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We know the interest in the Sox is back because we're nitpicking and complaining!

Oct 10, 2013|

We discuss the interesting ride the Sox have been on the last three seasons and how some people still can't forgive, but this postseason is doing a heck of a lot to change those feelings.

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-- look at all six or 77797937. -- that number out yesterday. And you never know what's gonna happen when you go to the phone lines -- -- topic discussed in the Red Sox Michael. Whether -- Truly redeemed themselves whether everything was back to normal weather winning -- AL division series was enough to. -- make you forget some of the scenes of the last couple years and whether the buying in was in full effect. I expected you know. People to agree some to disagree maybe some irritation still with ownership or management. Or just -- everything that transpired camps on my body in fine. I did not expect the call that we got from Rhode Island yesterday Blake in Rhode Island that was a truly I thought unique figure. My biggest problem is with David Ortiz that they could default rate a ticket -- -- And that are gonna get a little upset some pins out there what does that mean to you mean those are big words what do they mean Tom is having the -- partly it was -- well qualities -- -- let me see the Richmond race is going on in the past year and a half about. You know it and I don't see him looking at a club halted and that -- -- -- the tell all -- Baltimore and get it but -- get in this case there and it stats in the RBIs. I'd remain even lucky that only leaves they'll not be fully back with this team and he had an epitome of what happened with the chicken and beer -- given lots of I think given like he. He used as -- -- will hold on I thought I thought that Beckett and Lester and Lackey were the epitome and a. Adults are and clash with the arc he's really care about showed his true feelings on -- -- all of the -- was bad. -- has not really want beat back all over anything he's done last. But so he goes on from that that sort of gives you the idea Blake from Rhode Island in MacKey asked lackeys want him back -- -- -- -- -- -- right but Ortiz not a -- the thirty home runs this year lead in the team virtually everything it playing in almost every game since coming back from you know being -- for the first couple weeks. He has not won -- back Lackey a 100% has totally want him back cup I don't like it is beautiful. Couple home runs in the game two of the of the division series. One home run your first two home runs off David Price. Set per cent price on on a Twitter rant and basically. Basically turnout usually around the game changer for the -- saw -- like all the other people on the Red Sox are helpful they're good players great pitchers you don't go anywhere without the depth of the pitching staff for all the depth even in your in your lineup and everybody has matter RT five -- court. Put Ortiz is the man who's represented the -- -- Guy directly rep Michael full assembly set that day after the -- is strong that's David Ortiz just cared about himself only. -- it was there's a manhunt in the city right. Some -- -- people stand your houses. Got to find somebody gonna find the guy one of the guys. Will. Do you still have to say allegedly allegedly. Was responsible for. Terrorist act of acts. Killing a policeman in Cambridge yeah. Injuring. And killing people the marathons of David Ortiz got the context that the backdrop beat goes. To the microphone and says we're not gonna let him -- goes -- city our city but it's all about him according to our worst cities -- -- they would -- sitting hours and at all about him at all about what I -- I gotta be honest I think it's -- you. Yeah that's really what I think you asked me we represents I think -- represented people they just don't see the world the way how to -- how many people are how many people -- and that I didn't think it was that many but -- that phone calls that we -- you have. After you know what we're surprised and I'll give Blake credit for one thing. I think he actually believes what he -- so. -- this is not -- let me just call up in pain and see if I can say something -- -- -- believe that reaction so he believes it right. -- people call after room. Believe did as strongly as he did. I think it was more like a lot of guys added element called gimme chip in and throw some -- in the fire. Well look it I Ortiz is a polarizing figure. If your opinion on David Ortiz is he was in the 2003 reports I believe he's dirty and I -- steroids in baseball on -- never -- form again. Then I guess I can respect that I don't necessarily agree with -- -- but I can respect that point of view. The idea of he's selfish ball players doesn't run out balls why don't like -- he's a bad teammate I mean look there have been some isolated incident for David Ortiz. But overall. If you think that bad outweighs the good I guess I don't know