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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 10/10/13

Oct 10, 2013|

We tackle four topics that won't get full discussions today... picking the ALCS opponent, Tito vs Farrell, the NLCS and more.

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And now -- to Silicon Valley school. -- roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- And certificate century. But they ran it off of my. Respects. But he didn't mayor is expected to treat David Price in the offseason if you -- -- him what you do you offer price. -- Offered at a price. They're in a position where they need to give up before for David Price -- at the nice thing the Red Sox have going in his unit in Europe apartment they want a boy that's my point is there and do it they're not a position do that I'm not giving up my best prospects for him right now I like so much of what they've done building a building a solid base. Of pitching. Young pitching. Pitching that is that is in time for the next couple years I think if the Red Sox are gonna give up a lot of their prospects it needs to be for the replacement for David Ortiz not necessarily at the age but as the number three or four spot you order your big time -- if you're gonna give up big time big time prospects it's for somebody like him not for. Yeah I don't know if I would help but I feel very comfortable helping Tampa that would help -- You know you're trying to usually get David Price that's the good part the bad part -- you restock the rays they've got pitching. They got tons of pitching depth in the organization that you're helping them. Stay afloat. I doubt. That they'll be able to trade him to a team that doesn't sound to a contract and then David Price becomes a free -- but in that scenario short if knows if if if it's only gonna cost you money. You'll get up but if you are dealing directly with your competition in the American League east I don't like that idea. Yes we are another trade rumor that is floated around and has since been denied by Atlanta's that the falcons should trade Tony Gonzales. Your Bill Belichick what would you trade it for Gonzales. I would trade some of those chips that he was eating the other day -- war or everything am Klondike bar whatever it was. Tony Gonzales. It is late thirties. A big receiver is Bill Belichick described him. Not really interested in blocking. Not capable of helping you all that much in the running game. Oh. What what what exactly are you trying to accomplish -- I've decided to connect to you would trade anything for some of the round pick maven who. I was or more are -- an outlet to go -- for I would give up or I would give up before from parents are more valuable. That's the Arizona last year of his career at the -- yeah that's fine and I and you're giving him up knowing map but you're foreign one team that. Was built around these two tight ends right Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez supposed to be part of the crux of your offense. You're not gonna get Hernandez back obviously you've cut him for obvious reasons. And and you should get -- back Fella I guess I wanna see what they look like when -- -- -- to what that does for the offense but. Belichick loves that too tight -- thing and Hernandez wasn't prepared for blocking ability. Much like Tony Gonzales he was up there to be receiver we've seen the Gonzales to hasn't yeah I think he would be a valued at this team but I wouldn't give up anything more than a fourth round. -- You're starting a baseball team who would you rather have managing your team Terry Francona. John -- well with all respect to John Ferrell -- -- like a lot we enjoyed talking to every Wednesday. Terry Francona is two rings bring in the Indians to the post season this year the fact that I go back and his gains and Mike I know you brought up a few where. Where there might have been issues in terms of a second guessing it's better 2008. At all those gains from that I don't remember them now well. I just always really respected and appreciated Terry Francona as a manager thought he did a great job with all of the different elements of of managing handling Boston. Of handling his players of allowing them the space they -- and being a players guy which I think is the right thing to be in in baseball but still until the end. Getting the most out of them of making the right moves and strategy in games. I would still go. Terry Francona special I'm starting Daniel Ben I thought that Tito would have been on before that we got to the questions about -- and how this is. This is put me in a bad spot because the answer is John Ferrell. Because of all the things that he can do mean both of those guys have similar managing philosophies. Of both of them would be considered players managers. The edge -- start a team here. But a lot of things to worry about. John Farrell -- pitching much more than Tito does. And he has done other things outside of managing. He has been a farm director too