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Around the NFL (and ALCS) featuring ESPN's Mike Tirico with Salk and Holley

Oct 10, 2013|

We check in with Detroit Tigers fan and ESPN M-N-F broadcast lead Mike Tirico to go around the NFL and talk a little ALCS as well.

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I don't forget tomorrow. Wanna win two tickets to game one of the ALCS at Fenway. Well tomorrow at 1230 Mark -- courtesy of Budweiser exclusively. And deal for Red Sox playoff baseball Sports Radio 937 WEEI and on WEEI dot com as well and the -- two more tickets for game two of the ALCS we will get -- tomorrow at 530 in the afternoon still -- -- Terry Francona. Expecting a little bit later in the show Mike to Rico though. Are you nervous tonight how can you even be talking to us right now can you be preparing for Monday Night Football your tigers are winner take call. Nothing like a good game five or senator and an elimination game as some sort. It's it's obliged to say -- least so what's the vibe there who would you rather clarity to the tigers. We're split. We're split Michael would rather play the days I would rather play the tigers. Tiger offense that is not the to have -- you that we can we which is not saying. Without Cabrera being able to hit the ball for any power. It's still makes contact he had the ball. Baltimore triples or doubles or really doubles -- it turned into you outsource singles and he just cannot get any lift and legal liability -- heard. To go and a bogey capability. Into the lie about it just a few words so I think it will later. The Red Sox arrested. Rotation on time. The way they're -- right up front optimal and people around generating Warren's. I think that being Mikey gets tougher time ministers. But nothing's wrong Justin Verlander had a Max Scherzer I'd have to Flickr at their their rotation rotation is very impressive so. I don't take them lightly even if Cabrera is not the same. Not like you're right and center at all into their third starter in the interest to their fourth starter didn't have. Great starts at a great -- to report so look. Actually implement better stars what six weeks give them something piece inevitable parents they don't -- back into game I'm. ER no better watching this team year in year out. About the tiger in the last two years in this one in the eighties even just. It is so great about the Coco Crisp is getting on base every time it feels like. They're pitching their -- don't starting pitching has been linked. It looked like they'd borrowed report starters -- the cardinals whose car boat and got like eleven guys a year and they all throw artery. Put delicate in the playoffs and Bob Gibson so luck he'll be expedient but that he recruits series no matter what for the Red Sox got out -- to a matter. Physical cigarette but let's we concede. Marjorie go with a says he is every week brought -- you by Blue Cross and Blue Shield that will get your game in a moment you a tough assignment this week. Having to go to San Diego -- felt terrible to see a great game Indian -- it'll get to them. In a moment the patriots it looks like. May get Rob Gronkowski back after losing on Sunday. Just how important is he from your perspective. Scott if you heard this before grown should be -- this new ball. He -- Can't overstate. -- paying someone on the offense. And the other defense really feel like we pay a lot of attention to. Because the guys were getting detention right now are Nazis and accomplished. High level makers. So when you add somebody like -- a great example -- in the falcons game we're doing it jets on Monday night I looked out at what down in -- RC. Covering Tony Gonzales like he's they got -- on the -- -- two guys will go over the bottom of the screen it will get -- -- gently put it well chill. That kind of attention grabber. They are real real simple will be a better -- -- that -- impact is so important this week next week whenever it is. Which such conference Brady the other players well and -- this week. Stock and these rumors about Tony Gonzales being treated me. Possibly coming here or or elsewhere do you think Tony Gonzales of possibly. Leave Atlanta it would Atlanta safe shore where we're moving on from. I I think that look we note that last year. I think -- -- -- if they go warning and six I don't with their bye this week. I didn't do that calibration of what their record the worst record could be the trade deadline. But I think it's only what games -- off as we look at their one and six get into the trade deadline or one in five. Tony -- dollars. I will ask them -- Tony. He wanted to wanted to go trickery and work. A lot of cargo. Can be -- player mentally it's what the player to treat -- like you know gonna get much for intelligent -- lower contrast -- what. The public interest whose career could be done. -- that we had last year so it would be required to -- for the falcons to do they feel -- out of it well -- pitted next year or triggered our respect. Or the world we're seventeen MacBook or else your conference. That you would likely be. You'd be likely not to do -- its peak at around the leadership here but I Obama delegate for police to be increased to play at a high level. I usually -- -- -- nothing but. Could see couldn't shut him anyways all -- I really. We're not gonna enjoy having an extra playoff team -- -- sound so aggravating to me I love how hard it is to make the playoffs right now in the NFL on the idea that would be any easier is just -- huge bomber you've seen the saints. That's patriots opponent this weekend I know you've seen them up close and personal everyone's talking about Jimmy grandma for whatever reason maybe it's just stupidity I'm not as worried about Jimmy Graham is probably should be. From a patriots perspective. When a response -- electric the last statement where he Matt Cassel patriots deserve it play out for a year. Look into this world some here it will be great and beautiful spring just little. I'm looking into pearl -- -- important program. Because attention grabber. -- you matchup with the nobody has delayed dementia Lebanese. Too -- for a linebacker to twelve for a lot of the dvds. And so to -- -- certain that markets coal group wide receiver who went toward the bank of having an impact but they're really virtual strolls. For patriots and go into the game watching him while twin -- 43. And Graham eighty line up next to each other. It's really hard to match up for teams that those should have gotten the best luck as a weapon in my opinion bridge of course. Emotion like the next to each other and a couple of I think that's the challenge of looking to watch PA we're