what to think. Mean you are listening to Kanye West earlier right you have to -- you you Howell six minutes and that statement eight full minutes of just full on insanity right. What he's saying. He's a memory of -- a creative genius. A couple of times and it is unfair and I don't wanna make this comparisons on negative to compare David Ortiz to him but you brought a bridge Jack -- -- string of -- -- -- big compared to Kanye West we've got is not the worst -- -- and entertain -- guys who just. Have mill. They just don't care is an entertainer gave -- in many ways absolutely yes I mean he's got that he's got that part. Of him that sets them apart walk into the room larger than life walk into the room and to convince everybody is looking at you. And I'm making fun of view mirror admiring would you walk in with a Red Sox clubhouse there are 24 baseball players and there's David Ortiz and he stands above them. Not because he tries to. Not because he puts himself on a pedestal but because he has a presence -- a magnetism to -- that that no one else on this team has quite frankly nanny had a as well just because he had that larger than life thing Pedro was larger than life. Character even Curt Schilling in some ways have that that extra thing about and that star quality to -- David Ortiz has got it you can't call ahead or way right and it's not that means that haven't. He has passed it it does it's on 777979837. Carl is in New Hampshire hi Carl. I. I I agree -- -- he's a great ballplayer. It's a lot so called party sport all the money they're very well great form. But he has its -- And all they -- what are the reporters are basically like cancers. -- -- twice that -- -- of what's phony about it I did you made at the brig guard down I don't. But all of the big chart -- car you get that you get the Florida's -- -- to clarify what he's a phony because what. But when it -- things don't go right. -- -- -- That's human there's no doubt that your advise that phony -- maybe because he's a baby Jesus talk. It's -- or not you know no pun intended that. What what's open or. It probably guys. It's either the perfect teammate no okay. But he's he's temperamental he's he's pregnant there's no question is higher than. But as apple wasn't my house that phony he's never claimed that does not those things they told -- it's not. Not saying. Why don't think anybody thinks -- saint gave Ali that's I think that's -- -- -- -- the question is this is the good outweigh the bad. -- -- Wouldn't probably. That there -- -- it does that's the question does the good away the -- it is a flawed figures that's part of what's that what makes me. Tell me that sports announcers always. Go to Barrett. Here's the good outweighed the bad I guess it all -- sooner rather it's San Francisco. When he Kerry today are. Nine -- case it probably doesn't motivator he's not a criminal like that the company -- talking about criminal behavior here bring about Karl -- my car you're gonna have to come back in ten normally focused focused going to be. -- -- But I'm just saying he's not saying hey good. The agency has -- warts so I can't keep it. -- -- I think we would agree there I don't think that that is it in in any answer leave it up for discussion. Is David Ortiz perfect now David Ortiz is not perfect. But as David Ortiz one may be the biggest reason the Red Sox -- stand apart as a team the way they are. Key is I still think he's the most important guy in the -- six -- 777979837. More your calls plus don't forget Terry Francona coming up here in hopefully just over half hour both 33345. Or so we will talk to Tito. I thought text earlier no not the fake TO. Not a guy doing it Tito brought out -- realize is not a fake Tito -- to cover actually Terry Francona -- he's in some meetings today he will join us Cleveland Indians mr. Terry Francona yes he'll be sniffing the way I am talking about mills the Hampshire talking about Ferrell as well. David Ortiz -- not seeing David. He is sure important this Red Sox teams alcoholic WE. This side right get a lot of playing their. Lot of people find -- who wanted to. That's right up at all I get this whole idea that David Ortiz would be phony deep look maybe. That's good tax we get here AT&T text -- 379837. And -- not all bad. Sometimes you need to have the deal because the and he goes out there if that's indeed the quality of allows them to crush home runs in the playoffs. And in big moments. Maybe you need that gang your team and maybe got to deal with some of the negatives because the positive outweighs. -- you know the back story the back story on Ortiz storming into your -- press conference of the prank. That went wrong. And that's what happens when you know amateur comedians try to pull -- is that true try to pull -- high level comedy it has what bad what happened was. Dustin Pedroia came into the clubhouse and said hey man the -- -- -- -- -- They're trying to keep you away from getting your contract -- try to take money out of your pocket David. He got a ball hiked up this -- it's -- cubs -- We just screw up whether that's true. I didn't realize that yes the story we're honored that you -- you. Gotta talk a -- thought. Well. What does Pedroia say about that later that I don't know that my ball flight to ever ever going to be certain that -- good job with up and I'd say not a gifted. Let me remind you guys can win two tickets to game one of the ALCS -- -- you'd like to go to Saturday night. 