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The Sox get ready for the Tigers

Oct 11, 2013|

With Verlander winning game 5 last night in Oakland the Tigers are heading to Boston for the ALCS. John, Gerry and Kirk started to break down the series.

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Did you watch last night did you pay attention did you sit on the edge of your couch watching TV sports magic last night there was drama. There was intensity. There was nail biting and in the end. -- The Minnesota only seemed to feel better after. And 8677. To win their second WNBA. Title in three years that dream. Poor ones swept. In the best of five series dream one's dream of course that's just did treat war here that's wrong incorrect entries from war. -- -- In the best of five. For the poor timing for that was EP gold what does it -- its nit pick in the Boston Globe by NC but he -- -- to get my -- -- -- there -- -- To hit -- tigers over days. Is wrong ruling for two later he would finish the game through that is not a two point by -- Also the number through there should be. Spelled out. TWO. It's number I know. -- commits. I was a 140 characters she's against Minnesota lynx beat Minnesota lynx. Beat the Atlanta dream for the WNBA. Finals it's where you even aware yes. -- taught -- that we watch is on the history and last night was that on all right you were laws. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's real natural basketball right not over the rim all the remove the ball a row ball screens moving around -- -- lesbians. -- game should be played under six league right all these tiny Archibald ought to I don't. Lesbians like Bob -- and this ambulance on the way I like it was the best part after the game. Diana Taurasi. -- in the closet she announced that she's heterosexual. I solve that and I don't know I think she's in in the cover of sports coaster this week that's an hour. That takes pride with him to he has people ought to follow favorite part of via. Of the Brittany. Griner of griner -- educated writer because there grinder grinder when all the media types of people like and you know -- opportunity -- -- said. What courage what courage BRITTNEY -- came out of the closet. Sickened more cards if you -- like happier and that your generation forget a lot of it is you know where were we value both for you guys for you people that was born during the Great Depression. For a win. Where you look at the scale he talked about the other day yes for us it's where you were brittney -- -- why don't ever forget -- -- that right a right -- done you know it's like well when you're kid you know own -- and Rock Hudson came -- off. -- the world yes oh yes it was huge news -- when brittney griner -- it was even bigger when retreats in the -- could as a candidate it it it I was hot. I was I remembered graphic in my pulled over this generally -- to put him outside the tour. Coming race in the streets as planned at the same -- -- don't know a lot of -- and an estimate. I will give you I will buy you bowl breakfast don't look. If you can tell me where this final game and a of the WNBA championship was played if you can tell me where it was played -- by breakfast from both. -- I think in Korea and the a very good guess. Vegas. Now it was played -- at the Staples Center. That's a trick question I don't know I don't helmets -- -- -- two cities yes well the two states. That the does so it's the it's the Atlanta dream and the. Minnesota lynx of course played midwestern -- Not mince no. Savannah they want it on the road very good gesture close Duluth Georgia spot -- This is due to Minnesota to us and Israel compromise and I like that dilute. -- -- Georges where they played I don't think that's gonna catch on that league registered the fact that I didn't know was the championship game last -- I didn't -- the season was even underway in one season -- it's in the fall again as pretend you have you know it's going to revolution what is the revolution season begin -- Davis -- although -- -- December. So emotional -- is reputed daughter and you don't support WB shame on you your -- there. A problem what you. We're kind of getting called us off -- yeah hey how'd -- -- I don't see any marks and scars and bruises or -- the markets are good yeah yeah he does not Kamal I hope. Who Noah he's talking about cagey -- -- pages is that we know that's no I don't know. Another boss yeah it was fine. Yeah surprised there was remarkably. -- I thought we had a -- -- shocked relatives -- a -- -- drop out so you're called on the carpet for what for how is really it was terrible thing that wimps now put -- one -- I mean I think they're not support me in my place my bad multiple web site I was suggesting there was some animosity. Among the website and yes that was a denied planets said it was a deal -- Somebody else to -- on the web site. Who runs the website who is a friend of mine who is not happy with me being critical web site as well. That is rob Bradford you brats haven't a little yeah -- -- real life beef yes. What then hands after -- -- it and. And that's says so he's not going to the movies tomorrow on your own. -- -- -- -- Like that idiot mutt was never heard it he would ever heard. This that would be time away from the club Los regretfully can't afford not to throw into the streets of rebels upset you're not. Promoting the website -- the too bad -- them. Yeah -- yeah I'm habitable -- -- true that there's a baby is getting a little uncomfortable he works hard on that -- every. I know but yeah that's a white. It I did your brother that's true in your brother's wife. My Brothers otherwise don't as your sister also not talking to me that's a really it's a lonely. Welcomed by so -- taken cedars loyalists to