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Chris Mortensen with Salk and Holley: Gronkowski camp concerned about his long-term career, not getting back as fast as possible

Oct 11, 2013|

We talk to chief ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen about the continuing riff between Rob Gronkowski and his camp and the New England Patriots. We also go around the NFL and talk Saints at Pats.

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Chris mortenson joining us via the AT&T hotline or conversational more brought to buy Blue Cross and Blue Shield of the -- a tractor and find mass money. Dot com more this is obviously been huge story here today and that's the the apparent rift between Rob Gronkowski in the patriots. What exactly he was told what happened with the surgery with the when he was pulled leading into the surgery and now whether or not he's ever gonna be clear to -- practicing. What do you know about all of us. Well you know there's there's a lot I don't know let me just be -- about that but did the same time. You know I know we have been cleared by the the independent doctors that are involved in this matter dark -- -- being one of them. -- doctor do you -- Europe they're -- -- -- his opinion is that. Know what I that the question I would have is why is he practicing and apparently a practicing. Is that he's gonna play. If he's got an issue. A concern about the armed now say this. You know the next time we can be -- that are Margaret sit there and say we're over so you know maybe. That part of it is making them as cautious as he can be. So what do you think though when you hear of independent doctor coming in here to clear him. And in what is your interest to -- what are your instincts tell you about why he's practicing. My interest communities practicing because he's. You know they don't like he's trying to get in some strength of and he had talked openly and I are always consider that a big deal that. You know you've you've you've you've got to be in the weight room in the Caribbean a waiver from the need to get your foot tall weighed them but when -- that type of -- that he had. You gotta be careful what you're doing on the waiver so I think is easy just said you're comfortable what is. His weight in the strength that's too good not to go on practice and no no practice is not playing games Ellis faces said the same thing. And retailer and the as far as an independent article I don't know what conductor and is. -- and neck injury dark and it doesn't do next but he was the market opens on this with Peyton. So you know sometimes -- delegate wise people why -- positions. And did talk further independent decisions and it may make it you know it may be taken in your mind -- -- goes they go ahead and go. -- how common is this story is this a common story in the NFL owners is somewhat unique. Well it's -- there are. Become a superstar well you know -- do certain obvious superstar in this ligament how many guys can -- just big rock and you know who they're talking about. So you know it's it's it's uncommon in terms of that the level the quality of player it's on common. You know it's. Know that the -- -- in the know would -- when he got back on the hill questioned broke his arm again as a were also saying wow I mean is that a mistake. -- play it's that's that was the feeling that. You know it's a unique story. That football players that mean we don't a 100% injure you rate stories sport in and we know that it it's BR not that the back it's been waiting for clearance. So you know it has its unique. What do you think about the game itself saint vs patriots. Well love the game -- listen that this in the -- -- you have two players who probably the toughest matchup players in the game has -- you can get. Mean unity Jimmy Graham six foot seven. Parents both start at one. -- -- -- -- -- It -- ever met just immigrant parents -- -- all these small but the physical football where veto there was like you know -- -- -- -- Egypt -- he'll take visits. He's he's a tough. Mental and physical football where the two -- consider just impossible. When Drew Brees is on his game and that's the key. If Drew Brees is on his game you're not gonna be them you know going to be -- with those two guys I don't believe so given the circumstances of the injuries. The patriots is that the only comparison I would make is that you know may be when Calvin Johnson is healthy and and Reggie Bush throughout their for the lions loser. Two matchup nightmares that. No that's Denver were saying okay and number he's got a probably have one heck of a game you know all the and the young guys have got to step up and and not anticipating that gronkowski playing right now I mean that would all have a definitive. Worked well what about the defense of me in the same -- you can talk about those guys we know all of them Rob Ryan I know has them playing a little bit better but if Brady needs to do something and the patriots running game needs to do something to keep breeze off the field the what do you make of the saints' defense. When you do well it's it's so much better mean radio would be back last year with the cowboys would mean rob Bryan -- five starters I think. And I thought that he did a much better job the news being news given credit for now we see that the cowboys struggled on defense. And I will we took our military I'm surprised how well the the -- plane and they hit it hit it would their first Arctic Canada called the strong safety. They've got to outstanding defensive line coach and bill Johnson and then I think -- durable. Bit more power forefront and the people anticipated. And so it and they don't give up a lot of big place. That's that's that's pretty good when you -- Drew Brees and has that's pretty good formula for winning and then John Payton. You know he came back with a vengeance is two year mean you know it's. So India -- an impact not just somebody out that's on on everybody and so. It or not it Tommy Kelly may not play this game right he's now the silly -- he's six foot seven. So we know Drew Brees is a great athlete in this sent a great athlete and -- sense -- the -- before visualizing. He creates such -- for himself away from the scanner. That he can he can see he can get to that token passing lanes that you know. Do you lose the six foot seven guy and I guess it's -- to six foot one guys or whatever they are we're doing in there. You know just existed drew a little more space to cede the field more clearly. Mort I don't know if you're a member of the game it was in 2009 patriots. -- I believe it's the best game I've best regular season game I've seen drew Drew Brees play and that's saying a lot but. Didn't throw many pacers' only missed five F five touchdown passes they does rolled the patriots. And -- Jimmy Graham in any study all that stuff. But that game was at the superdome. -- It can you can you I'd tell us what you think that the big differences. With the saint outside verses inside at home. Well I think good you know. You know sometimes resist the matter that you practice most of the time on that still turf you play your game and have -- turf and it was -- of -- little bit of a metal thing guys think they're faster out of that really it's everybody's as the same you plan on -- Adobe put outfield turf this week. But I really think it has to do with whether I mean -- -- -- -- -- he had one soldier killed. Where was your own pork there and then also they won last week whoa nice weather. I mean if I guarantee -- the as the monsoon like Brady had the in the game and get the bad angles. He would be as effective in his book be a fairly nice day nice -- -- is this week right. Yes immunized him beautifully beautifully all week so quarterbacks having Tom would prefer to play in that whether people bet what is so. Really looked pretty good in that monsoon at the end of the game in Cincinnati on Sunday and my god. Can have a ridiculously. You know today I would expect. Drew played in really good football but he you've got to generate a pass rush against some. And then the other thing is just on offense it's gotta be gotta be -- its best offensive day this year. There I must say it is or forty that you have to be able to run the football effectively and then you're gonna have to be able to score some touchdowns. I sound like a recipe more we appreciate it we'll talk to an excellent it always is thanks more. They are as Chris mortenson now of course brought -- by Blue Cross and Blue Shield about a tractor and find mass money. Dot com however that game out of the game it was this featured on a football life. As the the game were Belichick zero on the sidelines and yes can't get this team to. Perform the way -- one and -- is that -- just don't know what he's talking to Brady and Brady is to staring off into nothingness. Drew Brees was incredible. It was incredible now. I do think that the dome has a lot to do -- that's a tough. That's a really tough place to believe I think about that top five home field advantages in football. And make much of a difference last year about Sean Payton but. When they got all their winning all their people. That's way up there and you -- while Lambeau Field or or talk about Gillette Stadium. I think the superdome -- -- you know -- of that's a piece of paper that piece of paper but on the speed have a right here on it on this piece of paper are the directions. To win tickets. To game two of the ALCS if you would like -- -- I -- I -- -- this is -- secondary ticket market for the Red -- home games in the league championship -- -- by far of any of the four -- -- is over 600 dollar average price on the secondary market the you don't need to pay 600 dollars plus. We have two tickets for game two. Clay Buchholz Max Scherzer Fenway Park Sunday night. And we'll tell you how to win an axle canal WE.

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