8 o'clock start at Fenway Park game one ALCS not sure who the opponent will be. Two win those tickets be listening tomorrow. At 12:30. PM -- Maloney courtesy of Budweiser exclusively on the home Red Sox playoffs baseball. Baseball playoffs Sports Radio 937 WEEI FM and on W he has a thirty -- 1230. -- -- advance -- -- not happy that problem that does it what's the what's the problem that they didn't they give away tickets last week they aren't -- -- from tomorrow we're giving -- tickets at 1230 candy was to promise all part of the same goal of it's a problem open are still a part of the same team right I mean at 546 seconds brand -- -- studios. -- Adams had -- her fifteen minutes you're -- you'd almost absent furious this morning he scoffed at the read the whole deal anyway tomorrow at 1230 with -- Maloney and I'll ultimately also -- and later 530 tomorrow as well ALC we -- be given them away. ALCS will -- game to. -- per game. So alive -- about his that is all coming up. Later on this week take some calls or 61777979837. On the David Ortiz -- just I was so blown away. That that's where somebody would go right away like hey have you body in the credit goes exercised and the first comment is. I hate David Ortiz and I can't get over it I can't like this team Gary's mud slugger David Ortiz. Is gone now -- and what actions and I can understand not liking certain guys on the team not just one player or five guys -- team you know like. Seven players but. As Jimy Williams I used to say. Uniforms -- Boston. Boston cross front -- the Red -- like every player on the team like the I agree with every decision doctor on the paper laundry that likely ownership TBA on TBS. Thank you -- it's Red Sox so I can't imagine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't care about it some people they get over it but not to the point they -- like me it it makes you feel -- -- and root for the -- or not they should be more likely than not they should be less like you ever want to be a little bit more like -- -- they should be less like -- but they should still refrigerant and be a -- like me I think that would help them -- and brought him his credits -- -- him. There's sweaty. I went to the doctor today though I Ivy League or older browser to a cure today and putting on -- because some cold Tim goes out to Arab. And I guys don't. Men like this the first -- -- the -- -- and I believe it was Blake from yesterday. They've begun calling it a comment like that elite back it up with something and I am glad they -- called Amal. Another -- this to their professional athletes they're getting paid to do their job if they sell because they had a bad game -- -- do. Epidemic of -- it -- make you -- -- professional athlete but doesn't that doesn't get upset when that failing. J. D. -- But our -- -- reports about taking your way. Out. Of that to you I mean there are players who always appear not to care and by the way we hate them more. Mean generally those of the players we absolutely can't stand because they look like don't give a damn one way or another army and Ortiz that you want the guy does want to win he cares about winning is there an element where cares about himself yes. -- easy eagle distance away probably right but that's some of -- allows -- -- just saying the ability go out there at the end of the game just not give a crap. Just out of care -- up there and do my thing. -- -- -- And -- there are certain positions in sports. Where is far it's hard to finding a modest guy in that position. I think there's been a modest receiver or two may be art monk. There's been like a modest quarterback or two. But not come to Miami Mike -- maybe. But designated hitter. Adam a modest designated hitter. He probably has modest number -- -- -- up again yeah he's probably somebody who they're sticking it designated hitter 'cause they need somebody I have -- we gotta have somebody out of yesterday's total accurate or you're ten homers in your your you're seventh at the -- gets happy with -- yeah. -- -- it's a position where it really is a little bit of Granada hitting that's all you don't want to just. I guess I don't paint around waiting for your turns running. A tornado hit the one name you would probably bring up that would oppose that though is the guy who that is is often called degrees DH of all time Edgar Martinez. Wasn't -- kind of guy didn't have superstar quality tomb was sort of common honest -- at Miami he is he is -- now probably along with -- Ortiz. The two best ever at that position and somewhat different personality