so his ability to evaluate talent Tito's credit to Britain. -- -- -- -- of his ability to evaluate talent and his knowledge of pitching. Gives him yet about what we're new franchise expansion we had a right earlier the real answer is neither of them -- some -- for couple years at your players are you good are they don't I want to to get X. -- The AT&T question of the day it's ignited the nightly found out with -- find out with a Red Sox will be facing in the ALCS who would you rather the Red Sox face the aids tigers. While the baseball for -- -- dumb and it's all about the beauty of the game. And the game of baseball and as John -- said yesterday it's what you want that you want the best thing that the two best teams are Red Sox. And the tigers. But I really don't wanna go to Detroit. I just don't want. Any time before. I've had decent times in the in the victory but. In the Bay Area so. Gonna be -- I -- wanna go to -- there's the and I can do it -- she broke up. -- A bad it is of course it's a rule will -- but that was 25 years that I haven't seen that I mean I think it's actually takes place at this time -- -- Detroit's got much better since they're making a new book are they really. I don't know there's a part of it wants to go to Detroit and a solution now that you bring up the fact we could try to go to who a red wings game on Tuesday night. The idea don't try to go to Joseph Louis. Am excited the mayor I think in Detroit is gonna win any merit to sentence today rates in 228 years -- -- -- just happens. -- here when you're selling dollar houses in your town Michael and their overpriced. With the way we're lucky favorable costs at least 2040 freezing at thirty years now aren't sure by the end true will be a completely rebuilt in just fine. All those dollar houses will be worth millions of dollars -- feel like New York City. Francisco which you really think the tigers are gonna I think it's tiger's gonna win it and I think god and I think that's a better rate I think it's a better matchup for -- Red -- -- all the way around I think there I think the Red Sox -- the best team. Of the three remaining. I think the tigers are gonna win only because I think that's just the way the world works the tigers just win this game -- -- think that's a much of -- well. How are doing this one of the things we talked to go about and his team finish one game behind the tigers. In the AL central so. Isn't really a better matchup for the Red Sox and you mentioned this before that Miguel Cabrera is not the same -- you see that guy at the plate man no. You know it was the of one extra base hit in the last six weeks. The last six games in the last six -- he has one extra base hit. I just see that guy at the plate and still Miguel Cabrera. Economic preparation there's something wrong with at least you know he's really hurt he's not like a little we're not sitting up -- exist or is he 65% of them so I don't know if he is one extra base hit I mean he's not hitting for power. It just isn't doing that makes him a different ball player and you expect him to be hard so you take Miguel Cabrera or use saying he's he's not the same guy. You look at that if if you look at that -- If you just look at him as a whole staff the lineup. Miguel Cabrera is a really big piece in this their best player by far black. Lot of good players and team and a well managed. Just can't see it as me. It is not a good -- -- have more out of the article that ran to players that Oakland does but I don't know that the players on the team that much better when you take Miguel Cabrera out of me he's a difference maker he's healthy. We don't have an argument I mean Detroit is just a better team -- an Oakland is with a healthy Miguel Cabrera but for whatever reason Prince Fielder has struggled in the playoffs last couple years this year is in the same thing. -- not terrified at Torii Hunter right I mean is that somebody that you're that worried about. A Victor Martinez gunfire -- a -- hasn't really had much of the year -- -- -- -- decrepit so a lot of BA's players I mean between -- mosques and Donaldson has been an MVP candidate Coco Crisp is on Byron Larry's -- well the some of these names you kind of -- down a little bit because of what they were when they were here. But they've been a whole lot better since and they're playing good baseball on Oakland right now those young pitchers. Are they don't have the same names as as as Verlander grades that are Verlander or assures there or or history even. But they're good you know -- great Q is it they'll. You know what another argument is. And and and it all depends on what happens tonight let's say Detroit loses this game got. You get that team and what they've done they've spent a lot of money. High payroll. A big time manager. They have. Gone out free agency and -- and and gotten some guys some some big time guys and Justin for Lander and got assures Ernie after all these guys. What a World Series last year got swept. Went to the World Series I think it