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Now that we know it's the Detroit Tigers... how confident are you as a Sox fan?

Oct 11, 2013|

We discuss the match-ups the Red Sox will face against the Tigers, and whether some advantages we think the Red Sox have will hold up in the ALCS.

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Well we are getting ourselves ready Michael I've never did that I could not be more excited a trip to Detroit something I've always wanted the thing I've always hoped for. Into that airport before we never stepped outside and smell that -- Michigan air. Never dodge the bullets. Oh c'mon. Rise above the fray. -- above Mike Mike to Rico tried to tell you the -- nice. We told you that he lives in Detroit although he finally said although he did mention harbored the techsters said yesterday. Saying that that you Liv and Ann Arbor. And that Detroit is nice is equivalent to say that is saying okay. That adjustment though it. But another part of the city and I'm not mentioned that there. In that it was unfair characterization you know as funny -- -- it's nice to use. Opera is not quite Detroit. There where the pistons play Auburn Hills is definitely not victory with a good 4045 minutes away but the Red Sox are going to be plane -- but the -- -- will be in. In -- will week. How interest well I actually am looking forward to a little bit. Are you looking forward to the matchup. Preferred matchup for the Red Sox -- do I have to stick with that after watching last night the I have to -- No you don't I don't know I don't have to tell you that haven't you don't have to stick with because all -- might have to change -- markets in -- we heard from a lot of the Smart baseball people yes in the last -- well you -- the game clearly don't know the game if you think Detroit. Think Detroit is a tough matchup for the Red Sox. The Oakland days in the air war in their sport and their bids in there that. And -- and calmed down and look at that team. You look what they bring to the table. It is eat into the incredibly tough matchup for the Boston Red Sox and -- most certainly going seven games that are serving games here I don't we'll see you left and asked him that may have merit. I think you're there at -- you gotta hope that it doesn't go seven games -- that got your home. If you're gonna you're at home and probably have got louder and one thing John Lackey vs Justin Verlander games and -- one thing I want to avoid is Justin Verlander in game seven I just wanna put that there right now. Red Sox in six if you're gonna win this series winning six don't mess around with Justin Verlander in game seven watching him do what he did last night some of it is as you said an Oakland line at that strikes out a lot that swings and misses a lot you sought on the yesterday. Packet that the best contact they made the whole gamesmanship Lowrie hit a ball that bounced for Steny cricket shot it out to third base that was about as hard as they hit a ball so. Yes if you can avoid him in a game seven situation that's something you've got to try to do that means you're gonna have to win this series in six. You're right there's a lot of people myself included who were much more afraid of all Campbell when you watch that game last night and see the presence of Verlander. And yes he Miguel Cabrera who had his second extra base hit in the last six weeks and turnout to be the game winning two run home run -- like you've got the same player I do still feel like he's not the same player but he -- I feel pretty good steak. He can still gets and he absolutely did that last -- costs in the game. Don't think it would have been a home run at Fenway but pitcher was last night in Oakland and so. He was he was what they needed them to be Verlander was spectacular. Com he was he was -- he was 9899. And vicious curveball and changeup and everything you would ever want you can't watch that game. And not have some level of the year. For what Detroit is. Yeah -- know -- we're giving away game two tickets today but you won't be able to you. See Justin Verlander in game two that's a good news. You'll see him in game three in if you're not gonna see him in game three you'll be listening to him. Per game three right here. That is an afternoon game afternoon baseball returns once again for the post season ALCS game 3937 W yet. So Justin Verlander that's just part of the story. That was the story last night but if you're looking at this if you're looking at the series -- how you felt about the Detroit Tigers. It's back to what we were talking about at the beginning of the season. It's really not a surprise that the tigers -- year. The tigers were here last year they were able to advance before. Being out quietly dismissed from the post season by the giants. But they've been here a number of times and if they are able to advance to the World Series to be their third World Series appearance. In the last seven years so there there remains day in the American League but I thought it became pretty obvious as early as. July or August. That it was the Red Sox and tigers in the American League the two best teams in and I think it's an appropriate match. It is so true I grew two best teams in the