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Whats the deal with Gronkowski?

Oct 11, 2013|

Things continue to get worse between the Patriots and Gronkowski. Today we find that his return is less likely on Sunday than earlier in the week.

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It's going up and -- This where. We were in our practice. And these things were. We from the verbiage. And it's so. Patient there's a New Orleans Saints this week and from the backside and -- -- thing. If you and ally and we are tired of paying attention to be when will go wrong return. Scenario. -- -- -- he's tired you hired a visit to America back. That didn't think during the course of this week. Right up until like last night or even this morning that grumpy is probably going to make his debut so that's yes temperature ranges shall let out. Yeah I'd rather do that the last straw was the attempt to and its older in the end zone -- -- point this said OK enough even if you know a 100% we need you. I think. It's the whole organization coaches players our fed up with this and are impatient in are looking for answers was he not coming back do you think it's. Is father is agent him in the can ultimately it has to be -- and the doctor correct. Well the doctor the doctor they say aunt and investigate him final clearance so that happened at a show after just read two minutes ago. He's pretty plugged -- is obvious that there is less optimism now than there was earlier in the week that gronkowski was going to play early history about the who's going to play. Now I'm not still not clear by doctors. And some of the players have been telling some of the journalists down there that he is in full participation does absolutely everything. They're used to do in practice and has been doing that are along for the three weeks. And and Brady sees this and how many reps he's getting. When they're running the offense Brady knows what he's doing what is being asked to do wonders for fourteen or 24 of the case may be so. You know that the rest of the players are looking drunk and and they know where he hit some. But he's reminding him -- that he rushed back last time yeah and he knows it is still fresh in his memory that he wasn't ready came back and snapped his arm. On which -- was that. Well it happened twice Houston the playoff game against the colts in November 18 and then it came back the playoff game that was on the don't pass from the sidelines -- -- yeah right right first play first or -- -- handed to him via -- personally against Baltimore as he -- correct -- writes -- Up like Australia. WEEI dot com. Writes the following. There is concern over the stability of gronkowski is surgically repaired left forearm after -- procedure. Perform by patriots doctor Tom -- He citing league and other sources. He initially injured it November 18 2012 against the colts. It might have healed properly on its own with no surgery necessary. But the team and gronkowski perhaps looking to hasten his return to the field decided upon surgery to use as -- implement in hopes he would be ready for the playoffs. One source -- Mike with knowledge of the initial four arm surgery. Told WEEI dot com Thursday night quote there is serious concern about the integrity of the bone. Where the implement was placed and the surrounding nerves. The source also indicated that if the bonehead heal on its own with LP implement being surgically you know inserted. There might have been no infection. However now there are concerns that an abscess that developed causing the infection likely weaken the ball. This prompted three surgeries in the off season on the forearm separate from the procedure on his back. So he has some sort of integrity problem with the the calcium in the -- And not being as strong as candidates got agents and and dad and easier and he rushed back last year last time. Think of that expression as money's going deep on that play up the right side you know on in the first thrown him yes. Any lands and in his mind on the way land a hundred times before snap. Also in his mind he's thinking that. Is it normal that can attack could happen again -- blame at all also Super Bowl we played really banged up on an ankle Obama having surgery based on. But give blame these guys anymore and I'm sorry I don't watch Wes Welker play her -- every day. And and and never miss a game and I'm James Young didn't. But eighty pages into the Lou we of denial now and I can't market criticize these players suffered from not one play if there you've heard that with your own money yet. Then hardcover did a thirty bucks them into. While ordering -- to write off. And that you -- right off the prime well he does get a good read and hear. That this place -- the greater now -- on a -- -- anyway it anyhow. Listen to the statement or listen to this paragraph the Michael trillions piece on WEEI dot com or gronkowski family and representatives were made aware of the issues in the arm. And have advised the tied in to hold off on returning to action until it could be determined. That the bone in his right arm has fully -- All of that led to the decision this week to bring in noted orthopedic specialist doctor James Andrews to sign off determine whether gronkowski is indeed ready to play no I don't. Blame them either but. A -- if there's fifty guys in the locker room. At 47%. I would play and yet I would play these date they are not like you and me