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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 10/11/13

Oct 11, 2013|

We answer what you ask of us.

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-- -- any city. West. Where dreams com. Me and soon. Game so do not only are headed to Detroit for the ALC. Since. Good show in Detroit you can get up picks up -- City then went bankrupt and actually had the national media making fun of them about it got Motown city singing in a balloon is America's voters that he runs out of gas. And had a mayor who's going to jail for 28 years. In a shocking turn of events the city of Detroit has officially give Obama. But now former mayor has given the -- to the city back for the -- the Indian side. So Jin ho -- can't wait to start broadcasting from the motors since it turns out robo cop wasn't optimistic he'll Detroit's. A city. Love culture and cultured people and then lay off Detroit can people is limited man next. It's soon get ready everyone for results in Halloween latter through the true way to kids I. It's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. We do it to your questions you attacks in the 37937. We answer Mikey Adams is -- this is always Mikey you know they call in Sweden because I answered a question York. Did you know that. You gonna do isn't the only we're talking about hocus -- the other day by focus if you get a -- starting on terrorism Donna Karan. -- -- -- Argument about lyrics and songs and they're important you gave your articles. -- -- -- who was on the side are so important. Org or call me. -- -- and a -- if it's more. This officially -- speak -- -- and sitting on the dirty smelly here you go without them being built this lead me to add to not have used it so here you think that's me. What are ordered to operate well no big deal -- -- -- music more than a year ago but now he's gonna get genius like -- will be taco truck which in the real diesel. In -- important in -- not nearly as important. -- -- who leaked some treatment your -- but that's not true. 1976. Where it's it's. -- more recent instrumentalists. Gary -- we -- easy. To see what you've done Eric Johnson. Guitarist from the eighties but -- factory on anybody yet there's -- Andreotti has more plate platinum selling instrumental to. We'll applied guitars and soul back -- -- some knowledge that he's blind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call 8774611111. Or go to HRS her next. EG. -- -- you know Michael writes that -- applicable listing for. All currently. Guys how can I get out of shopping or wash and striker with my wife totally get a better deal -- line it is easy. To get a divorce work there are reports retired -- -- back and stuff. So it's it's OK to go out and jobs for. You know wash dry -- -- -- repeated. Well. Bringing back is not a metaphor. That's what actually constantly that year according to the techsters Andy answers -- he Jeff Healey knew it was. He was the guy that drowned or was it that Jeff Buckley. Yes it doesn't just affect ignited and obviously you're probably. -- to Jeff Buckley. Yes -- next. Which ship from columbus' journey which -- Obviously recent memories -- that duo and the -- now well they omitted the first. You agreed to protect. Immunity mean. -- And the September. That you definitely chooses to moderate to send it does business or personal -- the -- that's even though the last of the three. Nobody ever says those out of order. You would never say like the Nina this intimately in the -- -- But -- -- -- For twenty of its ordinances that might yet questioned not that you've never done this but I've ever try to elect world. Each year they -- -- I don't know what would be that. Significantly smaller than you know even trying to claw their way their -- role play. Perhaps I don't know clear that there is some reason for somebody consequently they hear it like it like a dress up as somebody who is way too big for their clothes somebody product so maybe they've done it made and they wanted to know we've we've never start -- help -- -- -- -- Next question it doubled references brief departure for others. So there's there's there's going to be very pleased at the park is David Katz is surely the bolts surely too much and need to solicit a lot partridge -- -- that is done and -- winners Chris Kelly Michael you know if they don't like the Brady. Bonds. -- -- -- -- Marcia Marcia Marcia is looking and all but socialist. Leader. Got to deal with just the did Jesus would do Korea he's the only game where every one should adding she was housekeeper Alice. Is housekeeper she was what was she was the -- -- and urged residents -- the -- Yes the rumors that she can live with him now the culture since his runner would be so basically. Your you know -- it. Smells funny next the next question chemical or regular. -- and regular. You know to. Opium out and sideways like. Coach people question whether -- to go with the -- The Dodgers. Doctors groups are most I would be so -- it was the cardinals are still alive that's likely to win with him and forties. Or it data