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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 6 Starts and Sits

Oct 11, 2013|

Welcome to Week 6 of the NFL Season. This week Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson talk about all of the Fantasy Football implications from Sunday’s Patriots vs. Bengals game as well as Thursday Night’s Giants vs. Bears game. Then Jim and Pete take a look forward with deep dives into this week’s ‘Starts & Sits’ as well as into the evolving backfields from around the league helping you target the players you can move for and away from as we hit the middle of the season.

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This is the fantasy football. -- kids and Pete Davidson in the world. We'll run. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to week six of the NFL season in this week's WTI. Fantasy football podcast. Presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun. A world that play I'm Jim Hackett and I'm joined as always by. Pete Davidson chief Tennessee football expert and writer for Radovan dot com that's the fast track to Tennessee football domination morning -- ally. Good morning Jim I'm good how are you. A great program but in the patriots were on Sunday it was a a rough game for the pats up here in Boston for New England fans an ugly game. But I guess feel like ugly football was ago -- Watson and speaking of ugly football. One early start on Sunday's game and we can kind of inching ahead to last night's bears giants game and -- dive into. Looking ahead to a Tennessee footballers are looking to learn heading into the weekend. Yeah that its discount good that was very. A very odd patriot game last week over the last time I mean I'm not I don't watch every single patriot game go back the last thirteen years but it's a lot of Obama mean when the last five minutes scored touchdowns. It's been a long time it's been at least 52 games. I'm glad I don't yeah I know everybody talked about the bridge street but gosh what's the touchdown streak it's got to be a little longer and a. I would think so to eliminate -- and I'm remembering. Again against buffalo. The week they traded Drew Bledsoe like to I'm not sure they get a touchdown -- that's a long time ago. So region nightmares go that way I'm remembering game against both. Welcome. Anyway I'd see so many bad well that the bills -- -- -- just -- -- everybody in the bad football really dumping -- good that yeah. Winning isn't what. But. You have that picture came -- sort of it just it I don't know what sort of felt so out of police watching it console that sort of I watched the the patriot offense. Just not clicking at all. Watching that team remind me daily when you kick it out of your house and you wanna work. If you kind -- gonna -- an -- Gaza is it never got going it was a harsh watch. Okay I'm ready for these boy. Yet no but that's true that it did you know they were it was a them aspiring engine or something you know you can just you see that they wanted to do but it just wasn't. Quite there and even when they hit Dobson the second half but that -- was actually pretty nice that protection run by Don and intelligently almost touched but got stripped and recovered. And that they haven't -- play of the goal line. And that's just. And then what 22 or three plays later they they just missed settlement in the end zone for a score. -- him until I was at that drove liberate. Yeah put on the wrong side. But but gosh. At least he couldn't miss step by more than half foot that in a touchdown so. Yeah I mean -- got some outbreaks. Probably didn't make as many breaks they could have. -- one thing that I sort of felt. And I don't know you know it's I don't read every article didn't Boston the day after a patriots came within a lot of pats -- obviously do but. The board fumbles -- with a big played -- -- You know because if any did epic you know we gave up three point I'm not mistaken. Let it seemed to need it after that fumble -- it was sort of DM decides to. Yeah and that's that's that's and they want to get to budget brought that up from from a fantasy perspective you know heading into Sunday. You know he had the apple and a little bit nicked up and he's probably the more definitely is the the more around. Exciting back from Tennessee purposes catches the ball on the back field and keeps himself in the game with pretty good pass protection you can run right many -- -- breakaway ability but. Him being a little bit dinged up and read the -- Blount was the guy to play and then he fumbles and now looking. Yes and and I think you know. He did it seem to be at the point you know deployed against the -- more I policy at forty to fifty yards at that point. Some collect data I think he was one of the more stable parts of the offense and deleted it in the you know wasn't it was a beautiful him to be very rarely is nuclear but I think in a game like that. He was a valuable commodity in. You know that's the way the NFL is this year guys trouble you don't see him for 45 minutes are. And -- public. And operated bold I as you know Obama fan. And I you know I've mentioned -- Robot a couple of times but you know he really seems to be. To be the running back the patriots won -- game. Beat you act is it easy because he brings the whole playbook with a. Yeah I you said that on royal bonnet that it was a really good way to say it for a fantasy football owners to note well you don't want who. You don't want to in in a football game. You know huge show your -- -- -- and I think about Mark Ingram the exact opposite way with with the saints when he's in the game you know that Iran and does not. Very good at pass protection and he can't catch the ball very well so it's like IRAs and there it is either. Bolton for the patriots. He gives it that X-Factor Michael McHale of the can be throwing out of the backfield they could be. You know passing where he can pass protect him after running the ball is a little bit of mystery there I think Belichick likes players that offered. Yeah I mean the page which are looking to create mismatches are looking to get an advantage in Brady can go anywhere he wants right when he's got. But open on the field whereas obviously there's only certain things you can do with blog. And at -- While not as limited as -- this is certainly not as areas as bald at an edit and that speaks to the other thing we've been talking about a person's. Three went down but Serena is the same kind of player sir you can just basically right up -- everyone. He -- to power runner he can do a lot of different things. So yeah that -- to -- Belichick a -- the turning point in the game. BenJarvus green Ellis was mentioning factor that thought -- Perhaps a little bit of fools gold -- -- fantasy perspective I think I would think. You know. I don't know Marvin Lewis personally but. I think -- They went out of their way to make sure that the law firm you know got a good look against his former team. Maybe justice doing the guys Soledad maybe just that triggered the guy was going to be heavily penalized. You know sure are going up against is extinct. And it -- -- like -- you know I I saw him make a few nice little cut seven days is typical secure self. Didn't you know didn't turn it over and you know. Came up with a big run when they needed I think we also that I assume this has been discussed but on this one to the one touchdown of the game. I think. That this thing to notice was what wasn't there. You know I mean I think Wilfork. Clearly changes the calculus. On on that play call. Yet it came it's funny is we talked about last week in and how the patriots. You know might fill that hole with willful thing out and you might see a lot more Brandon Spikes which did in the linebackers but the rotate different people went and then Sunday comes and it's exact kind of game that you need itself. Yeah Wilfork would definitely helped. At the -- the Bengals I mean it was maybe the second play of the game action just blew up Brady I mean there was like he wasn't touched. That's -- the defense there. It really is and it's and it's you know it's not going anywhere to -- compete against I -- one thing that I heard I believe that the announces McCain said it. That the pats were but -- the most drops in the entire NFL you going into that game. So that's that's a pretty amazing stat I've -- at -- watching the games I wouldn't have expected the number to be. Kitten and as it is a lot to talk -- fantasy perspective with what you know still seems very unclear. Mostly due to injuries and circumstances knew in the back field. Transferring over to the Bengals from it -- note that an aging cream and discuss a great where why why not seen him enough. For. I can only -- couple. I'm the -- a little bit better I think I I don't I think you definitely have something there. I think alternate. I don't