everybody. Everybody takes the scriptures and the other day on the -- It's true he he still does that's -- yeah that's change -- -- happens -- -- understand with the you know he picks his spots that's true. He hasn't forget no now I know that yes there -- subtlety and -- Everytime I start Ricardo yes you block it looks like holding say yes I watch -- I expect the call from you -- the breakdown lane in 93. Is -- The OC take the lug nuts off the tires takes a while yeah tired -- off. It's true stranded here -- how how. -- now the assortment that's -- and the defense is -- Well before that now my work we've done -- the -- you'd better be nice yeah -- all let's go 123 at the same time ready. Just Justin Verlander wasn't. All ensemble. Last night. -- -- did you like it was a place he was in place to base that's why you pick in the big iron says -- Now here's how I was gonna start the and it costs -- at a good time here. It was going to start to broadcast until I realized all the bull and Smartphone. Mya -- scored 23 missile which beat an extremely 8677. WNBA title my own war. She put you on a more structure -- -- Well you Tennessee yeah UConn Tennessee -- the olden days notice it what's her face and coach pat summit yeah yeah. -- on Father's Day. -- notice that you should note I'm aliens be. Pick yes. So what's her married name and her maiden name as bright and it would somebody do. Richard head -- Dick wasn't a slightly better than the old days hitting me. Now that's why people older generation I think that's does that rate. Estimates dad's name is Richard head but he still reluctant to -- at -- term -- are you serious and pick in the -- become. Just within the last -- Thirty years it's quite that's why don't see any kids and pick a ticket sexual since the start time. -- Happy actually the instrument in the name the name of domain name sergeant -- it's normal normal name that's why -- -- -- -- name went out of closet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 530 -- -- still -- -- -- -- -- right. Bumper sticker art forty years ago whatever are no -- -- the but there are lots of adults and acoustic used to be but instantly dying -- -- -- of the recall yeah but -- do you call it. The ultimately you know -- a -- let's get straight. To my team in nineteen what we did Great Depression right. In the Great Depression a lot of peaked yet nobody used thought it was -- -- that it would Dick -- -- -- it. Do you think anyone made a lot of golf course now that's a different story though it was a normal name and that's -- -- currently it is for that generation in the fifties late fifties and -- -- singles day of -- age of people mean day it seems that the Europeans -- -- now. Nobody in their forties. I -- market Richard -- I would not know Mel. It's -- -- there kids named Richard it's called Richardson Rick Ricci. Did you miss it reaches there. Don't call the rate the deal. That's idiotic us its over give it to him until I until you gonna start to showed. I got some good news and some bad news to -- and some medicines and goodness all right all right. The good news -- We are getting the match up we wanted. The Red Sox and the tiger -- a politics of salt and lo and holly. And in -- -- -- has coastal get the best the second half of the veteran guys that we have the matchup the vote yes yes. The good news is we get the match up we want the Sox in the tigers the bad news is Justin Verlander. Was awesome last night returned to site and more on -- field. The good news is he pitched last night so probably won't be available until game 32 pitch game three and entering the bad news is he barely broke a sweat the bad news is -- -- elect eat more -- yes yeah yeah yeah this is the tigers are what the season series vs the Red Sox four games to three. The good news is the tigers are drunk. Hung over I think landing at Logan right about now yeah right probably let -- good that is good news. Plus that the tigers won the season series street. 43 but not really I'd say the last game so -- -- is the last game of that matchup just ripped -- to the Red Sox by the score. 22 to four right now in other words the Red Sox outscored. Patriots and most weeks -- into that day and Anthony home run yeah. And Ortiz had a couple of bombs so the last time they get together do you know it wasn't pretty for Detroit. I'm glad I was so but I feel bad for Oakland Microsoft you are -- matter with the field that form -- in their pick a -- you know a couple of hundred real fans. And every year there. 196. Games we had incredible season never win these games whoever over they never -- remarkable run of just. Bad luck is as Billy -- would say in the postseason now they went on twelfth. One and twenty elimination games in elimination games under Billy -- and since the year 2001. And twelve who couldn't seem impossible. Yeah such as it had Hudson Mulder and Zito was you said yesterday that that 111 makes no difference these guys were part of that some sort of well I only other colleagues about the likes of 23 year old kid is that in 2000 as is well he's accurately states and Verlander said -- I think at -- and do you think the 23 year old kid was aware of 111. What -- yes I do political pros crisp was aware at all of us on the big penalty -- press last night's game does this enough pressure. So more pressure on Oakland in clinching game -- -- -- as you -- missed out by BP just coincidence do you think -- 24 year old really cares but the Yankees. He's in 2002. 