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Peter King: Pats will miss playoffs if Gronk can't return

Oct 11, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni and talks about the injury to Rob Gronkowski and the situation between the tight end and the team.

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I -- we saw at Fenway Park a week ago today our buddy Peter King SI the Monday Morning Quarterback joins us Peter -- Lou -- -- Hey Harry you guys you're. Up more baseball talk about Peter to survive and advance 88. Now there are. Great. Well we're talking honestly it was a lot of fun in the Red Sox put the rays away now the tigers will be in town for a couple we have spent the last half hour so for talking to you Peter. Talking about the latest on Rob Gronkowski the story today on WEEI dot com that there is some serious concern in the -- camp. Over the the forearm stability left forearm stability. On national report saying that there are questions now about grant's availability this weekend. What are you hearing if anything do you. On the store with gronkowski in that form in this team. There mean the only thing I heard this week is that and this you guys advance the story tremendously the only thing -- this week it. They -- doubts that he's going to court and so you know. The more things change Marty stay the same and now. Whether this is true or not. You know the questions about the stability now the -- And where do the procedure was done correctly and all that I mean I would just look at it in the way you -- -- -- you know that that to me. The only thing that's gonna matter nobility the only thing that matters -- and here's. What's gonna happen now. And community. Without -- current housekeepers week. You know unless. They forced to retreat turn overs of the saint. I don't like pitching does at all. You know to media I think they're facing a team that light. Denver in -- kind of -- junior right now they're not scoring the eight Denver scores. But they've proven outside inside were ever. That they can play defense now. And so you're gonna have to get into a bit of scoring contest Drew Brees and -- What appeared in need to be last week the Indian and bill and not at a 100%. And obviously Brady still getting comfortable these guys. You know -- it would that current count if it's going to be a very in critical. Peter one of follow up on gronkowski yeah there's been lot made of Tom Brady's. Our feelings about this week is he frustrated DC. Is trust or the progress of -- in the questions week to week you you've seen a press conference you've heard from for -- think there's a frustration. With the quarterback on as tight and not be back yet. You know I don't know that I haven't talked to Tom about it but you know just reading the tea leaves. And knowing. I mean last year elapsed whatever we're separate earmarks. He did he even know a lot of people. Subjected this too much to the region. He did the patriots -- -- He redid his contract to give them massive cap relief over the next couple years. And clearly sought that they were gonna have better weapons -- -- now. Mean this is and then and I haven't gone back and look but I have to believe that. Over the first fight. Weeks of the season. That that this -- -- there's a crew that have to be. You know worse weaponry breeze at he's become the starting quarterback -- the team. It may turn out to be not that way he can -- Tompkins might turn out to be a really good weapon great he was gonna be there waiting camp. But obviously Greece -- that there was going to be more help calvary was going to write it hasn't. I would only assume that that's an assumption it's known now I would only assume. If he's got to be very frustrated not only would the crowds as a core counts he tell. Who would the fact that he you know he gave this massive salary cap relief. And he's playing the winner of a group of guys that. You know clearly don't compared to most of the team can play it here. The -- to me as a really changed beyond that right now I don't think it looked like a great team all really matters with a look at the last four games heading that post season and with that if there is a question mark with Cronkite. Yeah the syndicate that he plays that could still lose this game I'm still holding him out as long as possible and try continue to try to get by here. I understand what you're saying and -- in -- -- I think the Warren. The one thing that I would really like to aim for. Iowa is if I would and if I were the patriots. The one thing I would want to report. It is I would just wanna make sure you don't get too far out of that. The race for number two feet. Because that is you know crime Bill Belichick and I'm trying to -- experts on her long term plan here. My goal has to be to win one of those top two seeds turn to get healthy at the end of the year. You really don't wanna play even if you win the division -- the wild card game. You know the last thing you wanted to use their Houston Texans commander whoever is. Some hot team that won twelve games in the regular season but just didn't win their division. That's the last thing you want to have happen and so. I would agree we -- to. But it seems like it's. Eat you know and and and -- one thing if you say that you're absolutely right. Because I think we talked about it last week. Robert -- he only -- -- number snapped left that is by the I believe you're there it's career. I mean obviously it would but he but I think he has a limited number snaps in his body Easter he came into the league. An injury question any -- you mean to use continued to be. An injury question even though he played an awful lot. You're always wonder you