down unusual people liked that. Our show bill what's this place in the errors on his finger felt like your -- because he's a tough guy. Absolutely played that's a thing right he's played hurt may be learned his lesson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Minutes led last year and had in the surgery and used and imagine DeRozan a senior year. Or even your father Brothers and yours yet. Major do this they rushed him back last time remember that remember a year on just snapped you weren't ready to play you wanna do that again. And you hear that every week. You eventually you mean you say screw them. A mom I'm -- my brother and my agent and my father and my people who have my best interest not to -- -- and how ever if what petroleum says is true it says the team and gronkowski. Looking to hasten his return to the field. Decided upon the surgery. And that is what has created the infection and perhaps which is in the bulk of the -- and -- to run against her a reason. He learned his lesson and it's too bad. As they desperately need him. I mean this if you could invent the players in in a factory could come up with someone who would be more would help the more right. A big target a red zone receiver. A reliable guy for Tom Brady look for and and he's there he's there everyday in practice if they're five and -- and they just -- a -- their Denver. You don't say I'm on militant -- noticing his awe struck in December that -- is right now that means he's not playing and if the patriots lose. Yeah 2710 this week and the -- -- red zone -- it's yet mr. -- jets win and run or hide. In the division that equitably and jets head into the jets are suddenly down right I think there's still sort of -- it down gronkowski pretty fast I just reading -- have force. Yeah I mean I agree with a lot of what you're saying in terms you know brought all the injury is at the multiple you know. Problems with the arms pact surgery Russian -- and work out so well. Why not just wait a couple weeks and yet eight desperately need it offered as pathetic right now they're receiving corps is. In a laughable how how you know. And it. How even your hatred they have I mean I'd rather wait a couple weeks or few weeks to make sure that could it's going to be. Rather -- Russian -- you know this isn't a need. I did the -- looking at it took up short he is getting pressure from teammate by. Flight I mean how many look at all of us. You know that a -- -- the that article I'm looking at all right now how many times -- people pressured others to come back -- and things like that. Right time with each other this is self imposed -- -- you wanted to make that surely feel -- -- -- to be -- poplar -- and joy sidelined. I don't want to find -- exactly take it. Right I would say your -- were I would criticize and have criticized if indeed this is the case I don't know that it is but if it is my guess is Andrews and doctor Gil and the patriots organization knows this may or may not be the case. If the infection and the abscess they couldn't get out of there. Is the reason there's now a a problem with these structural integrity of the bone in his forearm. And give the antibiotics. Somehow mitigated by his lifestyle. Then he sort of brought that on himself. My point is if if if indeed that's happened that he was you know drink and party and -- and and the antibiotics where they -- to keep the arm problem getting infected or trying to get the infection -- once it did. Somewhat mitigated and now as a result of that is arm is compromised. That part of that is. Present. Change anything -- I mean him in his mind it's probably don't fault that he came back in in January. And on the he shouldn't of come back then and he says I'm not gonna do that again I mean he might be crazy of the is -- -- -- -- the craziest guy NFL. And eventually. You know you learn a lesson you stop. Smashing handled the hammer I was automobile crazy student Arafat and let's assume that's true your right -- -- -- -- we'll say that's right that's a reason why. Should mean should come back faster should think well you know what I drank and that's why such a -- faster now. Right -- -- saying that he is partly responsible for -- other guests -- -- and -- -- -- slams on the stage the what does that mean these timetables change I'm not suggesting I'm just not there like 121000 time buying -- find him it's OK you know takes much time usually what brought you did this to yourself in some -- fashion there is some percentage. -- blame that goes to you because you're not back with your teammate right now and some. Senator -- and the coast to him for coming back too soon. He shouldn't -- done that he now feels like amuck and do that again. It's like the Brady -- -- -- so why I mean these -- since Brady's fault okay graceful all of its kind of what we do here here. But I'm talking about gold full iShares. I understand at some you can say wanna take calls on Ryan mound again so what you love so much don't really you want to do one a new receiver here. Am sure it is good if I -- on the same page. Question -- take a break Jim bones gonna join us at 915. Think about this over the next break. It got to fight in your mind an athlete a a world class athlete 88 pop the line athlete in any sport. Who is absolutely heartbeat. Totally lost his game a couple of come to mind at one in particular will be right back.

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