types -- that it got to give the -- Ortiz over Edgar I think you do now -- I think now I -- these with built with. The resurrection of his career in the last few years I would agree with you on the other hand Edgar did most of that -- terrible hitters ballpark six -- 777979837. Let's go to RD -- -- I heard. You. Pay RD gotta turn on your that if we're gonna do this are but it will try nick in Cambridge China. -- got the exact same from -- -- you I -- -- there was some -- I know you wanted to say first Omnia Ortiz are and you know against mr. burns school look I'm rooting for. Sport I mean it's just. You know I think I like that -- industry baseball. -- nation great are going to Arnold -- You know I remember Redlands and you know he's the best we've and then. Better than Damon. You know I remember Ellis Burks and we thought -- going to be great. Have a better than Damon now do you think you'd think Ellsbury has been better than Damon. He's got a he's got a better -- you got a better swing he's got a great swing that wind will hold up. Next Arctic here. -- -- I only got. I appreciate I'm -- I don't quite agree that he was better player than Damon. I think Damon was was pretty unique ball player the ability to do all the things that he did the on base percentage adding in the slogging Ellsbury is a better base -- -- Damon. He's just straight up faster right. But other than that and I and and maybe the army is marginally better -- Damon was atrocious air Ellsbury is not good. Yeah pretty similar. That's not a -- and Ellsbury when he was when he was drafted. A lot of people have been noted the the similarity that's the way it looked. That he was buried -- a similar game Johnny Damon is that what the the Johnny Damon so their boat that it built a lot better than they look I maybe go into the clubhouse they're both pretty -- dudes and that doesn't necessarily come across when they're wearing uniform. So I. Oh I don't know about that they're big they're they're bigger -- than they look after us on terms that. -- I think this watchable playing just to be fair then have to give it to Damon and just the better -- maybe maybe it's just. Damon has been out there and if we we have seen -- very. And it's it's amazing that these thirty. -- you get to subscribe to thirty but it's amazing managed thirty because there have been so many gaps. -- two seasons were that have been essentially lost injuries yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Large and in charge party we'll try you again RD go ahead. Yeah you guys we're gonna make her car but I had the defender would keep sending and that is how many people and you wondered if playing -- -- them and their personal traits. Does he answered broken English and sometimes the heat eat you know it can -- statement -- -- an -- you know he had been accused. Of leaked -- I'm with a hundred names yet no -- ever. Really attached and two I mean he's such -- big tourist and that it if they can approve any of this stuff about him. It would be a front page of the paper every paper in the country tomorrow so you know you can sit around it feels like that turn and tree you know and and it kinda picture I would describe you know. And and so you know he does tomorrow and on time but who who spend more clutch at the -- top player the last twenty years. No one I ever -- me he does no one is ever been more clutch for the Red Sox and David Ortiz. What he's -- the last twenty years he's right. I'm uncomfortable things probably the most portraits -- expired last -- -- in the last the world only started like twenty years ago or do they really now when baseball really got going about twenty years ago I think their time before that we have to go back before twenty years ago if you go over twenty years the baseball world started your first -- -- -- now. Forget about the party allegedly sort of the Adam. A Hezbollah terrorists like everyone else is born from his rib cook is -- over the hey did you not hitting a baseball managers Terry Francona set to join us hopefully in about fifteen minutes but sometime later this hour somewhere between 330 and four clock we expect to be talking in the real Terry Francona -- today here in WEEI 617779. 7937. Danny is in New Hampshire again. Good afternoon that saw there was any. Nobody in baseball related equipment and our guard -- from -- Rhode Island should maybe he should Altria. Over the Dana Farber Children's Hospital colonel -- and what she shows up unannounced and -- even though it is their supper that kids who visits. And I know the stretching and salt. It northern not a liberal baseball which shows democratic character the guy outsold. In all sort of great player in all of them are. Let's source kansans want to work force came in 1960 settlement doubts or an appearance he has in the has put. It's harsh character of the parent has more character and that man. -- -- -- -- gonna to have this congress but we don't. We don't have to have the conversation I think for the most part for the