know break this for beauty and after that he would have some -- -- background or whatever so. Eat I understand exactly what you're saying. But at some point. He's got to start plane or else they are -- we are leaving it to be talking about. And he you know eking into the playoffs even as the -- succeed. I don't I don't I'm not positive about this to you look at their schedule it's certainly possible. But I don't know. If they happen in the Amendola. And gronkowski. Doesn't play this year I don't I don't know that they can make -- -- -- even though it's -- that they have intervals it. I set up by the dolphins twice in the Broncos are wrong there and that the schedule does. Provides them some issues there Peter King the Monday Morning Quarterback is joining us. You know on the heels of the Rick -- story nationally Peter I realize we haven't talked about this this year. On this show I know that you and the folks -- -- morning quarterback you personally decided that. -- all gonna use that term Redskins and talking about. The Washington Redskins in the national football used for a lot of years. What and what -- -- decision and your month into the season now six weeks what's the response been. From your readers and people you talked to about deciding not to use Redskins anymore. What the decision was just based on the fact that were. The last few years. I've just been really uncomfortable everytime -- -- That word into my computer every time I type the word race -- I just felt like. Atticus are really don't like this it just feels wrong. Of their too many people even though it's not a majority of the people in America. There's too many people who were insulted by it and considerate of racial slur. Are you look it up in the dictionary and it's called racially offensive. And so I just decided now that are running my own web site. And I can make decisions like this very sort of -- I'm not asking anybody else who works here. I'm not asking great Bedard active users are not user about it in any -- -- -- clamped so any of our writers. Be subject totally get you and I don't think ill of anybody you visitor doesn't it it is it was a personal decision for me. I just don't wanna use it anymore it's very fair for people Seau was great -- use it for 28 years from now you know that 2930 he covered -- -- -- You know why you do and it now I'll the only check and say is that. You'd grow as a person and you continue to think about things you don't stay static and keep doing something even if it feels wrong. And it just feels wrong to me now about the reaction I'd say 70% of it has been negative. And you know OVE you have no right to do this year you know Europe. Your reporter covering the NFL Europe Europe political columnist here. You know that's the name of the team you got to use that and you know look I understand everybody gets very fired up about that he -- fired up about it. It's just a personal choice and and I think a lot of people appear written things. About being here opinions about this. I'm not saying I'm right I don't know that I'm right. But I just simply feel like uttering that word is it's offensive to me so I wanna do it anymore. 001 litigated this twosome across the league here in some quarterback issues because look at your website sage Rosenfeld wrote I thought good article talking about match job and his experiences and what he is going through right now. That's a team to me that that I expected to be there and -- AFC maybe that that other by. Right now what -- job is going to four straight games pick sixes. They really close the bullet on. One of one of the things to lose it I'm just euphoric. About our -- psychic here the admin QB dot com. Is that. You know -- park -- -- here earlier this week and heard people who don't know. -- basically would've backed mostly get back up quarterback in the NFL for eleven years. And he was not in the Texans for two years we match up so he knows that. And I hear that what you think he's going through and you write about what you eat electorate and should you know. I'm not really that close to Matt and I wouldn't pretend to say here's what matters -- but I can tell you. We're similar thing happened to me as a quarterback in the fraternity I can tell you. How it feels and he blew the game against the union apple -- in 2008. With a callable in an interception in the last five minutes of the game. -- eagle seventeen point lead in the fourth quarter eight meaning and -- came back you won the game. And he writes eloquently this morning on our site. Well Powell how he couldn't get over. How it weighed on and the rest of the year he had yet to the arts -- -- Get some peace because he looked around the locker room and said those guys don't deserve meet alone making sure that everybody's battling and I screwed it up. And you know if you're conscientious. And -- match. And you -- 6690. Seconds. Even to a game that you're suppose that is supposed to be your redemption -- -- Cisco last Sunday what are you in saint. I'm watching match -- the last two or three weeks and he was like a broken man. Egypt's looks like he has no confidence. In his ability to play football right now and I hesitate to say that. And Lou you'd understand -- that a case of Steve blasts. Were Steve -- -- -- now locked. You know they can't use throws strikes early yet curled a ball to first base. But that's really what it looks like to me right now. Peter appreciate the time is always enjoy the football and the Red Sox this weekend we'll talk in -- Friday. Thanks so what I hear Peter King Monday Morning Quarterback joining us a conversation Peter sponsored by -- -- insurance.

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