league I think -- -- -- the front but not the first ever Alex scherzer it's the extra game one Carter Center. Are you struck. Sanchez. -- really a little bit. -- really good year led the league NER a -- good pitcher I don't I don't have the same fear factor and handle Sanchez. That you do with the other two guys specifically with Verlander mean. I thought what the Oakland series showed was that what happened during the regular season was the regular season and that when it was time to be in the big stage Justin Verlander was able to go to eight innings last night and just dominate the Oakland -- saw he saw Sanchez pitcher pitched okay. But gave up three home runs didn't pitch all that well in his start. Oh he's good pitcher they're good pitchers and now at this stage the eight. Are up pretty good I mean none of them are bad right off for Red Sox the -- -- good all four tigers pitchers are good. But that extra level I think Verlander really does stand would be beyond everybody and that includes. -- trying to win the Cy Young award this year. I don't know that there's anybody else of those other eight who could've done what he did last night. I don't think any of the other seven guys I guess I should say there's just start to shut your team down like that someone down for eight innings in a winner take all game. I don't I don't see Jon Lester doing it or buckled Dylan and our Lackey or -- I mean you saw with peavy was like in a big game. Great really pitched well. -- five plus innings not eight not dominating for eight innings and really probably could come back out for the ninth. If -- -- -- army that that is I gotta -- Shall they took him out he had a 111. Pitches he walked one guy you'd struck out here. They they easily could have had Verlander go out there that they were thinking about. The ALCS as they should have been at that point it was obvious that it just wasn't gonna happen without a miracle from Oakland but if you look at. If you if you look at it from Red Sox perspective. -- what's the path. -- -- in politics you know -- that the presidency what's the path. To the White House how how does this happen idea who's a first got to get to seventy digital as -- Ohio and floor exactly. You know guys go to get together -- doing your job at auto giant killer out there Red Sox may have to beat to -- that -- -- what is the path. To the World Series for the Red Sox -- you see it playing out. In your mind your Red Sox -- and you say. Oh yes they're gonna win this series how'd they do it it's not enough to just you know beat suggest that they Wear the Red Sox and it's destined for a you know give me a plan are here again I think you -- not play well but advocates also the plan last night. There's there's there was a reason to fear. The tigers last night when you saw. Justin Verlander out there who have been a little hint of how do you like how we're gonna get it done game after Verlander left the game. And bin Laden mated bearing interest to us the -- The bullpen the starters I have no problems. With any of their starting pitchers. Bullpen -- problems. Well it's a good thing the Red Sox are as good and anybody as anybody has has again getting to a bullpen and getting their fairly early in the game now I don't you're going to be able to do that to Verlander the guy is is when he's on the otherworldly when he's on he is one of the two or three best in the game would you agree yes I mean real artist -- the top three in the game the standalone her Charlotte checkers drive -- -- -- those three guys are in their complaint -- when they're on their game and he was not for much of this year he certainly was in the playoffs and when that's happening good luck. Both the other three guys that that Detroit's gonna throw it to you can get them out at the sixth inning. If you do your things score a couple of runs chip away. Take a lot of pitches forced them to throw strikes and and don't swing at balls off -- awful lot of pitches the Red Sox are good at that as anybody is. I think you get Doug Fister out after five or six innings and score a couple of runs on him. I think he should be able to get scherzer out of the game I know he's good at. But the one nice thing the Red Sox have in their favor and it beast theory should look different for them. You're gonna see -- all the right handed pitchers that Detroit has which means the Red Sox get to turn around and give you their lefty heavy lineup which is better it means even drew is a better hitter than he was in the -- -- right when up against right he's right it means Daniel -- who let's face it is a better hitter than Jonny -- I don't go Gomes came up some big hits this year. But his batting average -- his numbers were not all that great did a -- work primarily because when he bats lefty against right handed hitter he is a much better player Blair era Saltalamacchia is a much better hitter against -- -- that he is against lefties when he gets the bat from that side. That's three guys that 13 of Carolina. They get significantly. Better. As soon as you put a right handed starter into the game instead of Latino and other good and I know that righty lefty splits aren't the be all and all they are good but the Red Sox. Are a better