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Craig Breslow, Sox RP: It was an "unbelievable" series

Oct 10, 2013|

Breslow joins Mut and Merloni to talk about his superb outing in Game 4 of the ALDS and if his teammates and him have discussed who they rather play in the ALCS.

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The pitch and MS strike three -- my changeup away to retire the side wrecked Brad -- pumps his fist. No -- from trumbull Connecticut this -- at all for a -- his -- and we ought to be eighth inning the Red Sox to the rays want. You know he he's been so I don't wanna say an unsung hero but external flown under the radar for most of the year and is. You know Mexico's he's probably our second most stories are very dependable reliever I don't -- rank themselves should strike the second part of that. But when he came that comes out gets the strike it'll only. And then he goes to the next inning with with a three strikeouts and just. But a huge performance on his part to bridge to both Jimmy Sheehan and coaches we finish that out. Don't think you need to scrap the second part of that the I don't have -- directive all right before you Koji one Breslow to. John Ferrell mark -- 937 WEEI you'll hear from John Ferrell is press conference. Gets sent to the ALCS 145. Today and you heard joke say -- what the highlight before Jon Farrell's voice. Calling what was a tremendous outing for one Craig Breslow and -- -- up to join us again here on the program -- my little power you. All right so the rule is if you blog about it. A lot to ask you about it resolve letter reads -- regional airline to your recent blog posted WEEI dot com. Says there's such a Workman like approach to this team on top of being able the party. Like none I've ever seen now that means we're allowed to ask you who's the biggest party animal on the 2013 Boston Red Sox. Well you know I'm I'm I'm allowed to deflect his genuineness of it I don't know that there's real -- -- big -- You know like like -- say is that. You know our our way into the contributions it was such guys as a parties as a contribution is a -- -- You know we we dug you before the policies and Greg. -- -- -- but not really -- and it's in the post season before he talked about are yours pretty calm individual reserve. Oh that runs scored they showed the dugout you look very calm I sucked big guys jumping up with two arms in the air. Maybe like a ten year old the excitement that emotion becomes -- doesn't. Yes as they knew it was unbelievable unbelievable game series. You know. It just a tremendous game -- -- -- -- like we expected. Great start but he's figured out to decline group. You know on number relievers. Out there. And finally get on importantly it and York and as they leave you don't always. Think about what your reaction going to be or -- -- This resort -- it comes out. As I was I was I was incredibly excited to walk off the heels as the previous even more excited. We need to figure. That out there. They get a huge strikeout and any of faces a bunch are right handers and I guess my thought is great didn't happen that way the night before you know you had a and out you faced a couple of -- you were out of the game that you. Had a conversation with John did you think it was a possibility you may stay in the game longer in game for the didn't game three. I do we interviewed and talked about it -- Although he's not obviously going out there with the intentions of throwing in India as -- -- -- -- be -- -- it. What I was disappointed in the outing. You know kind of plot holes later on his terms as it is as though -- -- -- other guys. And you know I think. There are critical and to a -- take a lot of pride in going after completing it -- expectation is that it is the ultimate. Like. I was kind of doing little premature record on getting -- -- -- and you know. Welcome the opportunity to -- -- It is. Apparently -- front street which is one some fresh. Not -- that a little bit -- -- good I think it's getting up there on Monday. -- uses that -- -- -- that atmosphere. Pretty pretty hostile in terms of this building and how well yes. That is kind of being able to chase. In -- that situation do well. You know as the competition all of them. Another camera caught you come off the mound there in the seventh and Ferrell catching you was that more of just to get your mind right this is the you're not done I might need you or what was he just set up what could happen extent. -- Yeah I you know I wanted to make sure felt as felt comfortable confident -- it is to go back out there. And you know I did -- I also wonder what is what is important is about the situation. Craig Breslow is joining us as specifically as Longoria is a breast and Desmond Jennings. Not able to get strikeouts there and a couple those guys -- -- right hand side and it seemed like over and over game -- -- the root for repeat. The pitch low and away lower box of the strike zone. Talk about the command to talk about you know being able to repeat that over and over again and and the focus of staying away from those right handers during that inning. Although there are it's pretty impressive group as we know what political analyst or is well over our engineers for the mystery. During the series and it felt like being able to keep the ball out of the way it has had a possible running away from there'll was probably. Via the most -- it is it's like up was when I was doing that story. Over the plate. I saw an opening its. That it chances to accompany that with a cover slaughter. And regret that I have to kind of how old but guys not to restrict passengers duplicates of the strike -- -- -- is the difference. You know that -- -- -- implies some of those good pitches and they were getting their case for strikes or felt that was the play. And it and it gave me a chance to. Obviously that's later on