going to regain leader I'll do it an empty backfield. Middle of the ball well and exploit. Pardon pardon well and I'd be concerned. About how the match points -- -- market right now that is played is. That it can be considered all the -- to introduce a -- Mike. With -- -- go a few days ago. We all know that Bill Belichick and he can take the complex and make it simple for his team we can look at a lot of concepts and break it down to a three things my guess is. He says to his defense. This is how we deal with the saints offense are just keep it simple one. We we just throw an army had Jimmy Graham and 20. We control their screen -- screen as well as anybody in the NFL and see a lot of their big plays not just with paroles but with Thomas. As well and they'll screen wide receivers backs. How tight end even thought at at each -- you're right that's something I'll be looking for two I don't know if they'll be able to they'll they'll they'll be able to be successful with the but I am sure that's going to be the plan. He won't -- actually does outstanding job of slow getting guys open. I'm going to play and play -- over to tackle some very important game because. Drew Brees is. Short compared to break particularly quarterbacks so -- really -- could throwing away so good -- -- wolf for. -- -- -- -- -- But it really hurt you because that court -- little -- he entered restates. -- up for him to seal everybody grows like that won't leave -- on the -- -- this year that you say can be pretty in depth look for. Why anti and Tommy Kelly as well I mean another big tall interior presence and I missed the first day of practice. We'll see whether or not he's able to go on Sunday as well what you talk to people all over the league. Brady is not played up to his usual standards so far this year and an especially bad game on Sunday in Cincinnati what's the buzz about Tom -- Which some people that the ability to stop everything to people around. And you know -- kind of bring it up people and changing page and most of the important task. It was -- It would work out for six weeks and weeks without receipts and it will reduce. Has -- -- -- later or replacements. Compact with Albert he can do and so far the answer yes and Mike -- was terrific in -- -- -- pressure I love it's it's great defense. And -- -- are getting pressure against any. And we have pressure people and individual difference making play makers come appeal they can double coverage to. -- let me know what pointed to the first question about the pats will be dropped. People get blown -- I'm sure he's going to be older going to be 80%. -- -- -- would single coverage and if you don't usually between so you get into. That one would try to get the quarterback. To order a big deal last week when he seemed content with 21 symptomatic so. I don't know I don't think I'm what he's taken one step actual curriculum. Any game in which any group of people kind of accomplishment you'll Max. To each and who wouldn't just think it's and after a -- I would do -- -- we're here. There might we talked last week about predictions on how stupid they are alarms got to do is jump into a pool of stupidity. And tell you. That you got to witness an upset. A Monday Night Football the chargers who I'm not crazy about the charter are going to be difficult. Well we but it took the chargers -- -- -- -- FC east would stand out compared to would come in Philadelphia and Ellis. Almost instantly would -- at the scene right -- to the bulldozer. And big game in which is an absolute stinker. That they lost late late Sunday night. You do love about humans and prepare for is Andrew Luck. Is. You know the real deal. From his degree at Stanford and performance so far in his first what 21 starts in the year ago he's -- he's -- six I believe. But he makes control issues and that winning football games to weigh as we grew up watching Q would football games were on the ball. Good defense and defense play action passes. Into watching that and they're doing a good job with -- choke. I'd like luck allotment QB this year in the first Monday night in order -- actually you're desperate pregnant. So. We'll look at who enjoy what could include charge. -- -- well if if the tigers win this game tonight we will be in Detroit and we are planning to go to Joe Louis Arena for the first time north to red wings in Blue Jackets. So anything else -- -- Detroit anything. Are you cheating and reducing disputed introduction to big symbol content you need to probably going to be one of the casinos -- to execute that Don sounds good. He's one of those you're probably. But it's a consultant somewhere in -- political -- Would you want -- spot she wanted to dwindle to Catholic apparent political. It could -- -- -- to Windsor right. Too weak Iraq that it could -- And -- Ford museum so great great artifacts in American history for under appreciated popped a museum about. He's going to try to try to get some culture there. And control its own people all the I would agree with me home do you live there now. -- harbor of fortunately my wife is here and like any good guy in the following who -- -- family. And you get older it would completely different leaders so good and it could compliment that he went through in both years. And -- and -- it is a -- a spot in the trigger for game so -- here or else he has in. You'll get a good and ballpark atmosphere. It's -- none of these dollar houses the -- trying to sell me earlier in the show. You know county under a lot of issues don't -- is out on -- way back they're a bad spot. It's a good spot are -- Cool hey Mike we appreciate it always fun to talk to you you'll be one of the country's best spots in San Diego on Monday night everybody watching Indy and San Diego Monday Night Football thanks Michael -- next week. -- -- Appreciate -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike to Rico he joins us on -- brought to you by blue cross blue shield. He paints a nice picture makes Detroit's on the kind of an -- spots kind of took that day was into yeah. The fifteen years if we are if we are going to it's by one of these dollar houses -- gonna -- house -- along these lines yeah I think I may need to rethink the idea of you and I can make you know being -- house together -- all of the oranges when it comes to when there's an insurance aspect to that that's -- -- what I heard yesterday from you. I think I actually have some doubts any kind of combined at all and when you hear it altogether. I'm actually. According turtle and fly with -- what are you talking about it come I don't understand what you think assault on WE yeah.

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