team against a righty starter and they are against the -- yeah. Okay they may be a better team against. Righty starters. But you're you're facing 88 team that is has proven itself to be. On the doorstep of great she would call great. Because I don't wanna get into this whole thing you know how I feel you have talked to many times I don't wanna go off on on Joseph Maddon and and Joseph -- supporters again today. But I don't have a hard time calling -- great. Or -- there's going above and beyond like everybody else does. We don't win anything. I I Joseph Maddon -- he's the best manager in baseball and look at their operational at what they do. In a U wanna panic get you want to division title to -- -- business of winning championships that's what that's what I star in great institute who won a championship. Multiple championships are giving you props otherwise. A stand in line. So -- Detroit Tigers. Have bin here at the -- on the doorstep. Brightness -- -- one thing in they've been built to do exactly that they don't win it this year -- you have to start asking some serious questions about. You know what this team made up when they've gotten to the World Series they have not they have not represented at times. Very well at all left last year by a Cisco team I think Iran thought Detroit it was a better team still in Detroit it was a better team wise. In the were a year ago but they show up for the World Series and turn around and walking home with a tail between right and this thing you know six against the -- even -- flat course themselves all the cardinals when I was mediocre at best and the tigers team as good and the -- is basically through that series away so. Everybody loves loves their manager it's the greatest thing cigarettes in the dugout pilgrim he's tough he's grizzled and he's he's like sandpaper can't ever ever bum a cigarette off Jim -- -- Maybe maybe -- listening to wrestling teams here so there's not gonna -- about a cigarette effort now -- gently Lexus coffee Lexus cigarette. -- now tolerant than the government the presence of the great man is a lot of fun talk to think that that conversation goes past few offers on the field -- him. Smoke I think -- be refreshing -- besides Detroit Sony's got the duty free shops close if she adds up to. And I'll -- I don't think he would like that but do you. You went over what the Red Sox are better against the tiger who gets good. What I want and I'm I can't wait to see that what the approaches from the pitching staff how do you attack that line. Because. What -- you look at a couple of guys. I'm still gonna say it to a couple of guys not one -- a look at Longoria Milliken Myers. And you say aren't really deal with these guys nobody else scares me not even James Loney and scare me he can hit. But he's not gonna slug. In and destroy. What the tigers. A few guys three guys come to mind. Who can really hurt you. Fielder Cabrera. And we know so well here Victor Martinez and that he secondary guys are pretty good for a. Altar and Torii Hunter look it's a good -- -- or if there's one guy that I think scares me the most heading into the series Victor Martinez because he's locked in he's playing well. I know they Cabrera hit -- home run last night you've watched him play he's not the same guy every time he has the movies he's greening greeting in -- an enemy just. He looks unhappy right mean and look like himself doing the best he can but but he's not himself right okay fine. Up Prince Fielder is one of my -- players to watch in the game he really hasn't. Hit well in the playoffs especially -- -- come to Detroit. I did nothing in the in the World Series last year was not particularly impressive against Oakland and we had a hit last night but just. It has not really be in that fearsome character in the Red Sox have seem to find ways to handle him so. Then the name that I think would frighten me is Victor Martinez was always good against the Red Sox before he came here has been good against them since the good in the playoffs to me he is. That secondary guy right right sort of in between the two primary target -- -- infants are everybody else and if I think that you can make shore. It's not give him anything to beat you. You can be a pretty good shape I think it's a winnable series I think it's a tough series I think it's a good series I think Detroit is a very solidly built team but I'm not sure their unbeatable the way they looked early -- We know we're not unbeatable because we we just talked about what they've done in the post season for the texture writing in saying what was Jim -- great target. To money individually determined individuals vs teams. There're a lot of teams to have won championships that are called great -- -- it in and around -- -- Buffalo Bills want to super ball four times. I called a great team outside -- buffalo really the -- offense and they are great offense entertaining the Kagan. Generally it you're called great when you when you win a championship Christian America there are some exceptions. But for the most part you know in on Minnesota Vikings went to the Super Bowl Lotta times but never won it not called great so we're talking about teams not convict. That's -- back and forth between