the kind of guy were he not -- as they say -- for a player open you know -- -- to make. Great throws he usually can make the protein needs to make. I -- -- -- looked terrible against the patriots -- -- the patriots provide its resistance but you know it but you guys. You you got after him for the most part he's being very rushed sacked a couple times. You know but as far as AG -- AJ green goes I mean. You know teams are doubling him every every play I mean the patriots they weren't Gonzales telling him -- its curvature of the getting that. If you wedge or call girls who took it. But you know he's definitely getting that's safety on top -- -- had minimum. And yet it's. That that can limit a guy like Dalton to some extent that he got a good. You know some quarterbacks can drop the ball you know into areas on the field. Dalton. And I don't IQ -- -- really developed that part of his game yet you maybe just doesn't have the armed salaries not comfortable yet but. Drop the ball in between the low and high defenders is an art. But you know. From the Bengals perspective. When they get into games and they can run the ball a little more effectively and what they've done there as they brought him in addition aggression you know another -- -- effort yet and and the two receivers opposite. -- not bad players you know assigned to. Yes and you know -- did it actually the other kids. What kind of conflict and on his name again. On the way ago professional. Out of its capital to help it. Those guys are good players and and when they're with their featuring featuring Bernard in the passing game when they start spreading the ball out. It's gonna make it harder for teams to constantly double. Green so I think that's the evolution they're going for but I mean it's female Belichick script like now beat -- with -- second level guys who. You know in it they think the two tenants there that's. You know that we talked about how that started with tournament -- stuff of fantasy perspective into the can help you. Kind of be part of -- sorry yeah that's an orange dot Gallup and -- -- is on a household name but but it's a tight ends are so our our our players that think Tennessee -- owners of an eye on busy. The show you enough you know fortified catches 4050 yards occasionally a touchdown but it's tough to pin them down. Well I think you know it's -- into -- -- patriots will what's going to be best for these teams is what's not best for -- What they need to do is they need to turn a different player new hero every -- every game. You know I think the patriots from what I saw last week they need to use all of these guys. Like they did they all do certain things well -- bit you know Brady obviously is great. At spreading the ball around so I think you know adoption brings something but maybe not ready for prime -- news out of every -- player and compensate kind of saying. You know and -- to -- on these drops are coming. -- shut its Chinese he's looked electric on some plays -- look like an all pro on some plays and is that bush league and some. That's exactly what I was about to say I mean we went so he's made some really good catches he made you know that is a nice bursts into the open area. You know I'd I'd definitely like Kim you know as. You know developing talent but yet he's not in it up really high level game against the defense like Cincinnati dot going to be just approach to. Fourth quarter. Kinda guy but when you when you have Tompkins and Dobson and you can -- -- -- with guys -- cattlemen and Amendola and things get gronkowski back. If the patriots can spread the law. And rotate these guys. And play matchups you know -- defense specific week to week yeah I think they can do a lot of good things. To think boys might come into the picture at some point -- surprised he hasn't commercial at all particularly with him until out for so long I thought you know maybe golf. Dole send gentleman mean no outs and made that would open up some opportunity. Underneath for a guy like him but we haven't seen much of them. I thought I can't play I really like is that you know but. A bit of all the big guys were talking about you'd be the least likely to just excel right now -- like. Well because I mean he's he first Olympic I think they have. No plans to do a lot of different things and when you're gonna be lining up. Potentially everywhere that severe learning curve yeah. So they might not want to rush him because he's got a lot on his plate. And you know he didn't she doesn't have the physical gifts. You know have a guy like Dobson or you can dominate guys or no warning get really physical guys she's smaller guys speed guy. But I you know I don't feel like. You know I know patriot abandon it when it's when they look at rookie receivers guys have been drafted immediately start clicking off the names you know. Chad Jackson paid Jackson picked up on an instant response. Yeah I mean I -- that the -- you know that's steps -- fans are on the same way it might seem. Pretty much any kind of -- at the top 10% -- for the Maalox -- -- and I may be doing that again this year. But. Yet to meet voice is a guy where they -- -- if they handled correctly in the initial toys. For pretty may be later this year next year. But you know human. You don't need to -- -- TCU I think he definitely has some learning to do. And the Patriots offense is not an easy and pick up as. Oh right yeah because again as we've said earlier -- mean during this -- -- route you need to read the defense and and literally make decisions on what -- and run. You know after you release sir so you and that's the society we saw a giant struggle with that last night. I was just gonna say is speaking of knocking on the run routes right let's talk about last night's game. Can move onto the bears and the giants and I can't believe we're here week six of the NFL season and the giants hurled six with a talent. The pool of talent they have on offense. It just we've talked about a little bits that can only give up on David Wilson really early. And and they put themselves in a funky situation. And underground and out but back field. So the Manning was a little bit of -- safety net -- and they just can't get things going out there -- six and the bears didn't play particularly you know brilliantly last night don't look at it you know enough. Defense you know bring it up yet they were outlook from I mean it. In the giants ran up their you know what yeah this is a tennis at this perspective that this -- points to get the touchdown etiquette of the court. Sure but yeah I mean in in terms of just a line of scrimmage you know the giants. -- offensive line blocked a run. Gosh I mean they were gash in the -- here and there I mean Jacobs. I've actually had a huge. Turn back the clock kind of night -- that talent. No and neither -- robot. I mean I was just. You know he's he obviously was very generalized and they are opening up massive holes. And then -- back to Wilson of Wilson as. You know playing tailback for all of -- -- he takes at least two outs -- -- -- -- -- getting Jacobs was brought down by single defender in the open field to times but is nothing between him and the -- in the corner but you know. -- is not real loose and so. He knocks the guy over but that's the end of the run right. It will but I definitely think takes one of those to -- -- and you know so as well I was Jacobs played I still think he may have cost them here there's -- terms of not being able to. Since -- yes well you know it's the big play Detroit it was momentum shifts. Kinda plays and they couldn't couldn't quite get it to -- -- to -- in any game where they were up a touchdown Jacobs who won the game play. You know hopefully can do about it now the two interceptions -- -- too early one for six they were both to ramble. -- He's in really good game statistically he got blamed really for both those routes. You know the first one yeah I think he hesitated -- thought he was coming back in the just released the ball. That's probably on the receivers the second one I mean the first -- actually not. It's hard to tell exactly what he's supposed to do and that route and and I didn't think you like to look particularly good ball. Is that that the ambassador try to take off the -- but if you look at you like body language I think he was disappointed with himself at least on the first. Well -- thing -- you're right with the announcers and what happens is they get in name guys won a couple Super Bowl season Manning. And they almost they put themselves in this box where they like can't say anything bad about it's it's really weird. -- occupancy makes good observations -- very loose with. The player names like it was just like -- -- -- -- -- that that featured game on Thursday night with all the drops in the world where Brady lost his crackers a little bit yeah and in adoption of a guy doing most of the