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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Four best teams in baseball remain

Oct 11, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to give his opinions on the ALCS, the pitching of the Tigers, and the offense of the Red Sox.

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One more strikes again Koji peers over the glove he rocks and a 22. So Messi struck him out this summer and a Red Sox are headed the American League Championship Series. They have defeated the Tampa Bay Rays three games to one of the division series and now they're out of the dugout. There out of the bullpen and have quietly on top of -- equally aren't the Red Sox. Warming up massive pile right around and everybody's still on their feet hopping up and down the Red Sox win the game 31. Andy have won the series. And it is on the the American League Championship Series and -- is this tonight. The Red Sox win there -- 100 game of 2013. Is. Battle tested got a test is time for your hard hat on and you know it's boys club men's league -- -- go to work. Man I've heard that line before I've heard that line over and over again. Boys club men's league beat two guys sick of people compare and easily go through right boy club. Boys club of one guy wore a helmet the other guy just said. Frosted tips pulled a different there and he has Campbell -- joins us every single -- the Red Sox on the ALCS can't wait -- year. His take on this series Kevin -- -- how are you. Boys club boys boys but you can get absolutely I'm right here -- -- upon a microphone. Every day ever okay you -- 2 boys 2 o'clock when the show's over. The boys club. Crazy in my blog a true story isn't it Craig explained listeners are you get linked now you're the media guys now like you're you're -- -- so you have media guy you replace Shell. -- -- media guys are dealing with -- road you know -- bat I didn't meet I don't like I. -- every -- here here everywhere involvement and not just with -- you know MLB game breaking down before afterwards and Patrick show your everywhere -- you know like. I'm just here in this. Weight room with what we thought hey I'm Ben Affleck -- -- with that joke all the runner on -- I saw that and that and what -- by the way people are part baseball what do I Ben Affleck. Are just go. Out there and it. We're not and it's it's at this of history Ben Affleck and somebody on the show -- -- -- good -- -- -- the -- Kevin's will bring about two off. -- -- You've got the four best teams in baseball left that pretty accurate to say say it to win this thing it no one ever said it was going to be easy. It would -- Berlin last night this. It's not going to be easy but this is what it's all about isn't it. Yeah you hear your exactly right though it could mean there are some great storybook. Stories Oakland and Pittsburgh in I mean -- came to root for but these are the four best teams. Right now cardinal most complete -- And actually got -- pulled out the club. Actually and you get Detroit and you've got you know Boston -- -- power and -- and numerically. We were talking about this this grinding mentality Kevin the Red Sox have had all year they were second at the twins. In terms of pitches seen this year they're the most pitches seen by an offense and any of the four teams left. Hot how do you have that grind mentality though when -- Lander scherzer Sanchez. -- first pitch strike after first pitch strike how. How do you balance those two avoiding getting behind in the count but also working an opposing pitchers pitch count up. The good news moderate Justin Verlander aka throw like he did -- every start and won the great ones do it a long night period it's a completely just exact you ought to hit a long night and strike outs. You know perfect game just two outs in the sixth. What they don't go like America and for two months probably you know previously was all structuring -- -- happy -- a little human. And then the last you know at that point I'm 48 scoreless inning of the last you start but. They're Red Sox still wanting to rest but still we don't talk about having an extra match up with the other guys they cycling -- -- so many matchup -- got a matchup. We've -- COLT can match up Lester can match up which you're you're an aunt and Verlander and Lackey can match up Anibal Sanchez so. They have guys can match up which makes just wondered about two teams and abilities along with the power -- Yeah we give the Red Sox so much credit for grinding out at bats and I was. Tennis it's I don't think it's about going up there taking you know I I think it's. You know it's about 82 strike approach found sex they'll four pitches off -- make the guy wore -- just. Well the Red Sox like to go up there and just take and that's how they work the -- I don't -- that. With these guys here may want studio forty may wants to -- approach but they -- Dickey out of that right below more aggressive. Yeah its game plan you go into every series of different planet and it -- strikes all. Strip first pitch fastball trust me you're gonna see an amber ambush you know not know what I mean by that -- pitched trying to go -- It's a game