reference -- back and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to play with -- we additional number of things that we've got a lot of credit. They played middle for a -- to get these guys for them to know where Republicans. And you must put them at the that -- applicable wartime demand next question and hopefully next question. How and it's so cool. And you only twenty dollars -- with questions came from a 603 don't know. Anyone in New Hampshire yesterday all you don't want in New Hampshire someone asked -- a date. Recently that's true. Our caller from that putt at eight go -- houses and go there should never give me what color plan should she where you appeal. It's. An analyst told you to meter at them come over my PO box dinners. Don't box what time o'clock OK -- -- OPO box 372. Happens. But it wouldn't you yeah. The question just use the wing man from any Boston's sports including the patriots who are you doing come on other so. Other good job Brady. Tom Brady -- Tom Reynolds the worst dancer and teacher audience cry wolf here's the answer only one of them take your girl doesn't matter trickle down every one picture of it there's no -- -- This all year they draw draw multitude. Which you know what you want is the one they decide but you know him. And you'll be. Okay -- -- -- -- out of clauses ignited it. -- it isn't -- you take your team yet. Now so this whole thing after after the big -- early days early. But I mean or to pre season remedies. So. What's again so far all we have is a former basketball player who's come to our next question actually -- an NBA game that story is still a lot of things that doubles. Next question. Right there on ESPN today is the anniversary ten year anniversary of Pedro went on him. This is just -- -- -- -- -- 2003. Years ago but still that Pedro and Don Zimmer gone after with -- -- -- -- -- yours are really needs to speak to -- with the idea that. New York and leftist. -- That now I've lost that. Welcome our viewers are flash guys talking and I don't want to talk I think board up guys Bakken play and are going to be another. Next question all right. For Mikey to do that Red Sox ever bring back the mid -- late seventies red and white uniforms even want to. Mean that you either they the blue and red the with a red front of the capsule and a that I don't know you know like they'll look -- -- I'm I'm a traditionalist break down the wire when it comes of this you know this uniform thing I don't like uniform changes -- for the -- do you like their reds now. The red jobs why bottoms yes let's have a sort. Your traditional those embargoes a little more traditionally in the lettering and all that does not know OK you know dressing change the colors that'll minded enough that dark blue -- sort of remind -- I don't like they go back to a different styles machine -- It's inevitable lawlessness. If it. And we'll have to play -- -- and not just gonna play before it does it expect mr. start programs for pool. And get -- and -- Slightly -- in slide rule in newspaper guys are my thoughts about it. Well we are gonna go all Detroit on yeah that that doesn't mean that we're -- over one family houses shouldn't take him available over a dollar. And what we are gonna do is we're gonna try to get the guys in Detroit had to come on -- radio witness we can just -- really -- yet. And I don't know if and when those but I between tiger stuff trivia and all that. Crazy stuff in you know seen pictures -- the Red Sox and tigers have never met the post seasons here great though this couple minutes to. Longstanding. Historical franchises who never played each other I'm glad that when they do it's going to be seven game series -- is -- about some. It's not a wild card Michael that you are ones you don't deal gonna be legit every -- the tigers are huge ship that is our team where and a David at a Jewish hall of Famer. It was a angrier. Yes indeed there is the Jewish -- famers in the -- all of them and -- -- -- is often why would you be in the brave I don't remember I think you're Jewish and in your injury in the -- and -- pretty much in the -- -- -- -- after the -- you don't know whenever and regular course I do a lot. Studied studied by half or assist you wrote -- the whole passage of crazy. We're out here for today and be back on Monday for patriots Monday Bill Belichick and that we are off to Detroit. Will be there on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Looking for him Mikey enjoy a great week and access to be on this -- -- and you're gonna -- all the hullabaloo before pool to throw a little bit more into this for a little different. I've ever been cleared to drive what it would when -- pop up somewhere else on Sunday at all. Combat that bleep bleep settings got a job I am going to drop in the entire week back. That's what make clear just making sure that you're not on with -- -- little aggravating career -- I releases often borrow some more on Sunday enjoy your weekend we'll touch on Monday -- -- any advice for us are headed to Detroit. -- --

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