bad stuff. But he's kept referring to the patriots rookie receiver -- all the hard -- talked entirely -- him to run the wrong route I think what. -- -- on the sealed right tribute you know Patrick can't -- Option. That is her job. But we -- -- and you do the same company -- they -- generalize things about the giants receivers. What I mean clearly it was. It was Randle who -- you I was having a little bit of a communication problem. To diminish credit he still throws a touchdown to Randall later in the game you know he -- lose confidence to go with the player. From a fantasy perspective on the giants like you know moving forward. -- ago. Or are or you just avoid them at all costs. No I don't think so that you played the receivers I think you know I think the receivers are gonna end up doing OK can I do you know what's gonna happen with the giants it is I mean look. They're on their way to what -- and -- yourself and are they don't Marlins they always six. First time they've been on six since like 1976. Right in their bye week is coming up I wanna see -- next weekend and maybe we can -- on. The show you know at some point this offense is just gonna be liberated. The political political news right let's throw the ball and you know. Is so I think you know offered a guy like Reuben -- may be able to close season pretty strong good. At some point the drug and Blackwell the best thing we can do -- this -- -- develop our younger players like you know it's like if you David Wilson's closing -- she's not very strong because. You know whatever a lot of trouble. You know if there really that worried about it I mean we'll. Gosh you know so you know at this point the giants -- to make sure that Randall and Wilson and guys like that per fully up to speed the 2014. That makes sense and you know what if they take that tact and they win some games that's of the strongest division in the world they could still be. You know within a game a couple games you know come down to -- I'm you know -- do you overall look and throw away any time that's the amazing thing you know what they're always sick and on. Not entirely not sentenced six when that is. If he can win that to the right. And it's crazy but I mean that it's not out of the question well -- right now that the cowboys and the class of the division they're able what are they give up last week that he got. Right in in and of course with the game on the line Romo threw a pick we talked about that heading into when I know I don't about it. Almost but when you with we talked about the type -- during August when people are prepping for the drafts and I said. Quote unquote -- you know that the NFL playoffs don't. Interfere with Tennessee's season and you don't lose the win loss record -- you ask it was a good pick but. Tennis purposes and up put on him in a big big game but. Just to kind of tied together with the giants and the fact that might not be dead he's departed. Yeah you know it's funny economic cowboys fan I almost wanted Garrett to call timeout. On that drive and pole award okay. This we usually do -- -- -- -- that the don't don't be a gunslinger the next couple minutes to stake you know this is what happened but yeah it's. The Garrett guy solidified two years ago so you get the blind leading the -- there right. That's probably true I think he probably is a guy who looks she looks more offensive coordinator told. Then head coach to me. And it's a college thousands -- -- I don't think it is a breed. Wow yeah act bringing up the big guns just like it yeah I don't. Yeah I know he's he's he's been a little underwhelming it is it's art you know Jerry Jones she's. You know you've known for being expert. Need jerk and you know ego maniac and this and that but he stuck facilities coaches forever. You know he hats and what avenue near Campo debt. You a couple of those just anti illegal a couple of think. Know it's so I did give credit to some extent but yet they needed. They need it and they need to improve the defense side of the ball and they need to. Being more than just. It was sort of remind -- of the chargers lose. Back in the day the doubts Winslow. Chargers you know the Charlie -- Appears to -- Visit differences for outs they would lose close games but it wouldn't be out about right. He's a terrible yet the same kind of thing where it's like an offense to put upon appointment doesn't quite get it done at the end. -- on that on the -- is when it's ask you quickly get your opinion that there's growing. Yellows go to Terrence Williams just yet if it happened a couple of years ago I think that miles us in the with a guy came and I picked him up to -- member's name. It took off and he was like. He he went from waiver are out of that's it yeah Laura Roberts US Michael waiver wire guy that was and Owens rosters to like my number two receiver I think many people's number two receiver. You soon. With a guy who always had a totality of the broken leg -- -- lower leg injuries his first victory for you personally could never stay healthy and get picked picked up by the cowboys all the talent. -- up to the surfaced on the -- ended up with concussion problems and pretty much -- you know but yet he was a very talented player that was not a fluke what happen. Now but -- do you do you see. You know part two of that with Terrence Williams. -- that he did a different story Williams as a rookie with a lot of talent -- one ORG -- guys. From Baylor -- he he can do a lot of things on the football field but it's. He's got route issues he's got discipline issues that you know it's been a little. You know sort of like the -- version adjusted under a well. The differences he's getting a lot of playing time because what happened Austin and and our -- you know I don't know what doubts. Thinking it's going to be. But at a far Mattel points and I've been getting mediocre production out of Miles Austin -- -- I'm definitely attempted to do it. Absolutely is -- is against same. Here is the giants except there -- a better position they've got more talent around -- that they can you know bring them -- I mean the idea I would imagine all along and we said this and if you go back for a rookie reports and he read on Terrence Williams yeah it basically at a minimum. I'm going from memory here but we say it's like hey this -- going to be the guy. It lets you stinks as a rookie he's going to be the guy in 2014 -- doctor Reese signed Miles Austin. So look at the cowboys in this kids are producing earlier than anticipated and and you're having trouble keeping -- -- Why not just turn the page now. So it's it's stepping up and it could happen. For those who have Terrence Williams on their roster. Don't go drop -- -- did you hear that miles Austin's practicing it definitely hang onto it for another couple weeks. Many Amanda -- -- -- year. Know what -- and over the cowboys and there on TV deal you know so we get to watch some allot more than some other teams like -- the angles unless -- -- team on. Is that. My history with him watching them. When they have injuries is it doesn't end at the replacement. Meaning. You know in the pass it didn't end with -- Robinson it's masking is again and -- as -- -- -- is -- -- behind in the elective. Dark territory into the got a committee I mean he's. He's a significant talent you know he's a big kid with some speed he's got a lot of athleticism. He's he's confident -- he goes -- is almost a little too confident utility humility where it needs to realize still that some things to learn yeah. You know that's that's got to be one of the biggest challenges some of these coaches these kids -- physically dominate college afterwards you know. You know it it's it's hard to get these kids can learn without. Learning through hard knocks -- You know but Williams stepped solely as years go this -- suspected up and I mean from promote -- stay put it just says the calorie -- you have to like it more than often quite often the guys just keeps breaking down. And so you know. It'll be it'll it's gonna be actually get a cab with analysts I knew who we knew it but we could just correct back to the division how competitive it is yet. I mean to. Why would they placate while Boston. I don't it's been announced an issue there for a really long time it seems like an annual thing to talk about. And -- to go after the bad like that but you're not gonna pay him at the end of the year. You know he's had issues with the hamstring it would seem to be make it would make more sense to me that to bring Austin back in slowly. And try to get him a 100% just in case you gotta stretch driver playoff drive sure and you know stick with a fresh legs for well look you know. We'll find out this weekend or maybe a little bit early if they debate. You know announce Williams Williams started. Yeah excellence I think it's actually good a good launching point to get into on some of