was in 2006. Against the cardinals and lost that that Ausprey meekly event they lost in five games. In in 2006. They are built to win. -- -- And what do they really had to show Ford. Payloads -- it's disappointing yeah would be it would be extremely disappointing because this that this is not the Tampa Bay -- story where there. You know they're getting pats on the back for winning ninety games and encounter or rubbing elbows and rubbing shoulders with the big boys. The Detroit Tigers are the big -- and go back to -- -- -- -- Jeremy Bonderman Mike -- each losing twenty -- I don't think they don't Mac -- out there won't be that bad but not you you look at what they've done. In the last the last six or seven years what they've been does what they've been designed to doing -- the actual championships they have to support it's really discipline. My real fear about playing to trees the cedar PR guy who's my least favorite person an old. In written I think his is name and -- pain in the -- in every way shape -- form is one of my least favorite people anywhere and thanks for helping us out anytime you get yourself 617 he hates me or about six months now and I haven't haven't gone all -- seven we ought to pay for it yet to be for wave back Mattson -- hi Matt. They have gone to Baghdad. Good oncology and Mike caught trop had that been a Bogart's -- you look what he's gained started. Get on a pitch in predict record her character oh yeah I think you're here. Coming your colleague dirt -- UPQ and about that you know saying anyway we have got to worry about what. You we didn't have to worry about them there were two games -- that was critical so that was. Great stop early on you that really go ahead then they. Wolf thank you -- should call everyday with something like I used to come up with something Smart I said if you keep your -- have to dig through the archives. I'm maybe you've said wonder too Smart things and six or seven months here to do that every day. But you're wrong you -- but you war. -- -- -- But probably -- it's -- dumb luck thank you man I appreciate the call. Can we get more votes now railings as you can put too much it's just it was great. Feed my ego I feel good now go to touchy feeling really yeah I feel really -- if you feel good about myself. Good deal right after -- after being skipped today and -- general matter I have about a self confidence I feel really good go to salmon run around I said. Hello hello. Actually I'm calling about. Bogart's. That the other night it's well after your conversation with Carol when he talked about how. If if they come to minors. Batting after the home run. That they would try to pitch -- so that he might just swing at a bad pitch. And it seemed muted that slip -- was doing. We with voters human -- because none of those pitches were in the area but they were there they were they weren't strikes. And I think they were counting on the fact that this rookie. Playing in his first. -- -- -- Consequence. Would be anxious to his swing. And that they were going to try to give him -- to swing at bad balls. And he showed that discipline. That he didn't swing today and took -- walk and of course. Started that rally. So it's an interesting point I mean obviously I don't know the answer to a Michael but I think Sam raises a good question and I mean look regardless of whether anybody want player not forget that stuff -- I'll just garbage the point of the matter is when the kid when he and he delivered exactly what he needed to do and that's our zone maybe. Be -- Stephen Drew because we keep comparing. You know drew late in the game -- in and connecting drew in the seventh and eighth innings to. -- -- Maybe since he's proved himself now in the in this situation this is it's his his first big playoff test and he aced it. Maybe now more expansive role than that we were initially thought man he's on the roster to. Spell Stephen Drew and a tough lefties out there -- not necessarily. Maybe he can do a number of things if you can use to be lieutenant Stephen Drew and electing -- will meadowbrook. Look at gender Bogart's -- part one of these game I would be editors are likewise if they don't like it's a good match I would also surprise within the the one thing is. That Tampa team we we talked a little bit about yesterday were in many ways built to beat the Red Sox with all the lefties they had two big time starting pitchers both left the and then all the lefties coming out of the -- mean they had -- They had three lefties in their hand and two when they're starting rotation. Oakland and Detroit combined have zero left handed starters that I got some lefties out of the pen or Doolittle and the -- to be a starter. Like on his name and Oakland Andrew smiley. I mean that there are some guys who will come in and throw from the left side later in games but no starters. So you know I don't I don't know whether you're gonna see decades start against a right hander in the -- no I'm not but I'm kind of it but I'm not focused on as a sort