two huge stories today come back to Rob Gronkowski and is. Dispute with the patriots over medical reasons whether or not he's ever gonna get back out on the field whether it's gonna be this year. -- fifteen minutes from right now but Michael Paulson talking of course about Detroit Boston. Game one Friday excuse me Saturday evening at 8 o'clock game two is Saturday at 815 inning game three in Detroit. Will be Tuesday will be out there on Tuesday through Thursday for this I'm looking forward to seeing it looking forward to being there are looking forward to just the energy in the viva you know. Forgetting making fun of Detroit a city which is almost too easy to do there's there it is I mean it's been done forever too easy to do the ballpark. Looked great and whatever you see them in the post season the fans are into it they always look freezing cold but he into it and an excited about their teams -- Really is it's a terrific sports found right they're great great area for pro pro pro sports and college sports match my record that in Ann Arbor. Good repair and again I've been to a game at Michigan. What do site that a 100000 miles an hour to -- Michigan's easily Michigan Ohio -- he would just an awesome though so I'm excited about that element of it and then you bring up the right question obviously out of the red what is the plan what is the pathway. For the Red Sox to beat these tigers and it. It is interesting. That the tigers not the Red Sox because -- forever it's the Red Sox that are the team with the star power -- the -- of Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez. And David Ortiz and before that Nomar Garciaparra and they are the always you always -- star star Lleyton. And when you look at these two teams the Red Sox have the better record the Red Sox have the better -- They have the better lineup one through nine they probably the better pitching staff. Being entirely your -- -- etc. calm but they don't have the star discharged. The tigers have the stars from. Top to bottom now is if you're really into that team building in baseball ops. A you know the named Dave Dombrowski he has built great teams in great organizations everywhere he's been he's been in a Montreal. He has been in Florida. -- hired Jim Leland Jim -- with the championship there in Detroit -- what he's done there. Look at Leland himself allegedly in his own right -- -- Cabrera. -- -- I mean they have they've they've got stars what they get that giant contract yet they've got those names they know as a young award winner this year it's it's interesting for the rest -- Red Sox have stars to but it's not really. They don't they don't want it -- not it's decorated. As the as a tiger's arm if you look at other team was built on the other the -- everything about their big Sheraton vs Dombrowski. John Ferrell verses. Jim Leland. Art Ortiz vs Cabrera I think it's it's it is below their career and similar -- -- is a history Cabrera has that currency right now. You know Pedroia has been an MVP put. This this this tiger's team this is all about all the moves they've made the last few years all about giving to the World Series. And winning it so. Maybe the Red Sox go back to the preceding comment. From Larry Lucchino we're about to scrappy underdogs or whatever he said about the team. Maybe people identify with that but you're taking on the big bad tigers with a one of the best pitchers in the world. And it -- you but you've got home field advantage you do it the right way and it's all for 11 for all and that's arguably. Well I guess that's the question and 61777979837. He -- the Red Sox to go beat -- -- -- -- Right to sit there and say they have all the stars but this is baseball and you don't need the stars in baseball the Red Sox are deeper well. But that goes against some of what you started to believe about the Red Sox during the height. Of their championships right during hope for during those seven when they gave half of the all the star power you would ever need now they also -- they had everything else that you wanted. But they still had those big stars and they were built similarly. To the way this tigers club is built right now with your premier pitcher and east got you know two pitchers at the top irritation and everybody else kind of filling out and then just to reinforce hitter that are as dangerous as any 34 combination you're gonna find around. And yet I feel like you can talk yourself into a belief that this -- Eckstein is better meant to try it one package. They won more games this year there's a reason they have home field advantage Detroit was hurt in the AL even Oakland won more games now was Detroit able to. Vanquish the Oakland hit by that of course yes they worry and it turns out that there -- star in all a deciding game five. Was it would just shined brighter than anybody Oakland had not buyout by a -- -- got a thing. I won't stay away from him in the game seven I don't feel good about. I love this even if you have to face him in the game -- -- way stay away. Two great teams glided up for the ALCS I couldn't be more excited. I'll be disappointed. I'd be disappointed dividends and fly -- -- in -- six. -- -- -- better hope it's not going to seven this is a classic