the starts in sets -- this this week. Now the cowboys play the Redskins just kind of talked about the little bit and there's a lot of fantasy. Implications in that game out. Yeah I think so I think someone of the armed. Starts and sets that he put up on W yeah -- dot com this morning. Is an article with you know starts -- as there is every Friday and WEEI dot com can give you at the tees and ideas -- you know these guys -- roster not a great match up. Here's some guys have to look for. And one of those people is a letter hackers and which is a nice -- to see because they think Keon emerged last year people picked him up he did some good things how to get drafted in bigger leagues. Not so much production yet you like the matchup against the cowboys. Yeah I mean that is you have to I -- because it's from one dispel of course once -- -- matchup I think the cowboys are. Look on an average had a losing an average match up I don't think I don't think you get excited when your team's playing them nor do I think you should be fearful. Just you know but typical in -- defense at this point. In terms of the resistance state. Given a match com. But what I like about it from the Redskins perspective as a battle with the Redskins and stop the cowboys have a decal was an escort to an appointment to read in the gonna have a superb throw a second effort it's. -- they wanna win. Cents an -- so. You know at the -- to do in this game I think it's going to be. Forty to forty years of -- like that. The -- could be another. -- -- -- Yes a pitcher -- and vintage cars on and you know and I think you know our guy Jordan reed let them decently. That that'll be a breath of fresh air a lot of people he's -- -- while Clinton has money. Are obviously can you don't yet -- complacency he got whacked in the name. But assuming he is ready to contribute I think you you will. And you think that's -- spells the end for Fred Davis there. -- -- -- because you know this first of all the guys that you. Portuguese better player than Fred Davis so so -- straight -- to that. And you know David central staying healthy he's got a drug suspension -- -- Yeah I don't I don't see the Redskins doing any -- they might give him. -- the market doesn't step up and no one gives him an offer let me bring him back there -- I can -- as the future of the position. It's easy that -- that team isn't basically issued out I'm wondering does that or shoot a blowout here. Does that hurt some skis does that hurt. Alfred Morris and anyway. It can hurt a little bit I think maybe in the fourth quarter -- behind but you know chanting and is is is a proponent of the runs a proponent of running. It lets you just can't the last two -- situation is absolute -- -- can't. So even if they're down today. Fourteen point in the second quarter they're gonna be running. That is to say they're not gonna stop running. Because she had a hand passes off of the road for the sport. You know the -- counting on the ground and then -- You know they go vertical. So. Not -- I think you'll be okay I think that's that it that's going to be their initial. Movers are gonna truck probably try to shorten the game. And Iran. Both want to get a couple possessions in less -- shopping ballots. And I just don't I just don't see it stands. And it. Yet it's gonna evolve and certainly it's not going to be game I don't I don't see how it can be a game where the restaurants are closing it out via the -- You know. And -- -- Romo takes the end of last week it extends its report a short lived this week but you know -- I don't think so it is if you if you if you wanna give full credit for one thing it's short memory. Yeah that that's sure he's got closer in baseball Australia yet he does he goes right back out it's a great but given that for sure yet. Let's look at some mom. Speaking of the Redskins and they're always running the football we think about the -- think about but. Let's look at some starts and sits for this week at the running back position sure starting with some sits. -- and a familiar name who has tough first half schedule Chris John and going up against the Seahawks it just gets worse and worse for him at the schedule. Understand something I'm writing it starts to come out yet I can't not have sets. Apatow actually register at W looks certainly like well I mean all of these guys could do well you know you but -- Right now Johnson isn't getting goal I love. They're not blocking as well is they were. Supposed to it was you know that I thought they would bomb would feature hasn't been phenomenal yet and and one -- as you know he's been up and down. So you know of the blind plays and what it was projected to be. And it's not like Johnson getting. You know guidance. So he's essentially yardage guy right now until the titans get their act together now. -- you know Ryan Fitzpatrick could actually help Chris Johnson because. He is not just concede god you know light arms who's gonna throw the tight ends in the running backs in the conventional wisdom would give you a little back. But Fitzpatrick under -- in terms of at. Actors keep touch smarts yeah so -- it's not just that he doesn't have a good army keep -- he's good at the screen game short passing game he's got a good feel. For that stuff and and you know a lot of that you know -- to the backs and you know throwing over the line and make a little that that's off field stuff. Brady's drilling you know dad and -- -- a Smart kid you know -- Ivy League guy. So it wouldn't shock me if he helped Chris Johnson in the next couple weeks that's set. Extreme game not real effective against the -- in that sense that he needed screen -- and you know playing in that building is just a nightmare. They're tough to run on and if you are gonna run on him you really want to do it up the gut trying to get outside of Seattle incident you know it's useless exercise so this just a really. And you know -- probably in the to have his best player of the year you know with my luck but on paper. If I think as I say in the article if you're gonna -- -- Chris Johnson does this is a week so you know obviously if you got. You know that your next running back on your roster is. Crisp whole kind yet until analysts who -- Chris Johnson. But if you have a -- you if you could Brandon Bolden a bench. -- -- Brandon -- over Chris Johnson's. And also if you have maybe it a lot of wide receivers you know decision there and yet yearly. Just like current black spot absolutely had hoped to go Chris. Yeah absolutely and I agree. You know what's interesting about one less interest Johnson and biscuits and adults into sadness I see upside in him but. It's not going to be this week you know because let the upside is it's Patrick being there at the fact that Chris Johnson caught some balls out of the backfield made some yardage plays out of it. Good signs. Not this week. Exactly. I agree I think Johnson is as we've said about budget -- this year is going to be in nice buy low opportunity. Going into the second half of the season -- for those Chris Johnson owners were just disgusted and rightfully so that thing is this is something that was sort of predictable yeah. If you go back purchased human being in August and go back to appreciate in politics. Exactly. Similar sit situation the cardinals that the 49ers that's another Malaysia's defense against and in many element he's been -- Kind of a perennial set anyway. Yeah I'd I'd I'd have probably leaned on him to sit but that only because they don't want people playing him. And then we haven't been burned on that one too often so far I mean look Mendenhall is better and I'm not trying to cement or can't play. You know but if he's not he has been healthy if you as a bloc particularly well. Are an Ellington has outperformed him on a per touch basis so now you're thrown him into a terrible match up again where they can get by an early. Yeah I mean this. You know assured me pretty good -- and it could but you know and it's not easy to do against him insist they do they stack the box down on the goal line -- -- they're pretty tough and short yardage. -- -- do basically speaking of Frisco couple couple questions to to put out their throw listeners. We getting close the point where -- -- Michael Crabtree back. Good question I mean I think for them it's gonna have a lot to do -- where there -- you. Could -- I don't think I think they wanna make sure that they bring him back in the appropriate way. Because they're you know they're designed to be playing in you know deep in the January. You know so unless they -- they realize the potential losses. I don't I don't see -- until. I don't know. We -- And I'm really close of the Tennessee football right and then. And then maybe they sprinkle that in yeah you know so. Act you know right now because like Canada. Crabtree -- yeah. You know if you go to deep bench and -- -- there you