2001 I don't know whether Sheryl about history is aware of this -- -- -- -- as the mayor would say it's this out contrasts and don't -- and I'm sure. Arabs they swing this is simply and you couldn't stand up you like your five year old at the ladies of four girls don't do that. In those situations. And and obviously it's a clinching game last year Oakland publisher under the pressure enough. They swing at more splitters and swing at more balls splitter changeup in the under a lot of pressure zone they press you saw -- do so Oakland in the same -- teams do that you'll see it. In this series some guys under pressure swing at more balls and strikes on. Splitters and change in the dirt and -- -- -- yeah you are there were Landers and just simple enough -- you want to thank you don't know up until after the game he ain't feeling so good Elmo. I'm not frustrated for me and minimum front error our guys are frustrated with the way the game went in and some idiot that spirit. You know again we still. He's still a lot to be proud of we we expected to go farther in this this year. But at the end of the day we did have a great season. A little more disappointing this year certainly there was last year. Yeah you know you're really really really good when you do something that only one other person has and his has done in his name is sandy Colfax. The letter is the second pitcher in Major League history. With ten or more strikeouts and no runs allowed in back to back postseason games the only other person in the history Major League Baseball to do that cynical -- Last five starts 35 innings. No runs 53 straight holes that's mind boggling it is just got a thirty straight scoreless innings against Oakland. In the plan yet the the question you asked about some stuff that keep the Red Sox up at night yes you open I potentially yeah. That's him you know what's -- how you win closer one way amend their other ways but if you like two aces. Like Schilling and Randy Johnson two aces and each go twice maybe three times -- them I'm not sure that happens with every team in every situation that they could have. The seven game series you can four maybe five games with. Well actually would behavior or four games which user and and in Berlin Maryland running in game seven he's gonna pitch game seven ministers generous when everyone's everyone's looming -- -- them out and show us or we saw pictures like c'mon bullpen in game four against Oakland to. Pretty well and you know the other bad news Cabrera hit a home run. He's not that injured he still a problem area Jesus but it is an amazing streaks only the second home since August when he seemed to put this yeah. He's Andy's always first homer to left field in like eight weeks it was his first run since September 17. Yeah second second since August 26. Jim Leland between lucky strikes talked about his ace last night loyalties who's who's truly. Getting downhill well he's back here really good rhythm a good thing there was a lot to the -- -- talk about I don't know much about. But he's really gotten mechanically back in -- Those pitchers working him. I mean he was locked in the night and you know this is a big challenge foreign. He did here last year and he's and so on several occasions forcing. You know we do once again. Voice sounds healthy doesn't yeah she's still alive. You're breathing putted twelve games how liberal knows what we shouldn't do what he did last night you say. -- not -- scherzer did Michael lost his mechanics in the middle and but I love that wouldn't. -- when Leland says I don't know much about it -- unlike most managers -- baseball guys. Pretend they know everything right. This mechanical thing I don't when you knew what it was. I think I disagree I don't think it's a mechanical thing at all or maybe someone but I do think the situation the pressure of the stakes they all bring out the best and -- And -- but the regular season some of those losses almost twelve losses he was bored. There was expression a much better lineup. When it's put those numbers up that you gave and I gave merit that's a better team that's -- 96 -- team that he's held scoreless for thirty innings. Look at his game by game that he probably lost you know the White Sox and Astros -- -- you know I don't know what the Astros maybe the White -- maybe the twins. On most days is not as much on the line Berlin is one of those guys have been trying to explain this to you. -- hand easily prove he's the body -- of the effective pressure has in a good way with him in a bad way with but with will -- the race any race any race some of the certainly some of the the aids but you. In and you joke and when you since you win a playoff series the ACL Latin and we heard from act. But it's true you look at a guy like that you say okay were all set he pitches those two games we are in great. You talked about those two game you talked about this yesterday they sort of -- they're not giving up on game one they're flying public landing at Logan right now hung over drunk tired the whole thing and they while not giving up on game number ones say. Probably not again we're gonna win. What you have to say that now about a game that Verlander pitches if you -- I think if -- the Red Sox have to say boy we -- that we have to apps from the win game one because if we lose game one of these insurers are Verlander for more times this year right to get ahead 10 yes and pick our spots because I mean. This -- good news for Red Sox fans. The -- Detroit two in the series off the ballot I got seduced by Verlander last night I looked into his eyes and got -- maybe maybe it's like somebody like peavy to the wools and match him up against Verlander. -- you know you know you could do that yet to lose the game and berliners Verlander. Why waste Lester or buckles. What they came. They are -- good old beat -- team to correct Oakland and Italy can work the count he walked one of 27. Days to. That's a problem for Boston clearly we've gone over this they face a lot of pitches than a thousand more than the next closest