they go seven I have a very hard time seeing them beaten Verlander in game seven and if they deal. -- now will be fantastic story that'll be game in the will remember for a long time 61777979837. Adam is driving around today I out of power. Hey guys the captains and had a doctor vote that we have the advantage in the defense you know I think with fielder at first he surely token no region. Cabrera when I watched Oakland. He Gary move around you know I think there's an advantage right there you know -- to get some infield hits bunt put some basis. You know but he's had to liability -- -- people uneasy -- -- on the -- into the leader you know attack that you would. And I gotta I gotta be honest with the you're right about Cabrera -- can bunt on Cabrera specially Wallace -- a Prince Fielder even though is a big fellow -- a safe place for space for all of your -- save our people talk about him he hits Fred Thompson Adam wasn't brought up there. Yeah it is no -- I just say boy -- Mike if you look like there. You gonna call you just a different matter of fact it. Part but he got a body to the big boy -- good he's a good defense the first baseman believe it or not. Miguel Cabrera is not now. A good. Offense well what they have as Lacey is in the game obviously we know he can do what he wanted to share last night Ellen wasn't there what with Peralta but sometimes it's brought them left and immature and we'll see how they decide to play that. Over the course of the series but Torii -- a former gold Glover senator now isn't right Austin Jackson's got to cover a lot of ground in center field. I don't think era I'd add add add defensive team. You can throw the ball pretty well as a very good catch him and I don't I don't look at them as being a bad defensive team may be there may be it's not their greatest strength. But I don't see it's a huge weakness other than a third base with clearly not healthy -- and we're talking about those guys. A -- their secondary players and -- You know what I mean by it -- not the event headliners. Purgatory -- the season he's had toward honors her good season. The -- and decent player Jhonny Peralta. Back from that little fifteen game break. Little little vacation -- -- vacation for for Johnny brought a good player too so. They got it is hard to look at their line up and say oh -- attack that guy -- terrible Iran and they don't have a lot of it is not like that you got to find a way where every single that matters is is gonna be -- only you know what the Red Sox. Fortunately have a similar kind of lineup and maybe the names aren't quite as big but they score more runs in the tigers did this year. Even without having that huge two -- at the top six -- 77797937. -- in Springfield what's opera. Gentlemen and now we're going -- Brian great. Comic side at visual Brian may -- I'm not worried about the pitching I understand the -- after battle out but I feel competent what we got. You know I'm allergic or even a bit. And well I wouldn't well hug. -- say this about Jake Peavy mean career record vs Detroit. Not pretty. Not ready ERA. Approaching five well over five actually against history in his career so. That that's not a great matchup but -- -- but -- -- number four starter. Yet that's true that you're more run at Boston actually score or Barack Detroit for the seat at that. You know I -- this morning the Red Sox outscored them it wasn't by a ton but they did score more runs in Detroit and I'm sorry don't have -- in front of me but I. You know what plummeted to the Red Sox were 853. Runs the tigers scored 796. Are OK okay -- a staggering. That's 57 runs several hundred parties thrown out. The difference of 57. On my math right. Sure I know but I think I got a right right north and but it is what are you talking about how many right would you say the red -- court. 853. Or city 5300 vs 790 -- -- -- shortly after 23 and I'm looking at the sheep right in front of its NC 53. I was -- -- -- -- this is a particular are literally looking at a piece of paper that -- and printed out of there's a problem might that might have to -- talk today and got back on our brand -- you have this all right paper -- -- -- this is fifty theory that this time is obvious -- okay so will help us -- or wherever it inexplicably and because I don't. They'll go to the he has an excerpt -- edit text you're you're you're right -- detector for Pomeroy says I don't trust that mapped to ride it out. That come from you you know you just get a 53 who's got a double loss for is 57 does have to double -- I feel really -- you can double check we. We usually right about when you're certainly right about that now the real music nobody runs a game is that when you say quickly. That's generally when you get -- -- -- I don't know I -- little I did some quick tabulation and I had a match at a different number in my head. The first time but I thought before finally answered this time. A 61777979837. On your calls today Herm Edwards will join us coming up today at 330 and we will switch back to some football Rob Gronkowski. In embroiled in controversy once again it's gotten a lot worse in just the last 24 hours that's next alcoholic W media.

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