of a focused on Stephen Drew. Even I think even if the Middlesbrough is gonna start I pretty surprising you talking about middle Brooks is look -- now mark I would say baton. But the -- -- Zander Bogart's as our previous caller just point out -- too bad either now on the other hand you have if you have the flexibility to do it if you feel good about. A matchup maybe it was at a -- now what makes it so complicated is that you don't have much of a book on Zander you don't the other team doesn't let. You don't know who he matches up with scientifically you're just guessing you know this guy. You know based on how he throws in what he throws. This should be a -- went four for Zander -- tournament I guess you have to take somebody out obviously in order to do it I don't -- removing Stephen Drew certainly against. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's done that a few times not every time for hit. But you've seen him go the other way so. As of right now I feel comfortable will middle Brooks and and that pop that he has. And you're hoping that it's gonna be you know paid dividends at some point here in the post Zander has 26177. -- like I'm Brooks but he can 79 degrees out on the part of Victor is on the -- -- Victor. Well I go under the first time long preceded it was in my. Yeah that's what are the other conversations -- happened today why are we worried about. Who we play in Detroit or Oakland doesn't matter where the American League champions were the best team in baseball. -- on where it should be worried about. Did you figure that way advocates is that I would -- worry it's more curiosity maybe a little anxiety you look at it and he just wanted to know. You wanna get into the breakdowns in how to they match up verses this team that team or that guy so. That's it that's what it is. Go to its interest. It's subtle kind of went to a war. Got a couple of times it mentioned that would rather play Christina matching game and I think that there cannot let and so so what the other guys that -- -- on the -- could well. We're victory -- a Red Sox are thinking that way at a bit of Victor as a baseball fan you don't have a preference or you don't you don't. Think about well I wonder who they're gonna play don't have any curiosity what. I absolutely do without cigarettes on the kind of wimpy that we were thinking about it would it would rather play each. Each Oakland because Detroit has better pitcher and we don't wanna get up against. I don't look they both I don't think Victor I don't -- that team is a push over. I -- there's an easy matchup left in the post season forget about the American League. If they are prepare prepare fortunate enough to use do you buy the ALCS and its World Series. There's not a -- -- there now there's don't got 2007 Iraqis lurking where you just look at him and saying okay. I don't know that I would agree with the on the other hand you know we're not the only ones talking about Craig Breslow on today with -- Lou revealed that the team themselves they're talking about it -- on different opinions. I haven't had. You read that you've got to replace an. Entity. Over -- He's pretty well. And we -- like you know. We recognize. The it. Detroit 1010. -- reminds you a lot of -- -- -- -- Well Oakland remind you of the Red Sox because the artery -- apparent. We've got a bunch of Red Sox on that team let's -- did Kelly and Hammerstein count. And it looked on on that -- -- wanna say. I totally agree with the point is that I would make its -- how to tell her I moved here a little while ago. And I noticed that people around here duped -- get caught up in what -- call it. The loser mentality. You know at that 1918. Stretch I feel like people -- -- -- cut up a lot of wanna play that dialogue. -- like -- dinner and dinner telling. -- I figured if it doesn't wanna pop in on. And weary of free singer out not only from. I'm originally from PC. And the ultimate target there -- and I mean it's. Here particularly as the -- most people have accused. Red Sox fans. Media people in this town most people have accused. Odds of being homers. Nobody can deal with -- with just the opposite I don't I don't see that all the talking about who your who your opponent is going to be -- everybody in every city would do it generally we can apply to accusations that we recognize -- that's right. Yes -- always have some help the respected happier at the same time I think the Red Sox -- the best team left in the American League are closed for a good point. -- a -- that you -- -- a US thank -- new York and much appreciated. Speaking of the tigers and their fans and whether or not they have a loser mentality. Mike to Rico born and bred tigers and he joins us on Thursday's -- in baseball with a little courts also some football just over your shoulder Michael they were just -- an ESP was doing it red zone patriots red zone experience. Got some just the world reds' own possessions but the take -- to last them.

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