now. At Fenway Park it is a playoff baseball whether I still think -- -- bomber the baseball played in warm weather for six months in the playoffs are played in some completely different weather pattern it has nothing like the -- is horrendous can only do so much tiger -- got the US has now got the -- BC game he never got the retractable. It's term. Mr. my -- I finally this is not something I think needs to be fixed I know there's no way to fix the fact that you play baseball in October for the playoffs that's the way it goes I have no problems with -- but I do hate it I do it the fact that it's freezing cold for the play nothing get people more fired up for a playoff game that you -- I'm not. If -- played basketball right for 82 games a year with a ten foot hoop and now like a cat. Here we go playoff time eleven feet let's go that's basically what I think it that's the best you worse now that it's the same thing it's like value play in one condition. Are fine instead of what we're gonna put your skates for the last for the playoff games that's basically when you played basketball rules you may -- may have to do -- -- -- great you have to remember all of the cold the functioning in the cold is something I find to be. Beyond difficult like whatever I watched Brady in the snow or in this freezing cold games. But he's played I have no idea how professional athletes do that like I think I kind of grasp how there are able to do a lot of what they do I couldn't do myself. But to go out and throw a football when your hand is freezing cold for three and a half hours but sounds impossible to me. So I'm always impressed so you're saying don't put yourself in the lineup and they'll give up with no more tickets under but 6570 we used to react we got the meaty game. Which you played in before -- tremendous running catch and I can't. If you we. Doubled up -- double someone. -- you go on I'd damn right if we have the media game tonight. And you could pick any position you go to -- real life. Would you play -- you say no obstacle -- mystical -- I would I would go out there on Fenway Park no I would absolutely say no I wouldn't try to gut through it no way but that's just sort of the way I am. -- Maloney as I said will join us here in a few minutes and get his thoughts on playing in the cold and just how much it changes things. You've seen it change things here though right I mean in the Angels who come here what three different years the Angels are two or three different years the Angels who play here. And it felt like every year they came. They would unravel at Fenway Park in the cold I just have this mental image of Chone Figgins. Wearing a it was a mental midget himself but wearing like you know the full happened -- -- going and -- -- I've actually button wonders -- -- think it was that cold and he was gonna to at least buck and what was on his chest I don't think it affects some of these guys who maybe is not gonna affect anyone today but you've seen it. Get to some players now. I know that I know that the Detroit as a warm weather climate. That they'll be OK I think you're right I understand what you're saying. But with a team like Detroit. Having played there. -- is going to be big deal and I do think especially the fact that most of these guys have. Played by there's a lot of play after a lot of playoff experience and at the whole team went to the World Series last year and that's I guess one of one of the reasons they were those out there and I guess myself included. That was looking forward to to Detroit over Oakland as a playoff opponent. After watching game five I know it seems kind of silly right I mean for everybody's picking Red Sox in seven and there's a lot of people including my cohost Michael Holley. Who thinks the Red Sox -- seven you realize what that means he QB earlier beat Verlander in game seven. Not not that that's impossible but to pick Red Sox in seven means beating Verlander in game seven which I guess you would say is. Unlikely a Lackey vs Verlander matchup in game seven does not favor the Red Sox so. I think the pick has to be Red Sox and six if you see their up half the the Red Sox winning this series. The question all have wouldn't talk about -- their pitching that the Detroit pitching and you get to them. How do you how do you deal with their big bats in the middle of the lineup because there's -- arguably five guys that you've got to figure out how to deal from Torii Hunter. Miguel Cabrera prince fields and Jhonny Peralta and in those five guys are that the legit murderer's row. Number one thing is as peavy said yesterday you have to get up keep Boston's -- Jackson and under off base. Not only because you don't want the three run homer but because you don't wanna be distracted by those guys when you're facing the Cabrera the fielders of the world. And the underrated guy and I'll -- he's underrated right now. That you have to get out if Victor Martinez this is their best hitter right now -- the hardest got a pitch to. It is not only in the playoffs not only division series but his numbers in the second half 340. So I. I think that that if you start getting back I doubt that helps you on. What about Cabrera how do you do with -- easier Oakland showed you how to do it just throw balls away every guy you don't pitch inside. It looked as simple that that and it. Now he had some deep balls but the opposite field. And he knows that that's the unit pitched that way. But you wonder how -- -- doesn't he make an adjustment have you wonder why -- good hitter you want to make an adjustment wonder physically how much whatever that is how much that can affect -- making that it it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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