an account as a -- in the -- about the disorder through -- -- out of any. You -- Clinton post season the lefties out of the pan you know you look up and down over your opponent is music that's gonna be my guy I'm probably gonna face in three or four times. With fuel in the splits against Fridays it's just you know you're gonna -- late in my peak it's a variety in my. Does that make it more difficult than just maybe just stick -- in scouting and go back history gets lefties. Well actually it seemed like Mike I would Sean Rodriguez based on going in the -- that it is having a conscious support. But out -- I think. Our armored. You are our -- -- purple and that's due to NG. There -- particular one is even our awful catcher on. A great job is the best known for its area that I felt comparable -- You know any -- it was going to walk up there in that. I had a pretty good understanding of what their approach would be with district work on it but it's a huge that are. And and like as a that the strategy or his work as. You know behind. We're talking yesterday about the emotion a playoff games obviously you wouldn't and -- played in these I guess at home as a fan and and and watch him on TV but. It goes scoreless playoff games Craig went 00 in his back and forth and you mentioned earlier they're gore their bullpen early and they get that line out double play and -- every inning goose egg goose egg -- at what what's it like sort of watching from the dugout he talking with teammates -- what's going money trying to focus on. When you might go into the game what. At that point out what's going through your mind. I think I think it has situation you know -- it is yet to sort this kind of thing in that game there was certainly -- Prevalence. That it was going to be you know that it was going to be on one -- one that because it just kind of like it was going to break first you know ultimately. And -- on the downside of that game. But the other choice is to recognize that all of his -- are our offense has just really quieted down pitchers put together talked about. Put it on the pressure on opposite where a lot on late. And so I think as a -- that we felt like if we can keep that game one. Deficit. We like urgent it was to put pressure. -- -- on the principle. And down on them personally I would say are prepared for each in this way and it's -- -- this -- you know better to. To be prepared -- -- which -- not then that certainly the other way around. They're -- where we were thinking what the situation was the widget which itself wise there was there was a greater chance I was it is in the to -- -- -- New egos play the winner of tonight's game we watched that game -- start to think about these teams this lineup and we've done in the past. I will watch it you know partly as a fan or -- obviously we're going that's why -- I think it's a pretty good job. Not really worry so much about who we match up best -- -- will look for for a slight case. That's an area that play out you know obviously two really really good. I think you'll be an exciting to watch the sand and and ultimately regardless of the Olympic figure out. Nick -- -- today in the globe that you know in the aftermath the celebration you know is is Jonny Gomes has his green helmet on and there's spears being chug left and right now toward -- -- jump in and then that the feeling amongst some players was you'd rather play the tigers. That the Red Sox drugs that tigers in the ALCS do you feel that way Craig India feel that around this team right now. Your. Like it I -- I haven't had. You -- that it was -- about who would prefer to play an. Eternity. Overhearing. Seems to be pretty split. I think we -- like you know. We recognized in the strengths for. There and Detroit went went. A lot of -- -- Electoral reminds you a lot of Red Sox. From talk about it on his. Ouster and give -- to hear somebody else was. It was with a Detroit is is that it was a superstar. Though. In under I don't know that you want to. You know it's currently. Want to get your house either be. I think our corporate citizens -- -- beat whoever it was it. Well you'll find out at some point tonight early into -- tomorrow morning I guess depending how long this game goes and people have been a follow. On his team -- for your blog on W week DI -- dot com and as part of that. You're the player forward and the initiative that you're working with the strike three foundation continues to be something you -- point people towards correct. Yet absolutely it's a community wide initiative where we're fighting execute -- -- -- -- and beyond is figure out a way to make -- you know. A -- with cancer. The idea is to our website desperately. -- play or. Submitted ideas for projects. Will interact with an upper defense's development -- is this project. And that we are were struck by the most innovative creative. Projects that -- It is. Right -- foundation -- org it's slash player forward Craig is doing a blog and WEEI dot com almost daily. During these playoffs you don't wanna answer who's the biggest party -- if I said John if I said Jonny Gomes would you do would you disagree with me -- I would not I would not. Like that. Island I dining I -- -- -- I would to a state school is Connecticut he went to order he went to jail site active again to say negative was always. Was gold -- -- to say it but he's too Smart -- was league won't do it or not Greg we appreciate it continued does success during the playoffs the -- -- the blog and they'll talk decent. -- Craig -- joining us here on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest now the most reliable four GL TE network it is. Strike three foundations strike the number three foundation dot org slash. Play forward and he's he doesn't get the same recognition that club on -- Koji go ice too Smart for.

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