can pick these guys up but you know there's no guarantee that their teams are gonna. Do anything more with them in the regular season them prepare them for policy. Now it looks like it doesn't have a Manning. -- Well but nobody steps up Manningham could come in and do something for -- while the key thing is I you know I'm not gonna get excited about Mario Manningham would like to play like -- -- -- a lot that he. As a pretty nasty knee injury coming back from. You know and then you know for every -- and Peterson is a Rashard Mendenhall for every -- right. You know others. There's a guy who can't make it back from the field surgeries others you know on the you know emailing and so. And then and it is it you actually Jim if you don't Benicio not -- CO. They're all different -- snowflakes at some of them include cartilage damage. Some of them include meniscus damage on this is -- on excuse and then medial collateral damage yet you know the terrible Triad so you know -- -- the Triad that is significantly. To offer. To make it all the way back from quickly if you just did a hyper extension pop -- -- And so you know an end and they don't always tell you what a lot of these players -- ACL reconstruction that's all the information covered yet. You don't believe me if you could talk to the doctor you get a lot more information. That he -- before his injury didn't look. Very comfortable -- a little part of that it is a lot office at the way I would say it but having said that Alex Smith who's quarterback and then to. Yep that's fair I mean it did that you're right I mean. You. Didn't he never really got all we worked in. Very true that's Dick speak about Smith let's jump over the the quarterbacks and starts he's a start this week and what are what a difference in Kansas City what a difference M. They're playing the raiders that's a that's a great NFL old rivalry and in two interesting teams very successful team so far this year in the cheese. In the raiders. Account of the raiders to their little interesting with Terrelle Pryor there -- no receivers but it. That's exactly what that would put with the raiders their interest in and then from profanity players that they don't think that you know I'll take yeah okay -- there's something Middle East. Pay attention to -- in Oakland. It's more fun when the -- and involved. It's just that justice. I'm not a fan it. But there I agree -- well you know it. People just paint -- is doormat you know and you have to be careful. Pre season just bury teams for the play it down and attract good example. The united I mean I. I was I was over Ohio and the -- myself but I never thought they were -- -- sixteen team at two and fourteen teacher Ryan doesn't allow the defense to point out that. So it I mean that you know. You have short dysfunction to be that kind of team you gotta be like Jacksonville right. Where you sir have a perfect storm of bad this -- at -- roster and then you also have a new GM would like to. These are my mistakes were rebuilding tactics you know so they don't even notably gathered for a couple morally -- -- weeks -- working towards the draft we're working toward getting Teddy Bridgewater. You know. -- phone at the mouth when you see one of your tennis players play against Jackson fields like such a nice. That's a for a match. I mean yeah it yes but at the same time the other district and her team is -- if it is true -- -- and an -- you know I I. I've heard so many just nasty insults hurled towards the new coaching staff down there and it's just like. You know you just what I'd like crap these people shake a little bit Billick you realize these are their players that -- Acting like you know it's not like you know gather any hidden -- -- The so you know either way they're playing the mistakes of the past. Item comes at the top problems on the field that sticks. -- formula. I mean I you know. My personal opinion is the jackal doing things the right way and there's there's good chance they'll end up turning it around because it -- -- it looks like you're looking at the Seattle's New England model. You know we're gonna build through the draft were going to be patient. And and that's how you build something the last. You know the way the dolphins are doing it big may be better this year next year. But eventually did the you know the money's gonna come due to -- gonna have to start compromising which is what happened the jets over the last couple years. And that's how you know people -- -- weeks. You know I'm nervous if I've got Miami Dolphins and keep police could I don't know what to state their roster to just go -- -- -- -- -- Yeah let's go well we'll take a little -- a little break up for the start since its own opponent just them all the focus on Barkley put up this week. Specifically about what to excellent going on in Miami with the Miami backfield this is on the -- upon dot com you can check. -- last week. Last week a little bit this week -- yeah a dozen up to little -- yeah but it's but he didn't get any better or at least I. But it's interesting you know it's -- -- -- because as you would think in Europe -- offensive football to -- to their research and look this is that this is a solution there in Lamar Miller but. It's Nam. Is not simple with what with but the coaches are doing down there. It's been good estimate of Miami is you just wonder. -- -- -- On the fantasy guy I love fantasy football. All I sure I mean I'm just like anyone else also Paris agreement to coach and don't give my -- the ball. But I'm also reasonable enough to understand that the coach doesn't care about my fantasy team and they're trying to do they're making real football decisions tonight. And I would I pull back and look at Miami from that perspective. They're making all the wrong decisions. I don't need clarity. It's definitely -- Arm and I is that I think what I basically said in the article I remember correctly sorry I write to many of these darn article on. You know if you could've played annual conference. Keep the ball yeah I don't think he's very good running back personally I think he's probably no better in the whole world thinks right I think he does have sound quality -- But if you're gonna say okay we're gonna it's gonna happen -- -- have to snaps you have to be willing to give Thomas the ball because otherwise what you're saying is. When -- -- we might run. Without -- we're not gonna -- EU and -- what does that -- triple cornerback. You know it's not as lucky right that the last -- what to do was put a bullseye on and I elected -- me. And it it it does a couple different things to it it puts him in a position where. You know when you get hit a lot away -- unsuccessful you're gonna go to the more conservative approach it's just a fact is it all the time. And then and that takes away lawless that takes away one of -- lot of weapons is that a deep threat Michigan and knocked around and you're not you don't have the time in the pocket you're gonna be dumping off passes in the running back and underneath the tight ends and slot receivers some way to Dallas. The patriots are conservative organization. Right. -- a fairly conservative coach. I think a lot of good things that people considered risky behavior with Belichick if you ask any technology -- -- for the number -- out that it's just you know what what other people perceive is risky -- -- no brainer. We get a permutations that dancer. -- -- But if you look at New England they and other conservative but -- They're creative and they they understand that you have to put stress on defense right okay. Miami is sitting there and opting to put less stress -- the and its still and that's public. It and I don't know at what what you know. I mean I'd like it is a tough thing to figure out is what's gonna make things change. You know what it at what point do they say okay Miller's out gaining this guy. You know four point five yards to two point eight. And then all of the big plays are coming from nowhere you know maybe we need to. You know get this kind of became little more -- that -- seems like a rational thing to do. At the colossus will will will get them to that point but. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just nailed it yeah you just know that. Get it right out of Miami coaching staff is like that kid on that high school basketball team -- up for forty footers the ice and the coaches screaming no no no no no and indicated nothing but net. And then he takes six more exactly right you know that's the problem is these guys are not necessarily doing the right way but they're getting enough success. Getting open them to keep doing it. Yet getting away with it -- on our -- to -- -- too -- and I -- think -- yeah the advice of -- owners would be a may be. A guy like Wallace's guide may be you know -- get some value on now if you with a -- at each make a trade. Well. I don't know ten X I I I happen to be a big believer Wallace's talent he has a little bit frustrating from the neck up. But the truth of the matter is is -- change and can keep throwing. And I mean they're gonna put some numbers up also is gonna get some numbers I think we're hurt them. Is well it hurts Lamar Miller -- today but but I think -- you know ultimately hurt the dolphins in terms of their efficiency yeah. They shouldn't have to work so hard to make plays -- they get if they get the running game going that it'll loosen up the defense a little bit it's gonna to be sort for Michael. But you know right now they're not putting any horizontal stress on the defense. So. That's yet to killer and now since we a couple of -- -- of the topics to cover I want it to. Run this fight it in terms of where you meet you wanna go we can stick with the start sits. That are on W dot com right now -- also -- article earlier in the week. Called evolving back fields is basically an update of what's happening in some of the more frustrating back fields across the NFL. And -- pertains to fantasy owners and then there's and upgraded and updated I should say article on buy low sell high. So. Let you know be the -- long ago. What we can get the the evolving -- fields. Quickly now that was intended actually to be sort of a positive articles and -- the editors say you know things are becoming clear let's talk about the jets the dolphins a bomb. But you know a lot of these now of course the giants' backfield -- slipped completely. Articles actually I'm Wilson has turned out as a pretty significant -- that brought back to -- Scott and apparently. Brandon Jacobs is hooked up with the possibility -- -- -- But you know that there's there's still some some good takeaways and I think you know I think we do you have clarity now with the -- -- -- lost. Yeah we seem to be moving towards some clarity with the rams. I think the cardinals back field where as you know it was a five got back field. As we move through August -- people and if you remembered August could force there. I gotta get a name different sites try to keep looking at their people what they're talking about Ryan Williams semi in November I think that's finally over. But -- -- -- -- frozen dirt and rightly see you at a nursing home yet it's probably you know yet Williams you had step Taylor it's. -- get -- -- to -- Ellington and meant at all and you know. No really sure what was gonna happen. It it does seem to be pretty much don't demand the ball Ellington at this point. So that's you know that helps a little. We did the patriots back field. Which. It is actually quite interest experience -- yet it seems to me that the fact that they haven't really allowed any one person to take control. It's almost like -- keep in earnings seat warm for. But I don't get to. Esoteric. If Ripley -- blow -- healthy but I -- you get blind share. -- -- -- But you know. I mean if you can promise them that Ridley would never fumble. Then maybe maybe Ripley would would get a little more Jews and it's still the bottom line is that. But the unit that this is -- as well all the backs in New England play. -- all they had something to be able. That this thing is if it were at least brought security. It isn't what it needs to be it's a fatal flaw. When you compare to the other options born. He does some -- -- he's got to clear deficiencies so it's you know without. -- whispering but to some extent it's sort of the jigsaw back. But the patriots are good at that it was something that don't know how to put. You know different parts together that that's -- strength for the patriots today. Once and it looks like they can't. But the bills. The builder having troubles in terms of I you know it's it's shocks me that there idea -- Spiller was to just sort -- wrapped -- -- little rubber ball. It's it's. You know just be Smart about it he's a he's a smallish player get -- in space shall make people minutes. The guys thought I had to do was look at the best games Reggie Bush ever played and then duplicate that. Yeah I don't I think -- -- between tackle he absolutely terrible what you wanna do Spiller is about varied approach. And they're the other is -- inside time after time it's weird it's like it's like big don't -- of the game planned between Spiller. And Jackson they were in the same place reach back. It's strange to -- if you look at if you look at the bill last year that wasn't the case pat. All it's still an outside giving a camp compliment that you can do it. -- they -- they or they were tough to read you know I think it's delicate keeping you off balance and yeah when the patriots played them. -- trouble. It is what we all like -- kill Ryan Fitzpatrick. As we said earlier in the podcast that he he does have some positive qualities there is a reason they gave and that's stupid contrast here you know not every dollar that was stupid maybe. 80% of the but there we get some jets where we did see some clarity last week I think we should get out screens off the totem pole for now. Biblically goods and -- ivory. And all three of those backs a pretty good last week for the jets are now you know to the -- to keep watching. Powell Powell and -- are probably more universally roster we've talked about Daria yeah sure a good exit Goodson is a guy is he out there'll in in -- higher essentially ex Peter. And -- it took ownership number on my fingertips I I wanna say it's about 9%. Previously. -- the thing is that this is you know I could get in the depths of the articles of this -- when you look at a player ownership percentage. You know that you I think you almost always would take that percentage in capital sure. Because you're you know you're counting a lot of leagues that may be art active. Right and those those -- are part of the number you know so when you look at it. You know I'd do it and I've gotten some and so he dealt with a comment or two people at all these guys are taken at Miley it's like well you know. Sorry what could. I essentially means that you play good competitively to learn how to stop it right where everybody is active in the labor market cleaned off pretty well. Armed and an hey that's why we we put the link to wrote -- you know articles that are on the -- because you know that's what we do we do that. Yeah and injuring five people in -- some people just so to clarify we have new listeners out there at some of the people people -- on the waiver wire article which appears on Tuesday and WPI dot com. Lex back to wrote upon dot com obviously -- is deeper deeper deeper players. We're giving you people that it's usually keep your right. You know it that may be in three weeks time might cost you 20304050. Fantasy freeagent dollars. And I get -- enough or dollar you know two bucks. Yet though that's. I mean that's. The watch list is designed to hopefully do that. That was the -- we talked about last week for the. Right and and that's your article I didn't get to updating this week and I apologize to anyone was looking for it. Just got several from schools. Dogs and cats living together mass hysterical OK I can and I am I do plan on getting a lot to us and updating above toward this weekend's games there a com. And of course I would -- -- because the other night and you know so that. But just -- just -- it just like the global over try to. Still Rodriguez it's 71 years old and concert. Just don't get it done that's directed it is everybody -- there's sanction Agassi this guy like ghost and if you like and Palestinian great it's funny arms. He usually -- Just took trauma like a -- bigger overview from 30000 feet the wrote upon theory which is the main content provider and yes the pop perspective for you I. Is you know finding those values and finding people that maybe I'm sure other sites or who point. Yeah and what -- -- -- would sort of flow -- -- -- waiver wire for EI every week obviously and I tried you know most of the guys on that. In that article if there there are going to pick -- right because were looking at. You know I'm -- it would no ownership rates they give aren't yeah I would differ from Yahoo! which is generally smaller -- EU. So you know and yeah yeah I have got a comment like what people living on Belfour -- a cable and natural. Remember all should absolutely be taken so that the person makes that comment is correct. But. If I'm sitting there looking at the ownership percentages and I see that in one out of five weeks disguise -- -- Adam. You got at least take folks. -- market you know what you're worst case you waste ninety seconds your life. Yeah irresponsible -- scenario you pick yourself up starting running back for every week for the rest of the week's you know it. You know -- actually irresponsible if I don't put that out there. Right in his start this week. It's these deficits article eggs -- a great match up and someone that people should