most part with the Red Sox. It's over now. It's all over -- there was the the the angry period. From most Red Sox -- rest our experience were at the British if you weren't if -- pure anger wasn't personal. At the very least you were deeply disappointed that team that you thought was going to the playoffs between eleven stumbled in its last 27 games winning only seven album. And then lost to the awful awful Baltimore Orioles that -- -- didn't go to -- at the very least you're angry you. Teams in the playoffs now in the ALCS and an angry about that but if you're angry at individual players. You're either over it now. Or you're probably just gave up on baseball and I'm thinking it's more. Of of the of the former and not the latter they get over because they changed and it they actually differently and how -- it fit you now yeah. It's too bad crowd watched the first for the last two games and you're right you're lifting right QQ walk away from baseball I don't know anybody. Who has loved baseball major areas of loves talking about baseball watching baseball. Reading about baseball I don't know anybody who's just been able to. This get up and walk away from I think it it would take something even bigger. In the 2011 and 2012 Red Sox to get to go there and my guess would be 1994. But Felix and it stands up there it says to the World Series. And what we the World Series is canceled we found in the last few years though is that strikes and lockouts have not annually make people turn away from the sport. They come back more popular than ever -- but he canceled. Q where you're to camp to cancel apple pie canceled ice cream. You canceled trick or treating you can't. I was nineteen years ago that was an -- that was right in the infancy of baseball my that's designed as a threat. It takes a lot of to be able to love baseball to walk away from I just don't think most people can do it I hope I'm Wendy I think. Do you think than 5% of people out there you think then and then reluctantly -- earlier like maybe 5% he's a very small number I just thought it was bizarre and and worthy of the conversation. You think that. Boston terrorist down its heroes more than other cities you think that's a Boston thing or do you think that that is a sports audience -- northeast thing. You know it's the same the usual suspects Boston. Philadelphia New York Paul cousins. All all very passionate intense. It's great when things are going well. You cannot he cannot betray. A New York sports -- Boston sports and Philadelphia's sports report perceived betrayal that -- So yeah if you -- and it's it's on your terms not on terms. There are people that are not always leading a lot of times it's in the middle boy David and I were going over the list of players. That have been that were really really big names in for big deal and in some way I've been torn down -- -- different for all the bad -- was on the -- we had down Ortiz. Manny Pedro while many Schilling Nomar. There's a lot of names I mean it for various deeply deserved maybe some of them were less so but I mean those are. Those are five or six of the biggest Red Sox names well and it Alaska and a lot of cases which is really only Red Sox history and urging anything. A lot of cases. If that was that song but what are your heroes Eddie self destruction. Market this self destruction but do you think there's more of that here than elsewhere or do you think that happens. It's like Oak Ridge and not tear down Manny. For what he did while he was with the Red Sox. Crimes against baseball. He had. Crimes against the elderly. While he was here and then another baseball crime. Since he's trying to he's cheating is trying to get away a bit. Everybody else says I can't do it this way and Manny that forget it I'll still do it that way so I think that's. Toward Manny was torn down Curt Schilling you talk about some of the personal issues that he's had. And summer commentary -- had strong opinions so that contributed to it as well. I don't think I think in a little stores I don't think it yeah I don't think I'll put a random thing where Brett Favre is an exam -- Boston fans say okay he's no longer here we got a grip on your at least some. Is he doing a manager there on an event 61777979837. Mike. In this car hi Mike. I -- that up. -- -- -- I told you guys assignment. Well without question I think they're good always about a touchy column -- whatever that I actually in the haven't -- -- people lately and I thought he had that you know on this. I think at that scene Hugo on the way that's going and they and it went in the World Series anarchy heat have an impact -- an -- on this team. He could go down that maybe the second Red Sox player of all time having been. One of the premier players on three we think about are very different package tracking server manager and I accredited and the like I. Yeah who at least what you got your list is not crazy it is it it's a little crazy because. Of the history -- he's got too many people get too many