plan we watch video the club house we have the starting pitcher on the club -- revolving real stark offers several -- game. So we've seen certain greens. There are guys you wanna work. But these guys are great out that you don't want -- to guys who want to have a guy like Max Scherzer who got devastating. -- ball changeup you don't want that now -- air ball and take pitchers finished checks and we are trying to get that slider or curve ball -- it's a breaking ball -- But -- -- -- -- -- -- he was able to excuse any pitch he threw all four of his pitches changeup curveball cutter slider where -- -- caught that ball. It was a real long night for the day. We're talking Campbell are joining us breaking down a Red Sox and Tigers. They're gonna face a guy tomorrow and Sanchez who led the league -- are they have not seen him yet this year maybe touched on their terms of preparation but. How hard is it cavity haven't seen a guy in six months you're going to playoff game one ALCS and nobody on this Red Sox roster has faced an at bat against Sanchez and all the season. It stops what you've seen him pitch you have you have video on him pitch. Anibal Sanchez there's it's it's a basic package. You know at the RA American League here this year yet he's very good -- better -- -- are you look burst on the you operate by Bedard might. Help -- essentially. He's established himself to be a great pitcher but he took fastball guy more velocity and I thought. Curveball. Cutter slider and a Red Sox has got to change -- -- But the Red Sox to me you know -- have problems of those kind of guys I think a guy and it's gonna give you problems out yet number Leonard the great ones -- -- showed great ones. -- the Red Sox in Albania -- who's been a great category pretty well on you know the first gamer. Whatever game -- what so the Red Sox -- put pressure on pitchers and understand their mindset when they should not as like -- sucks they know and along bait them all. You know back then -- DS against against the Sox and things. Change the army game down to Tampa Bay were dog fight coming each and every one of them won't be your opinion on. On Ferrell maybe you know one night stick with drew in the next night go to Bogart's a way that thing worked out. At eight you know you talk about or two gave so much credit the Jackie Bradley for that opening day walk. -- CC sabathia much patience in his opening day this kid comes in the post season. And shows that kind of patience late in the game but that was impressive. It impressed in the second -- walking Red Sox history Lou. -- The bottom line if you're looking at this game it's almost like changing of the guard and correct me I'm wrong or is an enemy to see these young the younger generation -- analyst. That's what will play at this level albeit at the level that they're. And you're seeing all these young pitchers get the ball any great -- -- remarkable job -- one mistake you know wasn't quite as polished. You know Miguel Cabrera goes deep. Look at -- young kids should get the ball Erik Cole at blocker Erica Lee Lewis and walk. So remarkable and he got -- as -- -- that he should around here and company it's a great great at bat draw a walk. Finally to scratch out two run that in the ball mainly -- seem like. You know very little burst of third and -- followed our economy bickering -- infield yet. Why the Red Sox are -- they can manufacture. These kind of things they run where you look at tiger or -- stations are still big and strong and called runs. But the Red Sox perhaps he would felt very good victory don't outlook and drew along with poppy. You all along with Napoli along with the power they can -- so. The Red Sox couple marketed they're more athletic offensively. And defense. We're talking to Campbell are now like. Actually didn't have Babs right I mean you're you're you have a form but not. Why not add well so maybe you can't talk about this but when a guy like Miguel Cabrera Kevin has deal with a groin and abdominal injuries he it's all Romney's is not. He doesn't look right what do you see his swing right now how do you think those injuries affect she was a hitter. By. Don't often Miguel Cabrera is injured three at the plate -- offered. He is gonna click away from or beat finally got one home run September. And all blah blah blah you're running on high octane. -- right now. Defensively he's not a mobile running out of mobile his swing offensively. Double fault for cardiac equipment somebody that's -- 94 up in some sort -- -- -- -- can't and it's hormonal. He can hit he still okay. Offense in that box I would act like this is not a wounded -- -- better -- -- or not pitched in the way that you need pitched an MVP carried Triple Crown threat. So I think it that we -- defense league but it -- mean -- deep currently running the bases you'd see that we don't know what we. Five different -- -- the -- oblique rims. -- -- It and -- -- you know you can't latest that it it's five different bank so I don't know if I would all sport because this man right now. He can hurt you saw left I go to games in your game work. Why the said the got to respect him but I I I umps fault -- the same guy Kevin now