be you know definitely looking. Yeah I mean the guy you would like you're running back in terms of you know we thought it was a good back when we did our valuations and -- to Pittsburgh which we just felt such a great fit for him. You can go tour rookie ranking she was really the guy had like just get ready on bell. Unfortunately help guys get hurt and that it you know the -- injury but yeah I think based on what we saw last week -- -- to Israel Iraq and -- Anyway so we continue what we're talking about that you know that -- the targets that are opposed study EI. Really are derived from Kentucky numbers ten team ownership percentages. So for the most part if those guys are available. We definitely want you to go get them. Right now when you you're you're playing a bigger leader media played a really highly competitive tentatively with deep -- and and all the guys that are on that the WB I waiver wire are taken. That's when you should head over to -- Obama because we just basically. We continue. Just keep adding more and more players now with the robe on we were wearing yeah I think. Probably for people sleep. -- -- -- know the names like it got a great example like a roared above -- might be Michael James. A running back on San Francisco now is that yes he's the third on the depth chart the original gore is nursing some injuries Kendall Hunter has been a guy who. It's you know everyone's had their eye on for handcuffed to grab on you hope the vehicle was announced that they that's the guy. Well yeah he gets a healthy dose of -- Michael -- that's a nice guy I've got a big benched. Put up there and as an -- Dixon gets carries to. If if if you the last -- alive on that roster you'd be viable fantasy play but I actually right and and that's essentially what we're trying to do is we're trying to. Yeah we've got to dump the dominos set up. And you never know they're gonna get knocked over not well we want you we want our readers should be prepared for if somebody knocks over the dominoes. What's that you know what's gonna be going to pick up and Michael James is that thing okay if something happens to gore. We'll order something happened to hunter Michael James goes from being a water to touch player two days you know. Eight to twelve touched -- and all of a sudden he's on the fantasy radar if if you had gore and hunter injuries. The Michael James to be a viable you know RB two. And you don't have much count. The class and that's. Actually putting -- the other so regarding NFL Christine Michael and example you know guys who are potential -- -- stuff that's right they might not even be -- on game -- Well Mendenhall is one of those guys years ago Willie Parker was ripping off thousand yard seasons and right they -- drafted him. And I remember a conversation that I had and it. The difference is -- all the number one draft. Right I get your whole argument was there are trapped in this guy in his number one pick and must have looking to play really pocket just ripped off. 31000 yard seasons and it was it was an interesting conversation in turn all right. But as we said fast Willie was really always act -- name at that the -- he says he was formerly fast Willie. -- supporter I can use spike which. I could never mind an area that we. So. Yes so so well on that point. With your starts its articles to kind of bring it back there you know there are there's a couple names on this new movie wise for people to to keep an island in all of them. -- start this week you have Ronnie Hillman now the Broncos -- the jaguars it's a good it's good matchup numbered rush over Britain -- Marino has been the guy is the -- Based on what you're just saying Helmand kind of fits that mold right. We also this week but also for kind of the wrought upon philosophy. Yeah I mean it's and sort of monkey ball. They both did you never know who's going to be the -- -- -- they have Marino knows what's gonna happen and that actual but it it certainly will be some combination -- ball and -- But as far as this week's -- sit. I you know I mean the broncos' home against Jacksonville. I mean. -- my. There's -- up 72 point that's 28 up and at the end of the first quarter. So I mean if you -- the Broncos. I mean gosh I can't imagine them letting Marino's see much action the second half of that game. Not the way he's playing. He's giving them an irreplaceable element right now the other two backs can't do what he's doing right now so I don't see them putting their season in jeopardy any game that's decided in the first twenty minutes. So I think helmets again it's this -- Drowned and grind it out at the end of the game but. Who was put it this way I'd be really surprised at either Tillman or ball opinions on this week and and and -- at this point and I think that's sort of the wayward at the article. You know if things hold true reform the last couple weeks to -- will be the first guy up in any and you know -- he looks to me like a double digit touchdowns this week. OK that's that makes sense and again we're in the bye weeks right so. -- during the -- That actually to be in a twelve team league that can be a reasonable start. Yes -- in people need it right does that mean a gut Atlanta is on the -- so you seem Jackson's -- you'll lose to quiz Rogers of the Snelling. You know perfect example yeah you and I played each other early this week Elian. And I've come on people on the line up. And I'm not proud that they have to cook but I mean you -- -- with you know the broken wrist and I've got Lamar Miller on the bio got David Wilson with a broken neck. -- -- Not funny to say yeah but they've messed up -- -- And notes -- other assorted maladies with my running backs and really the only guy I have left standing at this point is my people split. So you know try to trade Ben Tate last week in net there you go. -- -- fantasy football owners that might be you know hurting on the buy that's got it to look for him he -- be on a waiver wire to -- beyond. If you have some bad steps they can maybe make a trade. That is it gonna kill the other guy in terms of -- starting lineup that -- -- -- you can plug and play. Yeah I mean look in my situation I mean obviously I wanted to play the market ball my lineup. But this is a week where. I might just -- you know I might win the lottery within this week you can easily get -- he touched on that game and I don't get killed at that spot. No doubt they saw I wanna use the last five minutes that we have here to get off. Off topic a little bit but it's very important in terms of fantasy football and football and for the patriots -- to talk about. An article that might detract Aaliyah on W dot com wrote today about -- Yeah yeah. And so for fantasy football owners of patriotism for fantasy football owners specifically. This is the week right this is the week that you're looking out it's like a New Orleans is coming to town. We won our first for public -- didn't get those first four tough loss last week OK now it's time. And -- -- it's a great article on W at a column but crock. That you know could all of us have been avoided what what the heck is going on in terms of his house when we see him again how long is in jeopardy is -- really healed. Yeah it's scary to think that. You know I mean I think the thing that. I mean I'm not a patriot and so my heart didn't drop with the credit line. Yeah she heard I don't blame you know it's good to have this being an issue. Gosh you were getting close to a year later now. Yeah I was that is what does not lose. In late December early January last year compared. That's definitely a little bit scary like and you start worrying that this might. Never really. C a non issue and and that's scary when you talk about a guy would -- and ability. And you know hopefully that all the bones can't come out okay and you know I guess you know Anders is gonna make the final determination. That the thing that you know I'm on the positive side I think I keep coming back to is. If it was that bad. They would let -- practice. Yeah it abuse of practicing -- weeks. I understand you'll get hit in practice we get it became a -- that. But you still get brought to the ground. They'll contact Shirley. There's -- is the real injury was I think I hit it it never resurgent growth was basically breaking don't fall in the second. When you re broke BR yeah. But on the right sideline and he was that I think he sort of braced himself or went down on that arm up so I think with the ground because the injury at. Armed. In the grounds available to hurt your practice. It's got it's it's available just in regard to the newspaper. Puts it but -- still actually is newspapers and on. Yes so this is definitely. Disconcerting but it is disconcerting for for patriot fans and it. I I have great cast Italy where I really really want him back. And a lucky enough to Julius Thomas to. But I was really looking