great players hall of fame caliber players and actual hall of famers who played for the Red Sox that you're. I'm guessing you're one instead is that your run. Pedro he got dad's. In the Alley at. When Carlton Fisk. In that category a lot of. -- be on the eve party he's he's -- he's in an elite company that is for sure number two. I don't know man for me it's always going to be having seen Pedro it's hard to imagine putting any other player that I've watched it. Head of Pedro Martinez in terms of what they were able to do for the Red Sox or maybe just -- and position players hitters specifically. -- he's a great one man and and the ability to come up big in these big spots. Is -- is on person. It did for a general appealed PM the always be a top team in Red Sox figure. Form for what he's done on the field and just the presence the larger than life presence off the field great with kids you know great in the community. -- always be on that list but to say number two north Lotta competition. For six or 777979837. Steve is in new -- state. I guess they don't you got a couple of comments and then this year adequate content. Where he can. And I care. My comparison to any payment. And -- elderly. Date you have like some types of the same their approach is saying but in a heartbeat. I would take any game in any day. And victory in the -- -- game one. Damn far more durable ballplayer and liberty crashing into wall and Mike Timlin did it -- -- like a dead body -- hit the wall. And engagement back out there he's like Wes Welker of baseball. So -- very appears a little bit more delicate but more importantly. Delicate or not I think the major difference between that true. Johnny Damon who has a gifted. Baseball player. Jacoby Ellsbury is gifted -- Damon had in -- Into the game I think I was very gets by. What more -- is. Athletic ability mystery balls some 800 I think is set back an aesthetic criticism about the gotten gotten better team but. If he doesn't have the instinct he's -- great app. It's an interesting point Steve I think you may be selling him a little -- a little short -- -- -- just when I I would agree that Damon had more natural baseball instincts understood and felt the game a little bit better. Thought the game better then than Ellsbury -- I would agree that. Yes somebody and it's not a bad it's not a bad observation. As you said maybe taken a little bit away from Jacoby Ellsbury. Because. On the flip side and failing to our game and instincts and Ellsbury. -- A lot of times people think Z is able to make these plays strictly as an athlete. Not giving him credit for pre ware is baseball -- it is pretty crazy that they had at Damon's career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that stolen bases this year yeah. Lot of athletic guys in baseball on a lot of not a lot of guys who led the league in steals. And cops were there he was he he had a 52 most don't rate at 2 o'clock. Hour. Times faster guys to understand what. Pretty much. Understand how to read hey pitcher how to steal a base just if there's an -- to I would agree that it's funny when he first came up. That that moment as one -- 07 when he first came off like dot -- is leasing grass. And he's running around everywhere he was. -- hole one -- -- -- ball and he was the director and he was beaten out right ground balls to short used to using the mouse go -- right remember talking some of the guys who around the team at times it looked. You can't do that forever it just doesn't work you just can't play like that a 162 games a year your body will break down and I wonder if he's learned over the last few years -- to tone it down enough. To be able to play inside of himself and to be able to play. Closer to 162 every year Johnny Damon in a career that started in 95 and end in 2012 and eighteen year career which is incredible up. Throw out his first and last year cake is it would play in 47 games the first year and 64 last year. Short of that never played in fewer than -- 141 games and here. Every single year never missed more than nineteen games and 21 games she's in an. And you are terrible -- 21 games -- ordered -- okay this woman remedial math our -- our media party the most flash cards yeah. -- -- out of 462. Minus 14 while one come all male. It takes when the what lessons are gonna start soon okay. So I'm start swimming lessons about -- arithmetic and go paper that are for college -- -- so we're going to like fourth grade to map just my daughter's kindergarten. My -- -- -- credit -- -- three more years she's she's old baby steal all she says rabbit over and over and over each circle and can -- now are concerned. Still the by the time she's there are ready for that. To help -- home -- to post is a strong. Economy bad pour Avery have to where he felt bad for later in life. Terry Francona will join us sometime in the next -- half hour hopefully in the next five minutes -- -- call still to come stick around -- Ali WE.

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