thinking keep the ball away from I don't think key. He can kill -- right field zombies does lower wrapped up balling it last night I it's that he still got great hands. That ball a month ago goes 440 feet up 375. You know I don't think he's got a big pop. But it beat up at poppy. -- and you can see it it's still it's not because -- and have the lower half hour meet you could still -- a whole lot what would lower happen. You -- -- is much lower -- -- this -- is a remarkable hitter and this swing key that you know what you've got to look at it that they're ecstatic he's pitching and meet face. McCoy hit a couple of balls and Andy -- you know they are outs everybody -- while they're almost now. You talk about a half an inch and and you know we got opting -- -- -- don't get me wrong. But you'd better be careful this young man and pick or choose your poison upon or up to -- deal. They said defensively see your gonna you would not be surprised if you see -- very victory you know maybe Stephen Drew bottom of the order Kevin. Try to put the bunt down on the Cabrera tomorrow night try to get him working at third base. Great point mark I can't believe it open to move his feet cricket team that entered. And he's obviously a step away from more outs on trying to get him out game not one time I I don't -- be like 8:40 PM. Not want kinda -- bought. Laid down make him Lucas each somehow from cocoa -- -- -- look their best offensive player. But anybody thought that the Red Sox need to move their feet almost like the year went Schilling. It's game six. You know get a bum ankle. The Yankees right -- one -- -- I didn't you don't know for. So emotionally it would have big deal and so I think Miguel Cabrera -- -- -- beat some great -- -- out and you'll see that happen. A lesson for me handle it and the five game series we talked a -- The game once starters go twice so that's a decision after that two and three kind of flip -- to me seven games will be different. And I probably go buckle your game to that one game six game seven. All hands on deck boat do you change the rotation to keep it as it was in the AL DS those -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- in the best Lester got the best experience and pitching well anybody so you got -- Leicester one article I'd probably have to give him an -- -- You know he got Lackey peavy flip -- where you want. But I think you want to pitchers are Lester and Buchholz. And you know black you know we get big game experiences on the ball pretty darn good also all year long so what that that's probably -- that probably decision -- -- -- Fox Saturdays you part of are you part of their coverage this weekend Kevin. Yeah let me explain how much a right so fox may share our network its exposure for MLB network correct soapbox and 139 home. LB -- under separate -- sort seven mil so they use what we call now I'm considered talent lot okay. I'd -- -- -- I hope who who college you're talent. I'm not Telluride I'm not counted that's what the -- -- it's like an employee so that you are always for MLB network but more on fox. TV station and they -- -- seek a lark but today so we are and our -- because MLB network is that studio they you. So you're at Fenway this weekend are you in studio in New York. -- -- -- -- -- all I will be hoping you World Series onsite we're not sure why the original plot. After World Series starts by I'm looking for border -- out to the spirit I would be -- -- you'll you'll be my. At the IR. I had -- Do you moloch boys club and him a -- -- Hensley got a nine month old at home while we're on every single -- -- -- men's league -- mentally though. Would you hand the ball. More boy club and could you keep our boys club and an Alabi have. Saluting -- here now. No I like fight club tonight be -- week. Next we'll be talking about giving details of everything really really jolly -- how good -- -- -- IKEA we will give it to that right now all right. Well all I -- putting on the -- right now Kevin's on the patella got a chance cars got a chance charged. That aren't your apartment Burton and -- the triple are all let me know about. I'll send you attack that get -- on Twitter Becky Campbell talked you Monday. We're gonna put it back to work on Monday he is that kept -- a's brought the bike -- tractor corporation by meek insurance buy com loan mortgage. -- and Michael Smith I. I can keep it. Boys club I can keep the men's league. As a bottle there's all faces all blush right now. Is battle tested battle test is time for your hard hat on and you know it's boys club mentally access -- -- work will put him back to work on Monday he will join us again to recap by the first two games. Of this series 61777979837. -- to weigh on the eighteenth tee -- line. 379. 37. Off 45 minutes now at 1230 you have a chance -- ALCS game one tickets Saturday night you don't want to miss that. We come back and he missed John Farrell's. As mentor our mentor and best friend. Terry Francona he was on assault and holly yesterday interesting stuff about the series -- about the Red Sox here for Francona neck to have him Larry. We just one and World Series.

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