forward to using protest -- -- flex spot and and then try to dominate. For those -- don't for those that don't have Julius Thomas behind. I was -- right. Or yeah so so so who -- some guys that. You know maybe make some sense that could be you know waiver wire eligible or that might be on your bench that might be worth a look and you mentioned Jordan you mean you mentioned read earlier from those skins I think that's a good one. But some other ones. -- some guys you could pick up right now yeah. The question Garrett Graham may be on the taxes. For people who thought the show is scripted -- at eighty they're struggling -- it was navies aren't Garrett Graham of the Texans. If scarecrow is available -- mean he's like -- ranked -- this week I was thinking too little too obvious but yeah a 100% Jerry Graham he can be. A realist player over the next. Well really right -- the two week fourteen when they're saying that does it Daniels is gonna come back. It's just just to the Bengals guys you know I thought I for looked like he was. On the verge of maybe break out a little against New England that they definitely used in key spots. Bomb bomb go to -- now. How it was horrible matchup this week like. You know likened to exact Kurtz is a guy immediate. You go pick them up right now he's a guy who over the next couple weeks could start doing more. So that would be one guy. Until -- locker tough match up this week but he's producing a little bit. I -- eats. Yeah I'm I'm not real big guns and hopefully walker but yeah I mean he's viable. Tumbled. Cumberland the jets are like a lot he's got a bad matchup this week Pittsburgh stuff on tight end EU but if you're talking about. Potentially -- -- -- problem over the next eight weeks Cumberland it is deeply yes he could be viable candidate are you and I talked about a fair amount yeah com. Yeah I liked you know it's the jets have always. You know hesitant of depend any jet players -- reasons but. -- has a very underrated burst of speed yeah he's pretty good athlete. I I would really did jump in and -- and if it weren't for Kellen Winslow. I do you think he takes a little bit off the top. In terms a couple of value but it -- circuit all the steps he could he could he could make a decent damaged edginess that what sort of -- Yeah looks like it in how this couple in the chiefs are raiders game is a couple people you can go to get media Michael Rivera. On the raiders. You know -- You know I don't I don't think -- just solving problems for a -- yeah he's he's in deep options. The other so notable that separate -- Echelon McGrath it is is certainly been productive the last couple weeks. Although they're gonna get their other guys back at some point you know. You know I think right now if you got Clark. Right now you ride in this week and -- -- hope he gets in there. What makes it also. Into the -- -- pesky thing is there's so many. Conflicting bits of info. -- to change it's it's it's a soap opera. Well yeah it's just kill it once the patriots. Like I mean you start stretching out you know I think there's huge -- a little bit of an air now all of you know what have we been getting the whole truth from this that kind of thing. But to me the fact that the patriots didn't put them on the part. I have to say that you know they felt he was you couldn't have they couldn't have thought that he was potentially out for the year -- implement a pop. Well what I have yet what are having trouble connecting the dots on his agree with you. So it it's been so it's indeed before this article came out it's like okay well. If you wanna put him on the pop because they thought he might be back he got -- practicing and I don't know what regular practice definitely want to practice is a little underweight needs it is. Football -- body strength back and think it's a football shape and and suddenly night hearing that. You know maybe it is probably yields and it's it's it's it's a real it's a last turn it's a left turn for. For all of us that follow football at fault patriots at that have him on Tennessee team that maybe have. Trade you know that they've been kicking around wanted to get a little bit closer and you feel like it there and then suddenly. It feels that the -- come out from underneath me. And an initiative in the shadow of the game where. You know I mean -- that got bingo game -- either Hernandez or gronkowski would have made such and took a massive difference in that game. Two times on the goal line in there that's done. But just even some of those those third and then this third and manageable situations to a terrible there you know I mean if you if I mean again not a I know we don't talk about Eric Hernandez spots. You know he wouldn't adjust his skill set and I came would have made a huge difference -- anyway -- was taking -- I agree I agree. In any any any parting thoughts. Heading into this week I will I'll say on tune into the live chat on WEEI dot com on Sunday at 11 AMP to be there to answer your last minute roster. Questions and there -- as this week as -- every week but I'll just put out the floor anyone last nugget that we can get to that you like to cover. Well gosh there's so many at actually Woolsey wanting as far as the check goes I strongly encourage people to get the question in early EU. Because you know I will it any question that is in the hopper before I get there's definitely gonna get answered. It it does it you know but -- did did the Chad has gotten so vigorous with the last couple weeks where towards the end of it I sort of have to cut that off. Right which I don't like to do but. So you know for people if you got a really big question really what a second opinion on that you don't have to ask the question eleven you can. You can put the question and sometimes you know hours at a time. Active in their WEEI dot com mobile promoted the highlighted on the this just in section on the home page and just get your questions and now and do that you'll be prepared get them and and dumb ass more than one the U it is not a shock it's the -- weeks a lot of questions to -- cat. Yeah we've had some fun -- that I and I I I encouraged that the readers to keep sending me those those funny names join them basement basements or stuff. I and I enjoy that. Throw in some -- -- at -- -- movie is good. And then additionally anybody. This Tuesday for the first time we did. Essentially -- a day long chat. On the road Obama and so in addition to the waiver wire EI and then it you know that the steps. We require that we do -- wrote Obama have I created a a separate chat. That we kept open pretty much all all afternoon -- what I do is -- pop then you know every hour. That there's -- question and no answer. That's a great data -- -- -- Tuesday waiver wire that agency all that stuff injuries. You studied at the first practice reports on Tuesday you know so that's a great to have it. If people won't go on the waiver wire -- -- like you know I've got a generic downed -- three guys that are available my league and you know you just won a little bit more info and we'll tell me what special look at that and I'll tell you which I would pick up. You know it's as a way to really complete the process -- announced that the and if you didn't do you do you don't even have to register for wrote about the visit to participate in the -- it's several people -- asking questions you know it's -- which is what. So it's gonna. But then it's a good way to close -- -- Pete I appreciate it and a blue wrap up week six. Of the NFL season it's a sixth version of the regular season WEEI Tennessee football podcast you're hearing it here. The WEEI dot com features our weekly conversation. That Tennessee football expert Pete Davidson he's the chief Tennessee football writer. For Radovan dot com so make sure -- ready for this week's action starts its articles up on WEEI dot com. Right now and come back on Sunday for the live chat 11 AM at WEEI dot com. And also go back to Rota on a they're updated lineup rankings quarterback running back wide receiver tight end. Yup it's that that that's huge waiver wire pick ups. All the potential transactions the watch list all that stuff is therefore you every day at Audubon dot com so check that out. And as a set come back at 11 AMW. Dot -- -- -- live chat. And you will be there to help with all of your last minute lineup questions and answers to text returning in particular presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun a world that play. Check out the Tennessee football action WEEI dot com and if you go to W yeah. W yeah I dot com slash play you can enter to win a free weekend stay at Mohegan Sun and I've been there many times a great spot. You'll be happy so again thank you very much for the week's six podcast our friends at Mohegan Sun and we'll talk to you next week -- XP. --

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