team. That's their job they they where -- pitches they keep the line movement. Does that work against Verlander no obvious problems are exactly right he doesn't know our last night that's -- so that shabby helps you. If that were. Going the other way it's in this guy wants to Cuba Oakland chance. It was help in -- he was it was unbelievable. And right to the end secrets from the last inning. Almost six inches outside and -- destroy your he would risen to members of relations and Verlander. Got 24 swings and misses. And he held the athletics left handed hitters one for twenty well in the game elect senators good hitters that's not -- That's that's a much better one. And and you look at it. If you Detroit and maybe this is a mistake maybe it's. It ignores. The vagaries of baseball. But if you -- courts and -- set for game three and game whenever seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was a surprise when -- -- Was not changed but. They need more -- that would back the -- -- issue though he's injured as he's a restore half competitively yeah. 083 and -- yet another bad news it is and we said what's good about this for the Red Sox this -- talking yesterday is it's all hands on -- that may be burned to the bullpen yet but too tired guys. -- a fixed all yet that's a good point you know. This I still can't believe that number and and -- she had a and we talked about it the tigers lost. 11 of his last ten starts. One of his last and that's. His last two starts were against Miami and minute's quote. And they lost the ball. This. About vagaries of but he was windows wasn't he. I don't know who's just tuning up yes six innings three hits against the Miami six and six hits. Against Minnesota before that he lost the Seattle. Mum before that he lost to Kansas City. Miami -- -- Kansas City he needs to be interest before like before that -- Oakland before that he lost to Kansas City. He did not finish strong and it doesn't matter I mean now this is one place. You know Verlander after the game. The end of the game five you know it's a clinching game and you know -- Hainan and had to go out there as well you know obviously a solid Gray -- last time and I know it's not going to be high scoring game itself. My mindset now from he had done was don't give -- -- you know obviously that's easier said than done but you know I knew that every -- has magnified. Especially with the latest on the -- Justin -- let's say -- was awesome last night 6777973. Acts like seven she's in it up Qaeda now. It up at Augusta yeah that's I think so she's moved on you know what she's doing now. BJ in the I'm more. Just in the PGA UC sports -- yet cost of not having 3009 of them were right it's -- a lot of woman a somewhat of a nation that exist. The exit. Turn off a shot out there you see a guy owner would you see a picture of Irwin is it was online. Top boots. Up and up hoops which he's human and she's also honored -- people's issues to be bigger picture right. No we didn't. Doubt we hung out. She was all over -- I would go only ball. -- -- I think and we went double date I was with the Peyton -- with Jane Lynch they you could converter it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks so I don't know that you don't sleep over mr. DMZ. I don't know I remember her significant other. We did we -- choosing -- next to us by the pool in Atlanta. That answer grow -- and they and their daughter she was. Us and -- she should current law where amber -- Divorced they are. LR like -- slogan -- slide away like what are. Our amber they're getting divorced. -- to -- that's ahead who gets custody -- -- -- the white. Well I should say actually -- called him in the white Christmas famous for so that's that is the what -- -- significant other thought she'd -- -- trophy wife nationally portion of the Rosie she's asking which the -- how much do you think in its most among possible it's also support. 68990. Dollars just off 93809. Bucks a -- that spot so you -- okay -- I -- Jane Lynch was successful. 93000. That's five million a year and listen good -- publishers now. You spiral in which makes like twice I that we all agree there's no problem with keeping after the -- -- -- -- and a little. On this night it's nine few cuts. -- -- as the month it is not three and let -- go you economics I'm just reading human Joseph Scarborough was divorce park. Had scratches Joe's got a -- -- divorced again rumors he and Micah meek you're name is. There's an item. To discover in court they revealed he mixed 99000. A week. You know Joseph scar borrow. We underpaid it meant and -- one point one million. Right 93000. Times well it's one point one million yeah yeah she makes 80000 an episode. Episodes of nuclear not enough equipment -- -- -- I can -- and scored. Left us. -- -- a -- makes more than five million a year. Always on team does he doesn't Wheldon and nobody want nobody watches -- -- -- -- you know anyone want to know that several watches you. The morning. Yeah we. Got a little pat on the back. And some acquiescence. It boss yesterday you -- because we bitch and moan about the ticket situation what you do yeah. We didn't. It was fair that'll -- and Maloney and falcon -- in giveaway Red Sox tickets this weekend and we don't Alou and why why. Animosity because she gets a giveaway at the deficit to us he Gabriel guest ticket Gabriel. It's really talking about. Yeah we agree to point tickets I guess we did I don't call -- I -- you know you recollection football tickets. So anyway I felt bad yeah KG felt bad. And he provided some stuff -- we will give away. During the course of this excellent yes. That we come back Jim Vogt joins us at 915 Atlanta seven point five phone lines open let's talk.

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